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1. Nurtuan - My Way (Prut Remix)

Nurtuan - My Way (Prut Remix)

Now, how would you like to have a cocktail of dance, pop, electronic and remix? Sounds pretty fascinating, right? Well, if you think so, try and tune in to this special remix by Prut – ‘My Way’ by the sensational singer Nurtuan. This particular song can indubitably get you on the dance floor and hit it with all of your beats. This particular version encloses almost every bit of jumbling a remix should have. A dance tune, a dominant voice, and a splendid composition with an amazing sound mix made this song a great piece of entertainment. Nurtuan was at his best with this sort of pop music. He started the song with style and the electronic music with the support of mixing took control of it and the ultimate result was a great outshot that can get everyone hopping, tapping or skipping! Prut did a great job cosseting the song with his special musical enchantment. Everyone’s surely going to enjoy this special adaptation.

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2. Nurtuan - Give Me a Chance (Daniel Donnelly Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me a Chance (Daniel Donnelly Remix)

How would you like to experience a couple of minutes of action-packed musical flares that can rock the world and get you to groove? And what would happen when such an energetic song gets remixed with additional explosions? It would be fascinating, right? If so, you certainly need to pay attention to the wonderful adaptation by Daniel Donnelly – ‘Give me a chance Remix’ by ‘Nurtuan’. This particular remix by Daniel Donnelly started with an effortless flamboyance electronic tune followed by a grooving beats and sparkles. It was a soft remix that wasn’t far off from the original one yet had some unique flavor to it. The music never overshadowed the voice of Nurtuan or the storytelling of the song in any way. The adaptation kept its clarity in check with the development of the song. This particular adulterated version was a pretty great amplification and the audience is certainly going to adore this adaptation by Daniel Donnelly.

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3. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (DJMental Blue Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (DJMental Blue Remix)

Do you admire remixes? If you do so, you must take note of this special adaptation of the superhot single of Nurtuan – ‘Give me a chance’, remixed by DJ Mental Blue. You can be certain that this particular remix is going to leave you awestruck with its spectacular music brewing. The Dance Jockeys always have their way to mold things according to their preferences. They are pretty scrupulous with their work and it showed in the music construction of DJ Mental with this very song. The entire experience of the song got revolutionized with the grooves and the sparks added by DJ Mental. The outshot of this Blue Remix by DJ Mental was literally implausible. The DJ added some exceptional flares to the already hip and happening composition and made it something remarkable. The voice of Nurtuan was as commanding as ever and you will get a new taste of this song all together.

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4. Give Me A Chance - Nurtuan (Cover by Elan Noelle)

Give Me A Chance - Nurtuan (Cover by Elan Noelle)

‘Give me a chance’ – the most recognized and distinguished song of the rising star Nurtuan. This amazing song created some huge waves in the music enthusiast and made him a singing star overnight. It became synonymous to a keep-listening song for his audience. Be that as it may, Elan Noelle took the initiative for an acoustic cover for this mind-boggling song of Nurtuan. Elan herself is a virtual singer with a very sweet and melodious voice. And as you would have thought, she has done quite a fabulous job in her unique creation with this song. Instead of the energetic electronic music, power-pop voice of Nurtuan, you would get the chance to enjoy the charm of the lyrics from a pretty appealing perspective. She complemented the song admirably with her attractive, sweet, and mellow singing. The entire scenario of a super trendy lyrics combined with a momentous music surge was able to create a pretty harmonic atmosphere.

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5. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (Pogorelov Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (Pogorelov Remix)

Alex Pogorelov is at his best with the transformation of a very popular single of the sensational musician – ‘Give me a chance’ by Nurtuan. ‘Give me a chance’ has been a pretty big hit and it was reasonable to come up with remix adaptation to let the audience enjoy a whole new flavor of the song. Pogorelov made his point why he is one of the very best in this business with this special remix. His adaptation was, as you would have thought, pretty charismatic and filled with energy. The synchronization connecting the vocal, the composition, the background music with the lyrics was pretty enthralling and it has the aptitude to keep you on the dance floor and shake your body! Within millions and millions of remixes, very few can confine your heart and ‘Give me a chance remix’ by Alex Pogorelov is unquestionably such an adaptation. Trust me, you will love this remix.

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6. Nurtuan - I Wanna Be (Michael Mancuso Remix)

Nurtuan - I Wanna Be (Michael Mancuso Remix)

Regardless of the situations, who doesn’t like a harmonious pop with a little touch of rock, right? Well, all things considered, the adaptation of Michael Mancuso of Nurtuan’s ‘I wanna be’ can open up your sterile mind and take you for a musical ride. The audience can’t help but acclaim the entire set of connections of this very song. It was mind-blowing how Michael constructed his music over the original one in such a harmonizing way. The synchronization of the Michael Mancuso composition complimented the awesome lyric and the particular singing style of Nurtuan. The digitalized tune, the extraordinary rhythm of beats, the sparkles – every ingredient was available in this mellow composition. The music was filled with unmatched passion over and above sweet and pleasant melody. Nurtuan’s powerful and energetic voice with a trendy and medium-paced tune was able to create a magical atmosphere for the audience. So, get ready to become bewildered with a superb composition.

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7. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (2DooMusic Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (2DooMusic Remix)

Want to have a blast on the dance floor? If so, then you might want to have a taste of the awesome ingenuity of the well-liked song ‘Give me a chance remix’ by 2DooMusic. With a fresh new flavor and an innovative expression, this particular version of ‘Give me a chance’ by Nurtuan will certainly be able entertain you top your heart’s content. Nurtuan came to this music industry with a new fresh aptitude and a strong will power in order to conquer this music world and he succeeded in his mission. This remix was another inconceivable adaptation of the original single. The rhythms, the timings, the ups, the lows, the beats – everything was more or less perfect with this remix. It’s like the original recipe is still here yet, it is now combined with more ingredients and the final outcome is something extraordinary nonetheless. The crowd’s going to love this version of ‘Give me a chance’.

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8. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (Mashup)

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance (Mashup)

In case you are a mash-up aficionado, this particular ‘Give Me a Chance Mash-Up’ is a must-hear for you. It was fashioned brilliantly and it’s definitely going to catch your attention with a snip and you will be able to visualize yourself on the dance floor. The conventional mash-ups have this tendency to take different songs to create a single mash-up. However, this particular mash-up of Nurtuan’s ‘Give me a chance’ comprises of a single song with numerous musical themes. These themes are taken from various remixes and the outcome was pretty exclusive and you can get the flavor of almost every music category within a single round up. Despite the fact that the composition was taken from several sources, the power-pop voice of Nurtuan and the sweet lyric didn’t change in the slightest. Nurtuan and his voice easily maintained with the flow of this unique composition. It certainly is one of the best mash-ups of the year.

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9. Nurtuan - Give Me a Chance (Prut Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me a Chance (Prut Remix)

‘Give me a chance’ – a pleasant and melodious experience orchestrated for the audience from the rising star of the late, Nurtuan. From the moment of its release, the song lived up to the expectation of the target audience and now you can enjoy it in a brand new essence – in the cover of ‘Prut Remix’. You would sense the essence of the alteration of this song from the very moment the music is going to hit your eardrums! The electrifying digitalized electronic music, especially furnished in addition to corresponding beats and synchronization with the energetic voice of Nurtuan was overwhelming and gave this song a whole new façade. This special remixed version furnished Nurtuan’s original ‘Give me a chance’ with a brand new shade. The fusion of electronic composition with the original follow-up can lighten up your mood in a jiffy. Remix fans are certainly going to enjoy this particular representation of the original song.

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10. Nurtuan - Son Of God

Nurtuan - Son Of God

One of the intriguing facts about remixes is that they can offer a unique approach and the audience can have a taste of their admired songs in a brand new milieu. Along with that development, the remix becomes more popular than the original every now and then. The scenario was quite similar with the song, ‘My Way’ by Nurtuan. It was the ‘December 4th Remix’ that kept the audience grooving with its distinct resourcefulness. This special remix has a certain charm to it. It will keep resounding in your heart and mind for a long while. The remix approach was quite fitting for this song genre and as you would have thought, the outcome was pretty fantabulous. The song lyrics, the composition, the singing – everything was pretty apt with this unique alteration. This December 4th Remix, without any doubt, is one of the best ingenuity when it comes to song remix and adaptations.

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11. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance Club Mix (Liam Vive Remix)

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance Club Mix (Liam Vive Remix)

‘Give me a chance’ by Nurtuan – the song that created huge wave made its comeback with a highly anticipated club remix. It is pretty difficult to give some clubbing vibe to a song which is already quite grooving! Be that as it may, Liam Vive has accomplished this near-impossible task and of course, has done it with style! Expressions like ‘Club’ and ‘Mix’ has some flamboyance to them. Masses tend to relate them with disco, flashes, and crazy dance moves. ‘Give me a chance’ has been a very special song for Nurtuan and this particular club mix is one of the best creations after his original. The use of electronic music, with a disco vive was pretty clear. While clubbing, the crowd will definitely enjoy the music and hit the dance floor like never before. With a solid vocal, near-perfect composition, super cool lyric over and above trendy and passionate remix, the club is up for a breathtaking ride with this adaptation.

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12. Nurtuan - I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle)

Nurtuan - I Like The Way (feat. Elan Noelle)

A fresh new single from Nurtuan – ‘I Like The Way feat Elan Noelle’ got released recently and it created a big upheaval with the teenagers. It is a big hit as more and more people appreciating this new single of Nurtuan, especially ladies, after his successful single ‘Give me a chance’. You listen to the song and you will be immediately be on the groove with the techno music and lively lyrics backed by power-packed vocals. You would definitely think why the song finished so early. The song got more and more spell-bounding as Nurtuan joined Elan with his power-pop rock voice. Both of them did an exceptional job with the music composition team. The song is so full of affection, trance, heart, soul, smile and destiny – a perfect combination for dreamers. Particularly, the ladies listeners would love this lovely song for sure and keep listening to it time and time again. It’s a perfect party song which prompts you to get on the dance floor. The song is a story-telling about living in the moment, living in love.

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13. Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance

Nurtuan - Give Me A Chance

It is pretty momentous for any artist to capture the heart of the audience for the very important initial impression. ‘Give me a chance’ – was such an attempt from Nurbek ‘Nurtuan’ Komekov with all his creativity and uniqueness. And the consequence was very positive as this first release of Nurtuan became a huge hit and mesmerized the audience with an energy-packed blast. The all trendy and digitalized electronic music, lovely lyrics and most importantly the full of life voice of Nurtuan created an overwhelming impact on the heart and mind of the audience. The style of execution was pretty chic and positive feedback came for both boys and girls. With this very song, Nurtuan was able to create his distinctive identity in this highly competitive music industry with his temperament and determination. A single song and it already made Nurtuan a rising star. It’s an almost perfect entry any new singer can dream of.

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