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1. Sinjin Hawke - Onset (KRANE & Alexander Lewis Remix)

  • Published: 2017-06-26T16:07:43Z
  • By KRANE
Sinjin Hawke - Onset (KRANE & Alexander Lewis Remix)

Premiere via HuffPost: Free Download: "We were just listening to his new album, heard Onset, and realized we had to make a version of it. Random stroke of inspiration really… There’s always been this common practice of how remixers go about wanting to remix something- like its a measure of the original artist and their reputation, or how hyped up they are at the moment. I really just wanted to move away from that and hopefully do justice to something I found to be really special and different." - KRANE "I was blown away by Sinjin Hawke's use of Orchestral instruments in his latest project "First Opus", something that I've inherently done with my music and the use of trombone. Onset instantly impressed me and it felt natural that I should take a stab at putting my spin on an already amazing tune, also the thought of playing it out live really excited me." - Alexander Lewis Upcoming KRANE Tour Dates: - July 13 @ District 30 - Sacramento, CA - Aug 11 @ Cornerstone - Berkeley, CA - Sept. 15/16 @ Nocturnal Wonderland - San Bernardino, CA Support: @sinjin_hawke @krane @alexanderjlewis

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2. Onset - Sinjin Hawke

Onset - Sinjin Hawke

from the album ‘First Opus' for the interactive visual visit Spotify: Apple Music: iTunes: Boomkat: Google Play: Bleep:

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3. Onset

  • Published: 2011-06-06T01:02:25Z
  • By Cherokee

» Cherokee - Onset Follow us on Facebook:

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4. DIVERSA - Onset

  • Published: 2014-10-05T14:39:54Z
  • By Inspected

➝ Powered by Inspected ➝ Download Album Free: 'Powered by Inspected' - an album curated by Inspected featuring familiar label artists and musical friends. The full 17-track album is available for free via our Bandcamp page: Special thanks to all of the artists for their contributions to the album. → @DIVERSA Curated by Inspected Artwork by Jack Crossing

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5. Signal & Phentix - Onset [CRITSYS004] (Noisia Radio)

  • Published: 2016-04-11T14:15:58Z
  • By signal
Signal & Phentix - Onset [CRITSYS004] (Noisia Radio)

The rise of Dutch D&B continues as Signal steps up to deliver his first EP for Critical’s Systems series fresh off the back of his Binary Vol. 7 EP of last year. Once more Signal brings his deep, neuro sound to the fore delivering an EP of hard-hitting drum & bass ripe for the dance floor with special guests Disprove, Segment, Concept Vision and Phentix alongside. 1) Signal - Ennair 2) Signal & Disprove - Vanguard 3) Signal, Segment & Concept Vision - Medium 4) Signal - No Control 5) Signal - Blindfolded (Digital Bonus) 6) Signal & Phentix – Onset (Digital Bonus) Signal Online: Facebook → Twitter → Soundcloud → @signaldrumandbass Critical online: Soundcloud → @critical-music Like → Follow → Shop →

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6. onset


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7. The Onset

  • Published: 2017-01-13T23:09:29Z
  • By Pional
The Onset

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8. Evaluation of Sudden Onset Severe Headaches

Evaluation of Sudden Onset Severe Headaches

Thomas Balga and Dr. Marcolini from Yale discuss the evaluation and workup for severe sudden onset headache in adult patients with a focus on not missing the subarachnoid hemorrhage.

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