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1. ► 20 FREE VOCAL DROPS!!! [45mb]

► 20 FREE VOCAL DROPS!!! [45mb]

FREE Download: ► Pro Vocal Samples: 20 High quality 24-bit WAV Urban Vocal Loops, Samples and Shouts. These can be used for most genres such as EDM, Hip hop, D&B, House and more! Professionally recorded and ready to use! 100% Royalty free and can be used in your house (or other genre!) music without paying any royalties to us.

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Buy: Get ready to shape all of tomorrow’s jams with Future R&B! This cutting edge sound library presents the next level of R&B, giving producers a fresh edge with samples and loops that are lucid, smooth and future proof. Flowing straight from Prime Loops’ future forecasting power source, Future R&B is the authentic forward-thinking R&B/Neo Soul sound library that brings you deep and soulful vibes shaped by tomorrow. Featuring a brand new and highly original collection of R&B Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Melodic Loops, MIDI Files, One Shots, Sylenth & Massive Presets, Sampler Instruments and Vocal Loops, Future R&B is perfect for rebooting your jams and mixes with ultra-modern sounds with a deep and experimental edge. Regenerate your jams with abstract atmospheres laden with soft glitches, versatile melodies, deep and sensual bass, beats that range from lush to electrifying and so much more. Ranging from 80-130 BPM, every sample in this R&B/Neo Soul inspired sound pack is supplied in super clean 24-bit High Definition clarity for the ultimate audio impact and each audio file has been created for completely royalty free use. Future R&B is ready to work with any major DAW and lands on your machine via instant direct download allowing you to drag your samples straight into your mix for instant use. No need to sit and wait around for the ‘new’ sound, transcend time itself with Future R&B! Download contains: 60 x Drum Loops 40 x Synth Loops 24 x Bass Loops 10 x Vox Loops 64 x Synth/Bass/Pad One Shots 83 x Drum One Shots 10 x FX Hits 12 x Massive Presets 15 x Sylenth Presets 6 x Sampler Drumkits [For EXS24, Kontakt, NNXT or Halion] 16 x MIDI Files 80-130 BPM 24 Bit Audio Quality Total Size: 577.2MB [Unzipped] Download for free on The Artist Union

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Download FREE Demo: Buy FULL Pack: Download 920MB of expertly produced Synthwave & Retrowave samples, featuring a huge selection of Chord Progressions, Basslines, Drums, FX, Sylenth1 Presets & more Get ready to send luminous analogue tremors through the digital terrain with Synthwave, the brand new Prime Loops sample pack that takes it’s inspiration straight from the heavily synthesized soundtracks of the 80s and early 90s and reboots them using ultra modern production techniques for a supercharged vintage sound deployed in pristine audio clarity! Like a fresh wave of hot neon lava, this surge of authentic throwback loops and samples channels all of the energy of those classic arcade games and 80s movie soundtracks which in turn have inspired current artists such as Kavinsky, College and Mitch Murder and contemporary soundtracks such as Drive, Kung Fury and Hotline Miami. This 920MB+ synth-drenched sound pack is teeming with original Bass Loops, Drum Loops, FX Loops, Melodic Loops, MIDI Loops and OneShots ranging from 80-130 BPM plus a dedicated folder of Sylenth1 Presets designed to emulate those cherished retro sounds! Lovingly created by the incredible Soundsmiths production team Synthwave is ready to rumble with any major DAW - simply grab your samples from the download folder, drag them over to your software and drop them straight in, whether you’re adding to an existing mix or starting fresh! Each Synthwave & Retrowave sample included is deployed in High Definition 24-bit clarity to give your vintage inspired audio that clean modern edge and what’s more, they’re all completely royalty free cutting out all that sample clearance hassle. So if you’re looking for retro analogue tones with a fresh modern edge, hold tight! Prime Loops' Synthwave is here to shake things up! Download contains: 81 x Melodic Loops and Chords 32 x Basslines 75 x Drum Loops 15 x FX Loop 125 x Drum Loops 30 x FX Hits 90 x Bass & Synth One Shots 35 x MIDI files 31 x Sylenth Presets 24Bit Audio 80 - 130Bom 920.9MB [Unzipped]

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4. ► 12 FREE TRAP DRUM LOOPS!!! [30mb]

► 12 FREE TRAP DRUM LOOPS!!! [30mb]

⬇⬇⬇ Download FREE Samples: Pro Trap Samples: 12 high quality 24-bit WAV Trap Drum Loops. Chill Trap, Neuro Trap, Future Trap, or any kind of Trap you might want to get into! Eat your heart out! Tempo's at around 60BP. Labeled on the loop files. 100% Royalty free and can be used in your house (or other genre!) music without paying any royalties to us.

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►►►► BUY FULL SOUNDBANK: ►►► FREE DEMO PRESETS: ►► MORE DUBSTEP: "Prime Loops proudly presents this next-level killer Collection of 65 expertly programmed Hybrid Dubstep Presets for Xfer's insane Serum Synth!"" The original pioneers of Dubstep Sound Design are back! From Prime Loops - the team who brought you kick-ass sample packs and preset banks from Excision, Virtual Riot, Spag Heddy, Doctor P, Dodge & Fuski and many more - we are now proud to present you Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets! Inspired by artist such as Getter, Riot Ten, Borgore, Megalodon, MUST DIE!, Snails, Funtcase, Bear Grillz, Zomboy, Dr Ozi and more, our expert synth gurus have been locked in the lab working intensively to bring you Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets - a super versatile collection of bass heavy Presets expertly designed for Xfer's Serum synth! Bringing a hefty dose of sonic energy to your DAW, 'Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets' features growling Basses, intense Leads, lush Pads, playful Arps and exciting FX. This killer collection of sounds has been inspired by labels such as Never Say Die, OWLSA, Mad Decent, Firepower & Circus Records, covering all the frequency needs any bass heavy EDM production could have! This is your chance to bring some heavyweight preset power to your productions, download Hybrid Dubstep: Serum Presets now! Download contains: 65 Presets for Xfer Serum: 42 x Bass Presets 16 x Synths 4 x FX 3 x Arps

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6. Pure House Vocals ► DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES


▶▶▶ FREE Demo Samples: BUY: 448MB+ of super-charismatic Vocal Samples for Deep House, Bass House and more, featuring both male and female vocalists! Prime Loops are proud to present their latest carnation 'Toneworxx', a brand new sound label, purely dedicated to fresh and unique production tools for House Producers. The carefully crafted Toneworxx series is exclusively available via Prime Loops, and will be delivering exciting new House sound libraries from top producers in the underground House & Techno game. First up is ‘Pure House Vocals’. This truly inspired debut vocal sample pack by Toneworxx has been written, recorded and produced at East London's world-renowned Strongroom Studios. Packing in 448 MB of expertly crafted vocal hooks ranging from 120 – 130 BPM, this collection is perfect for producers working in the Deep House and Tech House area, as well as those interested in making Soulful House, or Detroit/Chicago style House. In this house vocal sample pack producers will find the vocal stylings that a modern House producer needs to form an authentic house sound. Think pitched down vocals, vox chops and Classic House vocals, all in both male and female form. All of the audio has been recorded using high end Neumann microphones and top of the line pre amps. It has also been treated with hardware EQ and Dynamics processing to ensure a steady and loud vocal for producers to work with. You can find a large variety of phrases, which vary from the Classic Uplifting House vocal style, to a more Soulful House style of performance. -uploaded in HD at

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►►► BUY: ► 10 FREE DEMO PRESETS: ► MORE FUTURE BASS: Download 75 expertly programmed Future Bass presets for Xfer Serum, including Super Synths, 808 Subs, Heavy Basses, Exciting FX, Dreamy arps and more! Deep in the Prime Loops labs, our super-skilled Serum experts have been working hard to bring you the finest collection of superior synth sounds any Future Bass fanatic could hope for! Inspired by the innovative sounds of artists like Myrne, Flume, Louis Futon and Pusher, Future Bass: Serum Presets features 75 meticulously programmed sounds, ideal for anyone making Future Bass, Trap, Dofflin, Synth Wave, chiptune and any many other cutting-edge genres. All your melodic needs are met in the form of huge super synths, high energy leads, smooth pads, Deep 808 Subs, Solid Saw Basses, playful arpeggios, exciting FX, melodic plucks and more. So if you are looking to electrify your productions with some glistening ultra-modern synth energy, then download Future Bass: Serum Presets now! Download contains: 75 Presets for Xfer Serum: 6 x Arps 11 x Bass 6 x Chords 9 x FX 3 x Keys 13 x Leads 9 x Pads 12 x Synths 6 x Synths

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► ► ► Download Free Samples: ► More Future Bass Samples: 10 High Quality 24-bit WAV Future Bass vocals, drops, riffs and lead lines which are perfect for Future Bass, Trap, Hip Hop and other genres. This is just a small selection of what we have to offer at Prime Loops so he sure to check us out These free samples are 100% Royalty Free and can be used in your music without paying any royalties to us or anyone else so enjoy!

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►►► BUY: ►►FREE DEMO SAMPLES: ► MORE HIP HOP: "Download 500MB+ of super soulful Hip Hop Samples, featuring a huge selection of dusty Jazz and R&B inspired Chords & Melodies, head-nod Drum Beats, deep Basses and so much more!" Soulful Hip Hop is one for Tru-School hip hop heads and dusty vinyl junkies. Influenced by the soulful sounds of legendary producers like J Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and Roy Ayers, this thoughtful sound library brings you all the audio tools you need to create super-smooth, head-nod Hip Hop beats. Featuring a range of expressive instruments including rhodes keys, guitar, piano, vibes, strings and more, this library is full of dusty jazz and R&B inspired chords, melodies and deep bass loops. Lovingly created by Prime Loops' latest producer signing RiggleBeats this fresh new 500MB+ collection also delivers crisp, un-quantized drum breaks providing that killer neo-soul swing, as well as a folder of shuffling percussion loops to keep things flowing! Also featured is a huge selection of one shot melodic stabs and drums, as well as a select folder of drum kits for a range of different sampler instruments - ESX24, Kontakt, Halion and NNXT - so you can build your own beats and loops. All samples come to you in 24bit quality audio and, for ultimate usability, all loops have been specially formatted to smoothly adjust to the tempo of your project. Emanating dusty grooves and smoked-out vibes, 'Soulful Hip Hop' is the ideal set of producer tools for beat makers looking for royalty free samples that perfectly capture the crate digging sound. Download contains: 37 x Drum Loops 44 x Instrument Loops 21 x Bass Loops 18 x Percussion Loops 153 x Drum One Shots 12 x Atmospheres 65 x Melodic Stabs 22 x Bass Hits 10 x Sampler DrumKits [For ESX24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT] 87 - 93Bpm 24Bit Audio 501.1MB

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10. ► FUTURE BASS [MASSIVE PRESETS] ► 10 Free Presets!


►► ► Download Free Demo: ► Buy FULL Product: Essential Collection of 80 expertly designed Massive Presets for all Producers of Future Bass, Chill Trap & more Propel your productions into the future with Prime Loops' very latest batch of expertly programmed presets for Native Instruments Massive Synth. We've been locked away in the Prime Loops Labs, working tirelessly to bring you Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets]. Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] delivers 80 quality Massive Presets straight to your DAW. Essential for any Future Bass or Chill Trap producer, this collection of next level Arps, Bass, Synths, Leads, Plucks and Pads, will have all of your harmonic needs covered. And whilst these presets were designed with Future Bass and Chill Trap in mind, they would be suitable for any genre that requires some straight-up synth power! Each Massive Preset comes with a number of Macro Controls assigned to different parameters, giving you added variety and extra control. This added versatility allows you to modify each sound to your preference. Whether you are looking for Flume-style modulated synth chords, Wave Racer's stuttery gated chord progressions, or Pusher's powerful synth stabs, you'll find all of these sounds covered here! So download Future Bass Essentials [Massive Presets] now and inject some skilfully designed Future energy into your Productions! Please note: You will need Massive Version 1.3 or higher in order to use these. Download contains: 80 x Massive Presets with Macro Controls 6 x Arps 13 x Bass 5 x Chords 4 x FX 17 x Leads 19 x Pads 9 x Plucks 7 x Super Saws

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11. Pusher: Future Bass -DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES!


Download FREE Demo: BUY: Pusher: Future Bass features over 677MB+ of Pusher's signature sound! Featuring incredibly melodic and funky 8bit synths, chord progressions, leads, Arps bass lines, Trap inspired drum loops, One shots and much more! Future Koncept is immensly proud to present you this first official (and truly mind bending) sound library adventure by the incredibly talented Pusher! ‘Pusher: Future Bass’! is a forward thinking library brimming with a huge selection of awesome 8bit synth melodies, arps, funky bass lines, smooth chord progressions, slick Trap inspired drum loops and much more! This critically acclaimed producer whizz kid has lovingly crafted and produced every sound in this huge 677MB+ collection! The drum loops folder is full of tweaked out 808 kicks & Snares, Clap Rolls, Rain Shakers, retro Toms and fills. On the synth side, your appetite is sure to be satisfied with a massive 454MB of Synths alone! These folders include an incredible pool of melodic leads loops, arps and chord progressions, all composed and played by the man himself. Pusher has even broken each progression down into one shots, so you can pick out individual chords and easily rearrange them. Each chord is labelled with their exact key information, so you can drop them straight into your own arrangements. Pusher has also served up over 80MB of bass in this pack. You’ll find everything from warm low end Sub-bass tones to fierce Bass stabs and everything in-between. This includes Acid Bass Hits, Old School Analog Bass and Distorted Slap Bass. To compliment all of this is a Midi reflection of all Bass Loops, so you can tweak and customise them yourself in your DAW. There is a unique mixture of SFX sounds in this library, including Funky Radio Wave samples, Quirky Clock FX and Vox Shots. As with all the other sounds in this library, these play at 150 BPM, a perfect tempo for Future Bass. And if that wasn't enough, this library also features with a selection of Presets for Native Instruments Massive synth. Amongst the 22 presets you’ll find Basses, Leads, FX and Chords. All the presets are typical of Pusher’s sound and are perfect for the Future Bass Style. This massive library comes in super high-quality 24 Bit audio and, as with all Future Koncept products, it is 100% Royalty Free. So what are you waiting for? Come and get your slice of Future Bass! 29 x Bass Loops 41 x Bass One Shots 21 x Drum Loops 171 x Drum One Shots 23 x SFX 52 x Vox One Shots 76 x Synth Arps 33 x Chord Progressions 69 x Synth Leads 147 x Synth One Shots 143 x Chord Progressions 93 x Midi Files 21 x Massive Presets 150Bpm 24Bit Audio Quality 677.9MB

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12. Future Chords & Melodies ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

Future Chords & Melodies ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

▶▶▶ Download FREE Demo: BUY: Future Koncept proudly presents Future Chords & Melodies, a deeply inspired collection delivering over 475MB of atmospheric chord progressions, blissed-out synth hooks, live instrument loops, futuristic vocal chops, downbeat drum patterns as well as uplifting FX samples! To round things off we have also included 51 MIDI chord progressions as well as a further 20 lovingly designed presets for NI Absynth! Another highlight of this collection is a premium stash of exciting new vox chops as well as low and high pitched vocal samples. All of the vocal samples have been lovingly processed with the perfect amount of depth, width, reverb and delay, so you can lift off and get in the flow straight away! Future Chords & Melodies will give you the flexibility and freedom to either edit the ready-formatted content to fit your own musical taste, or create your own tracks from scratch using the included one-shot samples and patches for Native Instruments’ Absynth. One-shots include Synth, Pad and Key samples. Within this section of Future Chords & Melodies you’ll find exquisite analogue string samples, moving stabs, ambient hits and more, all carefully edited and tagged! All of the loops included vary in tempo from 60 BPM right up to 110 BPM. This is so that the whole spectrum of the Chill genre is covered, allowing you to use these loops in a variety of styles, no matter if you're into Ambient, Dream Pop, Future Bass, Trip Hop or any other Chill Genre! 22 x Synth Loops 20 x Keys Loops 18 x Pad Loops 19 x Vocal FX 7 x Vocal One Shots 15 x Drum Loops 42 x Synth one shots 20 x Absynth Patches 51 x Midi Melodies 60 - 110 Bpm 24 Bit Audio Quality 475.4MB Download for free on The Artist Union

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13. Kellie Allen: Vocal Sessions ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

Kellie Allen: Vocal Sessions  ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

FREE Demo Samples: BUY: Download a whopping 1.36GB of pristine, professionally recorded female vocal samples. Featuring epic choruses, lush harmonies, smooth verses and extra ad-libs, perfect for a huge range of musical styles! Prime Loops is proud to bring you the Kellie Allen Vocal Sessions. After much hard graft in the studio at Prime Loops HQ, this finely crafted library of female vocals is finally ready! If you’re looking for a smooth and elegant vocal touch, then you need look no further! Kellie Allen’s pitch perfect vocals will bring your tracks to life! Kellie is no stranger to the limelight. Having already released music on Warner Music, EMI and Toolroom, she is quickly building a name as a vocalist and top line writer. And with recent live PA’s at Café Mambo and Bora Bora Beach in Ibiza, we thought that it was the perfect time to track her down and record some of her vocal stylings. Inside this 1.36GB sample pack you’ll find Choruse construction kits, Verse Construction kits, Solo Verses, Ad Libs and much more. If you’re a fan of Nu-R&B, Downtempo Future Bass or Ambient Chillout, then you’ll find that the 70 BPM vocal samples are ideal. But if you’re into more up-tempo grooves and you like your Chillstep and Dubstep, then check out the simmering 140 BPM samples! Finally, we’ve thrown in some 174 BPM vocals which are perfect for all you Drum & Bass heads! This is more than your average vocal sample pack - this is a unique premium quality songwriting tool kit, with tons of super flexible building blocks; each vocal construction kit contains multi layered vocal harmonies. These harmony samples have been double tracked, meaning the same phrase has been recorded twice, which allows you to pan them left and right, resulting in a nice wide sound spread across the stereo field. All of these sounds have been recorded in 24 Bit Wav quality at the Prime Loops Studios. The samples are also 100% royalty free, so don’t hold back! Come and get your slice of the vox cake! Available now at Prime Loops! 21 x Chorus Construction Kits Including: 23 x Full Mixes 37 x Leads 51 x Harmonies 11 x Verse Construction Kits Including: 10 x Full Mixes 18 x Leads 25 x Harmonies 53 x Adlibs 18 x Solo Verses 60Bpm - 174Bpm 24Bit Audio Quality 1.36GB Download for free on The Artist Union

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►Download FREE Demo: ►Buy FULL Pack: Over 311MB of boundary-pushing Wobble House samples & loops, featuring all the tools you need to add that sought-after bass edge to your house productions... Let hype into the house, get the foundations shaking and reduce the mainroom to jelly with Wobble House! This brand new sound pack from the Prime Loops audio lab encapsulates all of the high energy characteristics of this new boundary pushing deviation of House, jam packed with hyper active and highly polished loops and samples freshly produced to put that w-w-w-wobble into your House productions. Push your mix to the extreme in true Wobble House style! Inspired by artists such as JAUZ, Snails, Dyro, Don Diablo, BURNS, Valentino Khan, Habstrakt and more this producer pack swells with over 311MB of intense, in-your-face wobble house energy. Inside you will find 7 bloated folders of Atmospheres & SFX, Bass Loops, Bass One Shots, Drum Loops, Drum One Shots, Synth Loops & Synth One Shots! From off-kilter bass vibrations and highly charged lazer synths to hard and bouncy drum loops designed to be layered and an immense range of one-shots for building your own riffs and beats, every Wobble House sample in this sound library is presented in the highest possible quality for a clean, contemporary production. Wobble House drops straight into your sample archive via direct download with the key and tempo information for each sample clearly display in each file name. Kickstart your production process by dragging and dropping any of these samples straight into your favourite DAW as this pack is available in multiples formats and you won’t need to fill out any sample clearance forms as the entire contents of Wobble House are 100% royalty free. So if you want to turn on the hype in your House productions, just flick the switch with Wobble House! Download contains: 40 x Drum Loops 34 x Synth Loops 46 x Bass Loops 34 x Atmos & SFX 41 x Drum One Shots 67 x Bass & Synth One Shots 128Bpm 24-bit sample rate Total Size: 311.9MB [Unzipped]

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15. Ceremonial Vocals ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

Ceremonial Vocals ➡ DOWNLOAD FREE SAMPLES !!! ⬇

Download FREE Demo: Buy Download: Ceremonial Vocals is the second library within the world vocals series of Rast Sound. We feel lucky and excited to have met/worked with an amazing performer who spends most of her time within the ceremonial act and performance. The library provides vocal performances from South American ceremonies, indigenous rituals and more. Just like in Mideast Vocals, the library provides vocal performances within different forms from complete songs to a huge collection of loops (processed and natural), phrases and one shots to sweet extra’s like overtone singing, shruti box samples and words. Ceremonial Vocals also comes with a set of Kontakt 5 instruments such as multisample instruments to loop and phrase players and a sweet shruti box sample instrument. We believe this library is useful for anyone related to music production, composers for cinema and media, electronic music producers of any genre and world-fusion lovers. Download contains: WAV + NI Kontakt instruments (requires full version of KONTAKT 5.5 or higher) 22 Long Improvisations and songs 85 Loops (Natural & Processed) 45 One Shots 20 Phrases 11 Kontakt 5 Instruments (Multisample | Loop | Phrase) 207 Total Samples & Instruments (with sweet extras) 767MB (Unzipped) Download for free on The Artist Union

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►►► BUY: ►►► TRY FREE DEMO: Over 340MB of raw Jungle Terror Samples, Serum & Massive Presets + MIDIs, featuring Basslines, Tribal Percussion, Drums, Synths, Vocals, FX, One Shots, Ableton Sampler Patches plus loads more! This is Jungle Terror! Pioneered by OWSLA's Wiwek, and explored further by artists like Valentino Khan, GTA, Barong Family, Skrillex and Major Lazer, Jungle Terror is a fearless and unusual blend of percussive Tribal Rhythms mixed with 4-to-the-floor Hard House beats, Electro vibes, Trap Synths and insane Vocal Chops. Packing in over 340MB of quality Jungle Terror Samples, Presets & MIDIs, Prime Loops' brand new Jungle Terror Sample Pack is an essential toolkit for any expedition into this free and rebellious new genre! Since its humble beginnings in 2015 the distinctive sound of Jungle Terror has become a real force to be reckoned with, terrorising dance floors across the globe. Featuring a massive selection of Jungle Terror Basslines, drums, synths, vocal chops, FX and one shots, this powerful Jungle Terror sound library from Prime Loops will inject some serious venom into your productions. To make this Toolkit even more flexible we've also thrown in an expertly programmed selection of presets for both Massive and Serum, as well as a choice of percussive sampler patches for Abletons Simpler and Sampler. Coming to you in 24 Bit audio via direct download, Jungle Terror has been formatted to adjust to the tempo of any project. So prepare to leave civilisation behind and journey into the unknown... Welcome to the Jungle! Download contains: 43 x Percussion Loops 35 x Vocal Loops 35 x Synth & Instrument Loops 17 x Bass Loops 21 x Drum Loops 8 x FX Loops 51 x Drum One Shots 10 x FX Hits 12 x Bass One Shots 15 x Massive Presets 10 x Serum Presets 8 x Sampler & Simpler Patches for Ableton 17 x Midi Loops 124 - 130Bpm 24-bit sample rate Total Size: 341MB [Unzipped]

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17. ► 20 FREE FUNKY HOUSE LOOPS!!! [40mb]


⬇⬇⬇Download FREE Loops: Check back for more free samples! Our visit our website for all full collections :)

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►►► BUY FULL PACK: ►► TRY FREE DEMO: ► MORE HIP HOP: "5 super-soulful Hip Hop Beat Kits, inspired by legendary producers from the Golden Era of Hip Hop! Featuring Maschine Groups and Ableton Racks, as well as a selection of loops and one shots!" Fresh out the XXL Audio Kitchen, 'Hip Hop Soul Food Vol.2' delivers another full-flavored collection of quality Hip Hop Beat kits, bringing you the classic combo of dusty soul grooves and heavy boom bap drum breaks. Inspired by the sound of the Hip Hop Golden Era, where producers like DJ Premiere, Pete Rock and J Dilla would create killer head-nod beats by sampling dusty soul and jazz records, we've compiled this collection of 5 beat kits that give you all the tools you need to recreate that crate diggers' sound yourself. Inside you will find 5 x construction kits and a heavy collection of one shots, mapped out into 5 x Maschine kits and 5 x Ableton Drum Racks, so you can bang out, cut up and rearrange loops to cook up your own unique compositions. That soulful sound is captured in the guitars, Rhodes, pianos, organs, bass, flutes and drum breaks that make up these kits! So dig into to the smoky flavors of Hip Hop Soul Food Vol.2 and bring some soul to your sound! Requires Maschine 2.0 and/or Live 8 in order to use the Kits/Racks Download contains: 5 x Construction Kits 50 x Loops 92 x One Shots 5 x Sampler Kits, ready-formatted as - Maschine Kits - Ableton Drum Racks 90 - 95Bpm 24 Bit Audio Quality Total Size: 233.6MB [Unzipped]

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Try FREE Demo: BUY: Download 512MB+ of expertly produced Future Bass Samples, featuring Future Bass Drum Loops, Basslines, Synths, One Shots, Sylenth1 Presets, Sampler Instruments, MIDIs & much more! It’s time to inspire a brand new generation with a fresh incarnation of highly evolved bass frequencies in Future Bass Vol.1. Expertly created by sonic tour de force Soundsmiths, the forward-thinking production collective have mixed the chilled with the thrills in this progressive future bass sample pack, pushing the boundaries of bass music with an abundance of fresh melodies and gigantic synth chord progressions contrasting with gentle, dreamy arps and energetic beats, all wrapped up with crisp and modern production! At 512MB+,Future Bass Vol.1 incorporates a library of sounds & samples, radiating the freshest array of fluid bass vibes in the form of loops, one-shots, MIDI loops, sampler instruments and even custom Sylenth presets. Animate your productions with atmospheres blending chilled and spritely vibes, from the vivid fuzz of bass loop Future Arcade to the ascending surge of synth loop Take Off, Future Bass Vol.1 allows you to push your productions into truly uplifting territories. This Future Bass sound library lands via direct download so you can get it in just a couple of clicks! Whatever major DAW you choose to work with, you can simply click and drag each sample from your download folder and drop it right into your preferred software. Delivered in astounding 24-bit High Definition purity, every sample featured in Future Bass Vol.1 is yours to use completely royalty free. So if you’re ready to add some movement to your mix with fresh, flexible bass frequencies, uber-melodic synth, dynamic beats and more then it’s time to propel your productions forward with Future Bass Vol.1! Download contains: 61 x Synth Loops 26 x Bass Loops 60 x Drum Loops 39 x FX & Vox 142 x Drum One Shots 110 x Bass & Synth One Shots 11 x Sampler Instruments for EXS24, Kontakt, Halion & NNXT 20 x Sylenth Presets 20 x MIDI Loops 24Bit Audio 130 - 150Bpm 512MB [Unzipped]

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