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FREE DOWNLOAD: [email protected] [Verse 1: $lick $loth] Tell me what you know bout a motherfucker out the bottom with a gold grill gleamin makin all these hoes problems stalker creepin out the fucking dungeon switchblade on em hit the guts like a pumpkin dumpin' 30 rounds out the clip off rip too thick with the stick bet i won't miss lil $lick real sick don't talk shit whip whip like a brick scale on fish $uicide night time no we don't fight crime it's the Grey *59 with the real red eyes and we dyin inside bodies in fluoride let the rope untie just crucify me Yung Christ wrist's sliced couple hoes on ice singin RIP [Verse 2: Ruby da Cherry] Ruby was a motherfuckin reject then i cut my wrists and now i motherfucking bleed checks still broke after all the motherfucking weed gets rolled hoes askin if i see a ghost tell em no i just seep smoke when the weeds blown she chokes from the deep throat 3 feet of rope lethal slay the fucking sheep so evil ima hang myself and then i get to see home Ruby a fuckin demon Ruby got a cult now hoes tryna bolt down Ruby the result of a reject from a small town turned into a demon I'm evolved now loud growl Snow Leopard on the prowl stay the fuck back hoe slay the whole pack hoe paint the globe black hoe soon i will shed this skin turn to the devil then i'll never reminisce

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2. Paris Collides

Paris Collides

A new mastered mix from RÜFÜS' upcoming debut EP...

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3. Paris (Single)

Paris (Single)

Paris and Paris (Acoustic) now available on iTunes

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4. RedEye to Paris Feat. Skepta

RedEye to Paris Feat. Skepta

Produced By: The Architect Mixed By: Joel Gutman & The Architect Artwork By: Phillip T. Annand RECORDED IN PARIS. ORCHESTRATED ON A TOUR BUS. THEGLORIOUSDEAD.COM

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5. The Chainsmokers ~ Paris (Vincent Remix)

  • Published: 2017-02-07T18:00:08Z
  • By Vincent
The Chainsmokers ~ Paris (Vincent Remix)

upcoming shows: big shoutout to The Chainsmokers for incorporating this remix into their performance on SNL: I typically try not to follow the wave of producers who take a shot at remixing every @thechainsmokers track that gets released, but I felt this song was different than their usual and decided to put my own spin on it the original grew on me a ton and after I started working on this I realized it was going to be one of my favourite releases. this remix grew a life of it's own but I feel it still keeps the integrity of the original. hope u guys enjoy

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6. Sia - The Greatest (KALM Remix)

  • Published: 2017-02-02T15:54:24Z
  • By Aux Paris
Sia - The Greatest (KALM Remix)

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