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2. Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids

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4. ZillaKami x SosMula - Babbage Patch Kids (Prod. By Vae Cortez)

ZillaKami x SosMula - Babbage Patch Kids (Prod. By Vae Cortez)

Bridge: ZillaKami Kill a bitch, cut ya wrist, take a risk, ay, Put ya gun on the ground shoot ya fist, ay, X2 Hook: ZillaKami If I see it than you better bust it bust it bust it bust it bust it, X2 If I see it then you better aye, Verse I: SosMula One day I'm bustin a tech, woah, Shoot ya face off of ya neck, woah, Pull up and stunt on my ex hoe, Think you be bustin then techs so, Rock the Rollie with the slit wrist, Pockets stuffed with them big bricks, Yeah she stuck on this big dick, Move the weight like a big bitch, Verse II: ZillaKami Who are you looking so crazy at, Do not get smacked where ya lady at, Grippin the blade I ain't playing that, Foot it the grave when you talkin back, Young alucard with the stick, bitch, Handle my blade like a grip, bitch, Leading the living to sick ness, Light up yo jit like a bic bitch, [Hook: ZillaKami] Verse III: SosMula I'm bloody hoe like I'm bloody O, Break ya face, bloody nose, Shoot you right in ya funny bone, Coo coo straight dummy though, Shittin on these little hungry hoes, Never see my money fold, Swaggin in my bummy clothes, Drippin on em like a runny nose, Verse IV: ZillaKami Take ya pain, wash away, In the rain, near the grave, Take the rope let him hang, Take his clout, and his fame, See you got a gun u better pul it before I slice you Fuckin up, Moschino stepping in the projects never gave a fuck,

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5. Thomas The Tank Engine Theme (Patch's Dubstepcore Remix)

  • Published: 2012-09-14T01:53:49Z
  • By Patch
Thomas The Tank Engine Theme (Patch's Dubstepcore Remix)

Remix of the theme song of the childhood hero we all know and love, thomas the tank engine.

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6. Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

  • Published: 2016-11-07T12:30:35Z
  • By Radiohead
Harry Patch (In Memory Of)

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7. Patch- Pipe

Patch- Pipe

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8. Rozz Dyliams - Flower Patch VIDEO LINK IN DESCRIPTION

Rozz Dyliams - Flower Patch VIDEO LINK IN DESCRIPTION

Pro. Antonio Video:

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9. Harmonic Symmetry - Modular Patch

Harmonic Symmetry - Modular Patch

Link to the video of the patch, recorded in one take here: download to the .wav file :-) Patch Notes: Harmonic patch using the new MakeNoise tELHARMONIC is a Multi-Voice, Multi-Algorithm synthesizer, and 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. The master clock is the Tiptop Circadian Rhythms. Clock output running into the Modcan Touch Sequencer. Channel output one running into one intellijel Dixie (V1) for the bassline. Dixie output running into a Mutable instruments Ripples filter (LP4), triangle waveform. Second channel output sequencing quantized 8 note sequence to the telharmonic oscillator, creating the first lead sequence in the patch (major scale set). One Mult output taken and sent to the Strymon BigSky reverb pedal to create the delicate swarm pads that rise in and out at the builds. Amplitude control of the slow rises via the intellijel HexVCA, slow rate control from one Modcan Quad LFO. The other output is then taken and sent to the Qu-bit RT-60 reverb. Third output from the Modcan TS sending quantized CV to the MakeNoise STO oscillator variable SHAPE output then sent through lower section of the MakeNoise Optomix. The forth output from the Modcan TS is sending a 4 chord pattern (min9) to the intellijel shapeshifter module in chord mode. This output is then sent to another Qu-Bit RT-60 reverb algorithm. MakeNoise Mysteron plucking guitar like effect being triggered by a 4ms RCD, 5th trigger out. The Mysterson then is running out into a Strymon BlueSky pedal, reverb. Drum sequencing from TipTop CR, channel one kick drum going to the Nord Drum 2. Second channel number 2 triggering a custom snare drum made on the Nord Drum 2. Channel 6 from the CR triggering a low bass drum, in the key of "C". Clock output from CR into the 4ms SCM being rotated by a intellijel dixie sine wave output running at a slow rate shifting the 16th's hi hat pattern. Noise source for hi-hats are the SSF quantum rainbow 2, purple output running into the MakeNoise Optomix. The high end snare clap sound is by the Synthrotek's DS-M drum module, then being lightly processed by the Synthrotek DLY, slowly CV controlled by a Modcan Quad LFO in random mode creating more glitchy effects. This is then being sequenced by channel number 2 from the tiptop CR. The first lower left side 4ms Spectral Multi-band Resonator processing 72 custom DSP samples, which are being played by one addac wave player. The output is then being sent to a intellijel uVCF filter (hi pass), for the light subtle glitch textures. The second 4ms Spectral Multi-band Resonator, processing another set of 32 samples (noise washes/slow rises/falls) via channel number 4 from the CR tiptop. From here the output is being processed by a Mutable Instruments Clouds (granular mode), being controlled by the Pittsburgh Modular Game System running "Meteor Shower" mode in which the explosion based gates and random control voltages are then being sent to 3rd Dixie, controlling the CV rate time then from there its sent to the "Freeze" input on clouds, processing small bits of audio coming from the second addac waveplayer, The second output coming from the gamesystem is going into the "position" input on Clouds, which is doing some additional glitching to the signal.Main output from a intellijel Mutagen mixer then ran through the Eventide space pedal for extra spatial atmosphere. :-)

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