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2. Side-Quest: Pokemon Pen and Paper Episode 1

Side-Quest: Pokemon Pen and Paper Episode 1

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF POKEMON PEN AND PAPER! Four children of the remote Alabaster Borough finally get to start their own Pokemon Adventure when the Roaming Pokemon Professor Aspen visits their town, but things are about to go from happy to tragic in a Celadon City minute! Download Pokemon Pen and Paper here:

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3. Pokemon Go and Mobile Games-Episode 2

  • Published: 2016-07-20T20:52:40Z
  • By REBL Base
Pokemon Go and Mobile Games-Episode 2

Hello hello and welcome to REBL Base! With the release, and hype, of Pokemon Go in most countries, Yhanos and I talk about what we like in the game, and what we think needs to change! Then we end up talking about what other mobile games we enjoy! Things talked about in this episode: Missouri Teens “Lure” victims: Nintendo Stock: Pokemon go daily users: Mobile games to check out: Pokemon Go Runestory Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Love Live VOEZ Alpaca World HD+ Welcome to the Show Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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4. (OLD AND BAD)Pokémania Prime - A PokéRap!

(OLD AND BAD)Pokémania Prime - A PokéRap!

The following is a Pokémon Parody. A heartfelt tribute to the fandom I love. Hope you enjoy it! _________________________________________ If you like this track and want it, no problem! Click the Download button! (If you really really love it, and feel like supporting my music, you can do so by visiting my Bandcamp: There you'll find the track available for purchase - no minimum. Alternatively, if you want another format not offered by Soundcloud, you can enter $0 in the prompt, and get it for free in many various formats. Thanks for helping enable me to continue making music!) _________________________________________ Lyrics written and performed by: Paladin. Facebook: Soundcloud: Bandcamp: Recorded and mixed at Freeway Dog Labs in Oakland, CA. Facebook: Soundcloud: Original beat made by: Twitchez2k. YouTube: iTunes: _________________________________________ "Pokémon" and its licenses, trademarks, and properties belong to all respective owners, including Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. All rights reserved. PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE. Samples from the Pokémon animated show and games. This subject matter is portrayed in parody form by a non-copyright holder under Fair Use, in accordance with Federal Law. All right of expression is therefore reserved. Thank you. _________________________________________ Lyrics: I got a Pocket full of Pokeballs, the red 'n' the white I even brung a bunch of Badges, rewardin’ the fight I keep the prize in my eyes, keep my foes in my sight Me and my posse and my Pikachu will ROCKET tonight, I keep a fire on the wire case you’re vegetable’s ripe, I’ll send a psychic in to psych you into legible type I keep a Rock, it in my pocket case your Monster’s Electric, Dispatch a Dragon set to snack on what you’ll Measure with Metric, the world of PO-KAY-MON, you know, there ain’t an A in PO-KAY-MON -- COMEONWE’LLMAKEATRADEA’ PO-KAY-MON (Golem from a Graveler) PO-KAY-MON You know that Jigglypuff, although she’s Normally tough, Out like a Light in face of Fighting but it still ain’t enough, Cuz even Gyrados is shyarin’ do-si-doses of pain, Before the Muk starts chuckin’ up and up and MAKIN’ IT RAIN Yet I’m a crier for the FIRE, keeps on BREAKIN THE ICE Bugs keep on sluggin’, cryin’ when the Flyin’ takes to the Heights I’ll take the mass of the Grass, just to run you to Ground, (I’ll come and go like a Ghost) BUT YOU WILL KNOW I’M AROUND, CUZ THIS IS Now this world is full of Trainers, even simple collectors, that disconnect then resurrect as global player pretenders, yeah Giovanni may be robbin’ - but his pawns are all broke-rs, if you get burned, ain’t you heard? YEAH THIS MON IS A POKER and I am never gonna let up till the day that I die there's a creature you ain't never thought would think to arise he's a man that will stand for the freedom he cries - a Pokémaster set to understand the power inside. PROTECTIN’ PO-KAY-MON - this ain't a game, playa PO-KAY-MON - THIS AIN’T A GAME, PLAYA PO-KAY-MON, Golem from a Graveler Charmeleon, Wartortle, we chortle Mewtwo, Tentacruel, hangin’ with a Tenta-crew - Aerodactyl - Triple-Axel - be impactful - Omanyte, Oma’day - *ominous way* - *Pikachu* - *Raichu* - sorry if I ‘bless you’, Didn’t mean to wake you, Puffy to the rescue Sing! Bubbling like a Magmar, warmed up! (Pwn’d us like you Cloned us, you really mighta warned us) Roam like a Butterfree, Sting like a Beedrill, Gaunt like a Haunter - if anybody, *he* will *we* will, *she* will, gander at the PlayBill Master all the Pokemon, never gonna stay still Gotta catch em all, Gotta catch em all, YEAH

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