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1. Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder (Free Field Recording of Nature Sounds for Sleep or Meditation Mp3)

Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder (Free Field Recording of Nature Sounds for Sleep or Meditation Mp3)

*JUNE 2018 NEW RAIN CLIP NOW UP: One of my first edits from my library of found sounds: Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder is designed as a brief intro into my perspective on contemporary field recording. This is actually a few different storms, recorded in different times in various places piled up on top of each other to create a uniquely soothing three and a half minutes. Use good headphones and listen loud, but be ready for those loud cracks of thunder! All sounds by RJ Stefanski 2011, recorded on Tascam handheld recorder, edited in Magix Music Maker at 44.1K. This was released specifically as a short, IPOD friendly mp3, however I typically like to release material in 94 k WAV, here is a clip of rain in that format:

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2. 24 Mins Of Tranquil Rain & Thunder [Free MP3 Ambient Field Recording for Sleep or Relaxation]

24 Mins Of Tranquil Rain & Thunder [Free MP3 Ambient Field Recording for Sleep or Relaxation]

R.J. Stefanski - 24 Minutes of Tranquil Rain and Thunder An Extended Field Recording Collage - a free tool for relaxation, meditation, yoga, sleep, studying, daydreaming and more. Continuing my recent trend of presenting field recordings in an expanded setting (the 30+ minutes of "Dark Shadows in the Periphery" along with the 14 minutes dedicated to "Green Acres"), comes the latest installment in my ongoing series of rain and thunderstorm recordings. "24 Minutes" triples the duration of my previous rain releases, and is presented in download friendly AAC format (however if there is a demand for it I could upload this as a 96 K WAV as well, but that would be a huge file). With the additional room to spread out, this soundscape differentiates itself from my past uploads with a more protracted narrative arc, allowing for deeper listening and a greater variety of storm sounds. Moreso than previous edits, I tried to keep as much human interference (cars, planes, etc..) out of this project. One thing this collage does share with older tracks like "Torrential Downpour in the City" or "Midsummer Thunderstorm", is that it is in fact a collage - about ten separate field recordings are being edited and layered for a specific effect. For this particular soundscape I wanted there to be a long intro and outro with very little thunder and an emphasis on the calming tones of rain and water. Throughout the duration there is a wealth of various water sounds - ranging from loud drips battling against an aluminum gutter (for most of the opening seven minutes or so), to the warm splashes of a light rain falling into a puddle, to the white noise created by a blistering downpour. A big part of why I typically mix a variety of storms together is to achieve a fuller depth of field so that you can hear rain that is both 8-10 feet away and 50+ feet away. I also like the ability of shaping the storm in the same way as a DJ set - for instance, after the long intro, with a few light bits of thunder around the 7-8 minute mark, I let the whole mix calm down a bit before bringing in some louder rain at the 11 minute mark. These changes in intensity will occur a few times during the track, with a clear peak in volume around the 14-16 minute marks. This middle portion of the track contains some of my loudest, and most importantly clearest, cracks of thunder I have yet caught on tape. All the recordings were made with my Tascam DR-07 MK II in the late Spring / Summer of 2015 in various locations in SouthEast Michigan. Feel free to use this track in your own productions, I only ask you cite me as a source, or use as a daily sleep aid, enjoy!

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3. Sound Therapy Session 001 - Quiet Rain, Thunder & Waves [Relaxing Music for Sleep & Meditation]

Sound Therapy Session 001 - Quiet Rain, Thunder & Waves [Relaxing Music for Sleep & Meditation]

After recently realizing I had yet to release any rain / thunder based recordings in 2016, I used the opportunity to begin yet another series examining the different formats available in curating, editing, and presenting original field recordings. The Sound Therapy Sessions will feature lengthy sonic excursions favoring tranquil moods and the interesting mixtures of related sources within a specific location, theme, or concept. - - - - - - STS 001: Quiet Rain, Thunder & Waves Obviously my favorite sound to build a track with - the rain for this particular piece was recorded on April 1, 2016 in Romeo, MI. Recording nature sounds near my parents home vs. Detroit allows me to avoid as much car/airplane/etc interference as possible. I try to make sure each new thunderstorm track I put out has a different feel then the previous examples - so with this version I decided to foreground the light, relaxing white noise of a light to medium rain (as compared to my usual focus on loud thunder). Over the course of the opening 6-8 minutes there are more and more layers of simple rain mixed in, all together from four separate recordings from two storms taped on an enclosed back porch. Slowly the rain forms into waves that ebb and flow throughout the stereo field. These were taped later in the summer of 2016 at Belle Isle Park in Detroit, MI. Around the same time a pair of boys playing and laughing on a trampoline in a Hamtramck backyard can also be heard. Combining two soothing examples of the sound of water in nature with an extended run time and HD quality fidelity makes this track ideal for contemplative listening on good headphones. Enjoy. All sounds, editing, and artwork by RJ Stefanski. December 2016

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4. Mini Anthology of Ambient [Beatless Sleep Mix w. Eno, Aphex, Gas, Biosphere, Radiohead & more]

Mini Anthology of Ambient [Beatless Sleep Mix w. Eno, Aphex, Gas, Biosphere, Radiohead & more]

***Updated as of March 30, 2013 - A Remastered and Revised version of my 2nd mixtape *** "Mini Anthology of Ambient" was originally created when I was relatively new to my editing software and before I began making my own field recordings. Needless to say, there were a few glitches I wanted to go back and smooth out. So, here is what has changed from the original version: the intros and outros have both been extended by about a minute, some of my own field recordings have been added into the existing ones which I had downloaded, a few rough patches/transitions have been smoothed out, and two artists were mixed near the end of the project, Stars of the Lid and Marconi Union, also the overall volume of a majority of the mix was raised, ****above denotates what has changed with remastered version********* From all the way back in January of 2011 comes my second ever mixtape and the first in the ambient genre, a "Mini Anthology of Ambient", dedicated and engineered for my (then) newborn nephew Cameron. I wanted to not only make a very relaxing, beatless soundtrack that an infant could fall asleep to, but also a chronological survey of a few pioneers of ambient production. So we begin with Brian Eno's stately piano piece "1/1", move through Aphex Twin and Biosphere, and closer to the contemporary age with Marcus Guentner. Feat: // foundsound intro feat. Biosphere & Sigur Ros / Brian Eno - “1/1” / Aphex Twin - “Rhubarb” & "i" / Radiohead "Treefingers" / Biosphere - “Kobresia” / The Sight Below "Fervent" / Gas - “untitled 3” (from the album “Gas”) / Stars of the Lid - "Piano Aquieu" & "FAC 21" / Marconi Union - "Losing the Light" / Markus Guentner - “In Moll IV” / Boards of Canada - "Olson" / Keith Fullerton Whitman - “Modena” foundsound outro //

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5. Torrential Downpour in the City [Free Field Recording of Rain & Thunder: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit / WAV]

Torrential Downpour in the City [Free Field Recording of Rain & Thunder: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit / WAV]

My third release of pure-thunderstorm based sounds, this track compiles several storms I recorded on a patio in Detroit in late 2013. A variety of lightning cracks, thunder bellows, and different forms of rain can be heard across the 8+ minutes, with some light urban sounds finishing out the soundscape (generally when recording rain I try to only capture rain, in this environment a few cars splashing down the road were inevitable due to my proximity to a fairly busy street). This recording also marks the end of my material I taped using my older Tascam field recorder (from now on my recordings will be available in 96K as opposed to 44.1K) Feel free to add this to your favorite sleep playlist or use as a daily unwinding tool, plug in your best headphones and enjoy!

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6. 5,000 Fathoms to the Bottom of the Ocean [Extended 90 Min. Deep Ambient Mix / 40+ artists]

5,000 Fathoms to the Bottom of the Ocean [Extended 90 Min. Deep Ambient Mix / 40+ artists]

Both the longest and most comprehensive mix I have edited together yet, "5,000 Fathoms" compiles over 40 unique ambient artists into a 90 minute underwater journey. The sounds of a harbor can be heard as you set out on a small boat and soon plunge overboard. The concept continues from there but I'll leave that for you to discover. Throughout the journey, found underwater sounds are interwoven, including actual recordings of humpback whales (not mine, referenced below) and the constant manipulation of water sounds effects (scuba breathing). Each track was specifically chosen that both worked within an ambient anthology context, as well as a nautical theme ("Deep Blue Day", "By the Harbor") or a feeling of being isolated deep underwater (Basinski, Popnoname). Plug in your headphones and enjoy. Tracklisting as follows: a found sounds intro feat: waves at Belle Isle, several underwater SFX incl: scuba diving sounds / Geir Jenssen "Summit - Only Slight Breeze..." / Oneohtrix Point Never "Blue Drive" / Brian Eno "Deep Blue Day" / Stars of the Lid "January '69" / Aphex Twin "Ropes" / Burial "In McDonalds" / Donnacha Costelo "Dry Retch" / Gas "Pop #5" / Deathprod "Cloudchamber" / Biosphere "Fast Atoms Escape" / Atrium Carceri "The Expedition" / Bvdub "Your Loyalty Lies Long Forgotten" / Tim Hecker "October (Part I)" / Markus Guentner "Chrom" / The Sight Below "Nowhere" / R.J. Stefanski "Summer Crickets and Cicadas" / Blamstrain "Tundra VII" / Arms and Sleepers "By the Harbor" / Boards of Canada "Farewell Fire" / Biosphere + Deathprod "warp/warble" / William Basinski "DIP 2.1" / Three Legged Race "Butter Colored Hallway" / Casino Versus Japan "Names on Maps.. Pt. 5" / Marconi Union "A Temporary Life" / Markus Guentner "Wanderung" / Triola "Leuchtturm" / Segue "Vapour Trails" / Yagya "Snowflake 10" / Kaito "Awakening (Beatless)" / Popnoname "Hafen" / Rene Hell "Untitled Solo Piece 4" / Riceboy Sleeps "Howl" / All "Logopedie 99" / Seefeel "Signals" / Loscil "Rye Fields" / Biosphere "Green Reflections" / Oliver Messiaen "Oraison" / Philip Jeck "Pax" / Plastikman "Drp" / Jurgen Muller "Coral Fantasy" / Ulf Lohman "Audrey" / Tim Hecker "Borderlands" / Casino Versus Japan "Slobid Bell Wave" / Blanck Mass "Weakling Flyer" / Casino Versus Japan "Ships Without Names" / Sigur Ros "Fjogur Piano" / Bibio "Cherry Blossom Road" & "Bewley in Red" / a found sounds outro feat. OPN "Blue Drive" "Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whale" is sampled a few times throughout and can be bought here: Spj Music, 1992.

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7. Anchor States [Ambient Sleep Mix w. Loscil, SotL, Sight Below & more]

Anchor States [Ambient Sleep Mix w. Loscil, SotL, Sight Below & more]

My 8th mix, "Anchor States", represents my second attempt at making a "sleep" collage. Unlike my mini anthology of ambient, this project uses beats but still maintains a peaceful, soothing atmosphere. The tone here is a bit more orchestral and sounds less electronic on the surface, even though many of these warm, organic drones are made with computers. Ambient main-stays Biosphere, Gas, and Stars of the Lid make appearances, as do lesser known artists like Loscil, Manual, and The Sight Below. All together you get a unique 53 minutes to zone out, relax, or fall asleep to. Feat: Loscil - Endless Falls / H.I.A. & Biosphere - Cannon Hill / Tal - Tal’90 / Biosphere - Spindrift / Andrew Thomas - I Am Here Where Are You & A Thousand Pinholes in a Black Paper Sky / Gas - Untitled 3 (Konigsforst) / The Sight Below - At First Touch & Shimmer & Further Away / Ulf Lohmann - Java / Stars of the Lid - Requiem for Dying Mothers, pt.1 & Anchor States, pt.1 & Even (Out)+ / All - Alles Fliesst Nichts Bliebt / also w. Sufjan Stevens, Animal Collective, Manual, and various field recordings /

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8. Michigan Ice Storm (Winter Sleet & Freezing Rain) Free HD Field Recording 96 K WAV

Michigan Ice Storm (Winter Sleet & Freezing Rain) Free HD Field Recording 96 K WAV

R.J. Stefanski ~ Michigan Ice Storm: Winter Sleet & Freezing Rain [96 kHz 24 bit WAV HD Field Recorded Soundscape] - - - - - - - - - - - Throughout my field recording experiences so far, rain and thunder have been my most prevalent sound source. Naturally these storms have tended to occur in Spring or Summer, but some unusual weather patterns have brought rain and warmer temperatures through the first half of winter 2015/16 (this has been due to a number of factors including a strong El Nino effect and global warming, causing rain to be more common than snow). I had the chance to record a number of these more Spring-like storms as they passed through the urban setting of Hamtramck, MI and the rural Romeo, MI (in each instance I mostly used a Tascam DR-07 set up on a semi-enclosed back porch). This soundscape is comprised of winter sleet, rain, and freezing rain, with the former falling as distinct chunks of ice splintering onto the tin porch roof and the frozen sidewalk. Besides weather sounds, I also captured a bird that did not fly South for the winter, a train calling from a little ways down the road, and a fair amount of road ambiance and passing cars (unavoidable due to some of the storms' urban setting, the recordings from Romeo feature much less low end traffic hum). - - - - - - - - - Reminder: Like nearly all my field recording work, this is not a single, straight through take of one storm. For this project I edited and collaged together roughly 10 separate recordings totaling over one hour of winter rain and ambiance. From there I cut the material down to the best 9 minutes. Enjoy on good headphones and be sure to download the original WAV for the full HD file (Soundcloud does not stream at 96 kHz WAV).

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9. Amazing Thunderstorms over Detroit [Free High Quality Field Recording MP3]

Amazing Thunderstorms over Detroit [Free High Quality Field Recording MP3]

***a word on my field recordings: this was not a straight-through 9 min take of unedited thunderstorms, this is a soundscape of over 20 mins of footage edited down to showcase the best sounds I captured. It is meant to have a clear beginning, middle, and end, even though you are only hearing rain and thunder, there is a lot of editing and layering happening**** A sort-of follow up to my "Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder" clip, this is almost 9 minutes of a series of thunderstorms descending upon the midtown area of Detroit, MI on Wednesday April 17 2013. My Tascam recorder was set up outside in a covered patio area, able to pick up the quickly increasing rain, while the extraordinarily loud cracks of lightning and booming thunder kept constant.

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10. Midsummer Thunderstorm [Audiophile Field Recording 96 kHz 24 Bit WAV]

Midsummer Thunderstorm [Audiophile Field Recording 96 kHz 24 Bit WAV]

Download only available thru bandcamp: Headphones Recommended - Although I have previously uploaded soundscapes of rain and thunder, this is the first to be presented in audiophile 96 kHz / 24 bit clarity, recorded by both my Tascam DR-07 and a stereo Crown Sass microphone for select sections. This track consists of roughly 10 separate recordings from different locations in Michigan, USA, all chopped up across 16 different channels and is meant to have a clear beginning, peak/middle, and resolution. Most of these storms occurred in summer of 2014. Please feel free to download and thrown into your favorite sleep playlist or in your own productions (I like to use these recordings as DJ set intros/outros myself), I only ask you cite me as a source if possible and please let me know how it turns out too.

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11. Winter Weather Advisory [Ambient Blizzard Mix for Sleep / Relaxation]

Winter Weather Advisory [Ambient Blizzard Mix for Sleep / Relaxation]

"Winter Weather Advisory" is a continuous 39 minute journey into a frostbitten landscape of ambient clouds, stately swells of piano and strings, and of course, theme-specific field recordings. The mix is bookended with found sound of boots crunching on snow and was somewhat intended as a soundtrack for a night time walk into a blizzard. Tracks were chosen that fit this cinematic, somewhat gloomy atmosphere: with titles like 'Fluffy Tufts" and "Then It's White", and artists with names such as "Voices from the Lake", everything complimenting the tundra vibe. The tracklisting is as follows: Foundsound intro / Voices from the Lake "Circe" / Pole 'Karussel" / Yagya "Snowflake 5" / Mohn "Einrauschen" / Sigur Ros "Von" / Cocteau Twins "Fluffy Tufts" / The Field "Then It's White" / Sigur Ros "Med Sud..." & "Straumnes" / Biosphere "Shika" (The Sight Below Rmx) / Markus Guentner "Express Yourself" / Voices from the Lake "Mika" / Yagya 'Snowflake 6" / Voices from the Lake "Circe" / Foundsound outro

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12. Podcast 008: R.J. Stefanski

  • Published: 2018-05-01T14:23:22Z
  • By Metamorph
Podcast 008: R.J. Stefanski

@rjsfoudnsounds is sound artist from Detroit, MI based in Brooklyn, NYC. He has released a wide array of original soundscapes ranging from brief naturalistic field recordings to extended sound collages, each project sharing a hazy psychedelic glow. This podcast is compiled by tracks from influential artists to R.J. Stefanski, as well as field recordings and original productions to highlight the melding of artists across decades of electronic music history. Main Mix Tracks: Biosphere - "Whole Forests of Them Appearing" William Basinski - "A Shadow in Time" Windy & Carl - "Surfacing" Stars of the Lid - "The Atomium - Part Three" Benoit Pioulard - "Of Everything That Rhymes" Riceboy Sleeps - "Indian Summer" Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irissari" - Cuando El Misterio Es Demasiado..." Brock Van Wey - "Intrusion Shape I" Markus Guentner - "Sommergewitter" Pantha du Prince - "I'm Bann" The KLF - "3 AM Somewhere Out of Beaumont" The Orb - "Plateau (Live Orb '93)" Rhucle / Mike Nigro - "Golden Guppy" Bibio - "Wet Flakey Bark" Helios - "Halving the Compass" Taylor Deupree - "Field (beta)" Neel - "Life on Raputa Regio" Edgar Froese - "Aqua" Khotin - "Frog Fractions" Markus Guenter - 'Donaunebel" Mountains - "Sand" The House in the Woods - "Bucolica" Benoit Pioulard - "The Very Edge of its Flame" Grouper - "Alien Observer" Gas - "Stern" Layered Tracks: R.J. Stefanski - Coney Island Waves Godspeed You! Black Emperor - "Static" Interview with Ed Mitchell (Apollo 14) WBPF 25 News (youtube clip) R.J. Stefanski - J Train over Broadway R.J. Stefanski - unreleased nature soundscape (wind through the tops of trees) Geir Jenssen - "Tingri - The Last Truck" vintage clips from gameshow Password Main - "Haloform Part II" R.J. Stefanski - Torrential Downpour in the City R.J. Stefanski - track fire announcement at broadway junction UMFANG - "Sweep" R.J. Stefanski - unreleased rec. of fountains in Miami Aphex Twin - "Domino" Chris Watson - "The Crossroads" R.J. Stefanski - unreleased eastern mkt soundscape Avey Tare - "Abyss Song" Boards of Canada - "Sherbert" The Mars Volta - "Soothsayer"

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13. Midnight Trails with Late Summer Crickets, Bats & Frogs [Field Recorded Sound Map 1.2 | Romeo, MI]

Midnight Trails with Late Summer Crickets, Bats & Frogs [Field Recorded Sound Map 1.2 | Romeo, MI]

R.J. Stefanski - Midnight Trails with Late Summer Crickets, Bats, Frogs & More [Field Recorded Sound Map 1.2] For the second installment in my series of experimental sound maps, I invite the listener to travel about an hour's drive North of our last meeting (Belle Isle, Detroit), to Romeo, MI. The bulk of the recordings for this project came from two weekends spent at my parents home in the small rural village in late August and early September 2015. When I stay at their house, I have a nightly walking routine that takes me through some of the nearby fields and woods surrounded by stars and crickets. These walks are the genesis for this sound map, as it is designed to present the listener on a guided tour solely using field recordings of a few of these excursions. The listener is greeted with the soft hum of a small town backyard just after sunset. It is shaping up to be a hot and muggy night as sounds begin to fill the neighborhood: a chorus of crickets two backyards away, a train's horn from much further, and then a low flying plane seems to split the sky in half. Slowly the chatter of neighbors enters the mix along with the family pet and some passing cars. As we head out from the backyard and towards the expansive athletic fields just a few blocks away, some frogs briefly appear and the variety of crickets changes as well. Night fully descends as the sounds from the fringes of the village fade even more out of range as we reach the open fields west of town. The overhead sky is clear and bursting with stars and about a dozen low flying bats, clearly audible as they make a distinct sound which mimics that of a mouse chewing from a room away. Entering deeper woods brings us to a bizarre insect, some form of giant cricket with a rattle. Suddenly the clear skies have turned ominous, with rain slowly sneaking in before erupting into thunder. Something is not quite right in this part of the forest, as dark melodies are slowly played on an antique piano, and are soon accompanied by scattered AM radio transmissions. Just before it seems like the journey might be doomed, the trees begin to thin out and we are back in a familiar backyard. Tired and confused, the only remnants of that strange night are some hazy memories and these recordings. All sounds recorded and edited by R.J. Stefanski 2015-2016. Including original piano composition and artwork. Use good headphones and enjoy!

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14. Last Glowing Embers [Experimental Mix of Ambient / Found Sound / Neo Classical / Drone]

Last Glowing Embers [Experimental Mix of Ambient / Found Sound / Neo Classical / Drone]

Last Glowing Embers: a new journey into experimental ambient soundscape: Unlike the clearly nautical "5,000 Fathoms..." or the nature documentary context of "Buried Reefs", this project has a much more open-ended disposition, lending itself to any listening environment you choose (of course headphones recommended for the 1st listen). With no set narrative to focus attention to, I instead dove inwards, burying layer after layer of sound (samples and my own found sound) into thick atmospheres before dissolving into the next movement (the continuous 49 minute piece is designed to slowly transform from one moment to the next, blurring the vanishing point of where any particular sample ends or begins). There are moments that veer closer to classical music than previous work, while other sections neatly summarize several sounds I have chased in the past. Ranging from subliminal to loud-and-clear, nearly every moment of the runtime contains field recordings captured on either a new Tascam hand-held device or a Crown P-SASS stereo mic (this is noticeable from the opening seconds as a stone skips from the left to right side of the mix). In a lot of ways I feel this project represents the culmination of a lot of hours spent editing ambient music over the past few years, slowly try to find my own voice in skewing together the voices of others. LGE resists easy categorization in the oftentimes stale world of ambient music, especially that aimed towards sleeping or meditation. This project has been edited for nearly 3 months towards lulling the listener into a false sense of calm before disrupting expectations with something like the low bass rumbles of Windy and Carl's "Antarctica" or the loud scrapes of gregorian chanting in Amp's piece. Put on your headphones and enjoy, I look forward to hearing your feedback. Tracklisting presented as outline, divided into 3 parts or movements: part I. a found sounds intro featuring several of my own recordings / Chris Watson "Vatnajokull" / Brian Eno "An Ending (Ascent)" / Sigur Ros "Staralflur" / Christopher Bissonnette "Comfortable Expectations" / Biosphere "The Seal and the Hydrophone v.1" (this sample repeats in slightly different variations throughout the mix) / Eluvium "We Say Goodbye to Ourselves" / Windy & Carl "Antarctica" part II. Diatonis "Persistence of Time" / Daniel Kobialka "Blue Spirals" / Thomas Fehlmann "Treatment" / Oneohtrix Point Never "Sand Partina" / The Seven Fields of Aphelion "Fever Sleep" part III. Arvo Part "Speigel im spiegel" (performed by Angele Dubeau & La Pieta) / Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster, Panaiotis "Lear" / Amp "Receive" / Taylor Deupree "Snow/Sand" / Glitterbug "Into the Light" part IV. Ulf Lohmann "Sicht" / Sigur Ros "Staralflur" / Brian Eno "An Ending (Ascent)" / Chris Watson "Vatnajokull" / Biosphere "The Seal and the Hydrophone v.1" /

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15. New York City- Penn Station- R.J. Stefanski

New York City- Penn Station- R.J. Stefanski

A new arrival to the city that never sleeps - this installment of 60 Minute Cities encapsulates my first sonic impressions of the seemingly infinite surroundings of New York City. The recordings may display a bit of the culture shock and sensory overload I am currently experiencing. In the midst of the chaos, my trusty Tascam DR-07 is usually by my side, documenting the scenes and people I encounter and allowing me to share them with others. The album is designed with a circular storyline, beginning and ending as most of my daily journeys do at the Broadway Junction. Ideal to be listened to in one sitting, tracks are sequenced to provide a specific, linear journey with an emphasis on interesting transitions that display the diversity of sound sources within NYC. The recordings mostly feature locations that are personal to my daily habits and surroundings (East New York, Williamsburg) with a few more iconic areas mixed in to provide a broader perspective on the city (Central Park, Coney Island). All Sounds recorded by R.J. Stefanski ( between October-December 2016 - no post production work has been done to these recordings. Listen loudly on good headphones and enjoy. Artist's Bio: Stefanski is aBrooklyn based sound artist from Detroit, MI with a specialty in ambient DJ sets, mixtape production, and field recording. He has been slowly and steadily releasing original albums, EPs, and soundscapes of all forms since 2011, and most recently curated the chill out room for Norway Detroit's infamous rave Bak Dor. 2016 saw the release of his second album length collage of all original field recordings ("Selected Field Recording Works 2013-16") and a few new additions to his growing collection of thunderstorms on Soundcloud (an older rain recording boasts nearly 300,000 plays). After documenting the Detroit area extensively over the last few years, he now sets his ears and microphones on NYC- this volume of 60 Minute Cities marks the debut of this new material.

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16. Buried Reefs (Experimental Ambient OST w. Bibio, GAS, OPN, BoC & more )

Buried Reefs (Experimental Ambient OST w. Bibio, GAS, OPN, BoC & more )

Taking cues from the Boards of Canada school of warped-VHS psychedelia, "Buried Reefs" offers a meditative retreat from the chaos of everyday life, layering twinkling synths and drones over brief field recordings and actual narration from vintage nature doc shorts. These 28 minutes slowly unfold and blend the genres of bright/dark ambient, soundscape, psychedelic, and indie electronic to form a unique journey. featuring: Intro: Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Moistened and Dried” / Deon “#05” / Emeralds “Summerdata” / Lone “Koran Angel” + Boards of Canada “a is to b..” + Bibio “The Clothesline and the Silver Birch” / Jurgen Muller “Sea Bed Meditation” / Atlas Sound “Christmas Synths” / Lone “Buried Coral Banks” / Keith Fullerton Whitman “ACGTR SVP” / Gas “Pop 1” / Stars of the Lid “The Atomium: Part Two” / Oneohtrix Point Never “Stress Waves” / Casino Versus Japan “Blue Vacation Part 5” / Outro: Brian Eno “Lux 2” + Blondes “Amber” (Variation in Cm by Rene Hell) + Bibio “Everglad Everglade” /

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17. The Haunting of Prospect Street Pt. I (Spooky Halloween Background Sound Loop)

The Haunting of Prospect Street Pt. I (Spooky Halloween Background Sound Loop)

This sound collage is just the first segment in what is designed to be a full 2 hour soundtrack for Halloween trick-or-treating. My first ever attempt at anything like live DJing occurred last Halloween at my parents house, where they get hundred of kids knocking on their door for candy every year. I set up my laptop to play experimental and trippy music combined with dialogue and sound effects from actual horror movies. While I get prepared to do something a little more complex for this years trick-or-treat, I will be offering up these collages which are not restricted to Halloween, and should appeal to all fans of experimental music and soundtracks. Tracklisting as follows: Found Sounds intro by R.J. Stefanski (featuring "Relaxing Rain and Loud Thunder pt. II") / Stars of the Lid "The Better Angels of Our Nation" / Matmos "Last Delicious Cigarette" / Aphex Twin "White Stripe" / Boards of Canada "Collapse" / The Knife "A Cherry on Top" / Gang Gang Dance "Eye Contact interlude #1" / Tool "Ions" / Sigur Ros "Oogun" / Aphex Twin "Grey Stripe" / The Mars Volta "Cygnus Vismund Cygnus" / PInk Floyd "Sysyphus, Pt. 4" / Deafheaven "Window" / The KLF "The Lights of Baton Rouge" / Tool "Message to Harry Manback" / Black Dice "Skeleton" / Sigur Ros "Verold Ny Og Oo" / Boards of Canada "Transmissiones Ferox" / Outro feat. Stars of the Lid "The Better Angels.." & Matmos "Last Delicious.." & R.J. Stefanski "untiled piano piece" //

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18. Cathedral in Grayscale [original composition]

Cathedral in Grayscale [original composition]

R.J. Stefanski / Cathedral in Grayscale. A new chapter in the evolution of how I manipulate my field recordings, "Cathedral in Grayscale" is a six minute mini-odyssey sitting at the meeting point of ambient, drone, and sound collage. The foundation of the soundscape is a new piano piece blurred with effects and slowly accented with a flurry of new recordings. Winter rain, passing trains, a crowded shopping market, seagulls, and waves are just some of the sounds that were added in one by one, layering them all into one dense atmosphere. The track is further augmented by taking a few field recordings (downtown ambiance, barcode readers, frogs) and slathering them with effects and slowing them down into a blissed out pool of reverb. More piano compositions were also slowed down to resemble stringed instruments, a technique acquired from hours of listening to Stars of the Lid. Throughout "Cathedral" the human voice enters through the fog, including AM preachers, astronauts, famous opera singers, and elderly people speaking on surviving the Great Depression. Enjoy on good headphones, any feedback / requests to include in podcasts / etc.. please message me. All sounds, editing, and artwork RJ Stefanski 2016.

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19. Spirits of the Old World [Field Recorded Sound Map 1.3 | Hamtramck, MI]

Spirits of the Old World [Field Recorded Sound Map 1.3 | Hamtramck, MI]

A dense, diverse and constantly evolving city within Detroit, MI, Hamtramck is also a rich tapestry of sound. The third and final chapter in this series of sound maps, "Spirits..." is a unique 9 minute cauldron of ambiance sourced from a very unique post-Industrial neighborhood. Sacred religious tones and the bustle of an urban landscape dominate the atmosphere, but allow more nuanced sources like birds, small children and distant trains to color the mix. Unlike the first parts from this sound map series, "Spirits of the Old World" is not designed as a realistic walk through a changing location, but moreso a surreal sound collage you might have as a dream of a real place. This particular dream sets you in one of Hamtramck's myriad of narrow alleyways, walking alone at a hazy time that could either be early morning or late afternoon. A child calls out from a balcony and you find a large gathering of pigeons high up on power lines. One side of the alley meets a park, where fields of cicadas are beginning to stir. Further through the park, a train can be heard approaching. An Islamic call to prayer carries across the whole neighborhood, echoing into a wall of church bells. In an instant, the swarm of birds disappears over the horizon, where more prayers and bells emerge in differing forms. The dream winds to a close atop the I-75 freeway overpass, surveying ten lanes of traffic below. All sounds recorded and edited by R.J. Stefanski in 2015 on Tascam DR-07 and Crown SASS Stereo Mic. Edited and maintained at pristine 96 kHz 24 bit WAV audio. Enjoy on good headphones.

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