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2. Agua Pura (Live at Paradiso Bali)

  • Published: 2015-04-08T07:33:17Z
  • By Raio
Agua Pura (Live at Paradiso Bali)

Giving thanks for the life-giving, all-purifying waters of our planet. A song of praise for las aguas...cleansing, healing, ever-flowing. A prayer that humanity learns to respect and care for our most precious and profound element.

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3. Ong Namo, Gran Espiritu

  • Published: 2015-03-20T14:32:02Z
  • By Raio
Ong Namo, Gran Espiritu

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo: I bow to Infinite Wisdom, to the teacher within. Ven Gran Espiritu, abre el camino...Come, Great Spirit, open the way. A song of invocation, welcoming the Divine, and acknowledging our divine nature.

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4. Madrecita:Ngonikaro

  • Published: 2015-03-18T12:41:32Z
  • By Raio

Fuerza Pachamamita! Tribal earthrise chant. Calling forth and sending gratitude back to the feminine force of creation and nourishment animating our precious planet.

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5. DJ Raio: Ecstatic Dance in Bali (Jan 2017)

  • Published: 2017-01-15T13:24:09Z
  • By Raio
DJ Raio: Ecstatic Dance in Bali (Jan 2017)

Raising the vibes to start the year on a potently prayerful note. The Bali dance tribe is such an activated crew, ready to drop deep inside, connect, contact, and fearlessly fly high with hearts wide open and free. Sunday dance is so special...nearly 200 souls gathered in full daylight for a substance-free ceremony of sacred movement. Deeply honored to serve such an epic community! This is the second wave of the day, moving from 90 to 130bpm with some kizomba sexy-time cool down and a final dip into sacred I Am waters. Featuring tracks by Uji, Nicola Cruz, Borchi, Nato, A Tribe Called Red, Nirinjan Kaur and others... Viva la familia!

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6. Raio @ Inner Refuge Episode 1: Ocean (Tulum)

  • Published: 2018-01-12T18:44:01Z
  • By Raio
Raio @ Inner Refuge Episode 1: Ocean (Tulum)

When we gathered to share the most sacred Me and You, becoming less than two, as Marakame magic dissolves us in a turquoise sea, a temezcal, a crystalline playa in a village of tents open to the perpetual winds of transformation, opening hearts to the perpetually perfect Now. Viva Pachamama. Viva la familia. Viva Inner Refuge. Tracks by Diederdas, El Buho, Jaja, Kusht, Oxhalá, Lulacruza (R.I.P.), Mula, Populous, Thornato, Lagartijeando

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7. Primeiro Raio de Sol

  • Published: 2012-06-14T14:06:30Z
  • By Nego Joe
Primeiro Raio de Sol

Primeiro Raio De Sol Antônio Carlos (NEGO) Quando o primeiro raio de sol encontrar o teu sorriso Vai perceber que os seus olhos são as janelas do paraíso Se ele que é um rei a rainha não pode tocar Eu como um simples plebeu com meus versos tentando conquistar Teu coração, tesouro guardado no fundo do peito Depois que te vi nem dormi não tem jeito não Quero te encontrar Não tenho riqueza nenhuma pra mostrar Mas quero que guarde contigo esses versos Pra você de mim se lembrar Quando chegar a tardinha vendo o mar Cada onda que quebrar tão sozinha É um beijo que quero te dar Enfim chega ao mercado o tão aguardado novo disco dos catarinenses da Nego Joe: “Uno”. O álbum foi produzido pelo renomado Juliano Cortuah e apresenta 10 canções; entre os destaques estão os sucessos “Um Ser Só”, “Give Me Love” trilha da novela Malhação, “Deixa o Amor Entrar” e “Primeiro Raio de Sol”, trilha da novela global "Flor do Caribe".

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10. Cuñaq feat. Sophie Sôfrēē

  • Published: 2018-04-24T10:37:48Z
  • By Raio
Cuñaq feat. Sophie Sôfrēē

Mother Water, heal us all. A song of praise and prayer to the Waters, which bring us purification and renewal. We shed our tears in order to see the world afresh, in joy and celebration. Based on a traditional Peruvian water song. Lyrics Desde cuñaq viene Aguita serpentiando por las acequias y en remolinas Hacia nuestras vidas De cantar hualinas Y a la vez llorando Toditas mis penas se acabaron Pachamama esta de fiesta Una estrellita Que alegre me decia Canta cantorcito a la aguita A la aguita madre cuñaq De cantar hualinas Y a la vez llorando Toditas mis penas se acabaron Pachamama esta de fiesta Credits: from Pachamantra Vol. I, released April 24, 2018 Produced by Raio Raio: vocals, guitar, programming, synths Sophie Sofree: vocals Mixed by Raio and Benjamin Last Mastered by Darius van Helfteren Photography: Arterium Angledal Design: Lion Galban

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11. Nanda Ke Lal

  • Published: 2015-03-30T23:27:12Z
  • By Raio
Nanda Ke Lal

A song for the Beloved, for sacred partnership and the eternal loving nature residing within each of us. May your cup be filled from the eternal spring, that love may flow abundantly through every day of your life. Namaste

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12. Hi Profile - Harmony

  • Published: 2015-09-10T22:54:43Z
  • By Jub's
Hi Profile - Harmony

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13. Raio :: Ecstatic Dance Journey @ True:Nature Experience (Oct 2017)

  • Published: 2017-10-19T12:08:46Z
  • By Raio
Raio :: Ecstatic Dance Journey @ True:Nature Experience (Oct 2017)

"Remember that first year when it was exactly 108 of us on the secret beach and the moon rose right in the middle of the set..." A rare and precious species. True:Nature Experience...what can I say besides "Thank you!" So much love flowing. Paradise tropical coves. Profound yoga and dance teachers. Spiritually connected musicians. Do-it-together ethos. High-vibes and chillax in perfect balance. Blessed to have been there then. Can't wait for the next. Tracks by: SaQi, El Buho, Kaleema, Temple Step, Liquid Bloom, AtYyA, Chancha Via Cirquito, Thornato, Thommie G, Lulacruza, Oxhalá, Jennifer Ann, Raio, and more...

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14. Wahe Guru

  • Published: 2015-04-14T00:52:58Z
  • By Raio
Wahe Guru

Wahe expression of ecstatic awe of the Divine. "Guru" is one who brings us from darkness to light. "Wahe" is a statement of ecstacy and awe. Chanting this mantra expresses, honors, and quickens the journey of liberation and illumination.

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FOLCLÓRICA: A primeira track do live Panelada Tribal, dando abertura para uma experiência psicodélica e cultural, que enfatiza os casos, contos, e histórias folclóricas do Brasil, tudo isso dentro da linha do Darkpsy.

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