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1. Ratio (Radio Edit)

Ratio (Radio Edit)

nothing at of , which is

3. CONVOY Episode VIII: "Where do you turn?" by WXVRIE

  • Published: 2018-05-29T21:17:42Z

Track list: Nostalgia - K.R.O 5D - Alyss Cbm - Kelly Lee Owens Ит - АИГЕЛ Fractal Slicer - Malice Cat РУССКИЙ АНДЕРГРАУНД - WPCWE Special Offer - Beneath Ratio (Radio Edit) - Floating Points Desire - Chikiss Lotion (WXVRIE Remix) - Dead Sea I see plans within plans - WXVRIE Can You Ever Really Know Somebody (LA-4A Remix) - The Juan MacLean

nothing at of , which is

4. Take It Easy, Serious Thoughts

Take It Easy, Serious Thoughts

The finale to an audio-visual series created by me and posted on Instagram under the acount "andrewjmark" during the month of June 2018. If you curious you can find the work here: If you like the music selection I made this nifty Spotify playlist you can check out: 1 Verso - Anenon 2 The Opening / Purple Trees - Natureboy Flako 3 Time Eater - Gold Panda 4 Midnight on Rainbow Road (BAB 5) - Leon Vynehall 5 Life’s Dancers (Floating Points Remix) - The Invisible, Floating Points 6 Chiba Days - Gold Panda 7 Drawn - Kiasmos 8 rlgl - Area 9 Stay - The Black Madonna 10 Waiting For L - Youandewan 11 Ratio (Radio Edit) - Floating Points 12 Can't Find It (The House Sound) - Matt Karmil 13 Ringo - Joris Voorn 14 Woniso - K-Lone

nothing at of , which is