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2. Sweet Tooth (Prod. by J.Price)

Sweet Tooth (Prod. by J.Price)

Sweet Tooth Music Video coming soon! ▶ ▶ ▶ ▶

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3. Crazy Arms- Ray price

Crazy Arms- Ray price <3

Now blue ain't the word for the way that I feel And the storm's brewing in this heart of mine This ain't no crazy dream, I know that it's real You're someone else's love now, you're not mine Crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new For my yearning heart keeps saying, you're not mine My troubled mind knows soon to another you'll be wed And that's why I'm lonely all the time

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6. YFM RAY - Everything Feat. Mike Price RealT & Antonio

YFM RAY - Everything Feat. Mike Price RealT & Antonio

Official Video Here :

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9. Lil Herb Kill Shit

Lil Herb Kill Shit

Aye Bibby, let's kill shit broski. Whatchu wanna do? (It's whatever man, just go on ahead and rip that shit Ima come around and clean that shit up) Lets get it [Verse 1: Lil Herb] Know a couple niggas that's down to ride for a homicide when it's drama time Run up on a nigga with the llamas flyin, leave his loved ones all traumatized One-fifty I'm really wit' it, I'll drop his ass and then forget it I'm the man round my side of town, might see a bitch and forget I hit it Lil Bibby on the track with me, one mistake and he clap fifty When I hit the scene hoes go insane Cause they know a nigga got them racks wit' me, no velcro but the strap wit' me Let a nigga wanna act silly Ima let it off and then leave him there, ride off and don't even care Bitch I cash out 'till I pass out, got a couple trues I don't even wear In the game bitch I do my thang, hoes scream my name I ain't even there Lil Herb boy I doos this, leave your bitch wetter than a pool pit And I make bands like I make friends, bought some ray-bans on some cool shit But now it's back to some killa shit, got some wild hoes that'll drill a bitch Yea it's no limit, thirty years runnin', thirty years gunnin' and we still the shit I never run cause I stay to fight, I'll cook a nigga like steak and rice And it's hella real in the battlefield, gangbang gotta pay the price Hit a nigga with the forty fifth, betta' make his ass do forty flips M-O-B I don't love a ho, Ima be this way 'til I'm forty six Matter of fact 'til a nigga die, smoke kush blunts 'til a nigga cry And I never feed off another man cause I understand how a nigga lie Never snitch on a nigga dry, yea that's how a nigga die Got a young bitch in the passenger, she gon' suck and fuck if I get her high If I do the dash then my whip will fly, foriegn shit what a nigga ride I ain't never sneezin' let a nigga try, got the nine rutger on a nigga side [Verse 2: Lil Bibby] Lil Bibby, no limit yea I'm all about that sack bitch, my young niggas they clap shit Let the mac spit, we whack shit Weezy in that cut With that nina that's that black bitch You can wanna' get 'em, I'm like cuz' man I got this Shootin' shit, Hittin' shit Four five extended clip Y'all be on that snitchin' shit And Y'all know what snitches get, no limit shit, we wit' the shits, I'm Focused on gettin' rich M-O-B forget a bitch, right after I hit the bitch Like point me to the kitchen bitch, I be water-whippin' shit Whip it, Jeff Gordon whip it Hit it wit' the fork, straight drop no shorts Shooters on and off the court, shoot a nigga off his porch, turn a nigga to a corpse Yea I'm bout that, rollin' up that loud pack Catch me lackin'? I doubt that, cause I never leave without that And that's real shit, got real hitters they kill shit You fuck around hit the kill switch, these hollow tips you feel this And I'm tryna get real rich cause my mama said I wouldn't be shit Nobody never gave me shit Like "Bibby hop on this remix" "That's five hundred, no free shit" Cause I'm hot And I do this shit for my block I got thirty off in that Glock, have my nina give you top Bodies gon' drop and we ain't gon' stop R-I-P Roc, catch a few opps, send a few shots might hit a few blocks Fuck a few thots I need two mill, might seem like a lot but I spit straight drop Trust me not, my team gon' eat, R-I-P to police Fake niggas don't speak, cop killers straight heat Catch me in the streets, shout out to broski

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10. Everything ( YFN RAY & Mike Price )

Everything ( YFN RAY & Mike Price )

YFN RAY & Dee Watkins YRN LINGO The Mixtape

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11. Hot Headzz - Hmm

  • Published: 2015-11-08T15:38:50Z
  • By spe2q
Hot Headzz - Hmm

(HMM Squad Squad Squad HMM) [E-mann] Unexpected like a mixtape catch u at your crib If your reading this it is too late (HMM) [JoJo]Point A chopper at a nigga Now he running like a track race (HMM) [Devo] catch a nigga while he waiting on his dinner cut His head off leave his ass with a full plate (HMM) [Jojo] Nigga talking shit put the metal to his Mouth now i call his ass brace face (2X) (HMM) [JoJo] And your bitch up for grabs like a sweepstakes imma Eat her ass like a cheesecake (HMM) [E-Mann] Now we back to my place bust on her face with my nut like a tooth paste (HMM) [E-Mann] Straight up at his crib like its home alone mac up to his face u would think he got a lipstick on (HMM) [JoJo] Price on his head hell of ice like a sled make a Nigga freeze up like frozone (HMM) [Devo] Put the chrome to a nigga dome now his ass stuck Like he need a couple chromosomes (HMM) [Sumo] Im at your door like a ding dong ill serve you like Ping pong (HMM) [Devo] And your bitch say my name like im Mike Jones immma Eat her ass like some neckbones (HMM) [Sumo] chopper ring like a telephone shoot him in the Stomach you will think a nigga belly gone (HMM) [JoJo] Bitches say i rap like a sing-a-long and they got It playing on they phone like a ringtone (HMM) [E-Mann] Big Dick King Kong took her to the crib then i Put the whole team on (HMM) [E-Mann] I just got some cash on the flip shit Bought your Bitch some toms so she playing for the patriots (HMM) [JoJo] Always first never second im a god in the heavens When i die im a legend on my drake shit (HMM) [Devo] Pull up on your block with the banana clip if a Nigga lackin imma turn him into a banana split (HMM) [Sumo] I Chhhhhhhchop shit body up in pieces pick it up With some chop sticks (HMM) [Devo] Pull up to the scene with a fat bitch and you know Imma eat her ass like some catfish (HMM) [Sumo] I pull up like Skerrrr peep out the window then i Have to pop shit (HMM) [JoJo] Like herbo we kill shit we gone fuck around and Crack your bitch like a base hit (HMM) [E-Mann] I can train your bitch mike vick shawty had a Hand fuck around and ray rice shit (HMM) [E-Mann] Channel 9 Pronounced them dead lay them on the Bodies like a mattress on a bed (HMM) [Jojo] Catch a nigga trynna to run shoot him in the side Make him do the stanky leg (HMM) [Sumo] If he like being dead face shots push your eyeballs back to your head (HMM) [Devo] Nigga think its sweet till his blood shed now he Ain't responding to nobody like his phone dead (HMM) [Sumo] I ain't even going for his head chest shot leaking Have him like he standin for the pledge (HMM) [Devo] Got a bad bitch laying in my bed watching spongebob While she give me fantastic head (HMM) [JoJo] Got your girl in the backseat sweating like an Athlete now she on top like a bunk bed (HMM) [E-Mann] Guns pointed at his head call his ass ebola how A pussy nigga spread (Hmm) [E-Mann] Four Niggas got the whole world doing it got Niggas Teed up like a body on a crucifix (Hmm) [Jojo] Me and my squad we up in this bitch nigga talkin shit we act a fool like Ludacris (Hmm) [Devo] With your bitch make a movie clip slide in the crib and eat her ass like tuna fish (Hmm) [Sumo] I come through shooting shit bodies dropping have the U-Haul come and move the shit (Hmm) [Sumo] Shooters going crazy like some lunatics [Devo] Uzi spit [Jojo] Fill a nigga up his medulla split [E-Mann] Who is this [Jojo] Nigga we not new to this [Devo] True to this [Sumo] Passing hoes to my bros [Eman] We be alley-hooping Shit (Hmmmmmm)

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12. Me & Jimmy Rodgers

  • Published: 2016-03-19T07:20:52Z
  • By Ray Price
Me & Jimmy Rodgers

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13. Ray Price & Kris Kristofferson Sing "For the Good Times"

Ray Price & Kris Kristofferson Sing

Live Willie’s Place broadcast from the Backyard in Bee Cave, Texas on July 4, 2010.

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15. You Wouldn't Know Love (Album Version) [feat. Ray Price]

You Wouldn't Know Love (Album Version) [feat. Ray Price]

Clips from Jamey Johnson's 2012 album: Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran.

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16. "Welcome To My World" - Ray Price (vinyl)

vintage vinyl

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