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2. Reveal

  • Published: 2016-02-06T00:08:29Z
  • By padillion

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3. Alpharock - FAWL (From Amsterdam With Love) (Nicky Romero Artist Reveal) [OUT NOW]

Alpharock - FAWL (From Amsterdam With Love) (Nicky Romero Artist Reveal) [OUT NOW]

Nicky Romero revealed the talented Alpharock as the producer behind FAWL! Download FAWL here now:

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4. Fly Union - Long run - 2K14 Next Gen Reveal Song

Fly Union - Long run - 2K14 Next Gen Reveal Song

Lyrics on my Youtube Channel MegaMJORDAN:

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7. Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now) [OUT NOW]

Martin Garrix & MOTi - Virus (How About Now) [OUT NOW]

Martin Garrix & MOTI - Virus is out now on iTunes: Buy on Beatport: Rumors have been scouring the internet regarding this one particular track all the major DJs have been dropping in their recent sets. People have been trying to figure out who is behind this mystery track for months and now Spinnin’ Records is happy to reveal that Martin Garrix, one of the biggest and youngest big-room, big-stage DJs, is stepping up for a new milestone in his fast-paced career. Garrix is expanding his sizeable music catalogue with smashing “VIRUS”; a collaboration with buzz-worthy producer and Tiesto’s protégé MOTi, who recently released the electro crowd pleaser “Zeus” on Musical Freedom together with Kenneth G. “VIRUS” has us falling in love with Big Room over and over again. Way to start the new club season!

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8. Reveal

  • Published: 2015-11-13T23:58:18Z
  • By Tasty

Download 'Reveal' featuring 38 Songs from 35 Artists on iTunes:

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9. Erfan "Khatteh Man" (Remix) Ft Afra , Khashayar , Mehrad Hidden & Reveal

Erfan ft Afra , Khashayar , Mehrad Hidden (Zedbazi) & Reveal Follow Erfan on social media's Mehrad Hidden Khashayar Afra Reveal

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10. O PANA!

O PANA! [email protected] [Verse 1: Ruby da Cherry] wake up with an ache that fades pop two pills with gatorade round my neck hangs gator fangs might reveal more at a later date, but i don't know Yung $now kind of go with the flow bring a hoe back stage tell her "tell me everything you know about life" then i bounce Roxy's hitting hard i'm feeling fucking sick ima have to smoke a half an ounce just to balance it out Ruby backing out Ruby blacking out falling fucking deeper I think Ruby cashing out the grass is always greener when the gave is lacking crowds look who's laughing now an audience cracking up you can let the curtains down now i wallow in sorrow ain't no tomorrow missed a call from $lick and woke up in a gown, how? [Verse 2: Lil' Remains] i just bought 10 Roxys call up Oddy then i crush it up Chronic laced with something I'm like fuck it let me hit the blunt rolling down your block it ain't shit for the set to crush it up told that bitch "get out my ear" she need to chill and hit the blunt xanax bars up in my drink before i pour 'em, crush it up we never fucked with you fuckboy don't act like you can hit the blunt take that motherfucking bat upside your skull and crush it up so full of them drugs, i might throw up i knew i shouldn't have hit the blunt

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“Reveal” is a new single from upcoming third album of Sophie Villy. Download here: Music, lyrics, vocals by Sophie Villy. Produced by Nikakoi (Nika Machaidze) Drums - Dmitry Zinchenko Guitar - Zura Dzagnidze Mixed and mastered by Gvaji. Cover photo by Mariam Sitchinava Photography 2015 It seems that Nobody's dreaming In this town anymore Nobody's talking 'bout the kids in the war Somebody's walking through my door every hour But nobody's feeling losing of power While we're the sun Reveal (Our Love) While we're the one Reveal Things may become even worse But while we're on board Reveal Reveal Blue and yellow Against overexposed skies We all were blinded By never ending lies Hearts are wide open Aspiring for a big change I hear somebody's screaming That there's only few bucks left While we're the sun Reveal (Our Love) While we're the one Reveal Things may become even worse But while we're on board Reveal Reveal Black is color of hope Didn't you know that Black is colour of life Didn't you know that Black is colour of hope Didn't you know that ………………. (Our Love) While we're the one Reveal Things may become even worse But while we're on board Reveal Reveal 2015 This song is dedicated to Ukraine and all the heroes who revealed their Love to their country during these absolutely unbelievably difficult last two years. Слава Україні!

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12. Tasty Album 002 - Reveal (Album Mix)

  • Published: 2015-12-31T01:01:43Z
  • By Tasty
Tasty Album 002 - Reveal (Album Mix)

Download 'Reveal' featuring 38 Songs from 35 Artists on iTunes: ● Watch on YouTube: ● Listen on Spotify: Tracklist: Joe Garston - This Love [00:00] Colate - Starbow [02:45] Cayenne - Save Me [04:45] Aiobahn & Jh-Anu - City In My Eyes (Feat. Koo Read) [06:18] OYNG! - Subprime [12:00] Define Light - Timeless [15:45] Define Light - Moments [18:43] Chris Poirier - Purity [21:37] Murtagh - Night Terrors [24:37] Bali Bandits - Don't Talk To Me [28:03] Belzebass - WTF [32:18] Viticz - Suffer [35:10] Viticz - Phantom [37:33] Dilemn - Bipolar [38:56] Daleri - Electro Wobble [42:41] Nitepunk - Take It Off [44:26] Icy Lust - Downtown Maglev [45:50] M-Cubed - Doing It Wrong [49:24] Cole Sipe - Cure [52:29] Rhodz - Try Again [55:53] Snails House - Pixel Dream [58:26] Snails House - Grape Soda [1:01:51] Cole Sipe - Come Around [1:03:55] Cole Sipe - Show You [1:08:11] Anzo - Raindance [1:11:40] Vulpey - Mango Pop [1:15:34] Chris Poirier - Star Surfing [1:18:44] Johnny Third - Shadows (Feat. See) [1:21:51] Snails House - Ma Chouchoute [1:25:47] Holder - Candy Rush [1:29:08] Chris Poirier - Reality On Repeat [1:32:20] Inner Cut - What Else [1:34:57] Vulpey - Airy Eyes [1:37:15] Cyberpunkers & Belzebass - Loud Noises [1:42:19] Nitepunk - When All Is Good [1:46:04] F.O.O.L - Afraid [1:47:38] MYKOOL - Momentum [1:51:10] OYNG! & Heski - Awaits (feat. tddz) [1:55:33] Follow Tasty: ● YouTube: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Google+: ● Soundcloud: ● Instagram: ● Spotify:

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13. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Ne-Yo - Higher Place - USA BILLBOARD #1

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Ne-Yo - Higher Place - USA BILLBOARD #1

Higher Place ft Ne-yo just hit #1 on the Billboard Dance chart and was performed live at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Reveal party !

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14. EDX - Missing (ft. Mingue) - OUT NOW on Beatport/Spotify!

  • Published: 2016-01-14T16:58:36Z
  • By EDX
EDX - Missing (ft. Mingue) - OUT NOW on Beatport/Spotify!

EDX - Missing (ft. Mingue) >> Out Now On Beatport: >> Out Now On Spotify: EDX Kicks Off 2016 With New Deep House Anthem, "Missing" After a tremendous 2015 that was punctuated with being named the #1 charting Beatport artist of the year over international heavyweights like Tiesto and Maceo Plex, EDX is kicking off 2016 on a high note with his first original of the year, “Missing” featuring Mingue, which is out now on Spotify, and due out on Beatport on February 12th via Spinnin’ Deep. On “Missing,” EDX tabs the up-and-coming songstress, Mingue, for a modern-day performance of Everything but the Girl’s record of the same name, while infusing the track with his signature deep house sound. The track opens with a curtain of shimmering piano melodies that is peeled back to reveal a chunky beat, catchy hook, and soft, thudding bass stabs that give “Missing” a deep groove. The Swiss-born producer / DJ was responsible for some of the biggest tracks of the year in 2015, including his original, “Belong,” his “Indian Summer” remix of Sam Feldt’s “Show Me Love,” which went on to become EDX’s most played track on SoundCloud with over 60 million streams, and his “Ibiza Sunrise” remix of Robin Schulz’s “Sugar,” that went on to receive gold and platinum certifications in various countries. With “Missing,” EDX is looking to add to his impressive string of Beatport-dominating releases before embarking on his NoXcuses vs. Enormous Tunes bus tour that will hit major cities across the United States and Canada.

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15. Hopsin - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5

  • Published: 2012-11-02T02:09:00Z
  • By CJUeda
Hopsin - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5

Man I hate rap, but if the shoe fits, wear it I've become a freak of nature all the kids stare at Who walk around bumping RAW with the shit blaring Saying "Fuck school" and dropping out like a miscarriage I'm embarrassed And I'm ashamed I played a part in this devilish game Making your common sense perish But I ain't taking the full blame Cause most of you chumps running around here ain't never had strict parents All of your brain cells rotting from weed You feeling like if you ain't got it, life's not as complete You having sex with every-motherfuckin'-body you see With a past so dark that Satan'd jump out of his seat But still you out in these streets thinking you hot as can be Without the knowledge to lead so you just follow the sheep Making sure your lame swag is all polished and clean While your favorite rapper's like "Yeah, he got it from me" You been brainwashed by a fake life that you're used to livin' When I say the word "fun", what do you envision? Probably drinking and smoking out with your crew And chilling with clueless women you trying to bang, bumping New Edition Is that all you think life really is Well if so, then you're a fucking idiot I honestly feel like grabbing your head and hitting it Matter of fact, you don't even deserve a brain; GIMME IT! Do you even have any goals Aside from bagging these hoes and packing a bowl Well let me guess- No You're only in school because your parents make you go When all you do is play beer pong and hang out with your bros Yo, society's got you living for a whack cause You're a fucking adult with no skills at all You don't read any books or play ball You don't draw, you literally do nothing at all Still you fiend for the glamorous fruits You don't have cause you idolize rappers that do And all they say is "I got money and it's stacked to the roof" And now you think that it's gon' magically just happen to you How? Your lazy ass don't commit to labor You pick something up, try it out, and put it down two minutes later Then you complain about your life cause it ain't getting catered Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshit's a hater You wanna succeed, you have to try Or one day you'll get older and regret it all cause you can't provide Your friends are lowlifes, don't act surprised Look, just cut the bad fruit off of the tree, make the sacrifice Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo Bitch that's a fucking lie You always talk about how every man's fake And you can't take it and you want something real Shut up tramp, save it Twice a week you put on your makeup and damn bracelets And head to the club half-naked with your ass shaking Pulling a lowlife nigga who claim he cash making Til you let him hit and find out he work at the gas station One of them niggas got you pregnant and you can't raise it But you caused it, your actions made a fat statement You want Romeo, then act patient And stop fronting like he in the club posted in the back waitin' It's the club, where guys put on a new persona After they get loaded with a few coronas They always shouting and wild out with habits that very few condone of Then they look for beautiful brainless bitches like you to bone 'em Then when they leave you, you cry and cry Talking 'bout, "Oh my god I can't find a guy I've spent so many years and I've tried and tried Why am I even on Earth? I should die" You want Romeo, you're not worthy You're cock-thirsty You're nasty and probably got herpes Sometimes the secret to find is to stop searching Try a new formula, cause your last one's not working The term "real nigga"'s publicly used And I need to know what it means, cause I'm fucking confused Are you one for always busting your tool With nothing to lose and something to prove to homies up in your crew Is it because you're selling drugs to get loot And brag about how you done been shot and stabbed Like it's fun to be you But your life's a struggle, right, and you just hustling through Nah, you hamster ass nigga, you just stuck in a loop Man, why do black people gotta be the only ones who can't evolve Cause you in the streets acting like a neanderthal It's clear you can't stand the law, you're lost as an abandoned dog And all you're interested in is fighting, rapping, and basketball I can't even fuck with you, cause if we out in public You gon' get caught stealing some shit and get my ass in trouble, too You'll get old and be nothing Living life in these streets, thugging and starting shit with anybody mean mugging Look at you, a real nigga, thinking your life's cool Girls used to turn me down for guys who were like you 'Til you grab their heart and shove a spearhead right through Then they regret it because it wasn't the right move Your real nigga talk seems bogus A real nigga don't brag about being real as long as he knows it And his future doesn't seem hopeless A real nigga stays out of jail, handles shit, and he keeps focused So all you rappers whose soul is out in the wrong You inspire the issue I wrote about in this song You go to pile on the young who roam around in the slums See this is what happens when rap's overcrowded with bums Hope the hour is long when I'm rolling out with your tongue The man above is my guide, you know the power is strong All you menacing freaks are only in it for cheese And the mass control limit was breached - fuck hip-hop They only in it for cheese, and any eyewitness can see They purposely making the innocent weak My existence on this planet's for you, I ain't only here to benefit me Yo, we need to make a change while there's still time It is hard, and sometimes I struggle trying to reveal mine I can guide you if you feel blind I just need you to be willing to journey into my ill mind

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