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1. Burial - Rodent (Exist Strategy Edit)

Burial - Rodent (Exist Strategy Edit)


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2. Here's what I did with Exist Strategy's edit of the ending of Burial's Rodent

  • Published: 2017-11-21T20:24:47Z
  • By Aether
Here's what I did with Exist Strategy's edit of the ending of Burial's Rodent

Exist Strategy's version: Original: Twitter @ AetherAudio

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4. Burial - Rodent (Watching Nebula Remix)

Burial - Rodent (Watching Nebula Remix)

so I was listening to 'Rodent' which is a good song by Burial. I love Burial, check him out -> and I was listening to the Kode9 remix of it Kode9 is really good too -> but I was listening and I thought to myself "honestly this remix isn't really that great, I feel like I could make a better remix" and then I thought "wait" "why not try?" so I made this not gonna make downloads available since it has copyrighted material on it @hyperdub @burial if you want me to remove this please contact me and I will gladly take it down. if you want to hear the original, listen and purchase it here: idk, I thought this would be fun hope you all enjoy it

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5. Desert Rodent (Burial/Kode 9 remix)

Desert Rodent (Burial/Kode 9 remix)

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7. Burial x Kode9 - Rodent (ROBI Remix)

  • Published: 2018-03-26T23:43:09Z
  • By ROBI
Burial x Kode9 - Rodent (ROBI Remix)

A remix of a remix

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8. Burial - Rodent (DuNock Aether's Edit)

  • Published: 2018-11-12T14:24:37Z
  • By DuNock
Burial - Rodent (DuNock Aether's Edit)

I thought it would be nice to finish the work of Aether.

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9. my 'triple j hottest 100 of 2017' shortlist

  • Published: 2017-12-22T23:15:16Z
  • By erayeray
my 'triple j hottest 100 of 2017' shortlist

a shortlist to help me decide but its shorter this year because im out of touch. Shuffle! songs that i couldnt find on soundcloud: Bonobo Break Apart {Ft. Rhye} Burial Rodent Elk RoadCome Down KilterI Hear You KurenOwn Backyard Nick MurphyYour Time {Prod. KAYTRANADA} PNAUYoung Melody {Ft. Vera Blue} PNAUControl Your Body SnakehipsRight Now {Ft. ELHAE/D.R.A.M./H.E.R.} Son LuxDream State Washed OutGet Lost

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10. Burial: Exploring the records of one of electronic music's most intriguing artists

Burial: Exploring the records of one of electronic music's most intriguing artists

From releasing what is regarded as electronic music's most important album of the last decade in “Untrue”, to annually providing bold powerful homages to rave culture, to existing relatively anonymous in an industry that seems to fuel on extroversion. Burial is the artist who has soundtracked hedonism in bed with urbanism, his productions being the the perfect accompaniment to the greyed moments of London. It's only right that Burial is the first artist being explored in this the first of the new Below and Beyond podcast. In this phase of the show, its the artists, labels, movements that enrich our musical world that will be devoured. Looking at the best of their work, the collaborations, the influences of these musical entities. In this show, deep into Burial's imprints we go. Tracklist: Burial - Broken Home Burial - Distant Lights Burial - Ghost Hardware Burial - Archangel Burial - Endorphin Burial - Raver Massive Attack vs Burial - Paradise Circus Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial remix) Burial - Street Halo Burial - Loner Burial - Come Down To Us Burial - Temple Sleeper Burial - Nightmarket Burial - Rodent Horsepower Productions - Gorgon Sound Vangelis - Tears In Rain Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsalm Loefah & Skream - Fearless Luke Slater - Love Burial - Indoors Four Tet - Tremper Burial & Four Tet - Nova

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11. Sub.Mission Podcast 241 - Asa

  • Published: 2018-05-23T21:21:30Z
  • By Asa
Sub.Mission Podcast 241 - Asa

Download - Tracklist - Asa - Freshwater Bay (Ivan Shopov Remix) Burial - NYC Asa / KOAN Sound / Culprate / Reso - Cascade Burial - Stolen Dog Asa & KOAN Sound - Kaneda (Stumbleine Remix) Asa / KOAN Sound / Culprate / Sorrow - Mosaic Asa - Send Me A Sign (Mercy Remix) Asa - 67 Untitled Burial & The Bug - Fog Ivan Shopov - Sluntse Gree (Asa Remix) KOAN Sound - Ambient Wonk Clubroot - Talisman MaXD & ÊMIA - Words Asa - Catch You (KOAN Sound Remix) Burial - Speedball2 (Asa & Sorrow Remix) Asa - Moonlit (Synkro Remix) Laxcity - Good Morning Asa & Culprate - Heartbeat Asa - Torn Together Laxcity - Waters featuring Sherry W Asa / KOAN Sound / Culprate / Opiuo - If You Hadn’t Terror Jr - Say So Asa & Stumbleine - Tinderbox Mønic - Deep Summer (Burial Remix) Zion B - Stepped In Asa - Charas Jazz (Ten Poets Remix) Asa & Joe Ford - Real Talk Burial - Lambeth Caski - Chip Code Octavian - Party Here Burial - Rodent Asa - Velada Asa & KOAN Sound - Fuego The Weekend - Wasted Times MaXD & Adam Tell - Sleepy Wiley - Crash Bandicoot Freestyle Arkist - Only If You Mean It Sir Hiss - Danny Uzi Vert Asa & KOAN Sound - Tetsuo’s Redemption Gatekeeper - Raw Tones (Asa & KOAN Sound Remix) Joker - Marching Orders featuring Footsie Asa / KOAN Sound / Culprate / Gemini - Beyond The Shadows Asa - Françoise (pt 2) Asa x Sorrow x Foreign Beggars - The Bits (Instrumental) KOAN Sound - Burnd Banana KOAN Sound - Dark Room Kähn - 8bit Hype KOAN Sound - Sugar & Cream Joker - Stuck In The System (Asa & Sorrow Remix) Spooky - Spartan (Asa & Sorrow Remix) MaXD & Stereo Cube - Try Again (ft. louie) MaXD - Bebop Asa - Sweeter Things (Eleven8 Remix) Asa - Intimate (Kähn Remix) Burial - Ashtray Wasp

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12. DCTL03


Track List: Yaeji - Feel it out Burial - Rodent Laurel Halo - Moontalk SASSY 009 - Pretty baby Jacques Greene - To say Negative Gemini - Bad baby (club mix) A.A.L. - Some kind of game Kelly Lee Owens - More than a woman (KLO remix) Smerz - Oh my my Four Tet - SW9 9SL Yves Tumor - The feeling when you walk away

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13. Cream Soda - No Me Radioshow [Megapolis 89.5 Fm 01.10.2017]

Cream Soda - No Me Radioshow [Megapolis 89.5 Fm 01.10.2017]

Record from Megapolis 89.5 Fm (01.10.2017) #creamsodamusic #nomeradioshow 1) Burial - Rodent (Locked Club Edit) 2) Nikolay Sunak - Rude Bwoy is Back (Owlson's dub) 3) Jazzyvibe - Strictly Groove 4) Black Lenin - Summer Storm 5) ЛАУД feat ScruScru - Рассвет 6) I.N.T.S. - Need U Now 7) Ksky - Dreamer 8) Pasha NoFrost - Positive Mental Attitude 9) S.V.G - Trance Me Till I Start To Scream 10) Guydee - Chronic Hey 11) Lugovie Sobachki - Wecangetdown (Cream Soda Edit) 12) KMK - Endorfine

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14. Top 2017 tracks

  • Published: 2017-03-06T08:37:57Z
  • By _Tinka
Top 2017 tracks

Best of 2017.Great year for local Slovak heroes Ink Midget, Whithe and Jimmy Pe again. sorry for these missing (N/A on SC) Burial- Rodent The XX - I dare you Stormzy - Blinded by your grace Wiley - Cant go wrong

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15. Episode 047 - Speak(easy)

Episode 047 - Speak(easy)

Often times in our careers we’ve wanted to speak at conferences, meetups or even within our companies. It’s been a great way to share ideas and things we’ve learned. Giving a tech talk isn’t always the easiest thing. In this episode, we’ll be discussing what we’ve learned from our experiences and share advice on ways to help improve your next talk. Panelists: Ryan Burgess - @burgessdryan Augustus Yuan - @augburto Jem Young - @JemYoung Mars Jullian - @marsjosephine Stacy London - @stacylondoner Picks: Ryan Burgess - Obey Giant Documentary Ryan Burgess - Southpaw Augustus Yuan - Augustus Yuan - The Working Man (animation) Jem Young - The Room Jem Young - Firefox Quantum Mars Jullian - HTML5 Meetup Mars Jullian - Dickens Fair Stacy London - Illumina by Lamb Stacy London - Rodent by Burial

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16. Paranoid Grooves 36

  • Published: 2017-12-12T08:03:18Z
  • By MUUI
Paranoid Grooves 36

December 2017 • Burial - Rodent Toki Fuko - Mantra Sex Of Insects - I Can Hear the Light (Manuel Tur Dub) Blondes - Trust Mattheis - Volumetric Shadows Marcelo Vasami - A Fantastic Fear of Everything Navar - The Legacy (Guy J Remix) Sonic Future - Theme VI Rodriguez Jr - Radian (Audiofly Remix) GMJ Music - Sovereign Reality Matteo Bruscagin, Visnadi - Yellow Garden Andre Sobota - Fallout Hacker & Miethig - Nantahala Michael A - My Style The Drifter - Again (Benjamin Fröhlich Redrum) Blondes - Stringer John Talabot - The Strange Silence Logic Systems - Ariel Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - K Bug (Street Talk Mix) Jeremy Olander - Crossed Matteo Bruscagin, Visnadi - Time Machine Marino Canal - Sentient Laurent Garnier - From The Crypt To The Astrofloor Hiver - Air Castles • Beatport: Instagram: Facebook: RA: Web:

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17. IFSM015 - Darkimh: Spectral

IFSM015 - Darkimh: Spectral

We're overjoyed to have our latest signee, Darkimh lay down a lengthy mix for 015. This may be our most eclectic mix in the series, spanning from 130 - 170BPM, and everything in between. Oh, and it's packed to the brim with dubs from some of the freshest talent in the 140 scene right now. Absolutely firing. Tracklist is below. Darkimh; SC - IFS009: BigCartel w/ digitals - Unearthed - Redeye - White Peach - Intense Records - Tracklist: Burial - Rodent Breach & Dark Sky - The Click Hysterics - Pleasuredrome Pangaea - Hex ????? - ????? Oxossi & Samba - Orbitals Samba - Un Taiko - Raid Opus - People Headland - WES Opus - Peel EVA808 - Marane Dark Sky - Be Myself Sinjin Hawke - Like That Taiko - Bleep Bleep Young H, Dread MC & Rider Shafique - We A Talk (Ishan Sound Remix) Mystery - Pulse 8 Taiko - $ea Pimp Lewi B - Greeze (Six Sunsets Edit) Bok Bok - Silo Pass (Sir Spyro Remix) Darkimh - Untitled ft. Flipz Darkimh - Eclipse Opus - Scatter (Darkimh Remix) Dub Phizix - Codec Dub Phizix - Yeah Don’t Dance Just Look At The Mixer, Safe Icicle - Minimal Funk Darkimh - Get Your Freak On (Darkimh Lulz Mix) Sir Hiss - Danny Uzi Vert

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18. GMA41 - V VIII


GMA41 - V VIII Qebrus - ◙◙◙◙◙◙ Pepapuke - BOTA NA MARCA (Pepapuke Edit) Ansome - Dragon's Dynamite (Perc Remix) New Scene - Out Of Control 1989 Hyph11e - Black Pepper 炎 (Tzusing Remix) Pan Daijing - Exile Blaze Kidd - Tranquilo strachkvas - AS The Things She Said Burial - Rodent (Kode9 Remix) CVN - 下界2nd Dedekind Cut - Fear in reverse 2 Merzbow - Tomarigi

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