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Antes de nada me gustaría decir que somos libres de hacer cualquier cosa y que la critica es facil, tanto para bien como para mal. Muy buenas aqui me teneis una vez mas, esta vez no vengo a soltaros el mismo rollo que siempre por el que nos encomendamos dar las gracias por algo que esperamos de vosotros, hoy vengo a daros las gracias por que sin vosotros no estaria donde estoy ni alcanzaría lo que he alcanzado hoy... 1.000 seguidores, puede que solo sea un numero pero para mi es algo mas son 1.000 personas que les gusta lo que hago que me apoyan y ven mis resultados desde el 1 hasta el ultimo GRACIAS!!!!! este remix os lo dejo como muestra de agradecimienti por todo, muchas veces me he venido abajo pero por cada comentario que leo y mensajes me inspiran a seguir adelante asi que nada mas, espero que este 2015 este lleno de buenos trabajos, si has leido esto hasta aquí solo me queda decirte que gracias una vez mas y que aqui tienes algo mas que un productor o alguien que le gusta la música, un amigo. Espero que la industria músical siga avanzando que mantengamos nuestros gusto y que se innove por que lo diferente es ser creativo. Goyo Martin.

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22. 102 Chillax - Farruko Ft. Ky Mani Marley (Makz Ft. Roland) +Acapella [By. Martin'z · Piura(2k16)]

102 Chillax - Farruko Ft.  Ky Mani Marley (Makz Ft. Roland) +Acapella [By. Martin'z · Piura(2k16)]

Mas Info: Mas Info:

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24. Empire Podcasts

Empire Podcasts

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28. 4) Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - Back To The Future feat. Roland Clark (Flashmob Remix)

4) Andre Crom & Martin Dawson - Back To The Future feat. Roland Clark (Flashmob Remix)

Renaissance warmly welcome a true master, François Kevorkian aka François K, to ‘The Masters Series’. Regarded as one of the forefathers of house music, his career started in seminal clubs such as the Paradise Garage and Studio 54 before developing into a remixer (Prelude Records), producer and record label owner (Wave Music). However, DJing is François K’s first love and this ‘Masters Series’ brings together the many styles and genres of club music he represents over two perfectly mixed discs. “Over the years, my approach in putting together a DJ-mixed compilation has been to use it as a way to share and express where my head lies musically. Instinctively feeling that this would be giving the listener an intimate look at what has me truly excited at that particular moment, but also with a view to create something that can be appreciated for a long time. As I often do, and rather than trying to remain monochromatically fixed on one specific genre, the aim here has been to take the listener through a condensed version of the same kind of musical journey that I naturally go on when playing an extended all-night set at a club. Most of the songs I have selected here are ones that I have been steadily playing and getting good reaction on, which gives me confidence that they will stand up to repeated listening. As well, a select few of them have not been heard anywhere else yet and are exclusive to this package. I came to fall in love with a number of these when first hearing them played by some of my uniquely talented fellow DJs; others came as recommendations from friends who work at record stores, all of whom I have to thank for the inspiration and kindness. Such is the power of today's electronic music: constantly evolving, recombining into new forms, then being shared and celebrated on dance floors across the entire planet. I hope that you enjoy this musical trip as much as I did while creating it.” - François K. New York City, March 2013 The first mix moves effortlessly from soulful Berlin production/DJ outfit Jazzanova to deeper dub-inflected sounds by Anton Kubikov via no-nonsense house and into dubstep escapism by A Made Up Sound, Objekt, Blawan and (an as yet unreleased track by) Scuba. The second mix dives deeper into classic house vibes before exploding with percussive techno and deep, punishing 4/4 featuring tracks from Luca Bacchetti, Delano Smith, Adam Beyer & Alan Fitzpatrick. It closes in blissful Balearic style with Chronophone’s ‘Eiffel Love’. The mix also includes two new, exclusive tracks by Mr Kevorkian himself: ‘Mystic Lady’ and ‘Dark Magic’. François K’s career has spanned NYC clubbing history: from the seminal days of disco, playing with Larry Levan, house institution Body&SOUL and - having just celebrated its 10th anniversary in March - his weekly Monday night Deep Space NYC. It’s extremely eclectic format ranges from spaced-out techno to the deepest reggae, dubstep, hip-hop as well as drum & bass, house music and disco. In 2005, he was inducted into the Dance Music Hall of Fame as both a remixer and DJ. Kevorkian now tours the world, taking part in many music gatherings, such as the Sónar, Global Gathering, Exit Festival, Bestival and Electric Picnic. With over 35 years experience of creating magic on the dancefloor to draw on, François captures his most recent flavours of inspirational club music in Renaissance’s latest edition in ‘The Master’s Series’.

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29. // podcasts //

// podcasts //

➲ booking ✉ [email protected] ➲ ➲

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30. 01 - Andre Crom & Martin Dawson feat. Roland Clark - Back to The Future - Exploited

01 - Andre Crom & Martin Dawson feat. Roland Clark - Back to The Future - Exploited

Andre Crom & Martin Dawson are back on Exploited. 3 Killercuts (including mixes by Beatport Top 10 Acts Flashmob & Monte) for the dancefloor. Featuring the almighty Roland Clark on vocals. Get it here: Early support from MACEO PLEX, HUXLEY, DJ SNEAK, SKREAM, DJ T, LUCIANO, RIVA STARR, JESSE ROSE, CLAUDE VON STROKE, LAURENT GARNIER, JEROME SYDENHAM, AUIOJACK, 2000 AND ONE, CHLOE, HOT SINCE 82, MUNK, TRICKSKI, ADANA TWINS, HOMEWORK, LARSE, THE GLIMMERS, DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM, NTFO, DETROIT SWINDLE, BLACK VAN, ADRIATIQUE, LOVEBIRDS, ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS, AMINE EDGE, RUEDE HAGELSTEIN, CHAIM and many more. Selected Feedback by a variety of key-DJs: HUXLEY: Love the original mix! Good work. LAURENT GARNIER: Great House EP. Will play. SKREAM: The original is definitely gonna get played! Love it! Monte remix is slick as fuck too! CHLOE: Nice house! DJ SNEAK: Dope! TRICKSKI: Superb package once again. Exploited just knows how to cross between pop and underground without geting cheesy! Dope release! DYED SOUNDOROM: Awesome ep! Love the Flashmob Remix. Original is also good. KIKI: Dope shit! 2000 AND One: "Nice organ stabs!" HOT SINCE 82: Flashmob mix for me guys. Wicked stuff. THE GLIMMERS: Monte Remix is the one for us! ADANA TWINS: Like the whole release and loooovee the MONTE RMX - Banger! ADRIATIQUE: Dope EP. Will try them all! CHRISTIAN MARTIN: Monte Remix is doooope! ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS: Wow. Again a super strong release on Exploited! Love the original and the 2 remixes! BLACK VAN: Excellent Monte Remix. Works for Black Van. MUNK: Original is my fav! WAIFFS&STRAYS: Hard to pick a favourite here...all tracks are great. Will be playing them all! LOVEBIRDS: "Nice 90ies tune. Will try!" BROTHERS VIBE: "Strong Flashmob mix!" HOMEWORK: Been banging out the Flashmob remix for a while now. But all cuts on here are spot on and in our bag. CLAPTONE: Monte Remix is funkeeeyy and Flashmob Remix is dope! DOCTOR DRU: Yes! Great! Already playing Monte remix up&down. Solid original, too. Full support from Dru. DJUMA SOUNDSYSTEM: All mixes are really cool! Thanks! ACID PAULI: We met at a little circus. But after we were dancing all night long she had to go back to the future. I miss her. DETROIT SWINDLE: Solid EP. Flashmob remix fav, but only by an inch... DIRT CREW: Great package! SINDEN: OG is a joint ! Monte remix too NTFO: Holly shit! Super strong package! Flashmob dancefloor banger. Monte as always super good! But the original has the groove baby. BUBBA: Cool package!!! Monte remix kickng it for me!!! SASSE: Great song and great remixes - full support ! DJ FEADZ: The vocal is amazing. Big up guys. RUEDE HAGELSTEIN: So much fatness in here!! Dropping the Monte remix and the Original. TIGER STRIPES: "Hot! Will spin." JAMES TALK: "WICKED FLASHMOB REMIX!" KAISERDISCO: Very nice release! Will play for sure! Thanks! ALEX BARCK: You keep it coming and I keep playing it ! KASPER BJOERKE: Yeah! Monte Remix is fab!!! JACQUES RENAULT: Exploited= tuff to miss. Once again another solid release. and I'm pretty iffy when it comes to spoken word in 'house'. WILD KATS: Original and Monte remix are dope! CHRIS JAMES: Love It. Been Playing Flashmob Mix. Works A Treat. Monte Synths Are Unreal x Best Artists For That Analog Sound In My Opinion. COCOLORES: MONTE REMIX IS KILLLLLER !!! FUNKY FRESH + DANCY... WE LOVE IT !!!

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31. Podcast 004 - How To Mix The Kick Drum

Podcast 004 - How To Mix The Kick Drum

Our 4th podcast is all about mixing the Kick Drum: the components of the sound, how it changes through its duration, EQ, parallel and multi parallel compression, saturation, relationship with the bass, 808 kick, tips and tricks. More mixing tips and tutorials on On episode 4 you will learn about: - how to approach the Kick Drum - length of the Kick Drum - low end energy - enhancing the Kick Drum - plugin vs gear - parallel compression - parallel EQ - multiple parallel processing - single band and multi-band transient transient designers - phase correlation - the sine wave trick On this episode we mention the following gear: Eiosis Air EQ - Cubase Multiband Envelope Shaper - Slate Trigger - Drumagog - Roland 808 - We mention the following producers: Forrester Savell - David Bendeth - Trevor Horn - Quincy Jones - Max Martin - The Matrix - Related podcasts: How To Mix Drums: Related articles: How To Make Your Kick Drum sound Better: 7 great tricks How Can I Make My Mixes Sound Professional? Summary: 00.03 - Intro 1.34 - How to mix Kick Drum 2.36 - Preparation 3.05 - Components of a Kick 9.01 - “The Knock Knock Trick” 12.00 - The Pultec Trick 17.09 - Triggering 18.10 - The 808 25.02 - Side-chain Compression Questions: 26.01 - Q&A Time Q1. Is there any difference in sound between DAWs? 30.25 - Q2. How do you get that trigger like kick drum sound? 30.55 - Q3. Who are your top 5 producers of all time?

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32. Mixes & Podcasts

Mixes & Podcasts

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33. podcasts


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35. Podcasts


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36. My Favourite Freaks Podcast #61 Get Closer

My Favourite Freaks Podcast #61 Get Closer

+++ My Favourite Freaks Podcast +++ „3 Shots“ with Get Closer What do you think about My Favourite Freaks Podcast? - MFF Podcast is one of our favourite podcasts as it‘s different to others!’s intros are crazy! We are always curious what kind of intro he do next! We are also curious what intro he did for us! What kind of style you played in your mix? Do you made something special? Or just a mix? - As the podcast calls „My Favourite Freaks“ we was thinking about what we could play to make it freaky! Also it should be some of our favourite artists that’s why we played tracks of Roland Clark, Carl Craig or Martin Dawson! Freaky but timeless! What is your next release and where do you release it? - We have a new release „Get Closer – Love Will Save The Day“ on EMMA MUSIC out yesterday! It’s a typical house track with a vocal of Whitney Houston and a cool fat bassline! I think the dance floor will love it! ____________________________________________________ +++ Artist +++ Get Closer (Emma Music, Yuma) ____________________________________________________ +++ Playlist +++ 01. Boddhi Satva feat. Athenai C - Who Am I (Robert Walker & Carl Craig Main Mix) 02. Shur-I-Kan – Right Now 03. Waze & Odyssey - Dont Bring Me Down 04. Cristoph – Guffaz 05. Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp - Down For This (Dirty Channels Remix) 06. Martin Dawson – Drum Chord 07. Roland Clark & XPress 2 – Let Love Decide (Art Department Remix) 08. Aaaron - Feelin This 09. GotSome feat Janai - Dont Want You Back 10. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Pushing On 11. Niko Schwind feat Heartbeat – Perfect Fit (Niko Schwind Remix) 12. Cram – Nightclubbing (Chasing Kurt Remix) ____________________________________________________ +++ My Favourite Freaks Intro by +++ (Desolat, Cecille, Suara, Zoo:Technique) ____________________________________________________ +++ MORE +++ +++ My Favourite Freaks Booking +++ ____________________________________________________ +++ Frequencies +++ every tuesday 5pm (CET) on @myfavouritefreaks every wednesday 9pm (CET) on every thursday 03pm (CET) on every friday 8pm (CET) on every friday 10 pm (CET) on every sunday 7pm (CET) on every monday 4pm (CET) on ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- every wednesday 11pm (EAT) on (Kenya/Africa) also on

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37. Onlyyou Podcast 038/ Martin Anacker

Onlyyou Podcast 038/ Martin Anacker

MARTIN ANACKER... Mit einer ausgeprägten Leidenschaft für Musik, dem Rhythmus im Blut und einem Talent für das Organisieren verschiedenster Projekte, war dem aufmerksamen Beobachter eigentlich schon früh klar, wo die Reise bei Martin einmal hingehen musste. So wurden bereits im zarten Alter von 18 Jahren, mit großem Engagement und Interesse, die ersten privaten Technopartys organisiert, und wenige Jahre später die ersten Schallplatten aufgelegt. Zu dem wohl nennenswertesten Projekt aus dieser fruchtbaren Zeit voller Energie und Tatendrang mauserte sich schließlich das Tanz+Klangkombinat, welches im Jahre 2007 zusammen mit ein paar Freunden aus der Taufe gehoben wurde und dessen Organisation und Weiterentwicklung für Martin zur absoluten Herzensangelegenheit avancierte! Seitdem geht es mit dem mittlerweile diplomierten Berufsschullehrer aus Jena und seinem Kombinat eigentlich nur noch bergauf. Als DJ besuchte er neben der Muna in Bad Klosterlausnitz, der Distillery in Leipzig, dem Kassablanca in Jena oder dem SonneMondSterne – Festival in Saalburg, einige der bedeutendsten Veranstaltungsorte Mitteldeutschlands. Hinzu kommen mehr und mehr Auftritte außerhalb seiner Heimat, darunter regelmäßige Besuche in der Technostadt Berlin. Im Frühjahr 2009 landete Martin zudem beim Jenaer Label Freude am Tanzen, wo er ein fester Bestandteil der hauseigenen Bookingagentur wurde. Tracklist: Hunter/ Game - Ice - Innervisons Atequ - Sig - Giegling Silky Raven/ snad Met Ignatius Camilo & Deep Toddler - Siesta In Mehrauli - Liebe Detail &Me - After Dark - Keinemusik Rampa - Stare - Moon Harbour C.P.I. - Proseco (Barnt rmx) - Hivern Junior Boys - Like A Child (Carl Craig rmx) - Domino Records Talaboman - Sideral (Matt Karmil Rmx) - Studio Barnhus Lawrence - Blue Mountain Mule Musiq Atequ - Tempr - Giegling Martin Anacker on Soundcloud: Booking: [email protected] Web:

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