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1. Kabayun live @MoDem 2017

Kabayun live @MoDem 2017

Kabayun live at the Hive stage at MoDem Festival 2017 from 9:30pm-11pm on Thursday night. It was an absolute blast to play at MoDem again!! Don't wait to get your tickets for 2018, they will go fast!

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2. Kabayun & Drip Drop - Chai Chillum Chalo EP Minimix (Sangoma Records)

Kabayun & Drip Drop - Chai Chillum Chalo EP Minimix (Sangoma Records) This is what happens when two of this scene’s creative masterminds meet on the beaches of Goa: Sangoma Records is happy to present the first batch of results of David (Kabayun) from the USA and Mike (Drip Drop / Ridden) from Greece who have joined forces in 2014 and wrote music whenever they had the chance to meet. This first of 3 EP's is a reflection of their experiences in India and Greece - recently updated and edited in 2017 as well as mastering by Scorb to please the ears and fry the minds of dancers and deities of today. This release also includes a collaboration with Antonymous, one of Greece’s most exciting artists for foresty music. Pack your party essentials, Chalo – let’s go!

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3. KABAYUN | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.1 | 25/09/2015

  • Published: 2015-10-02T00:05:10Z
  • By radiOzora
KABAYUN | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.1 | 25/09/2015

More info:

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4. Alice im Wummerland 8 - mixed by Daksinamurti [Sangoma Records]

Alice im Wummerland 8 - mixed by Daksinamurti [Sangoma Records]

Free Download: Wummerland VIII FEED YOUR HEAD mixed by Daksinamurti (Sangoma Records) Have I gone mad? I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers, But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are. (Alice in Wonderland) "Whooo ... are ... you?" Welcome as our guest to our “mad tea party”! You decided to go through the rabbit hole and play with your logic. Everyday reality can be like the sea of tears in which one can drown with sorrow. Remember what the Dormouse said: Feed your head. The breakout from reality and ability to change perspective holds the antidote. A colorful journey full of surprises awaits you in Wummerland. Tracklist in a nonsense order: Axial Tilt (Brazil), Fungus Funk (Russia), Drip Drop (Greece), Virtual Light (Canada), Daksinamurti & Distant Touch (Germany/South Africa), Via Axis (Purist rmx) (Brazil), Samadhi (Russia), Gaspard (Switzerland), Babagoon (Brazil), Sulima (Russia), Penta (USA), Illegal Machine & REV (France/ Netherlands) & more contact & bookings: [email protected]

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5. UKAUKA | Sangoma Records Series Vol.18 | 07/01/2017

  • Published: 2017-01-16T01:34:16Z
  • By radiOzora
UKAUKA | Sangoma Records Series Vol.18 | 07/01/2017

Sangoma Records presents its 18th edition by UKAUKA. UkaUka is the brand new project of Alberto Zatta, Italian born, producing and performing twisted psytrance since 2010. Coming from a 200bpm planet, he got the chance to show his crazy skills around Europe, Mexico, Brazil and India with his active side project “Gotalien”. With UkaUka, he focuses more on groovy basslines with 3dimensional effects, where he brings a fusion of old school vibes, forest, twilight with new age psychedelics, experimenting similarities between sounds and sacred geometry. UkaUka is ready to blast your dance-floor, release colorful tracks and make you smile! Sangoma Records Uka Uka FB: SC:

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6. PURIST | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.6 | 03/0262016

  • Published: 2016-02-20T11:14:41Z
  • By radiOzora
PURIST | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.6 | 03/0262016

Sangoma Records Series' next artist is PURIST from Brazil. Purist is the Brazil based project of Leonardo Tozzi who is active as a listener and producer of psychedelic music since 2002. With his progressive project “Soulearth” he achieved international recognition and released on various labels and performed in some of the most important festivals in Brazil. After an inspirational break Leonardo now is back with full force underwent transformation within his music into deep, more nighttime oriented sounds with the aim to heal the soul through trance - resulting in influences he had through shamanic experiences. Truly reborn psychedelia with a twist, which he describes as “ Alien Forest”. After some exiting collaborations and releases on labels such Mosaico and Catalyst Records he now joined the Sangoma Records family. Some exiting releases are guaranteed. Stay tuned! SoundCloud: Facebook: puristlivemusic

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8. YasiYasi


This is a very special track for me, dedicated to my love Yasmin. I started this track in our house in Goa 2 seasons ago and finished it in our house in the USA, so its been on quite a journey from start to finish, and I am very happy with the result. Deep and mystical with a dose of shamanic flutes and chanting... I hope you all will enjoy it!!

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10. FUNGUS FUNK - Audiopills Vol.1 | Sangoma Records Series Vol.22 | 03/05/2017

  • Published: 2017-05-18T17:29:02Z
  • By radiOzora
FUNGUS FUNK - Audiopills Vol.1 | Sangoma Records Series Vol.22 | 03/05/2017

Sangoma Records Series Vol.22 by FUNGUS FUNK 01. Jumpstreet – Low Extender 02. Dharma & Nukleall – 666 03. Fungus Funk – You Took Too Little 04. Virtual Light & Gaspard – Vermin Supreme 05. Whiptongue & Axial Tilt – Guardians Of The Threshold 06. Chris Rich and Quadrant – The Legend of Pete Sweenis 07. Fungus Funk & Dharma – Ancient Technology 08. Module Virus & Virtual Light – Id 09. Gaspard – Royal With Cheese (Ooze Of Light RMX) 10. Axial Tilt – Deep Structure 11. Diksha – Rollercoaster Next up on Sangoma Records series continues with radiOzora’s recurring collaborator FUNGUS FUNK. Fungus Funk is Sergei Prilepa, an established psychedelic trance musician from Moscow, Russia. Sergei started producing psytrance in 1998, and he has been releasing music since 2001. Over the past 15 years, Fungus Funk has put out his compilation tracks on numerous other labels. To his credit are four well-received full length albums: ‘F-People’ (2006) on Acidance, ‘Vostok 1’ (2008) together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Grooves’ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music. Additionally, Sergei also released four acclaimed EPs. Fungus Funk’s sound is not easy to define as it incorporates features from different sub-genres of psytrance and generally tends to change from album to album. Regardless of which version of Fungus Funk you get to experience, it is guaranteed to be full of fat well defined basslines, powerful psychedelic leads, and top-notch sequencing. Courtesy of his productive musical output and subsequent popularity in the international psytrance scene, Fungus Funk regularly travels the globe and plays his live and DJ sets at various dance music events. Among some of the bigger festivals he has appeared at are the well-known Boom Festival (Portugal), O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), Transcendence (Brazil), and Hadra (France) among others. Fungus Funk Facebook: SoundCloud: Sangoma Records

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11. SCORB | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.3 | 04/11/2015

  • Published: 2015-11-12T15:37:56Z
  • By radiOzora
SCORB | Sangoma Records Label Series Vol.3 | 04/11/2015

“We at Timecode/Sangoma are happy to present you the set of Scorb for our radiOzora label series. Ady is the main man behind the label Trick Music and also signed with us on our motherlabel Timecode Records. Ady has been in charge for quite a few of our label’s masterings and is a regular on a many of the compilations I did and which I am working on. Since the day I heard his first tunes I was blown away by his ideas and production quality. Favorite artists have come and gone but Scorb (and his side projects) always remained on top of my list and been an essential part in many of my DJ sets. He is of the very few remaining artists who stays true to himself and always continues to amaze me as the first time I came across his music… Hope you enjoy our Timecode Trick or treats! Daksinamurti (Halloween, 2015)” One of the most enduring and consistently original artists on the psychedelic trance scene, Scorb aka Ady Connor has been unleashing his distinctive brand of driving electronica for close to 15 years. The Scorb sound is often techy with tight arrangements, cinematic presentation and a phat low end guaranteed to get your blood racing and the hairs on the back of your neck pointing skyward. With well over a hundred releases to his name on a slew of international labels, the past decade has kept Ady busy playing headline slots at many of the world’s finest events and festivals. In addition to Scorb and Phibian, Ady's side projects include, Squid Inc (with Santos De Castro - Deviant Species), Orzels Machine (with Trick co-conspirator Mike Rucinski), Prism (with Concept - 3D Vision) and RAM (with Paul Wright - NRS : Last Possible Solution). Ady is co-owner of UK psychedelic label Trick Music and runs the UK based audio mastering company TRK Mastering, which now provides mastering to many of the world’s finest psytrance labels. Scorb is set to unleash the much anticipated third album “Aeon Conundra” in late 2016 on Trick Music, and in the meantime, fans can look forward to the release of Squid Inc’s debut album “Indelible” on Trick in early 2016 and single releases on Replicant/MMD & Timecode. Scorb on Facebook: Scorb on SoundCloud:

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12. Purist_ Aura Spirit

Purist_ Aura Spirit


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13. Kabayun & Antonymous - Phase Change

Kabayun & Antonymous - Phase Change

New collaboration on the upcoming VA Chacaruna from Sangoma Records!!

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14. NAIMA | Sangoma Records Series Vol.14 | 20/09/2016

  • Published: 2016-09-29T17:45:42Z
  • By radiOzora
NAIMA | Sangoma Records Series Vol.14 | 20/09/2016

In this mix created by NAIMA exclusively for radiOzora you can listen to some fresh tunes from the last Sangoma Records releases, and also to some of her favorite tracks. The set contains music by artists like: Sychotria, Purist, Electryxeed, Diksha, Sequoya, Niria, Kabayun, LAB & Hydra-E, Meerkut, Via Axis, Babagoon, Nektar & PoEt. Sarah Naima grew up in an old hippi environment and extraordinary musical family, these love and sensitivity for the music came quite early in her life. Already at the age of 6 she started playing keyboard and since then her passion for music grew steady. In the year 1996 she came in touch with electronic music for the first time. Since then she has been following many different styles in the electronic scene with big enthusiasm until she made the experience of a Psychedelic- Trance Party in the year 2003. She was instantly hooked with this scene and she fell deeply in love with the music, the energy and all these inspiring, magical places and people surrounding her. Naima started her journey as a DJ seriously 2009, in her sets she symbolize psychedelic sounds, mystical & powerful deep tunes for colourful nights or energetic mornings. The style and the kind of music she chooses for her Sets depends on the atmosphere and energy around but also on the setting and at which time she plays. Her aim is to take people on a mystical-musical-journey with real psychedelic qualities and vibes. During the last years Naima grew as an international DJ,and she has performed on various international Parties and some of the best Festivals all around the world like Experience – Thailand, Belantara – Malaysia, Galaxy Evolution Festival – India, Midnightsun Festival – Norway, MoDem Festival – Croatia, Antaris, Freqs of Nature, Waldfrieden,VuuV – Festival – Germany, Blackmoon -Italy, Solstice Festival – Netherlands, Transahara – Marocco, One Love – Switzerland, Kosmos Festival – Finnland,Yaga Gathering – Lithuania,Spiritual Ritual Festival- Nepal. So far she played in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada,Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Finland,France,Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy,Malaysia,Malta,Macedonia,Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania Portugal, Poland, Romania, Russia,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,Slowenia, Slovakia,Thailand, Turkey. Naima: FB: SC: Sangoma Records:

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15. Dsompa And Kabayun - Vega Sector

Dsompa And Kabayun - Vega Sector Psyshop: Or get the digital version on our Bandcamp shop

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16. Cosinus & Daksinamurti - Indra Tandava (Sangoma Records) Free Download!

Cosinus & Daksinamurti - Indra Tandava (Sangoma Records) Free Download!

Out on VA Sangomandala... Free download for this bonus track! Mastering by E.V.P

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