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1. Coreopsis Lyrics

Coreopsis Lyrics

To swallow the bass, or bust up the place To walk in the grass, or kiss that fat ass You're way out in the galaxy now, You're way out now Corellian delay with migraine follows Smell my little Coreo

2. The Fall of Canaryville Lyrics

The Fall of Canaryville Lyrics

Welcome pilgrims we've seen villains Marching eastward like reptilians Steeples are crashing quaking from the aching Crushed resistance waiting for the taking Like fall every minute of your broken day

3. Nadine Lyrics

Nadine Lyrics

Oh hello nadine how are you feeling today? So why are you calling? Said everything I had to say My ears tell me secrets would you like your final bouquet Everything is a-ok And we all wish that you wo

4. By the Silvery Moon Lyrics

By the Silvery Moon Lyrics

By the silvery moon see the constellations bloom By the silvery moon watch the clouds cry over you Let the grass whisper my name tell the animals hello Burn a hole into the sky I still don't know w

5. Guitar vs. Humans Lyrics

Guitar vs. Humans Lyrics

Do you wanna see us buried under Texas Sleeping underwater if you try to test us I'm killing a guitar slowly Living in a blackout, dying in a white house Cutting the connection, thought you'd never

6. Song for Stephanie Lyrics

Song for Stephanie Lyrics

In your sunspot glare more than enough lights Have faded through an opening. Wider than the deepest crater. After all you're going nowhere. Faceless. Hollow. Taken. Even though I though I was part of

7. Flush Lyrics

Flush Lyrics

I'm hysterical today cause I pissed my life away Flush the evidence down the drain Pick the number of the beast when the laboratory speaks Flush the evidence down the drain

8. Delta Lyrics

Delta Lyrics

Why you standing there alone? What a loser, what a user I wanted to say Why'd you come just to go, I wanted to know Eat the rinds, cut the vines, force the fields Make sure you're always pleased, B

9. The Spider Smells Disaster Lyrics

The Spider Smells Disaster Lyrics

Drop me off at the corner, I'll find my way there. Fast asleep in the cutter, Smooth like butter, If you sniff magic marker, Your mind goes darker, All the webs in your hair, Just lay there, T

10. Sucked Into Something Lyrics

Sucked Into Something Lyrics

You can fight. You can fade out. But try to trust the tide. Sucked into something. It's a need. You're a native on islands never seen. Magnifying tiny cracks on the surface floor but not for sure. De

11. We Might Collide Lyrics

We Might Collide Lyrics

I smell the fish and all the sedatives, You know by now I sold my life for this You cop a feel and all the layers peel, We disengage and crumble up the page Throw the hot oil in my face, Systemati

12. Trapped Inside a Sunray Lyrics

Trapped Inside a Sunray Lyrics

The fuzzy laser comes our way, now all the villages must pay A hidden treehouse with a telescope that's focused on the sun Did you think you were the only one paralyzed by what you've said and done?

13. Gladys Lyrics

Gladys Lyrics

I had to live through you, step into your shoes Cast away my cares, colder than your stares How can I exist if I'm the only one? Gladys, you're all that I miss I'm choking in your skin, drowning in

14. Undergrowth Lyrics

Undergrowth Lyrics

Another crack in the tectonic plate, I turned my back on all my real estate Until the train comes We've got the undergrowth This trick is five years old I was asleep, they told me I was dead, A re

15. Bionic Waves Lyrics

Bionic Waves Lyrics

Push all the buttons down, take off the brakes Burn out the circuit board, force this mistake Crawl into the ground, buried by sound, bionic waves are all around Pick one of these three doors, lock

16. Death of the Alphabet Lyrics

Death of the Alphabet Lyrics

I started with ABC, defeated my enemies. Now all that's left are letters Y&T. It's just a processional. It's not a confessional. The meaning is gone I knew it all along. Sifting through the debris. H

17. Spunky (Schatzi version) Lyrics

Spunky (Schatzi version) Lyrics

Spunky don't like her uniform It never fit so good Going back to the orphanage And the place where her garage once stood Well it's a free-for-all Free-for-all, free-for-all It's a free-for-all you an

18. Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Lyrics

Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Lyrics

One, two, three, four Well, I'm a shock trooper in a stupor, yes I am I'm a Nazi schatzi, y'know, I fight for fatherland Well, I'm a shock trooper in a stupor, yes I am I'm a Nazi schatzi, y'know, I

19. Schön Sein Lyrics

Schön Sein Lyrics

Manche Menschen sind so schön, Da bleibt einem das Herz fast stehn. Man staunt und denkt: "Verdammt nochmal, Sowas von schön ist nicht normal." Die meisten Menschen sind nicht schön. Sie haben eine

20. Back to the Beat Lyrics

Back to the Beat Lyrics

When I was younger I fell in love with the girl next door Back to the beat, yo, back to the beat of 1984 We had beat street, we had breakin' 1 and 2 Electric boogaloo, dude it was cool We'd bust out t