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1. Cup Of Hope 2017 | Schirmchendrink, DHA & Atish for Volunteers for Humanity

Cup Of Hope 2017 | Schirmchendrink, DHA & Atish for Volunteers for Humanity

Our last mix in 2017 is brought to you by Atish, an amazing artist based in San Francisco, known for his passionate sets for the likes of Cityfox, Robot Heart, or Desert Hearts. This very special “Cup of Hope”, in collaboration with Deep House Amsterdam, collects money for Volunteers for Humanity, an organization specialized in transporting medical, aid and school supplies to refugee camps around Aleppo, Homs and the Latakia area in Syria. Follow the link, dive in to Atish’s world of deep and minimalistic beats, and, donate what you can! Every donation gets to download the mix incl. tracklist! We are so grateful for the generous partners that supported the campaign already. A big thank you also to Deep House Amsterdam for being such a great and truly committed media partner! It is wonderful to see how music brings people together for a good cause. Gratefully and hopefully, The bartenders Link up: atish @atish Volunteers for Humanity Deep House Amsterdam @deep-house-amsterdam Schirmchendrink @schirmchendrink

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2. Cup of Hope | Schirmchendrink & YokoO for Volunteers for Humanity - Donate now!

Cup of Hope | Schirmchendrink & YokoO for Volunteers for Humanity - Donate now!

Dear community, What is going wrong with humanity in this world? We are shocked about the happenings in Aleppo, so broken-hearted for people in Syria and we can’t stand this awful situation of helplessness. Together with YokoO, who joins us for this Christmas podcast, we therefore decided to raise money for urgently required medical aid supplies for people in and around Aleppo. Berlin based DJ and producer YokoO is an incredible person and artist and we are honoured to have him on board for such an important campaign! HIs releases and collaborations on noteworthy labels such as All Day I Dream, Musik Gewinnt Freunde or Kindisch definitely put him in the first league of the global house scene. Use the following link to make a donation to Volunteers for Humanity, a Swiss charity organization, which organizes the purchase and transport of the supplies to Syria. Their commitment for people in need is unparalleled. Based on voluntary service they support refugees locally and no cent is lost in administration. It’s time to act, dear community! People in Syria have no choice – we do! Please share this campaign and donate! Every single donations counts. In the name of all participants of this campaign we would like to thank you for help Yours hopefully, The bartenders Link up!

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3. Tequila Sunrise | Just Emma

Tequila Sunrise | Just Emma

What a beauty of a day to post our next cocktail – a summerly Tequila Sunrise, dreamfully mixed by German duo Just Emma. The name couldn’t fit better as the duo prefers to play the early morning ours – way beyond sunrise – to attract the crowd with an ocean of diverse sounds. Releasing on labels such as Katermukke, Hanse Hertz, Plötzlich Music and Connaisseur Recordings it is their own imprint Underyourskin Records that has been causing a buzz lately and on which Just Emma releases their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music. Close your eyes, open your heart and take a sip of this exquisite cocktail ! Join Just Emma on a wonderful journey through deep and melancholic sounds. It’s a piece of art, that’s for sure! Cheers, The bartenders Link up! @justemmaoffical @underyourskinrecords

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4. Milk | Gab Rhome

Milk | Gab Rhome

Alright, Gab Rhome, you convinced us! Our livers (and waistlines) could use a cleansing break after all those delicious cocktails. Let’s cut out booze for a while and enjoy a rejuvenating and energizing glass of the earth’s most delicious, most healthy foods: milk! Gab Rhome, born in Montréal and living in NYC, milked his favorite cow (what’s her name by the way?) on his farm to ensure today’s Schirmchendrink is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Grab a cookie and dip it into Gab’s dreamy and hypnotic vibes. He began his musical journey at an early age playing multiple instruments while being shaped by jazz music, and it only took a few years before making a transition towards the rhythms of dance music. Only within few years of producing Gab gained worldwide attention with releases on label heavy weights such as All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, Kindisch, Get Physical and Last night on Earth. His delicate melodic tech-house productions have brought him on journeys across the globe, for example to the @radiovenao Gathering in Panama, where this set was recorded. As you are about to experience, a similar voyage is built during his dj sets. Thank you, Gab, for caring about our health! And now let’s finish your milk! We can’t put it back to the cow… Cheers, The bartenders Link Up! Gab Rhome: @gabrhome Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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5. Yellow Bird | San Miguel

Yellow Bird | San Miguel

We are moving towards the longest day of the year! The summer solstice invites to celebrate the light of consciousness within ourselves and our fellow human beings. For this spiritual season, we are pleased to welcome San Miguel on board. His music is free from rules, which creates unique tracks for labels like Talavera, Pipe & Pochet, Souq, Casa Caos, Cosmic Awakenings, Orient Art and more. San Miguel is also behind the Berlin record label Phonothek Records as well as the Einfach Liebe collective. This Yellow Bird will reach previously dormant layers of your heart, it’s a journey around the world, bringing all in and giving all out. And all in the mission of love! Today we take it down a gear and connect with the Moment and San Miguel. Love, The barkeepers Link up! San Miguel: Schirmchendrink:

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6. Schirmchendrink...


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7. Tuxedo Xmas Special | François Rengère

Tuxedo Xmas Special | François Rengère

There is still a few days left until Christmas… but we already have the perfect holiday soundtrack ready for you. To make a brilliant 2015 finish, we are proud to welcome François Rengère with a tasty, refined and dynamic Xmas Special Tuxedo, representing one of the classiest drinks ever. Classically trained musician and music producer from Germany with an insatiable passion for sound design and electronic music production. François has already released tracks, EPs and remixes on labels such as Universal Music, Parquet Recordings, Portrait Digital Recordings, Somatic Sense, Jannowitz Records and others. Check out some of his electronic music productions on soundcloud: Happy holidays everyone!! Your Schirmchendrink bartenders, Floloco & Bigasti Full TRACKLIST and FREE DOWNLOAD on Facebook!!

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8. Black Swan | Ron Flatter

Black Swan | Ron Flatter

Who said having a cocktail on a Sunday is a bad idea? It’s actually a very good idea to end the week in beauty ! Today a tempting Black Swan is on our menu, mixed by Ron Flatter. Ron has turned out a high number of excellent and innovative tracks that are filled with unique sound design, fresh melodies and plenty of dance floor drive. He has done so on labels like Pour La Vie, Stil vor Talent and Traum Schallplatten, always evolving with each new release and exploring fresh new ground. As a DJ, too, Ron is a skilled selector who knows exactly what to drop and when to drop it. He has played in every major club and festival in Europe in the last decade and holds down a key residency in his hometown of Halle (Saale), Germany. Join us in raising our glasses to this divine cocktail exclusively on Schirmchendrink! Cheers, The bartenders Link up! www.soundcloud/schirmchendrink Full Tracklist on Facebook!

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9. Red Eye | PHCK

Red Eye | PHCK

If you’re like most people (including ourselves) you may have over-indulged a little over the Easter long weekend. Instead of eating just some of the chocolate eggs, you ate all of them! And the chocolate bunnies... Your plan now is to start your strict new diet and to go the gym five times this week and burn off all the extra calories. Or, you hit the play button, listen to our next Schirmchendrink episode „Red Eye“ by PHCK and calories will take care of themselves! PHCK, a talented trio consisting of Paul Hoffer, Christ Kusterer and Stefan Kling, has its origins in the creative dark cosmos of Germany’s Black Forest. Chris as DJ and Paul as a classical musician started creating music together in late 2013. Stefan, a singer a musical allrounder, joined the project in 2017 after the first successful releases on Chapter 24 Recordings, Connaisseur Recordings and All Day I Dream. PHCK’s music is a transformation of their own emotions; a reflection of sensitivity - of love, hope, grief, reflectiveness and sometimes a cold and dark emptiness. We have heard they are working on their first album to be released maybe this year...we can only hope this is true as we always want more of PHCK’s deeper shades and emotive electronic music! What a treat

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10. Gimlet | Dance Spirit

Gimlet | Dance Spirit

Hyperspace is the method of travelling faster than light. Or - we also refer to it as the condition you’ll be in enjoying Dance Spirit’s fantastic Gimlet: a subconscious harmony through rhythm, timbre, melody and movement. Dance Spirit, a duo based in LA and known for their additive and futuristic minimal techno vibe, is taking over Schirmchendrink today! Their love of heavy layering and deep rolling low ends produce an addictive futuristic minimal techno vibe. Past releases include their beautiful Kindisch Stories compilation on Berlin based Label Kindisch Other label appearances and releases include Rebellion, Maison D’Etre, Superfreq, Culprit, Akbal Music, and Endless, No. 19, and Connaisseur Recordings. Cheers! The bartenders Link up! Dance Spirit: @dance-spirit Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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11. Rickey | cantanca

Rickey | cantanca

Another week, another Monday! Let’s start this one with a refreshing, fruity version of a cocktail classic: the Rickey is brought to you by cantanca, who added his extra touch to this one – smooth, sweet and amazingly chill. cantanca has been involved in electronic music for more than two decades. The thoroughbred DJ and selector from Turkey founded three radio stations and heads various festivals like the Chill Out Festival, one of the most beautiful gatherings in Turkey. “Off mainstream” is the golden thread running through all of his many activities, also as host of two exclusive radio shows “Cool Sessions” and “Daydreaming”, a platform he shares with likeminded artists. Sipping off his delicious Rickey, you can tell cantanca is a master in creating emotions. Alright, warm and relaxing vibes from the Bosphorus are incoming now - the best way to get rid of the chills! Cheers! The bartenders Link Up! cantanca: @cantanca Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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12. Caribbean Cask | Gimérique

Caribbean Cask | Gimérique

Today’s special is brought to you by the Schirmchendrink founders, Floloco and Bigasti! Exclusively for Schirmchendrink and for the first time Floloco and Bigasti went back-to-back. The result is a luscious Caribbean Cask - fantastically smooth, dreamy, with a nice refreshing touch and an interesting twist revealing an intense peak. Bigasti’s signature is dark melodies and mellow beats. He is based in Belgium, has releases on labels such as Electronical Reeds and Kuukou Records and will announce his first international gigs very soon! Floloco’s home is somewhere between deep and downbeat – and Switzerland. He has a unique talent to built-up emotions in his mixes and is always striving to find new pearls in the depth of the electronic music universe. Schirmchendrink started small in fall 2015 and quickly grew to an internationally respected electronic music podcast. Not in their wildest dreams Floloco and Bigasti imagined such a great feedback from around the globe. Consider this a big THANK YOU to all of our wonderful supporters! Enjoy this Caribbean Cask, get dreamy and escape everyday life! Cheers, The bartenders TRACKLIST ON FACEBOOK Link up! Floloco: @floloco Bigasti: @bigasti Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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13. Coconut | Sabo

Coconut | Sabo

In the month of June, when living gets easy and temperatures are rising, it is the perfect time to enjoy a tropical cocktail. And it couldn’t get more tropical than with today’s special. 100% natural, refreshing and healthy: the coconut, cracked open by no one less than the Sol Selectas label head, Sabo. Sabo’s name has long been held in high esteem with the Afro-Latin House and the Moombahton scene. Today, Sabo is digging deeper into Tribal and Tech sounds. Behind the decks, his innovative approach to each DJ set makes him a consistent stand out at Festivals like Coachella, Lightening in a Bottle, Shambhala, Fusion, Symbiosis, Desert Hearts, Further Future, and Burning Man’s Robot Heart bus. As a label boss, he is known for his dynamic vision. Sol Selectas started back in 2004 as vinyl only imprint and platform for Sabo’s remixes and mashups. Today the label captures a wide array of sounds, enlisting up and coming underground producers from all over the globe, as well as prominent well-known producers in the industry, focusing the sound on deep spiritual dance music, guiding its listeners into the future realm with positive intention. Sabo once said he likes to DJ outdoors within nature, where he feels connected to the Earth when dancing. His sets always tell a story, with lots of tribal percussions, this time filled with super chilled out vibes and foot tapping downtempo beats. It’s never aggressive, but always groovy. You can literally hear the waves breaking into a magical turquoise lagoon, filled with colorful tropical fish and fringed by palms, when sipping off this delicious Coconut. By the way did you know that plastic straws make the top 10 list of litter items on beaches? One of the best way to reduce your plastic footprint is to avoid using plastic straws and use stainless steel straws instead. As we did for Sabo’s coconut We are proud to have a very special artist and person kicking-off the Schirmchendrink summer. Thanks, Sabo, for joining the Schirmchendrink family! Cheers The bartenders, Link Up! Sabo: @djsabo @solselectas Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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14. Hugo | Powel

Hugo | Powel

Who ever tried a Hugo will agree: it’s probably one of the most refreshing cocktails, ever! And today no one less than Berlin based All Day I Dream producer Powel grabs the cocktail shakers and serves you an exceptional interpretation of the cocktail. Powel is using particularly delicious elderflowers, which gives the Hugo this distinct, refreshing flavour: deep, through and through, dreamy but still moving and, very multifaceted. It has a wonderful build-up and joyfully reminds us of deep house in the earlier days. Powel is part of various musical projects but his current focus lies on producing and DJing. His releases on labels such as Keller, Wunderbar Recordings, Fina Records and All Day I Dream shortly catapulted him to the heights of the global scene. Please join us in welcoming Powel on board and have a Hugo! We extremely enjoyed this “summer in a glass” and are pretty sure you will do as well! Cheers, The bartenders Link UP! Powel: @powel Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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15. Green Fizz | Doyeq (Live)

Green Fizz | Doyeq (Live)

Get ready for a special delicacy cocktail on todays Schirmchendrink menu: the Green Fizz, exclusively created by the talented duo DOYEQ, based in Moscow, Russia. DOYEQ is a live-project consisting of Sergey Kulikov and Vitaliy Bragin. Producing electronic music individually since 20 years, they teamed-up as DOYEQ back in 2009. Through continual experimentation, the duo developed their distinct minimal and deep techno sound. They released on imprints such as Highway Records, Slowdance, No Passport or Subspiele. As their cocktail for Schirmchendrink was performed live we cannot deliver a tracklist this time. We’re pretty sure you don’t mind ;)! Alright dear friends – let’s get comfy in our garden chairs, press play, and let DOYEQ take over this amazing summer night! Cheers! The barkeepers Link up! DOYEQ: @doyeq Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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17. Bay Breeze | Esteble

Bay Breeze | Esteble

The next discovery leads us to Rotterdam, the base of Joep Esseling and Bram Harmsen’s project “Esteble”. Within short period of time their cinematic sound showed-up on the radars of industry heavy weights resulting in releases on the likes of Diynamic Music, Anjunadeep, Stil Vor Talent and Connaisseur Recordings. Their current four track 'Ardent' EP Laut & Luise follows up powerful singles in 2018 - 'Socotra' (Stil Vor Talent) and 'Buchlapest' (DHL). The latest release threads a deeper, downtempo line, offering up a delectable listening experience. Now, Esteble follows-up with a new hybrid live show, primed for an exciting new stage of their journey. In their exclusive Schirmchendrink contribution “Bay Breeze” Esteble sets the pace slightly higher: deep and soulful vibes, peppered with dubby elements - their interpretation of the “Bay Breeze” cocktail is a more than welcome refreshener during the current summer of the century! Cheers! The bartenders Link up: Esteble: @esteble Schirmchendrink: @schirmchendrink

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18. Sazerac | Mark Slee

Sazerac | Mark Slee

Todays feature is the Sazerac, homegrown in New Orleans and one of America’s earliest cocktails. It’s also the favorite Whiskey Cocktail of Mark Slee, also American and based in the wonderful city of San Francisco. His interpretation of the Sazerac is deep, smooth, sweet but twisted and spicy at the same time. Mark lives in San Francisco and did what the majority of us dreams of: he quit his corporate life to focus on his passion, music. Definitely the right decision, as today Mark is label owner (Manjumasi Music, together with his best friend Atish), producer and a passionate DJ. Mark’s releases are published on imprimts such as LIsted, Citifox, Proton and many more. His sets have taken him far and wide, playing for audiences from Cape Town to Playa del Carmen, from Robot Heart to the Cityfox series in NYC. We feel honored to have him behind the Schirmchendrink bar where he goes the extra-mile for the next hour. Enjoy ! Cheers! The bartenders Link up! @mcslee Tracklist:

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19. Mai Tai | Floloco

Mai Tai | Floloco

Guys, we’re back with another Monday cocktail ! This time one of the Schirmchendrink founders, Floloco, honors us with his mixing skills and grabs the shakers for a delicious Mai Tai ! As a kid of the 90s Floloco was into electronic music early on. It was in 2001 when he started to play around with the decks – and didn’t stop ever since. His style developed from electronica over House to Deep House and Techno. His Mixes are mellow, well compiled and always build up in a unique flow to take the listener on that famous “journey”. Floloco doesn’t mind to spend weeks for the track selection until he found the perfect match for his mix. Playing live he often uses more energized tracks for the peak time and he loves to mix different styles or to enrich his set with classics. In August 2015, together with his Belgian friend Bigasti, he founded Schirmchendrink, a quickly growing electronic underground music podcast and soon record label. Enough said, we’re sure you gonna like this tasty Mai Tai! Cheers and happy Monday! The bartenders Link up! @floloco

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