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1. Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

Lay It All On Me (feat. Ed Sheeran) (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

The new album 'We The Generation' out now on: iTunes - Amazon - Spotify - Apple Music - This is the Calyx & TeeBee remix of Rudimental's new single 'Lay It All On Me' featuring Ed Sheeran - taken from the new album 'We The Generation'. Follow Rudimental @rudimentaluk

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2. Noisia & Calyx & TeeBee - Hyenas (VSN017) [OUT NOW]

  • Published: 2013-10-03T15:42:31Z
Noisia & Calyx & TeeBee - Hyenas (VSN017) [OUT NOW]

OUT NOW on our label Vision Recordings. Noisia Store MP3 WAV: Vinyl: Poster: Bundle: Wallpapers: iTunes: Beatport: Spotify: This is our first release since the ‘Imperial' EP release in May 2012. For this 12" we locked horns with Calyx & TeeBee on the haunting, punchy roller ‘Hyenas’, and Evol Intent on ‘The Liquid’, an epic, breakbeat rave-up. Noisia Space: Like: Follow: Listen: @noisia Watch: Calyx & TeeBee Like: Follow: Calyx Follow: TeeBee Listen: Evol Intent Space: Like: Follow: Listen: @evolintent watch: Vision Recordings Space: Like Follow: Instagram: Artwork by Nik (Noisia) Roos:

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3. Where We Go ft. Doctor

Where We Go ft. Doctor

With a combined history that expands over decades, Calyx & TeeBee’s discography is a journey which explores not only their own output, but the genre’s history. Having remixed commercial heavyweights such as Example, as well as underground tastemaker Tchami whilst blending genres and paying homage to their extensive craft, their experience is rivalled by none. And yet again they continue their assault and return onto the scene with one of the most sought after tracks since its first play last year. Featuring the dancefloor genre talents of Doctor, who’s recently smashed his way onto the daytime radio airwaves, ‘Where We Go’ is a collaboration set to end the summer in spectacular style. An impressively innovative sonic piece of artwork, ‘Where We Go’ signifies another step towards the hugely anticipated ‘1X1’ LP. Crafting Doctor’s party-style vocals on top of an LFO-lead bassline and pounding drum patterns the first drop plummets you down a chasm so intricately constructed there’s no mistaking the duo’s signature production standard. One of the most epitomical moments from this year’s EDC, especially for representing drum & bass, there’s no mistaking the collective sigh of relief that it’s finally about to be unleashed. Showcasing their impressive versatility, the flipside is just as impressive but a shade darker. ‘Ghost Writer’ utilises an imposing sample which sets up a break before smashing it down with pounding subs between a distorted bassline and elevated percussion. An early morning anthem which takes you in the murkiest corner of every club across the globe, it bares its teeth whilst propelling itself forward in a way which only Calyx & TeeBee can command.

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4. Foreign Beggars x Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

Foreign Beggars x Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & Teebee Remix)

All conquering UK rap crew Foreign Beggars, who recently teamed up once more with long time collaborator Alix Perez on their Modus EP, call on another of drum & bass's biggest talents to give the EP's title track a 170 refix. Here at Data Transmission we bring you the exclusive premiere of Calyx & Teebee's Modus remix. Retaining the minimal nature of the hip hop original, the half time intro draws you in: Metropolis spits his fire bars before it twists and switches into a techy, bass driven beast. Orifice Vulgatron handles the breakdown, his rapid fire delivery amping you up for round two with more ice cold percussion edits. Modus Remixes is out Deceber 1st on Par Excellence. Grab a copy from here:

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5. A Day That Never Comes

A Day That Never Comes

After a hiatus which has left many fans sitting on the edge of their subs, Calyx & Teebee are making a dramatic return. And with this record in tow, the scene is about to bow down yet again to two of their most skilled sonic crafters. With the huge success of their All or Nothing LP laying just over the horizon, Calyx & Teebee are about to take the title place yet again and with the full throttle forces of pounding basslines and meticulously constructed mechanics. But what else could you expect from two revered veterans of the genre, whose joint muscle has telescoped the competition in comparison. However, it’s not just their duteous workmanship and full-throttle drive that makes their music so undeniably huge. In tracks like ‘A Day That Never Comes’ Larry Con’s vocals lead you by the hand into all-out anarchy. Revving between each break, your picked up and dropped by verbal crescendos. Angry, yet innovative and impressively intricate, Calyx & Teebee have raised expectations even higher.

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6. Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound

Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound

Hurtling towards the release of their sophomore album ‘All Or Nothing’, Calyx & TeeBee display their versatility on this, their new single. Having proven their worth with a decade and a half of success, the duo take their unique sound and apply it to two haunting tracks that are sure to get fans of expertly crafted D&B excited for the forthcoming long player. Leading the way is ‘Elevate This Sound’ a beautifully constructed piece of music that underpins a fully structured song complete with one of the finest vocals to ever grace a drum & bass record. Skipping beats are underpinned with layers of Rhodes organs, subtly effected emotions and a moving bassline which ensures this track will be as at home on dance floors worldwide as it is on your mp3 player. Flip over and Calyx & TeeBee offer up a track that bears their signature hallmarks infused with a fresh feel. ‘Hurting’ is packed with the kinds of twists, turns and downright gut-wrenching basslines you’ve come to expect from this duo. Stepping drums and grinding bass notes are interspersed with haunting vocal snippets and plenty of the signature sound that will keep the drum & bass elite happy. Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound / Hurting Vinyl Tracks A. Elevate This Sound AA. Hurting Digital Bundle 1. Elevate This Sound (Original Mix) 2. Elevate This Sound (Radio Edit) 3. Hurting (Original Mix) 4. Elevate This Sound (Instrumental) 5. Hurting (Instrumental) Date: 13th August 2012 Cat: RAMM120

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8. Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Drawing you ever-deeper into their forthcoming LP ‘1x1’, Calyx & TeeBee’s next offering presents not only a landmark release, but also their unbridled integrity. The anticipation around this second album is only growing, having scored three Beatport numbers ones with their latest singles. On top of playing sold out shows at Brixton Academy, as well as festivals across the Atlantic and singles and producing remixes on major labels, it’s clear to see how they’ve met these benchmarks. ‘Cloud 9’ sees Calyx back on vocals, adding a soulful depth which creates a narrative behind the music. Carefully drawn out lyrics create a cinematic edge, intimate and adding an 80’s new wave flare which is seldom seen within the genre. Layers gradually build underneath the track’s more humanistic elements, with a distorted bassline revving up and peddling the record forward. Ducking and diving between twisted beats, you’re launched through a segment of glitchy sonic, before stockier subs underpin the composition. A testament to an unbreakable production standards, it only alludes to another studio album set to make history. The name ‘Panic Attack’ in itself is foreboding; implicating an explosive flipside, it delivers with an almighty kick and leaves you reeling. Snapping and kicking between hi-hats and low-mids, ‘Panic Attack’ is explosively aggressive from its roll out. Winding up on elongated note patterns and quaking percussion, the erratic break pushes you through a soundscape of madness. However, this is one methodically built… Keeping you hooked from start to finish with pounding drum loops. An incredible verification of their technical knowledge, this isn’t just the groundwork for a second studio album. It epitomises the solid, reverberating history the duo hold between them.

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10. Spor - Aztec (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

Spor - Aztec (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)

Get the limited edition, signed and hand numbered boxset: CD: iTunes: This is Calyx & TeeBee's remix of Spor's 'Aztec'; taken from the 10 Years of Shogun Audio album, available on Limited Edition Box Set, CD & Digital. -- SHOGUN AUDIO Like → Follow → Subscribe → Website →

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11. Big Tune Again

Big Tune Again

With the huge success of their All or Nothing LP laying in the backdrop, Calyx & Teebee are about to take the title place yet again and with the full throttle forces of pounding basslines and meticulously constructed mechanics. But what else could you expect from two revered veterans of the genre, whose joint muscle has telescoped the competition in comparison. However, it’s not just their duteous workmanship and forty years of experience that makes their forthcoming ‘1x1’ album so undeniably huge. In tracks like ‘Nothing Left’ Larry Cons' vocals lead you by the hand into all-out anarchy. Revving between each break, your picked up and dropped by verbal crescendos. Angry, yet innovative and impressively intricate, Calyx & Teebee have raised expectations even higher. And then comes ‘Stray Bullet’, a minefield of drum patterns and wavering note arpeggios. A steppy riddim which completely envelops the sense, each segment explodes on impact. Sliced and diced by invasive samples, you’re unable to resist; plunging you deep into the mix, the slowly building drop pushes you into a freefall of plucky subs and jittering percussion. ‘Ghetto’ rolls out as another new number, again featuring the vocal talents of Doctor; it’s a gritty, sharp and pumping with shaking subs; a conundrum of hi-hats and aggressive drum patterns. Pounding pads take you towards a colossal break, juxtaposing perfectly against the LPs softertouches. Having already hit the number one spot on the Beatport drum & bass chart with both singles ‘A Day That Never Comes’, ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Cloud 9’, it’s quite clear to see why the anticipation is almost unbearable. Also including the infamous collaboration with Doctor on ‘Where We Go’, brand new, female-lead vocal ‘track ‘The Fall’, half-time switch up ‘False Alarm’ as well as even more material to be unleashed, this LP will catapult you head first into their greatest output yet. Having played some of the world’s biggest stages, including EDC, London’s SW4, Ram’s seminal NYE event and UKF’s Sea Dance Festival, expect another one of music’s most prominent seasons filled with new music from Calyx & Teebee. ‘1X1’ is set to make history, which isn’t surprising after hitting millions of streams with their previous singles and detonating dancefloors globally.

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12. Nothing Left

Nothing Left

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13. Calyx & TeeBee - Skank

Calyx & TeeBee - Skank

‘All Or Nothing’ is the long-awaited follow up to Calyx & TeeBee’s debut album ‘Anatomy’ set to be released on one of the bass music scene’s longest running and most highly respected labels, Ram Records. The duo’s first single from their new album has already been supported by Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, Trevor Nelson and many more of the world’s leading tastemakers, and ‘All Or Nothing’ looks set to catapult this incredible production partnership to all new heights. Calyx & TeeBee’s debut album ‘Anatomy’, released in 2007 on their own label was an instant game changer; cited as a landmark album for the scene ‘Anatomy’ saw the duo unleash an almighty wall of sound that rocked dance floors across the globe as they took to the road with their 6 deck DJ sets, smashing apart sound systems in nightclubs and festival tents alike. Now, five years later, hordes of fans are aching for a new Calyx & TeeBee album and the duo are definitely not going to disappoint. Signing to Ram Records, Calyx & TeeBee have produced a long player that sounds fresh, current and forward-thinking. ‘All Or Nothing’ is their sophomore offering and is packed with new ideas, exciting collaborations, stunning musicality and an incredible level of technical skill. From the epic opening gambit, ‘Heroes & Villains’, it’s clear that Calyx & TeeBee have created something special with their new album. The D&B jazz fusion of ‘Pure Gold’ ft. Kemo contrasts beautifully with the vocal-led minimalism of ‘Strung Out’ and the hip hop excellence of ‘We Become One’, a collaboration with Foreign Beggars and DJ Craze. Then Calyx & TeeBee hit you with the rock-influenced ‘You’ll Never Take Me Alive’ featuring Beardyman, providing yet another inspired piece of deliciously different drum & bass. Each track on ‘All Or Nothing’ is crafted with expert precision and infused with a fresh and unique set of influences. But while ‘All Or Nothing’ is packed with stand-out moments, it’s the album as a whole that becomes something far more exciting than the sum of its parts. Calyx & TeeBee stitch each moment together with over a decade’s worth of knowledge and an undeniable wisdom about how to create an exciting and unique sounding album. ‘All Or Nothing’ will draw you in and refuse to let go as moods and ideas flow freely, leaving you gasping for breath. This will undoubtedly be one of the albums of the year, if not the decade.

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14. Mix For Thump

Mix For Thump

1-Calyx & teeBee - Ghostwriter - RAM 2-Denney - Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) - Ministry 3-Calyx & TeeBee - Sawn Off - RAM 4-Nausika - Pieces - Subtitles 5-Inside Info & Mefjus - Pulsation - Dub 6-Calyx & TeeBee - Long Gone - RAM 7-Break - Brand New - Symmetry 8-Calyx & TeeBee - A Day That Never Comes - RAM 9-Break - The Flux - Symmetry 10-Brain Crisis & Spline - Cure - Subtitles Dub 11-Mefjus - Expedition (Inside Info RMX) - Critical Dub 12-Calyx & TeeBee - Snakes & Ladders - RAM 13-Calyx & TeeBee - Broken Notes - RAM 14-Spectrasoul - Blind Side - Shogun 15-Ed:it - Telling True - Dispatch 16-Willem - Make Tomorrow - Metalheadz 17-Calyx & TeeBee - The Fall - RAM 18-Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit - Vision 19-Calyx & teeBee - Get It Twisted - RAM 20-Braincrisis & Segment & Concept Vision - Defender - Subtitles Dub 21-Nausika - Untitled - Subtitles 22-Mako feat. Fields - The Gap - Metalheadz 23-Was A Be - Carcosa - Subtitles Dub 24-Break & DLR - No Idea - Symmetry 25-Noisia & The Upbeats - Inverse - Vision 26-Break feat. Mad He'd - Kill Dem - Symmetry 27-Gridlok - Mind Reader - Virus Dub 28-Was A Be - Jah - Subtitles Dub 29-Calyx & TeeBee feat. Doctor - Where We Go - RAM

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15. Wipeout


RAMiami - Drum & Bass 2015 - out now - The waiting is finally over… We’re about to unleash your soundtrack for the next Music week in Miami and it’s packed full of exclusives. With no less than 28 brand new cuts accompanying you onto one of the world’s hottests beaches, prepare for the smooth riding riddims of Ram Records to envelop the US and beyond. From label stalwarts Delta Heavy, to new signees Teddy Killerz and championed guests Gerra & Stone, there’s a musical taste to suit every palette. Whether it’s from a renowned roster artist or a relative newcomer, this compilation bursting with heaps of exclusives is the only way to launch you headfirst into the innovation drum & bass is renowned for. Carefully finessing this album, the Ram imprint is about to drum & bass for a transatlantic journey. It’s a showcase of what the genre can offer… electric vibes which pulses through its veins and cherished memories of a tempo which pulls you into the morning’s early hours. But with the Miami conference pedestalling every major genre which has made electronic music so popular, there would be a void if Ram didn’t step up. And as one of the most withstanding labels from the last two decades, they’ve delivered with immense style. You’re provided with a host of smooth basslines and hotly tantalising vocals to take you from pool-party to clubs at some of the most renowned districts. Audio is first to deliver, crashing in at full speed and leaving no survivors with the tear out anthem which is ‘Combust’. Then taking you into a web of technicality and meticulous composition is Calyx & Teebee’s ‘Wipe Out’. There are also a huge selection of Vips to firmly solidify why it’s important to revisit tunes which are still to this day so highly sought after; leading the way is Loadstar’s ‘Under Pressure’ Vip, which set a stunning precedent in 2014. So, now it’s time take the legacy of Hornchurch to Miami and lay down the same roots which are still prevalent throughout the UK today. And adding that to Miami’s reputation, it’s a match which is set to make history.

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16. Calyx & TeeBee - ft Kemo Pure Gold (Friction BBC R1 - Exclusive 1st Play)

Calyx & TeeBee - ft Kemo Pure Gold (Friction BBC R1 - Exclusive 1st Play)

The first two singles taken from Calyx & TeeBee’s forthcoming album ‘All Or Nothing’ have been heavily supported by tastemakers across the board. Lining up to drop them are Radio 1 DJs Zane Lowe and Annie Mac, UK #1 artists DJ Fresh and Rudimental, Example’s touring partner DJ Wire and scene stalwarts TC and Matrix & Futurebound, to name but a few. And now the duo is ready to unleash the third single from ‘All Or Nothing’, an incredible slice of D&B funk featuring the vocal talents of Kemo. Marrying influences from hip hop, funk and mid-‘90s drum & bass, Calyx & TeeBee offer up a distinctly different track that tugs on feelings of nostalgia while pushing the envelope forward. ‘Pure Gold’ is effortlessly fresh, oozing with bouncing hip hop, double bass funk and D&B energy this track will undoubtedly sound great from the car to the club, across radio waves and dance floors alike. Wilkinson steps up for the first remix of the package, keeping the orchestral provenance suggested by the intro of the original and rolling it out into a booming, winding bass monster. This is drumstep at its finest, resisting the urge to throw in a million random bleeps, Wilkinson instead infuses ‘Pure Gold’ with his own unique style and creates an absolute killer of a remix in the process. Next up Hostage takes ‘Pure Gold’ into serious bouncing house territory. As the punchy drums are punctuated by that infamous horn sample you’re pulled slowly and gently in. Before long Hostage places precision cuts of Kemo’s vocal and the infectious bass loop into the mix along with some carnival snares that ensure this is one of the most infectious 4/4 tracks you’re likely to hear all year. Rounding the digital package off Calyx & TeeBee offer up their own track ‘Perspectives’, a sure-fire slice of D&B that’s sure to keep the heads happy. Relentless bass and expertly chosen sound FX all combine with rolling percussion and stunning production to create a perfect dance floor roller. Calyx & TeeBee Vinyl A. Pure Gold ft Kemo AA. Perspectives Digital 1. Pure Gold ft Kemo (Original Mix) 2. Pure Gold ft Kemo (Radio Edit) 3. Pure Gold ft Kemo (Wilkinson Remix) 4. Pure Gold ft Kemo (Hostage Remix) 5. Perspectives (Original Mix) Release: 29th October 2012 Cat no: RAMM124

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17. 60 Mintues - Mistajam Mix

60 Mintues - Mistajam Mix

We did a mix for @mistajam on 1xtra for 60 minutes of @ramrecords Buy our latest single - A Day That Never Comes / Snakes & Ladders - Tracklisting : 1- Calyx & TeeBee - A Day That Never comes - RAM 2- Culture Shock - Raindrops - RAM 3- Noisia - Incessant - Vision 4- Tchami feat. Kaleem Taylor - Promesses - Calyx & TeeBee RMX - Ministry Of Sound 5- June Miller - Bad Brains - RAM 6- Brain Crisis - Cammachock -Subtitles 7- Mako - The Space - Symmetry 8- Mayhem & Logam feat. Armanni Reign - We Will - RAM 9- DLR - The Grip - Dispatch 10- Bensley - Fandango - RAM 11- Krakota - Ghosts - Hospital 12- Chroma - So Alone VIP - RAM 13- Ivy Lab - 20 questions - Critical 14- Mark System - Optix - Exit 15- Calyx & TeeBee - Get It Twisted - RAM 16- Smooth - Black Hole - viper 17- Jus Now - Leh Go (Break RMX) -Dubplate 18- Noisia,Hybris & Mefjus - Reptilians - Vision 19- Calyx & TeeBee feat. Ayah Mahrar - The Fall - RAM 20- Gridlok - Mind reader -Dubplate 21- LSB-Loop Of Love - Dubplate 22- Brain Crisis - Grey Day - Subtitles 23- Gridlok - The Plot - dubplate 24- Nausika - Hidden Traits - Subtitles 25- Foreign Beggars - feat.Alix Perez - Modus (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) - Par Excellence 26- Break - Confidential - Symmetry Dub plate 27- Gerra & Stone - Running Back - RAM 28- Mark System - Pursuit - Exit 29- DLR feat. Fokus - Ask The Question - dispatch 30- Rene La Vice - Pipe - RAM 31- Ivy Lab - Gomeisa - Critical 32- Mefjus - Expedition - Critical 33- DLR feat. Break - human Error - Dispatch 34- Spor - Aztec (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) -Shogun 35 - Calyx & TeeBee - Wipeout - RAM 36- DRS feat. LSB & Tyler Daily -The View - SoulR 37- Ivy Lab - Forex - Critical 38- Calyx & TeeBee - Snakes & Ladders - RAM

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18. Calyx & TeeBee - Ghetto ft. Doctor

Calyx & TeeBee - Ghetto ft. Doctor

Calyx & TeeBee make a triumphant return with Ghetto, featuring the badman vocal talents of Doctor. Taken from their new 1x1 album, out now via RAM Records: Calyx & Teebee: Facebook → SoundCloud → RAM Records: Facebook → SoundCloud → Link with Drum&BassArena on: YouTube → Facebook → Twitter → Music news → Subscribe to our weekly newsletter →

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19. Calyx & TeeBee - Mix for UMF Radio USA

Calyx & TeeBee - Mix for UMF Radio USA

UMF Radio MIX TRACKLIST 1-Calyx & TeeBee - Stray Bullet (RAM) 2-Calyx & TeeBee - Cloud 9 (RAM) ——> Calyx & TeeBee - Sawn Off (RAM) 3-Mikal - The Rough Life (Headz) 4-Disprove - Negative Dots (Invisible) 5-Xtra & Noisia - Up To Something (Invisible) 6-LSB - Loop of Love (Unknown) 7-Calyx & TeeBee - Day That Never Comes (RAM) —-> Noisia - Incessant (Vision) 8-Foxes - Better Love (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) (BMG) 9-Was A Be - Carcosa - (Subtitles) 10-Calyx & TeeBee - Long Gone (RAM) 11-Tchami feat. Kaleem Tyler - Promesses (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) (Ministry) 12-DLR & Nympho - Affiction (Dispatch) 13-Meridian Dan & Fresh - Hot For Me (Calyx & TeeBee RMX) (Sony) 14-Apex - Inner space (Subtitles) 15-Calyx & TeeBee - Elevate This Sound (RAM) 16-Calyx & TeeBee feat. Ayah Mahrar - The Fall (1X1)(RAM) 17-Calyx & TeeBee - Ghostwriter (RAM) 18-Calyx & TeeBee -Panic Attack (RAM) 19-Mefjus - Expedition (Inside Info RMX) (Critical) 20-Xtrah/Dub Physix - Dubplate (Unknown) 21-Kryptic Minds - The Truth (Inside Info RMX ) ( RAM) 22-Calyx & TeeBee - Snakes & Ladders (RAM) 23-Calyx & TeeBee - Broken Notes (RAM) 24-EDIT - Flake (Subtitles) 25-Xtrah/Noisia - Gravitas (Invisible) 26-Mikal feat.Chimpo - Brain Matter (Headz) 27-Was A Be - Choices (Subtitles) 28-Calyx & TeeBee feat. Doctor -Where We Go (RAM) —->Gridlok & Prolix - Revenge (Project 51) 29-Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit (Vision) 30-Davip - One Big Thing (Subtitles) 31-Brain Crisis & Segment & Concept Vision - Defender (Subtitles) 32-Denney - Low Frequency (Calyx & TeeBee RMX)(Ministry of Sound) 33-Calyx & TeeBee - Get It Twisted (RAM) 34-Calyx & TeeBee - Untitled (Unknown) —>Brain Crisis - Gamacho (Subtitles)

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