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1. Sleep Well Beast

Sleep Well Beast

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2. Episode 90 - The National - Sleep Well Beast, Alvvays, Small Circle, Neil Young

Episode 90 - The National - Sleep Well Beast, Alvvays, Small Circle, Neil Young

In this episode, Jake and Sean discuss the National's new album "Sleep Well Beast," including a conversation about their favorite songs and moments from the record, as well as how it fits into the band's already strong discography. They also discuss new music from Alvvays, Small Circle, and Neil Young. Lastly, they preview (hopefully) seeing Paul McCartney this weekend at Madison Square Garden.

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3. 21 // Sleep Well Beast (The National) Album Review // 2017

21 // Sleep Well Beast (The National) Album Review // 2017

After sadly having to skip episodes 18-20 of our 2017 series due to Michelle getting sick and losing their voice, we return to review The National’s Sleep Well, Beast The National's tracks sampled (in order of appearance) - Day I Die (album: Sleep Well Beast) - Born to Beg (album: Sleep Well Beast) - I'll Still Destroy You (album: Sleep Well Beast) - Guilty Party (album: Sleep Well Beast) - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness (album: Sleep Well Beast)

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5. The National - Sleep Well Beast (jz Dub)

The National - Sleep Well Beast (jz Dub)

checking out your dub

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7. 517 The National, Brendon Small, Jessica McKenna

517 The National, Brendon Small, Jessica McKenna

Indie rock band The National joins Scott this week to talk about their new album “Sleep Well Beast,” spaceship rockumentaries, and to perform songs off their new album. Then, Victor and Tiny are back to tell us about their journey trying to get a driver’s license. Plus, acrobat Dagmar the Small returns to talk about how she got her hollow bones and her impromptu performances floating around town.This episode is brought to you by Blue Apron (, (, and Away ( code: BANGBANG).

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8. Under The Needle, Episode 119 - The National

  • Published: 2017-12-14T22:23:53Z
  • By KEXP
Under The Needle, Episode 119 - The National

This week on Under The Needle, we welcome one of America’s longest running indie-rock bands, The National. The band re-emerged this year with their 7th studio album, Sleep Well Beast. The band self-produced the Grammy nominated record in a new studio they built in rural upstate New York. This session features tracks from Sleep Well Beast, as well as an unreleased song, “Rylan.”

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9. For the Record #73: The National's "Sleep Well Beast"

For the Record #73: The National's

The National are back with their 7th studio record, "Sleep Well Beast," and we discuss it in depth on episode #73 of "For the Record." For all the episodes, visit

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10. Episode 73 - The National, PWR BTTM Discussion, Girlpool

Episode 73 - The National, PWR BTTM Discussion, Girlpool

In this episode, Sean and Jake discuss their excitement about new single from the National and their upcoming new album "Sleep Well Beast." They also discuss PWR BTTM and the recent sexual assault allegations that have been made against the band. Segments include Trim the Fat on The Beatles classic White Album and Two Truths and a Lie about Rolling Stone.

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11. Episode 30 (feat. LCD Soundsystem, The National, Action Bronson, Zola Jesus + more) 10.6.17

Episode 30 (feat. LCD Soundsystem, The National, Action Bronson, Zola Jesus + more) 10.6.17

This is a Music Review Podcast. Take a listen and discover something new. Links to Apple Music and Spotify below so listen along. In this episode we cover albums by... 0:17 The National- Sleep Well Beast 6:15 Action Bronson- Blue Chips 7000 11:54 Zola Jesus- Okovi 17:10 Mount Kimbie- Love What Survives 22:09 EX Eye- Ex Eye 27:28 Oh Sees- Orc 31:54 LCD Soundsystem- american dream w/ Vivian

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12. 5-й ефір Живий/Новемберний

5-й ефір Живий/Новемберний

пісні з ефіру: - Nobody Else Will Be There The National Sleep Well Beast - I Fall in Love Too Easily (Bonus)Чет Бейкер - Violence Tender - EP III - Мертвий півень і вікторо морозов Біла квітка - SEVDALIZA - HUMAN - Talos Landscape - alex turner glass in the park

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13. Sensitive Beasts Within

Sensitive Beasts Within

Mashup of a few items that creates a tonic as moody as it is royal that you can listen to on your walk home, or whatever. Remixed the following: The National - Sleep Well Beast The XX - Dangerous Brand New - Batter Up Thundercat - Lava Lamp SBTRKT - TBD Roy Ayers - Sensitize

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Podem canviar el món? Problablement no però sí ens podem adaptar a les circunstàncies. Us proposem 17 nous temes del 2017 que connecten amb la més rabiosa actualitat: Moby "More Fast Songs About Apocalypse", Mogwai "Every Country's Sun", Beach House "B-Sides & Rarities", Father John Misty "Pure Comedy", Grizzly Bear "Painted Ruins", The Drums "Abysmal Thoughts", The Charlatans "Different Days", Ride "Weather Diaries", The KVB "Of Desire", The National "Sleep Well Beast", Paul Weller "A Kind Revolution", Mathew Sweet "Tomorrow Forever", Stormy Mondays "Suitcase Full Of Dreams", The Strypes "Spitting Images", The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart", Dan Auerbach "Waiting On A Song"... Tot està per fer i tot és possible.

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15. KierstinHederstedtDemo - 2:23:18, 6.45 PM

KierstinHederstedtDemo - 2:23:18, 6.45 PM

Set 1 *Anti Di Franco / Deferred Gratification / Binary / Righteous Babe *Hippo Campus / Warm Glow / Warm Glow / Grand Jury Music *Gordi / On My Side / Reservoir / Jagjauwar *Kane Strang / Oh So You're Off I See / Two Hearts and No Brain / Dead oceans Set 2 *Hammydown / Pizzaface / Pizzaface EP / They Meet *Alex Lahey / Let's Call It A Day / I Love You Like A Brother / Dead Oceans *Taylor Knox / Didn't Even Try / Love / Self Released *Alex Cameron / True Lies / Forced Witness / Secretly Canadian Set 3 *Gordi / Can We Work This Out / Reservoir / Jagjaguwar *The National / Guilty Party / Sleep Well Beast / 4AD Ltd *Knox Fortune / Keep You Close / Paradise / Self Released Milo Greene / 1957 / Milo Greene / Chop Shop Records

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16. Elliot Phillips Demo Tape

Elliot Phillips Demo Tape

SET 1 *Moby and the Void Pacific Choir/In This Cold Place/More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse/Little Idiot *Sylvan Esso/Signal/What Now/Loma Vista Recordings *TENDER/Nadir/Modern Addiction/Partisan Records *Coast Modern/Hollow Life/Coast Modern/+1 Records SET 2 *So Much Light/Be Afraid/Oh, Yuck/Anti *The National/Day I Die/Sleep Well Beast/4AD Ltd *Hot Flash Heat Wave/Raindrop/Soaked/Hot Flash Heat Wave *Shabazz Palaces/Gorgeous Sleeper Cell/Quazarz vs. The Jealous Machines/Sub Pop Records SET 3 *Coast Modern/Dive/Coast Modern/+1 Records *Sylvan Esso/Song/What Now/Loma Vista Recordings *Night Drive/Strange Telepathy/Night Drive/Roll Call Records *Joywave/Shutdown/Content/Cultco Music GRAVEYARD SHIFT TIMES 1. 2-4am 2. 1-3am 3. 12-2am

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17. Popperlapop

  • Published: 2017-07-19T10:52:30Z
  • By Radio Q

Radio Q Reporter Till Otte hat ein ganzes Album voller Informationen, z.B. über den neuen Release der "The Smiths". Es handelt sich dabei nicht um eine Reunion, sondern nur um eine Superdeluxe-Edition des Albums "The Queen is dead". Wieso Ed Sheeran einen Gastauftritt in Game of Thrones hatte und was er in Zukunft filmtechnisch plant, weiß Till Otte ebenfalls. Das neue Album von The National heißt "Sleep Well Beast" und kann in Ausschnitten online angehört werden. Zum guten Schluss klärt Till auf, auf welche seltsame Art und Weise sich Taylor Swift an den Paparazzi hat vorbeischmuggeln lassen.

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18. Rádio Companhia #38 - Os melhores do ano - 1ª parte

Rádio Companhia #38 - Os melhores do ano - 1ª parte

E chegamos ao último programa de 2017! Vamos falar das coisas boas do ano que passou? Pedimos para as funcionárias e os funcionários da editora fazerem três listas com os melhores do ano, indicando em cada uma delas os três melhores itens de cada categoria, sendo que pelo menos uma das listas deveria ser sobre as melhores leituras. Voltaremos na primeira semana de 2018 com a segunda parte deste episódio! Aproveitamos este último post para desejar que todos os nossos ouvintes tenham boas comemorações de final de ano e ótimos momentos de leitura neste período. Até 2018! ;) --- As listas deste episódio: Paulo Santana, Marketing Melhores leituras no ano: “Só garotos”, de Patti Smith; “Câmera lenta”, de Marília Garcia; “Tartarugas até lá embaixo”, de John Green (Editora Intrínseca). 2. As edições mais bonitas: “Com O Mar Por Meio - Uma Amizade Em Cartas”, por José Saramago e Jorge Amado; “Todo amor”, de Vinicius de Moraes; “Cidades invisíveis”, de Italo Calvino. 3. Melhores piadas internas do departamento de Comunicação: “Alô, Rosildo?”; “”; Pessoas “fardo” x “alegria” de viver. Indicação de YA LGBT: Tash de Tolstói, de Kathryn Ormsbee. Antonio Castro, editorial Seguinte e Companhia das Letrinhas Três livros infantis que o deixaram mais feliz: “Ah, os lugares aonde você irá!”, de Dr. Seuss (será lançado em 2018); “O Homem-cão”, de Dav Pilkey; “Coisa de menino”, de Pri Ferrari. 2. Melhores livros de literatura “YA” LGBT: “A lógica inexplicável da minha vida”, de Benjamin Alire Sáenz; “Fera”, de Brie Spangler; “Quinze dias”, de Vitor Martins (Editora Globo Alt). 3. Melhores aplicativos: Headspace; Citymapper; Moment. Marina Pastore, e-books Melhores leituras - “4321”, de Paul Auster (será lançado em 2018); - “Hibisco roxo”, de Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie; - “Laços”, de Domenico Starnone (Editora Todavia). Diana Passy, departamento de Marketing Melhores leituras: “O conto da aia”, de Margareth Atwood (Editora Rocco); “Fraude legítima”, de E. Lockhart; “As perguntas”, de Antônio Xerxenesky. 2. Autores que quer ver na Flip de 2018: Celeste Ng; George Saunders; Colson Whitehead. 3. Podcasts para quem quer ser escritor: 88 cups of tea; Curta ficção; Os 12 trabalhos do escritor. Clara dias, assessoria de imprensa Melhores leituras: “O pretérito imperfeito”, B. Kucinski; “Dias de abandono”, Elena Ferrante; “Laços”, Domenico Starnone. 2. Séries: “Billions”; “The crown”; “Empire of the Tsars”. 3. Melhores discos do universo hipsters: “Recomeçar”, de Tim Bernardes; “Ottomatopeia”, de Otto; “Em noite de climão”, de Letrux. Max Santos, Eventos Melhores eventos de lançamento: “Uma história do samba - Vol. I”, de Lira Neto, no Rio de Janeiro; “Na minha pele”, de Lázaro Ramos, em Salvador e em Paraty, na Flip; “A glória e seu cortejo de horrores”, de Fernanda Torres, em São Paulo.(hyperlink em vídeo: 2. Livros para ler com crianças no final do ano: “O Homem-cão”, de Dav Pilkey; “Coisa de menino” e “Coisa de menina”, de Pri Ferrari; O mundo seria mais legal, de Marcelo Tolentino. Laura, produtora do Rádio Companhia Melhores leituras “Tudo o que tenho levo comigo”, de Herta Müller; “Você é minha mãe?”, de Alison Bechdel; “Nada a invejar - Vidas comuns na Coreia do Norte”, de Barbara Demick. Taize Odelli, Redes sociais Melhores leituras: “Lincoln no limbo”, de George Saunders; “Manual da faxineira”, de Lucia Berlin; “História da sua vida”, de Ted Chiang. 2. Álbuns: “Sleep Well Beast”, de The National; “ American Dream” de LCD Soundsystem; “Pure Comedy”, de Father John Misty. 3. Autoras para ler em 2018: Zadie Smith; Celeste Ng; Sally Rooney.

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19. E24 l'écologie

E24 l'écologie

Bonjour ami auditeur, On a tous un côté écolo au fond de nous, pour certains il faut aller chercher très loin. Pour notre ami Steven en revanche, pas besoin de chercher longtemps, il plante des chataîgnes et des pralines dans tous les coins de l'écran, Steven c'est l'ami des castors, vous aussi, comme Steven faites un geste pour la planète (un high-kick par exemple). L'enregistrement de ce podcast n'est pas bio et a nécessité des énergies non renouvelables. En revanche, le contenu de cet épisode, encore une fois, est totalement recyclable et son emballage peut être déposé dans une poubelle jaune. La liste des films traîtés : Erin Brockovich / Battle in Seattle / Soleil Vert / A la poursuite de demain / Okja / Demain / Terrain miné / The East Nos recommandations : Sylvia (film): 120 battements par minute Sébastien (film): Au revoir là-haut Pierre (musique) : The National - Sleep Well Beast Antoine vous recommande de rester au chaud en cette période de froid. Musiques utilisées : - Michael Jackson : Earth Song - Interstellar soundtrack : Cornfield Chase Bonne émissions à vous.

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