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2. Some Kind Of Love

Some Kind Of Love

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3. The Killers - Some Kind Of Love (Piboga Remix)

The Killers - Some Kind Of Love (Piboga Remix)

huge thanks to BuhDan for the drum loop used at the end of the song

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5. Week 37●Sept.17

Week 37●Sept.17

Support the talent●Listen carefully●Enjoy the moment●Share unconditionally 🅾️New sounds in: Indie Pop | Surf Pop | Lo-Fi | Indie Rock | Chillwave | Alternative | Dream Pop | Indie Folk | Electro Pop | Singer-Songwriter | Alt-Country | Shoegaze | Etc. ✅Spotify🔗 ✅Play September's Playlist on Soundcloud 🔗 🔁Week 37 01.🇮🇪 Bassh●Go To 02.🇦🇺 Why We Run●Firebird 03.🇺🇸 San Fermin●Asleep On The Train 04.🇬🇧 Nick Mulvey●We Are Never Apart 05.🇺🇸 Loud Forest●Wake Up 06.🇮🇪 Ciaran Lavery●Wells Tower Song 07.🇸🇪 Flora Cash●You Are Healing 08.🇬🇧 Jack Savoretti●Whiskey Tango 09.🇦🇺 BROADHURST●Just Us 10.🇦🇺 British India●Take Me With You 11.🇬🇧 To Kill A King●Spiritual Dark Age 12.🇬🇧 TENDER●Crawl 13.🇦🇹 Farewell Dear Ghost●Moonglass 14.🇬🇧 Neon Waltz●Dreamers 15.🇨🇦 Jordan Klassen●Dominika 16.🇦🇺 Lime Cordiale●Temper Temper 17.🇬🇧 Plastic Flowers●How Can I 18.🇬🇧 Jacob Banks●Unknown (To You) 19.🇺🇸 The Killers●Some Kind Of Love 20.🇬🇧 Swimming Tapes●Where We Can Hide 21.🇺🇸 Wild Ones●Standing In The Back At Your Show 22.🇩🇰 Heimatt●Beneath The Surface 23.🇦🇺 Cut Copy●Black Rainbows 24.🇺🇸 Refs●Fool 25.🇺🇸 Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes●Paralyzed 26.🇳🇿 Lorde feat. Khalid, Post Malone, SZA●Homemade Dynamite 27.🇬🇧 Only Shadows●Fight Milk 28.🇩🇪 Sandra Kolstad●Hurricane 29.🇺🇸 Ski Lodge●Secure 30.🇬🇧 WILDES●Ghost

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6. soundtrack lunare per qualche amico lontano

  • Published: 2017-11-27T15:24:39Z
  • By Lorenzo_F
soundtrack lunare per qualche amico lontano

01 Jacaszek, to blossoms 02 Celldweller, echoes 03 Carla Dal Forno, we shouldn't have to wait 04 Depeche Mode, barrel of a gun (underworld soft mix) 05 Clock Opera, when we disappear 06 The Killers, some kind of love 07 Liam Gallagher, i've all i need 08 Antony & The Johnsons, hope there's someone 09 Andy Nice, atlantean 10 Balmorhea, clear language 11 Morrissey, november the second 12 Le Tigre, cry for everything bad that's ever happened 13 Manu Delago feat. Pete Josef, a step 14 The Hidden Cameras, we oh we (4-track recording) 15 Daniel Brandt, turn over 16 Fat Feathers, drop'n my soul 17 Sylvain Chauveau feat. Myriam Pruvot, i follow rivers 18 Lotte Kestner, how to disappear completely 19 Magnet, willow's song

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7. As You Are

As You Are

This mix is for those who don't feel seen in this world. It's for those who seem to be friends with darkness and strangers to the light. Among the song track listing below, there were various samples remixed throughout the track, as follows: Ted Talks News Broadcasts March For Our Lives protest speeches Track listing: DNA - Hans Zimmer (WaterTower Music) My Oh My - Punch Brothers (Nonesuch Records, Inc.) Goodbye My Son - Hans Zimmer (WaterTower Music) Never An Absolution - James Horner (Sony Classical/Sony Music Soundtrax) Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland - Sufjan Stevens (Asthmatic Kitty Records) Dawn - The Cinematic Orchestra (Beat Records) Silent Running - Carbon Based Lifeforms (Leftfield Records) Some Kind of Love - The Killers (Island Records) Theme From Schindler's List - John Williams (Sony Classical) Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens (Asthmatic Records) Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve (Hut Records) Bittersweet Symphony (cover) - Choir Choir Choir!

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8. The Killers Wonderful, Wonderful DOWNLOAD^ (SEE LINK BELOW)

The Killers Wonderful, Wonderful DOWNLOAD^ (SEE LINK BELOW)

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9. Ep. 29: NFL Rivalries & Niall Horan's New Single

Ep. 29: NFL Rivalries & Niall Horan's New Single

Episode 29 begins with on sales including Niall Horan’s 2018 tour leg with opener Maren Morris. Trans-Siberian Orchestra adds more shows for their on sale. Jewel’s “Handmade Holiday Tour” has 23 shows on sale. Little Big Town adds their “Breakers Tour” with Kacey Musgraves and Midland. Luke Combs adds 4 shows. Cirque du Soleil Crystal has a whopping 105 shows on sale. Jeff Dunham has 23 shows on sale. MLB Playoffs get rolling with Yankees’ 3 games on sale. In addition, PBR has ten events on sale. Singles begin with “rockstar” by Post Malone and 21 Savage. Travis Scott and Metro Boomin dropped a lackluster “Blue Pill.” Niall Horan released his third single “Too Much To Ask” and announced his album ‘Flicker’ release date on October 20th. Nick Jonas released “Find You.” The Killers dropped ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ today and preceded it with one last single “Some Kind of Love.” Maggie Rogers released “Splitting Stones.” Macklemore dropped his album ‘GEMINI’ today, and he released a single “Good Old Days” featuring Kesha from the album this past week. He also released “Change” featuring Ben Abraham, an outtake from the album. Khalid dropped his rough draft of single “Perfect.” Miley Cyrus released her third single “Week Without You” before her album ‘Younger Now’ drops next week. For album reviews, Foo Fighters dropped ‘Concrete and Gold.’ Sports delves into the PGA Tour Championship that finishes off the FedEx Cup. NBA drama boils with Kyrie Irving on ‘First Take’ and Kevin Durant’s fake social media accounts. For college football, Oklahoma State vs. TCU and Mississippi State vs. Georgia go down this weekend. NFL Week 2 brought a struggling Giants, and they will face their rivals the Eagles in Week 3. Raiders vs. Redskins are also a Week 3 preview highlight.

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10. The Frozen Embryos - Walking Primrose

The Frozen Embryos - Walking Primrose

Girls Aloud are literally my favourite band ever. Apart from maybe Pulp. Yeah, Pulp are better. But Girls Aloud are second. They seem to have stopped now, not split up, just stopped, a bit like what Pulp did. They should get back together in 2019 for some triumphant reunion gigs and play Glastonbury and it be the best thing ever. Like what Pulp did. Here is a list of ten songs by Girls Aloud that are amazing. 1. Something Kinda Ooooh Ooooh has four o’s, it’s very important to remember that. 2. Biology Their Paranoid Android. But better, obv. 3. Whole Lotta History Two things here: Nicola’s “Hello, did you call me?” at the start of the second verse, and the way Sarah sings “funky” in the outro so that it rhymes with “Monday”. “Funkay”. Amazing. 4. Je Ne Parle Pas Francais Can’t Speak French, IN FRENCH. You can literally see what they’ve done there. This was the b-side of Can’t Speak French. Rewritten lyrics, impeccable accents, it’s all going on. B-sides are dead now, aren’t they? I think Girls Aloud could have been the last great b-sides band. I bought this single at Woolworths in Skipton. Still can’t believe Woolworths went under. It had gone rubbish though. 5. Deadlines and Diets “I hate to say but I’m feeling nauseous, I put that down to too much gin” 6. No Good Advice Classic second single, it’s all about Nicola’s bit at the end: “No need to count those dirty sheep”. 7. The Loving Kind A Girls Aloud song written by the Pet Shop Boys, how could this not be amazing? Okay, so it’s basically Call The Shots mkII, but I don’t like Call The Shots and I LOVE The Loving Kind. Go, and indeed, figure. 8. Graffiti My Soul Xenomania wrote this for Britney, it got rejected, probably because it’s vaguely threatening and has no discernible chorus, so Girls Aloud stuck it on their album. Britney released Toxic by Cathy Dennis instead. Two incredible songs, music was the winner here. “Spiked heels and skintight jeans I’ve got a fistful of love that’s coming your way” is a brilliant pop lyric. 9. Live In The Country A drum’n’bass banger about wanting to, well, live in the country. With farmyard sound effects, strawberry shortcake and an eccentric pronunciation of “eccentric” from Nicola. The last song on what could well turn out to be their last album, it’s a bit emotional. 10. The Promise Instant stone cold classic. The best bit is when Sarah shouts “HERE I AM! WALKING PRIMROSE!”, which I liked so much I stole it and wrote a song with the same name. I think I’m quite safe in saying the Primrose in question is Primrose Hill in London, not the pub in Leeds that is now shut. Incidentally, The Promise is Girls Aloud’s best video by an absolute country mile. Having stolen the title from The Promise, I made a whole bunch of other lyrical “swipes” from the GA back catalogue. I think there are 17 in total, but I probably couldn’t pick them all out any more, you’ll have to do that yourself. Musically, this doesn’t sound anything like Girls Aloud, mainly because it was written in a completely different way to how Girls Aloud songs get written. As far as I know, Xenomania come up with a musical idea, loop it for 10 minutes and everyone gets round and throws melodies and lyrics at it until something sticks and a song emerges from the sprawling mass. I just stole some lyrics and stuck it on top of a chord sequence inspired by Hot N Cold by Katy Perry and threw in a bit of Human by The Killers for good measure. You might not be able to hear those two, but they’re there, trust me. Lyrics I love you more than you love me We always seem to disagree But if that’s the way that it’s got to be Then that’s the way that it is There’s always someone in the frame I buy you flowers and curse your name Get caught up in our stupid game Where a hit feels like a kiss Tangled up in circumstances Out of our control Take me back to where we once belonged When we were walking primrose Your funkay smile it says so much I need to see that tender touch But you go and leave me in the lurch And now I don’t know how to feel Tears in toilets, minds on fire The night explodes our last desires Falling freeform through the wire This all feels far too real Promises we made will fade As Thursday thunder rolls Take me back to where we once belonged When we were walking primrose Bossa nova nights slow dancing by the sea Anaesthetise me when I’m counting dirty sheep Twenty minutes then I slip into your jeans I’m feeling nauseous and I don’t know what this means I saw your letter and I heard your secret code I tried to call you, there’s no answer on your phone Dreams that glittered hae been slowly turning cold Now there’s no meaning and we’re only skin and bone Dead on our feet where once upon a time we flew We’ve been to places where the sky is always blue But life got cold and now we don’t know what to do But you can still make all my stupid dreams come true I need a doctor when I feel my demons fall You can bring me back to life with just one call Don’t you know that I’d go anywhere at all But I’m never getting anywhere at all Walking primrose

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