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2. Hey Guys (Feat Anti The Spiritual)

  • Published: 2017-04-01T00:39:49Z
  • By Koala Boy
Hey Guys (Feat Anti The Spiritual)

Koala Boy X Koala Kid

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3. happy-go-lucky ∞ saib.

  • Published: 2015-08-25T16:42:19Z
  • By Thiago
happy-go-lucky ∞ saib.

@saib_eats hey this for you the one's who say what I do who want control over me i'll have you know that I'm free and any problems you have you'll have to solve them yourself remember life isn't fair and right now I do not care this is my day off like Ferris, now how many times have you heard that exact line? embarassed rappers recycle more go than green clubs but that's not the topic today, I'm getting my feet rubbed for free cus after it's done, I'm running so just keep up nah don't condone stealing, I float my boat freely from coast to coast breezing, I feel connected from pacific to atlantic, kind of spiritual in practice feel the physical reaction, Earth spinning on its axis i'm relaxing, be back in a couple months and as much as I appreciate you tryna keep in touch, don't i'm a nice guy but you're making me kind of cutthroat turn off wi-fi and I'm pushing myself to shut phone off no talk, got no drama no boss, no fuss, got no problems no cause to go off on anybody so calm, and so long, I'm so gone but hey this for you the one's who say what I do who want control over me i'll have you know that I'm free and any problems you have you'll have to solve them yourself remember life isn't fair and right now I do not care this my two week notice, I'm quitting everything, school, team, working up at the movie theatre for minimum wage, should get a raise ive been here for three years and still get what $7.25 collecting pennies on the side to deposit them in the Coinstar at Harris Teeter, your boy's hard comparing cheap stuff on Amazon, but how does shipping cost more than what I have on my cart is hardly never Mario, Double Dash i come up fast like humping a bubble ass, what's up with that, Thiago? if that's too graphic for you then just get out imagination, bad bitch photographing for the penthouse i'll X out expectations, replace them with my goals if they don't correlate with yo's then yo! just deal with it you feeling it? I've been killing it, you learn to live with it the kid's legitimate now, Brazilian, U.S. citizen the great U.S. of A today and hey I'm blessed to say if I don't feel like doing shit, I have the right to rest away, I guess that hey this for you the one's who say what I do who want control over me i'll have you know that I'm free and any problems you have you'll have to solve them yourself remember life isn't fair and right now I do not care i'm just happy-go-lucky, I'm napping, don't bug me on saturday, sunday, or any day of the week, it don't matter, I'm done being part of this honest to you, I promise your comments have no effect be smart to give it a rest, regardless, you give the cents, two rent's due, eff it dude, I'll pay it off tomorrow after test two, copy off the smarty in the front row, got a rendevouz at 7, just remembered that my car broke if she wants to go out still then we're gonna have to walk ho she backed out, but I ain't sad now, because that's how I spent the whole day watching Dragon Ball Z up on my couch what I'm lazy? that is so rude and I'm not trying to hear it mom cus right now I'm helping Goku charge up the spirit bomb hands up if you just don't give a fuck man, what? I'm just trying to live it up life's short, why waste it doing stuff you don't wanna, it's a problem, looking back and it all sucks hands up if you just don't give a fuck man, what? I'm just trying to live it up life's short, why waste it doing stuff you don't wanna, it's a problem, looking back and it all sucks so hey this for you the one's who say what I do who want control over me i'll have you know that I'm free and any problems you have you'll have to solve them yourself remember life isn't fair and right now I do not care i just do not care i'm out bitches peace

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4. Obvrse Barwin - Stage Fright (Letter To My Father)[ Bassman Mix ]

Obvrse Barwin - Stage Fright (Letter To My Father)[ Bassman Mix ]

"This song is dedicated to my father, real hey pop" Hook: Wash away my tears I can’t conceive A taste of heaven Paralyzed… Verse: 5 stages of grief what do I do I got stage fright/ Rap’s this unexpected gift I don’t know what to say I…/ I believe we’ve all got a certain light about us but for you to best picture what I’m feeling I need mine to hit the page just right/ Making sure that behind each bar these rows of letters looking just as cool as those rows of bottles/ Always worrying I picked the wrong line like I was someone in a hurry in a packed McDonald’s/ I don’t know how / I don’t know why / But critics weighing on my heart/ It hurts and I’m okay that it hurts/ Cuz I never would’ve got to say goodbye/ She would’ve died wondering why her little boy faces the wall when she tries to kiss him good night/ Hook Verse: Hey Dad, you okay/ I’m so sorry I left that day/ Funny how I’d prolly be more at peace if when you asked me you leaving? I’d a answer Nah I’m a stay/ It’s not the words I didn’t say/ It’s the song I didn’t play/ That song you and mom used to love I’d always play on the sax But I was so scared/ I still am/ Walking to school wishing I could squeeze your hand instead of my backpack’s straps/ My stomach beating/ Cuz my heart fell into it/ Only reason I’m alive is cuz it’s using my esophagus as a hollow reed to keep breathing/ Rhymes so personal got me naked in the open guess I’m streaking flushing meadows/ I wanted to show you how I love words just like you but those classes and programs almost took that from me so I took the AP out of “read prose” and that’s red rose/ Show you how this music got me transformed imaginary all-spark/ How I’m ready for what comes next spitting three eyed crow bars/ I wish I… Well sometimes I find pieces of paper hand written by you… then I draw little stick arms and little stick legs on the “I’s” so just for a second I can see myself as a man in your eyes/ Hook Verse: I love you, you’re my Dad you’re my hero/ But please don’t leave me please don’t/ I won’t have any friends, that’s where my feeling of emptiness comes from, all the kids keep a void in me so…/ I know/ I know people react to me like I do to that Norwegian letter: what a weird O/ I know/ I’ve always felt your pain like your spiritual animal was a cross-eyed bear/ It’s because it went from the back of your mind to the front of my head that I love my patch of grey hair/ Hey Dad how did you get your ribs to loosen their grip? / Mine feel skeletal hand that reflex squeeze when something startles my heart/ I’m so sorry she got sick/ She’s drifting away dad and this time it’s not on inflatable crocodiles at the beach on a windy day/ The night’s quietly erasing her eyes and slowly there won’t be a difference between the sea and the skies/ So I have to go Dad…/ But this time I wont be coming back okay? / I’m so sorry you’ll never get to dance with her again because I told her it would be better if she was dead/ I was lying/ Outro: We were father and son, brothers in arms and I always wanted it to be just us two but not like this nah…/ This song is dedicated to my father: Real Hey Pop’/ We were father and son, brothers in arms and I always wanted it to be just us two but not like this, not like this…/ Hook

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Splitting the Adam and Uncloaking the Motherships by James Evans Bomar III THE PATH OF THE REAL ADEPT Our entire existence is being conducted across several dimensions and planes. Many are so much higher than the one we are on now. This should always serve to assist us when we feel alone to innerstand that you are not and everything is going as it needs to in your life which is constantly being watched over. You are encouraged to fully participate by obtaining total consciousness and awake from all subtle stages of sleep. When you show that you are responsible, without delay you will be given great talents. This is the Path of the Adept. There is no such thing as a wrong choice because even choices that may appear incorrect always serve to show you the correct way in contrast. Some lessons once learned need not be repeated over and over. Once you learn that fire burns you learn how carefully it must be handled. This limitation for our minds is how something comes from nothing. If you really sit down and think about it to our minds everything comes from somewhere, but when you get all the way up there in your mind you will still ask, but where did the first one come from? These questions cannot be answered on this Plane so always know there is an adventure and great discoveries ahead and it will enliven you in moments of cloudiness. This quest of realization, when we choose to take it serious, feeds the Soul the knowledge of its imperishable existence that has spanned across every Nano Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Month, Year, Decade, Century, Millennium, Epoch, Era, Eon, and Parsec. We sure have learned how to count time no, let us then examine the meaning of what has taken place. You were there during the Great Assembly of the first Beings compressed and magnificent and out of a few sprang forth many. We now have an opportunity to recount very crucial levels in our development and I know this will serve to make you more sound in who you really are. This will allow man and woman to truly know what they must do for each other. You will need to know the role of each of these Creations in order to bring about the true clarity that you are looking for. The entire knowledge of our beginning has lost it's meaning due to improper explanation but that does not mean it is lost altogether. This is because we are it. We act it out everyday. When you remove all of what is not important then you see it just as if you have cleaned out a closet and have now found good things you thought were lost. Of course we are the beginning and the ending of ourselves because the actions we take propel us in one direction or another. We will now reenact that creation only from the points of importance and not the numerous stories of Creator Gods and Myths that have gotten so tainted it is starting to assume humans were created as slaves. Humans were created as Humans and Humans are not slaves unless they chose to be. Humans may feel enslaved when they are tasked with the burden of managing themselves and their animal counterparts that have also arrived externally on this dimension with them, but do keep in mind first, before the split, all of creation was inside of you. SPLITTING THE AD-AM Let us begin to unseat the misconception right away. When people here the title AD-AM they immediately think of Adam as a Male who had as his wife Eve. Here you find the root to all confusion. This is because by this connotation it makes Adam male and Eve female and we are made to understand it this way. Those who taught it that way are the bringers of the deception who birthed the divisions caused by the ego/eagle God. I will lay their lies to waste by clear proofs. AD-AM is a composition of the words AD and AM or DA and MA/Daddy/Mama since english is backwords (not misspelled). These are ancient tones and vibrations for our Mother and Father nothing can change that. Our mother and father were originally inside of the same Being.  This clearly shows the word AD-AM already insists that the Being is Masculine and Feminine in nature and contains both counterparts. As I have remarked before how could woman be pulled out of man if she was not already inside of him. Further it is clear that female is still inside of man because he can produce a female offspring through a female semen. Again there has been a great confusion here because many are using ego and status to judge all of this and not common sense along with the everyday fractals of instruction that we witness in real life. Truly the only book you need is life and experience, that is of course if you had the proper way of analyzing things which is just to pay full attention to detail. Man and woman are explicably linked, and no matter how much one may insist they can live without the other those who follow such ideas, even if just mentally, will find their mind and energy blocked. Our lessons here are each other and once we innerstand each other we draw our divided self back unto us. So it is clear, innerstanding the female and male for who they truly are will allow you to fully realize your Wholeness and not before then. As long as we continue to misunderstand and even abuse each other, we further misunderstand and abuse ourselves. Etymology of Androgyne - Andro = Male  Gyne = Female  "Hmmm dreams of Genii" So we find AD-AM as an Androgyne who through some technique or occurrence externalizes its feminine and masculine counterparts as pairs. If you think about it there is really only one reason why such a Being would do something of this nature. It wanted to "unpack" all of the Myriads of existences that are generally compressed in an "Atom" and bring them out into an external world in which they could be realized once again. Have you ever wanted to see all of the things that your Soul contains? Have ever wanted to recall your entire life in front of you so you could view it like a movie less you forget it all since it is so expansive? This thought is shared by your Ancestors. I find that our gesture to split the Atom is like this. There was untold energy and potential and as always the hint of danger looms. However since the original Being had little if any fear this did not prevent it from externalizing its then internal womb.  "Womb-man" or Woman was then brought out with the ability to bring compressed life into a external world after it has be shaped and formed properly. The womb shapes, forms, and cultivates the seed of man so it can live in another environment since it begins as a Semen. This is also what Earth is doing now, She is preparing us. I have no doubt that Earth is prepping us for yet another great phase of our existence in which we must be first developed in this current womb/matrix before we can gestate into the next expansion. As can be seen with Semen they cannot live outside of the scrotum except in certain conditions or they die within seconds. When cultivated they become humans who also cannot live outside of this Matrix without Being developed or they will die or divide within seconds. The development is happening now, you are in the in-cube-bator. We will pull all of the mysteries apart, piece by piece and then reassemble them in perfect time.  Before we go any deeper it is important to make it clear that within the Atom exists all life very similar to how every part of the hologram still contains the whole. This would include the original state, so now you are aware it can be found. This will allow you to know that despite whether you are male or female you always have the ability to identify with the original state. This will kill all quarrels that may later arise when we start to analyze the role of the male and female as they go into court"ship". Always keep in mind you are looking at things when they are pulled apart if you start to think you are separate do not hesitate in bringing yourself back to the AD-AM which is Androgyne. ATTRACTION Know that if anything was once originally inside of us in the event it was removed we would long to place it back inside of us so we may feel complete, this is the whole basis to attraction. It is important to reflect on original life and how it works and not allow our minds to stray into this current timeline and how things appear after the mysteries have been misinterpreted and emotion has run amok causing the birth of imperfect states of consciousness and ways of being that still do not sooth our inner soul but rather appease our flesh and ego for a brief moment before we are off to the next thing. This includes all the various sexual preferences including homosexual, bi-sexual, trans-sexual etc. I will make it simple the sexual and emotional attraction that we feel when seeing someone that we like stems from us longing to be whole and complete again. We feel at that moment something is missing inside of us and as if by instinct we look. This is easier to point out through man and woman's desire to look at what he or she feels is beautiful. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder the appearances and even genders may vary, however, there is one basic thing happening, opposites are attracting. What the person feels they do not have on the deepest levels they sense it in another and that makes them look even if they are trying their best to control their eyes which are the faculties of the Soul. The Spirit of humans are called the Watchers because they use their eyes to do just about everything. Hey you are even using your eyes to read this. So you can say its instinct for us to long to be complete and since most have no real bearing on what they are looking for, and even why they are looking for it, they often fail to find it. This does no stop the outcome of the relationships that we may enter in where both parties walk away sometimes feeling as if they will never find what they are looking for. That is of course until the next attraction comes along. This can be a prolonged cycle that produces little benefits and more adversities such as loosing valuable time. As humans we do have a timeline to figure all of this out so I will clarify now what is really happening. For us on this Planet there can be no higher attainment than Kundalini. For the spiritually inclined Being their Spirit already knows this and because Kundalini has everything to do with uniting the masculine and feminine energies internally the whole of the persons Being begins to attempt to do this first externally since they are raised in an environment which states that everything can be found externally. Remember everything comes from the inside out, to effect the world around you change it first inside. What a person is really looking for in a Mate is someone that activates them.  I will have to take a moment to explain briefly about how Kundalini works with the Hormones but you can find all that information perfectly detailed by clicking "here". Basically what we call Kundalini is all of our hormones and bodily fluids working in total harmony generating pure salves, elixirs, and substances that further compress and condense themselves to release even more pure energy on a perfected cycle. It is easy to see why Kundalini challenges the mental, spiritual, and physical state of the person. It is easy to spot one who has Kundalini because they are extremely compassionate and seem to have the energy to assist everyone tirelessly. They are magnetic and need no advertising. There is an undeniable magic about these people that should not be confused with the acts of many of the modern magicians and religious leaders who are always low on miracles and high on demons. Many have tried to gain Kundalini using videos and various techniques while their minds are still partial, judgmental, and unforgiving. In most cases they never achieve Kundalini and in the event that they do, it reduces rather than increases them. For those thinking they can fool Kundalini such ideas are mad since Kundalini is really us locked away. How can we actually fool ourselves? So this is what is actually happening, people are trying to find shortcuts to the higher attainments but because the higher attainments are actually inside of them they are being watched from within. Thus ideas like "I will find a shortcut" and "once I have it I will control everyone" etc are all foolish. The fluids behind these thoughts circulate through the body throwing everything offline and off balance. The misuse of Kundalini power is what got us here in the Pen/Pentagram and it will be the proper use of Kundalini that will get you out. But notice how the problem and the solution are always the same thing. The more you dissolve the clouds around this reality the more you will see this reoccurring fact. The poison contains the antidote but you cannot approach this as a careless seeker you must approach it as an Adept that is ready to manage every point and gain total access once more. What happens when we meet someone we are attracted to is that many of the fluids spoke about in the document linked above begin to increase, especially testosterone and oxytocin. These fluids give us the feeling of motivation, being young again, prowess, stability, etc. So it is no wonder when you meet someone that you truly like, you begin to sharpen up. You start to exercise, sing in the shower, participate in random acts of kindness and things of this nature. But as things continue and the initial luster of the encounter begins to wear down these fluids reacting on the persons demeanor begin to subside and even become toxic. It is not long before the person begins to actually do the opposite of what they were doing before. They become more tired and lazy i.e they no longer want to go on outings but would rather stay at home, they let themselves "fall off" which means they don't keep themselves sharp for their Mate anymore. In the later stages arguments ensue which totally distort the entire system of the bodies. So it should be clear now a unhealthy relationship will prevent you from activating Kundalini. It is too late in this game to still be playing around. The only thing you have the right to become the master of is yourself. Do not let others entangle you in emotional confusion and if you truly care for them you will place yourself in another environment that you can activate in. Once you have done so you will know for sure if you are to return to them once more since now you have gained all of the means to assist them in making the transition from experience.  This should certainly clear up the mystery behind instinctual attraction we will now move further. To recap we find AD-AM now completely externalized and split on the Earth plane in Beings called Male and Female. This has been done to unfold the child or compressed existence that must act itself out once more for all to view since everyone is watching. It is important to remember that Man contains the Seed and surely Woman knows the value of the Seed. It is useless to deny this. Woman contains the perfect incubation chamber/womb/matrix. Without this the Semen would remain in their original state with no way of developing or unfolding. A seed is not a tree until it has the proper Soil/Soul, same word basically. In the ancient teachings after the division of AD-AM all true titles in the ancient languages given to woman actually meant boat or ship. Then it is very simple, the Semen/Sea Men must enter/neter the boat in order to live or they may drown in the vast abyss. Now the mysteries begin as I'm sure many were like "when is he going to get into the esoteric nature of all of this" lol well here it comes. As they say about the Goddess she chooses her mate and once she has chosen then the one who has been chosen cannot refuse. A dark ominous tone generally fills the room after these words are pronounced. I suppose this is what happens when you let people filled with fear interpret the ancient knowledge. This is referring to when the male ejaculates into the woman only one, if any, of the sperm will actually enter the ovum. All the others will perish, this is a fact. So in a sense only one is chosen. Everyone here in this world has already been chosen to enjoy life. We are all the Chosen Ones. This brings us to something else that is very important. Many men right now are wondering why they have no clear dream recall, no energy, often sick, can't think clear, can't focus, feel like the glass is half empty etc. Likewise some woman are wondering why they also feel these symptoms. The mystery is it has everything to do with the male wasting his Semen. This is why the first male that wasted his Semen in the Bible was destroyed immediately as an example that when you destroy and discard your Semen you are truly doing it to yourself and your lineage. You must learn to cycle them up through the body out of the root chakra which is the land of Saturn who is Brahma who most are now calling Abraham. When they remain locked in the base of the spin your consciousness basically remains locked in the base of your spine or hell like state. You have very little currency because you have no current or circulation. You must raise them to the more lofty regions or chakras and then you will experience the corresponding change in your life. This is very deep knowledge and will determine whether you make it or not so take it very serious. Any real teacher will walk the Path with his or her students, I'm telling you clearly we are now about to raise the ship, we are starting at level one. I would also like to make a point, they say Jesus was like Man but without sin, then that would mean he was not like man, period. So any true Messiah lives through the sin and then shows how to dissolve it. Women who are with a man who spills his Semen carelessly inherits his weakness through kinetics, ever watched a weak man and see how it makes you feel after? The two basically drag down each other. He has no energy thus he cannot transfer energy to her through Shakti contact. The two thus enter a vampiric relationship in which the female drains the male of his seeds and then places them on infertile ground in which they die. This gesture is the atrocity of this Planet, its real Qlipoth. The Seed should never be released unless it is to make a child, a man can have even greater sexual pleasures if he learns the secret to cycling his Semen. When a male has strengthened himself through these techniques and then chooses to have a child this child will not be like the normal offspring of weak men, this is a fact. The baby will come out with endowed intelligence and intellect.  Here is another mystery revealed. Many are asking what is truly to come next in our advancement through consciousness. I can tell you at some point we will not only be able to create Worlds which we can do now as each person is a world, we will be able to manage them properly thus becoming the Higher Beings that we so reverently speak of that are assisting. I have even asked where would the inhabitants for these Worlds we create come from? The answer was from within, we create inhabitants all the time they are called Semen. For males once they connect with their other feminine half through the divine wedding they then can move their "Beings" into the new spheres that have been prepared. A boy thinks of himself, a man thinks of his entire lineage but if you did not notice that is a feminine trait. It is the mother that considers all of life most. For Females they are those new worlds so if we do not assist her in preservation the Worlds our seeds will live in may be barren. A Woman is a world, a world is a Ship, we are flying through space people and more fleets are being added at every moment. The Seeds of the Male are fuel for the Ships or else they would not move. In this sense moving would be life, if the Ship has no life it has no fuel. Let us take a moment to imagine Earth with no living beings on it. At that point it ceases to become Earth. The Creation is much more expansive than most have been letting on. We all have a place far beyond our Earthly desires but we must innerstand each other and fulfill each other, not forsake each other. The hidden symbolism is when a man marries a woman before he kisses her he must first unveil her. Do not pay attention to how weddings go in this currently confused world (Kardashian) to determine the truth behind the gesture, just pay close attention to the symbolism. Until man innerstands woman and the true meaning of her existence he remains veiled, this also works for in reverse because many women do not innerstand what it means to hold that title while they struggle to become more manly which man is showing a bad example of also. The blind leading the blind. When they fully innerstand each other by what I'm explaining in this post the world becomes unveiled. As it says "I AM Isis and no mortal has lifted my veil". This means once you innerstand the mysteries of woman you cease to die and truly begin to live in the immortal state of consciousness. Human beings are immortal anyway but they do not live life believing they are and this is why they think they die when in actuality they just transmute.   There is a great deal more to add to this as I have now lifted the veil and solved evil. Anything that we are unaware or unsure of begins to manifest as a fear. This is why the Code to the Matrix was design to make one question everything so they could look over things that they may have skipped in thinking they are true when in fact they may be false or important when they are truly unimportant. It was created to train the mind how to do such things, the content itself was timed for that level of understanding and now Wholeness awaits. Neutralize your fear and make your enemies your dancing partners surely they cannot withstand a dance with Kundalini. On Earth we see everything as dual and this is how we have learned but I come to tell you we are at the point of moving beyond this and humanity is rapidly discovering that when we can rid ourselves of the phantoms of the negative things we created through misunderstanding then we shall pass. Just by what is explained in this post you can see how if something meant to be symbolic is explained on an external level then it sends a ripple effect of illusion across the dimension. To me this is the real deluge, when the mind, body, and soul are drowned in the abyss of consciousness unable to find its way, but alas a beacon appears and several Ships await. Meet me on the bridge of your Consciousness.

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6. February HOUSE Chart (Beatport On Fire)

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  • By FilyPusha
February HOUSE Chart (Beatport On Fire)

Deep House 1. 9 West - Protest (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves] (7:31) 2. Alex Deep, MadaLinux - Dont You Mind (Original Mix) [Beatality Records] (7:44) 3. Alex Deep, MadaLinux - Dont You Mind (Stevo Kovacic Remix) [Beatality Records] (7:15) 4. Alex Deep, MadaLinux - Roll Back To Classics (Original Mix) [Beatality Records] (8:26) 5. Alex Ustus - Sollen Night (Original Mix) [8sound] (6:50) 6. Andres Losada - Haunted (Diego Quintero Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (6:13) 7. Andres Losada - Haunted (DJ Nexxo Mix) [Koleto Beatz] (6:51) 8. Andres Losada - Haunted (Jandro Beat Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (6:09) 9. Andres Losada - Haunted (LEOESCO Aka DJ Leo Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (6:30) 10. Andres Losada - Haunted (Tone 15 You Town Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (7:33) 11. Andres Santana - Tusa (Original Mix) [Loca Music] (7:13) 12. Andy Slaker - Bakongo (Original Mix) [Adjunct Audio] (6:12) 13. Andy Slaker - Mendinka (Miro Pajic Remix) [Adjunct Audio] (7:06) 14. Andy Slaker - Mendinka (Original Mix) [Adjunct Audio] (7:10) 15. Art Department - Tell Me Why (Brennan Green Version) [Crosstown Rebels] (9:21) 16. Art Department - Touch You Gently (Original Mix) [Crosstown Rebels] (10:35) 17. Bobby Deep - Soul Trap (Christian Lamper Mix) [Manuscript Records Ukraine] (7:08) 18. Claptone - Cream (Original Mix) [Exploited] (6:30) 19. Claptone - Good To You (Original Mix) [Exploited] (6:34) 20. Cozzy D - Cupid (Original Mix) [Lower East] (6:35) 21. Cozzy D - Labyrinth (Original Mix) [Lower East] (7:16) 22. Cozzy D - Medusa (Original Mix) [Lower East] (7:07) 23. Dave Taylor & Tony Cannon - Lagacey (Original Mix) [DJ International] (7:27) 24. Dirty Culture - Password To Your Heart (Carlos Hdez Remix) [Techsoul Records] (6:43) 25. Dirty Culture - Password To Your Heart (Merlo Remix) [Techsoul Records] (8:16) 26. Dirty Culture - Password To Your Heart (Original Mix) [Techsoul Records] (7:10) 27. Dirty Culture - Password To Your Heart feat Vanessa Sanches (Tchatcha Remix) [Techsoul Records] (6:31) 28. Dubfound - Bat Ones Gums (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (7:36) 29. Dubfound - Descanso (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (7:28) 30. Dubfound - Descanso (Sammy W & Alex E Remix) [Tobus Rec] (7:29) 31. Dubfound - Estar De Chunga (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (6:14) 32. Dubfound - Everybodys Talking (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (7:51) 33. Dubfound - Knotty (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (7:00) 34. Dubfound - Put Valour (Original Mix) [Tobus Rec] (7:09) 35. Ezlv - Fast Impression (Baldo Remix) [Neovinyl Recordings] (7:16) 36. Ezlv - Fast Impression (Original Mix) [Neovinyl Recordings] (7:08) 37. Ezlv - Fast Impression (Reuben Tobias Flashchord ReWork) [Neovinyl Recordings] (6:56) 38. Ezlv - Fast Impression (Reuben Tobias Remix) [Neovinyl Recordings] (6:40) 39. Freak Seven - We Bring The Dub (Jack To Front ReUp) [2020Vision] (7:00) 40. Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Jack To Front Dub) [2020Vision] (7:03) 41. Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Jimpster Dub) [2020Vision] (7:50) 42. Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Jimspter Remix) [2020Vision] (6:47) 43. Freak Seven - We Bring The Music (Original Mix) [2020Vision] (5:18) 44. Ivan Kalnov - Cosmos (Original Mix) [8sound] (5:56) 45. Ivy C - Kino (Stefan Lazarevic Remix) [Get High Music] (6:08) 46. Jordan Peak - Mean Streets (Sishi Rosch Remix) [One Records] (6:54) 47. Jorge Rodriguez - Depressed (Original Mix) [Nature Music] (8:17) 48. Jorge Rodriguez - Drunken (Original Mix) [Nature Music] (8:31) 49. Joseph Terruel, La Hipodromo - The Swinger Pleasure (Original Mix) [Bust A Move] (7:01) 50. Latecomer - The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Dub) [Trendy Mullet Recordings] (6:48) 51. Latecomer - The Magic Carpet (Fish Go Deep Remix) [Trendy Mullet Recordings] (6:32) 52. Little Fritter, Zare - I Want It Back (Luna City Express Remix) [Hudd Traxx] (6:54) 53. Little Fritter - Living Free (Original Mix) [Hudd Traxx] (6:47) 54. LondonGround - Difuser (Original Mix) [Kote Records] (7:38) 55. LondonGround - Estetico (Original Mix) [Kote Records] (6:09) 56. LondonGround - Vulnerable (Original Mix) [Kote Records] (6:41) 57. Made To Move, Ben Pearce - Shaman (Ben Pearce Remix) [Electronique Digital] (6:08) 58. Made To Move, Cera Alba - Shaman (Cera Alba Remix) [Electronique Digital] (7:56) 59. Made To Move - Here We Go (Original Mix) [Electronique Digital] (6:30) 60. Made To Move - Shaman (Original Mix) [Electronique Digital] (7:40) 61. Marco Dassi - Long Sky Road (Original Mix) [Hell Yeah] (5:54) 62. Marco Dassi - Suddenly Feel (Original Mix) [Hell Yeah] (5:53) 63. Matt Star, Candy Csonka - Softly feat James Teej (Hector Remix) [Roots And Wings Music] (9:07) 64. Matt Star, Candy Csonka - Softly feat James Teej (Instrumental) [Roots And Wings Music] (6:45) 65. 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Oscar P & Gianluca Pighi - Pimp Mobile (Gianluca Pighi Appetizer Mix) [HEAVY] (8:08) 78. Oscar P & Gianluca Pighi - Pimp Mobile (Jevne Low Rider Remix) [HEAVY] (7:01) 79. Prime Origin - Carry On (Bilirubin Remix) [FormResonance] (7:17) 80. Prime Origin - Carry On (Wunderblock Cash n Carry Remix) [FormResonance] (8:04) 81. Prime Origin - Carry On (Wunderblock Slow n Dub Remix) [FormResonance] (7:47) 82. Prime Origin - Secrets (Oculus Remix) [FormResonance] (6:13) 83. Prime Origin - Secrets (Tom Clark Remix) [FormResonance] (6:50) 84. Rebel, Made To Move - Shaman (Rebel Remix) [Electronique Digital] (7:04) 85. Refresh Italy - Spiritual Phase (Original Mix) [TheSounds] (7:15) 86. Refresh Italy - The Spirit Of Sound (Original Mix) [TheSounds] (6:15) 87. Refresh Italy - This Is In My Mind (Original Mix) [TheSounds] (6:25) 88. Salvatore Agrosi, Lazarusman - Your Eyes (Totos Mix) [Loco Records] (7:11) 89. Sanche - Monotony (Original Mix) [8sound] (5:03) 90. 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Toky - About You (Original Mix) [NM2 Noir Music 2] (7:28) 104. Two 4 House - Aint No Comin Back (Original Version) [DJ International] (7:15) 105. Two 4 House - LOST SOULS (ORIGINAL MIX) [DJ International] (6:22) 106. Zenbi - Double Trouble (Sabbs Trouble Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings] (7:17) Electro House 1. Afterparty - Antibodies (Afterpartys Timewarp Mix) [Rebeat] (6:04) 2. Afterparty - Antibodies (Afterpartys Twisted House Mix) [Rebeat] (6:00) 3. Afterparty - Antibodies (Original Extended Club Mix) [Rebeat] (6:20) 4. Alex Dale - Deton8 The Club feat Leon Hayward (Extended Dub Mix) [Exclusive Recordings] (6:33) 5. Alex Dale - Deton8 The Club feat Leon Hayward (Extended Mix) [Exclusive Recordings] (6:33) 6. Alex Dale - Deton8 The Club feat Leon Hayward (Filip Electro Dub Remix) [Exclusive Recordings] (3:22) 7. Alex Di Stefano - Ogma Melody Mix (Melody Mix) [9 Records] (8:47) 8. Alex Guesta, Lili Rose - If I Could feat Lili Rose (Alex Guesta Club Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] (5:20) 9. Alex Millan, Chris Edna, Nadia Djabella - NRage (Superfunk Remix) [Haiti Groove Recordings] (6:11) 10. Alex Millan, Chris Edna - NRage (Original Club Mix) [Haiti Groove Recordings] (7:46) 11. Artem Fortiz - Battletoads (Original Mix) [Noobish Records] (6:30) 12. Artem Fortiz - Level Up (Original Mix) [Noobish Records] (4:45) 13. Chinese Man - Down (Scratch Bandits Crew Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (3:18) 14. Chinese Man - Get Up (LeYan & Tomapam Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (4:30) 15. Chinese Man - In My Room (DJ Suv Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (6:17) 16. Chinese Man - In My Room feat Chali 2Na (Original Mix) [Chinese Man Records] (4:07) 17. Chinese Man - Miss Chang (Tha Trickaz Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (5:01) 18. Chinese Man - One Past (OBF Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (4:22) 19. Chinese Man - Racing With The Sun (Deluxe Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (3:55) 20. Chinese Man - Racing With The Sun (Iration Steppas Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (4:34) 21. Chinese Man - Saudade feat Femi Kuti Liliboy (Original Mix) [Chinese Man Records] (4:50) 22. Chinese Man - Stand feat Plex Rock (Extended Version) [Chinese Man Records] (3:41) 23. Chinese Man - Ta Bom feat Tumi General Electriks (Original Mix) [Chinese Man Records] (3:06) 24. Chinese Man - The King The Libra Priest Suite (DJ Simbad Remix) [Chinese Man Records] (6:11) 25. Chinese Man - The Mourning Son feat Jeru the Damaja (Original Mix) [Chinese Man Records] (3:01) 26. Chrome Canyon - Body Music (Heroismo Remix) [On The Fruit Records] (5:07) 27. Chrome Canyon - Body Music (Original Mix) [On The Fruit Records] (3:32) 28. Chrome Canyon - Body Music (Stavarsky Remix) [On The Fruit Records] (3:32) 29. Chrome Canyon - Computers of Love (Douze Remix) [On The Fruit Records] (5:55) 30. Chrome Canyon - Computers of Love (Original Mix) [On The Fruit Records] (3:45) 31. Ciconte, Connie Lingus - Cheating Club Whore (Audio DnA, Anthony Paul & Nytefix Remix) [PhetHouse Records] (5:05) 32. Ciconte, Connie Lingus - Cheating Club Whore (Fast Foot Remix) [PhetHouse Records] (5:37) 33. Ciconte, Connie Lingus - Cheating Club Whore (LJ MTX Remix) [PhetHouse Records] (5:30) 34. Ciconte, Connie Lingus - Cheating Club Whore (Original Mix) [PhetHouse Records] (4:45) 35. Ciconte, Connie Lingus - Cheating Club Whore (Wobble Factory Remix) [PhetHouse Records] (5:45) 36. Craig Robin - Nova Storm (Original Mix) [Masv Recordings] (6:40) 37. Cuca From Brazil - Moonlight (Lunar Moon Mix) [Late For Tea Music] (9:53) 38. Deficio - Pravus (Original Mix) [Subtone Records] (5:05) 39. Dero - Acid Door (Dero Animal Night Mix) [Juicy Music] (5:54) 40. Diego Molinams - The Robot Song (Original Mix) [Rot10 Musik] (6:04) 41. DJ Anubis - Take My Away (Cub Mix) [Rich & Glorious] (4:41) 42. DJ Benjamin, French Faction - Get Dirty (Flat Mix) [Episoderecords] (7:11) 43. DJ Benjamin, French Faction - Get Dirty (Strong Mix) [Episoderecords] (6:41) 44. DJ Icey - Get It (Original Mix) [Zone Records] (3:25) 45. DJ Mikas, DJ Sage - High And Dry (Original Mix) [Progressive Grooves] (7:26) 46. Dream Funker, Matteo Batini - Amazing Beat (Dream Funker Impossible Remix) [Beenoise Records] (5:07) 47. DutchElectro - Base Improve (Original Mix) [House Park Records] (6:23) 48. DutchElectro - Come On Come On (Original Mix) [House Park Records] (7:37) 49. FM Radio Gods - Im Studio feat kstar (Original) [Plastik Park] (6:09) 50. GAdam - Eastern Dance (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (5:47) 51. GAdam - Explosive Cocktail (Harisma Remix) [GStar Records] (5:15) 52. GAdam - Explosive Cocktail (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (6:39) 53. Grimehouse - Rockstep (Blitzkrieg Remix) [Dirty Recordz] (4:46) 54. Jamie Berry, Ashlee - Come With Me (Original Mix) [FLAK Records] (7:26) 55. Jamie Berry, Rosie Harte - Paradise (Original Mix) [FLAK Records] (5:52) 56. Jamie Berry - Lickety Split (Original Mix) [FLAK Records] (4:43) 57. Jamie Berry - Nightlife (Original Mix) [FLAK Records] (6:09) 58. Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon - Ocean Drums feat Kathy Brown (Mischa Daniels Higher Mode Mix) [House Of House] (7:10) 59. Jeuce - As We Move (Dirty Disco Youth Remix) [Noise Kitten] (5:00) 60. Justice - Canon (Erol Alkan Remix) [Ed Banger Records & Because Music] (6:51) 61. Justice - Canon (Tiga Remix) [Ed Banger Records & Because Music] (5:53) 62. Justice - OnnOn (Brodinski Remix) [Ed Banger Records & Because Music] (6:32) 63. Lidell Townsell - Nu Nu (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix) [Dirty Fabric Digital] (7:37) 64. Lill Bo Tweak - Lost & Found [Fools Gold Records] (5:37) 65. Lill Bo Tweak - Snap Crackle N Pop [Fools Gold Records] (5:45) 66. Lill Bo Tweak - The Beat Goes [Fools Gold Records] (5:19) 67. Lucky Date - Six 16 (Original Mix) [Bazooka Records] (5:00) 68. Lucy Clarke, Tom Moroca - The Way feat Lucy Clarke (Club Mix) [Ventuno Recordings] (5:22) 69. Melakai, HeatSeekers - We Bring The Party (Original Mix) [Temple Music Group] (4:36) 70. Melakai, HeatSeekers - We Bring The Party (R.O.N.N. Electric Disco Pussy Remix) [Temple Music Group] (5:01) 71. Melakai, HeatSeekers - We Bring The Party (The Fender Fable Remix) [Temple Music Group] (6:07) 72. Montee Impish - Crawl Socks & Christmas Tree (Original Mix) [Cool Music Records] (6:38) 73. Neon Electronics - Over And Over (Millimetric Remix) [DanceDelic D] (3:56) 74. Neon Electronics - Over And Over feat Radical G (Original Mix) [DanceDelic D] (4:45) 75. Neon Electronics - Over And Over feat Radical G (Radical G Remix) [DanceDelic D] (9:47) 76. Neon Electronics - Plastic World People feat Bodyspasm (Original Mix) [DanceDelic D] (3:37) 77. Neon Electronics - Under The Worst Condition (Action Nano Remix) [DanceDelic D] (7:44) 78. Neon Electronics - Under The Worst Condition (Original mix) [DanceDelic D] (3:41) 79. Paul Sirrell - Dub No1 (Original Mix) [Orange Groove Records] (5:03) 80. Prototyperaptor - Clever Girl (Original Mix) [Rhinofist] (5:39) 81. Prototyperaptor - Turn Based (Original Mix) [Rhinofist] (5:46) 82. Quartus Saul - Dream Sequence (Original Mix) [Play Me Records] (5:17) 83. Reepr - Eye Candy (Demon Groove Remix) [POP ROX MUZIK] (6:46) 84. Reepr - Eye Candy (Original Mix) [POP ROX MUZIK] (5:56) 85. Robert Firth - Dance Anthem (Original Mix) [Big Alliance Records] (4:50) 86. Robert Firth - Dirty Robot (Original Mix) [Big Alliance Records] (6:15) 87. Robert Firth - Remember Me (Original Mix) [Big Alliance Records] (6:11) 88. Sam Young - Savana Dance (Tom Staar Edit) [Maquina Music] (4:59) 89. Stan Smith - Dat & Dis (Original Mix) [Tokyo Dawn] (3:27) 90. Stereologue - Monologue (Original Mix) [MWMRecordings] (4:29) 91. Vandalism - Insane (Cold Blank Remix) [Vicious] (4:56) 92. Vandalism - Insane (Dirt Cheap Remix) [Vicious] (5:00) 93. Vandalism - Insane (Original Mix) [Vicious] (6:01) 94. Zuri - The Moon Disappeared (FTampa Remix) [Braslive Records] (5:14) 95. Zuri - The Moon Disappeared (Original Mix) [Braslive Records] (7:49) Electronica 1. Sleepyhead - Hi-Five [Trouble & Bass Recordings] (4:08) 2. Sleepyhead - Summer Lovin [Trouble & Bass Recordings] (3:54) 3. Sleepyhead feat Dunes - On the Phone [Trouble & Bass Recordings] (4:19) 4. Sleepyhead feat Ghostek - LA Kicks [Trouble & Bass Recordings] (4:51) 5. The 2 Bears - Heart Of The Congos (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (5:04) 6. The 2 Bears - Increase Your Faith (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:20) 7. The 2 Bears - The Birds & The Bees (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:21) House 1. 2 Billion Beats - Factories & Pistons (Original Mix) [Paper Recordings] (8:40) 2. 2 Billion Beats - Shes Into Voodoo (Original Mix) [Paper Recordings] (5:07) 3. 2 Billion Beats - Top Gun Ghetto Blaster (Original Mix) [Paper Recordings] (6:54) 4. Alex Millan, Chris Edna, Nadia Djabella - NRage (Original Vocal Mix) [Haiti Groove Recordings] (6:50) 5. Andrey Zenkoff, Mishel Lopes - Nibiru (Dj Moshu Remix) [Big Hug Records] (7:37) 6. Andrey Zenkoff, Mishel Lopes - Nibiru (Original Mix) [Big Hug Records] (5:44) 7. Bobby Deep - Soul Trap (Original Mix) [Manuscript Records Ukraine] (7:18) 8. Bordeauxx - Brass Groove (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (7:03) 9. Btsound - Sunshine (Ben Dj Remix) [Starlight] (5:25) 10. Btsound - Sunshine (Federico Scavo Remix) [Starlight] (6:10) 11. Carl Creme - My Lovin (Carl Hanaghan Original Mix) [Discopolis] (5:23) 12. Cause & Affect - Jeans (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:33) 13. Cause & Affect - Love For Me (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:28) 14. Celsius - Falling Arrows (Original Mix) [Uno Mas] (6:18) 15. Celsius - Innocent Pleasure (Original Mix) [Uno Mas] (5:09) 16. Celsius - Sentiment (Original Mix) [Uno Mas] (4:58) 17. Christian Alvarez - Be My Woman (Jay Vegas Refunk) [Delecto] (5:45) 18. Christian Alvarez - On My Own (Rasmus Faber Mix) [Delecto] (7:05) 19. Christian Alvarez feat Bilonda - Get Down (Jay Js Shifted Up Mix) [Delecto] (6:22) 20. Christian Alvarez feat Heather - Say Ooh (Olav Basoski Remix) [Delecto] (7:30) 21. Corduroy Mavericks - House Journey (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:47) 22. Dave Allison - Break Da Computer (Original Mix) [Home Breakin Records] (6:19) 23. DJ EClyps, Neysa - Fuel The Flame (Original Mix) [Natural Essence Media Ltd] (7:02) 24. DJ EClyps, Neysa - Fuel The Flame (Remix) [Natural Essence Media Ltd] (7:01) 25. DJ Eddy - N, IVA & Heat - Be Free (Extended Radio Version) [Blanco y Negro] (4:42) 26. DJ Eddy - N, IVA & Heat - Be Free (House Mix) [Blanco y Negro] (5:33) 27. DJ Jose, Karin Nagi - Addicted (Dez Milito Remix) [Beluga Records ] (6:16) 28. DJ Sneak - ANNONIMOUS (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (8:18) 29. DJ Sneak - BEAT SOME SENCE INTO YOU (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (9:02) 30. DJ Sneak - BLACK DAY EVERY DAY (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (9:02) 31. DJ Sneak - BUSTED GROOVE (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (8:14) 32. DJ Sneak - FULL DISCLOSUR3 (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (7:39) 33. DJ Sneak - LOVE TO LOVE (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (8:06) 34. DJ Sneak - MAKE IT BOUNCE FEAT JAMON (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (7:12) 35. DJ Sneak - SECRET OF UFOS (Original Mix) [Magnetic Recordings] (8:01) 36. DJ Zimmo - Beat is On & On (Original Mix) [Disko Tek] (4:52) 37. Djamel Benalia - Love Saxxx feat Sam Events (Original Mix) [Pulse Music] (5:11) 38. Down N Out - Doing Our Thing (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (7:37) 39. Down N Out - The Rub Down (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:20) 40. Drrtyhaze - Giving You All Of My Love (King DJ Remix) [Nang] (6:57) 41. Drrtyhaze - Giving You All Of My Love (Original Mix) [Nang] (7:14) 42. Ecco - Savana (Justin Harris Deep Grass Mix) [Kiss My Beat Records] (6:31) 43. Ecco - Savana (Original Mix) [Kiss My Beat Records] (8:26) 44. FCL - Back (Arto Mwambe Remix) [We Play House Recordings] (7:25) 45. FCL - Back (Instrumental) [We Play House Recordings] (6:14) 46. FCL - Used To Be (Instrumental) [We Play House Recordings] (5:33) 47. FCL - Used To Be (Original Mix) [We Play House Recordings] (5:30) 48. Futuristic Polar Bears, Ralph Good - Dance feat Marshall (Ibiza Dub) [Tanzanite Records] (5:46) 49. Futuristic Polar Bears, Ralph Good - Dance feat Marshall (Original Mix) [Tanzanite Records] (5:58) 50. Futuristic Polar Bears, Ralph Good - Dance feat Marshall (Richard Dinsdale Edit) [Tanzanite Records] (7:08) 51. Greg Cilhune - Come On (Original Mix) [Pulse Music] (7:29) 52. Greg Cilhune - Make Me Hot (Original Mix) [Pulse Music] (7:19) 53. Greg Cilhune - Soul (Original Mix) [Pulse Music] (7:03) 54. Gustavo Mota - Beverly Hills (Original Mix) [Muzenga Records] (6:55) 55. HapKido, NAIS - I Like That (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:36) 56. Hapkido - Grindin At The Door (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (7:00) 57. Homeboy, Anshie - Halfway feat Anshie (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] (5:44) 58. Homeboy - Sound In D Air (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] (5:03) 59. Homeboy - Treehouse (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] (7:53) 60. Homeboy - You Make Me Go Crazy (Original Mix) [Hypercolour] (6:34) 61. Honey Universe - Honey Universe (AlphaBeta Remix) [UP UP UP music] (7:26) 62. Honey Universe - Honey Universe (Sportloto Dub Remix) [UP UP UP music] (6:22) 63. Honey Universe - Honey Universe (Sportloto Remix) [UP UP UP music] (6:22) 64. Hsdo - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix) [Groove Life Records ] (5:34) 65. Hsdo - Subtlety (Original Mix) [Groove Life Records ] (7:39) 66. Ivan Robles, Keith Thompson - Come Back (DJ Creme Mix) [Selektor Music] (6:30) 67. Ivan Robles, Keith Thompson - Come Back (Iamlopez Mix) [Selektor Music] (6:03) 68. Ivan Robles, Keith Thompson - Come Back (Jon Van Dee Mix) [Selektor Music] (6:16) 69. Ivan Robles, Keith Thompson - Come Back (Marcus Peason & Richard Q Mix) [Selektor Music] (6:56) 70. Ivan Robles, Keith Thompson - Come Back (Victor John Junior Mix) [Selektor Music] (8:09) 71. Jayye Jackin, Dappa Dee feat Tory D - Let Me Clear My Throat (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:41) 72. Jordan Peak - Done Did (Original Mix) [One Records] (6:15) 73. Jordan Peak - Mean Streets (Chris Carrier Remix) [One Records] (6:54) 74. Jordan Peak - Mean Streets (Original Mix) [One Records] (6:43) 75. Keva - All Night Long (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:15) 76. Kevin Maccallister - Trioo [Funk Me] (9:28) 77. Kevin Maccallister - Urathotw [Funk Me] (9:29) 78. Kreap - Oooooooooooooooooahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (Original Mix) [Royal Soul Records] (5:26) 79. Kreap - Subliminal Static Automatic Floor Assembler (Original Mix) [Royal Soul Records] (6:54) 80. Lorenzo Navarro - So Late (Original Mix) [Four Fingers Hand] (7:18) 81. Lorenzo Navarro - So Late (Rocco Detroit Remix) [Four Fingers Hand] (8:46) 82. Loui Fernandez, DJ AK47 - El Hans (Original Mix) [Fever Sound Records] (7:56) 83. Loui Fernandez, DJ AK47 - El Prisionero (Original Mix) [Fever Sound Records] (7:48) 84. Marcella Woods, Jason Chance - Turn It Up (Dub Mix) [Milk Sugar] (6:36) 85. Marcella Woods, Jason Chance - Turn It Up (Instrumental Mix) [Milk Sugar] (6:36) 86. Marcella Woods, Jason Chance - Turn It Up (Vocal Mix) [Milk Sugar] (6:36) 87. Matt Star - Everything (Original Mix) [Musique Unique] (7:15) 88. Miami Dub Machine - Bogot (The Cube Guys Mix) [Cube Recordings] (8:15) 89. Mikalogic - Whos Medina (Onix Mix) [Nervine Records] (7:01) 90. Mikalogic - Whos Medina (Original Mix) [Nervine Records] (7:44) 91. Mikalogic - Whos Medina (Pepo Mix) [Nervine Records] (7:46) 92. Mikalogic - Whos Medina (Peyya Mix) [Nervine Records] (6:43) 93. Mike Gillenwater - Dreams (Original Mix) [Bid Muzik] (5:30) 94. Mike Gillenwater - Funk Fiesta (Original Mix) [Bid Muzik] (6:33) 95. Mike Gillenwater - Side By Side (Original Mix) [Bid Muzik] (6:20) 96. Mike Gillenwater - U Got To Dance (Original Mix) [Bid Muzik] (5:56) 97. Ministry of Funk - Ladies (Original Mix) [DJ Xpress] (8:15) 98. Ministry of Funk - Planet Funk (Original Dub) [DJ Xpress] (7:46) 99. Morgan Page - Body Work (Club Mix) [Nettwerk Records] (6:51) 100. Neighbour, Dave Allison - Kickin Action (Original Mix) [Home Breakin Records] (6:41) 101. Neighbour, Dave Allison - Wait A Minute (Original Mix) [Home Breakin Records] (5:30) 102. Neighbour - You Can Do It (Original Mix) [Home Breakin Records] (7:54) 103. Raoul Zerna - Feelin Lucky (Zernas Midnight Oil Mix) [Nocturnal Recordings] (6:12) 104. Raoul Zerna - The Sweet Tune (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Recordings] (7:41) 105. Raoul Zerna - The Sweeter Tune (Original Mix) [Nocturnal Recordings] (6:17) 106. Richard Grey, House Republic - Nuggetz (Gary Caos Remix) [Ego] (6:54) 107. Richard Grey, House Republic - Nuggetz (Ralph Good Bad Boy Remix) [Ego] (6:31) 108. Richard Grey, House Republic - Nuggetz (Yves Larock Remix) [Ego] (5:56) 109. Sak Noel - Paso (The Nini Anthem) (Extended Edit) [Ultra] (4:02) 110. Sasha Barbot - Out Of Space (Cp World Extended) [XEnergy] (6:22) 111. Sasha Barbot - Out Of Space (Heartmode Remix) [XEnergy] (7:51) 112. Sasha Barbot - Out Of Space (Paolo Aliberti Bigroom Mix) [XEnergy] (6:13) 113. Sherbet Dip - Elmers Groove (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:37) 114. Sherbet Dip - Our House Music (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:41) 115. Sherbet Dip - Rock Right Now (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:18) 116. Silver Disco - Feel Alright (Original) [Sugarland Records] (5:47) 117. Silver Disco - Put You Down (Original) [Sugarland Records] (9:05) 118. Skwerl - You Need To Dance (12 Version) [International DeeJay Gigolo Records] (9:34) 119. Stanny Abram - Little Cheyenne (Original Mix) [Kushtee Records] (8:19) 120. Stanny Abram - Talamanca (Original Mix) [Kushtee Records] (8:15) 121. Steve Synfull - December Deep (Original Mix) [Aspect Audio] (6:24) 122. Steve Synfull - Not Everyone (Original Mix) [Aspect Audio] (7:02) 123. Steve Synfull - Phases (Original Mix) [Aspect Audio] (7:02) 124. Tape The Disco - Tasty Red (Alex Miller Remix) [Faberlique Records] (6:44) 125. Tape The Disco - Tasty Red (Original Mix) [Faberlique Records] (7:52) 126. The 2 Bears - Be Strong (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:42) 127. The 2 Bears - Bear Hug (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:05) 128. The 2 Bears - Church (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (6:01) 129. The 2 Bears - Get Together (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (3:53) 130. The 2 Bears - Ghosts & Zombies (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:04) 131. The 2 Bears - Take A Look Around (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (5:16) 132. The 2 Bears - Time In Mind (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (3:07) 133. The 2 Bears - Warm & Easy (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (3:02) 134. The 2 Bears - Work (Original Mix) [Southern Fried Records] (4:12) 135. Todd Terry - Babay Can You Reach (DJ E-Clyps Remix) [Inhouse] (7:28) 136. Tony Divino - Sweet Thing Ft Ellenyi (Original Mix) [Influential House] (7:02) 137. Tony Divino - Sweet Thing Ft Ellenyi (Ross Paterson Dub) [Influential House] (7:41) 138. Tradelove - All Right (Original Mix) [LoudBit] (6:28) 139. True Soul - Destination House (Original Mix) [Blackrose Records] (7:51) 140. True Soul - Destination House (Tom Ruijgs Dub Version) [Blackrose Records] (7:10) 141. Two 4 House - 1989 (ORIGINAL MIX) [DJ International] (7:43) 142. Warren Paul - Do It (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (5:45) 143. Warren Paul - Its Love (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (6:25) 144. Wolfgang Gartner - There And Back (Original Mix) [Ultra] (6:34) 145. Zack Black - Pistol Whip (Paul Lawrence Remix) [Lepento Records] (5:46) 146. Zenbi - Double Trouble (Original Mix) [Great Stuff Recordings] (6:42) Indie Dance/Nu Disco 1. Cajachine - Hands Over Your Head (Instrumental Club Edit) [Ox Records] (6:08) 2. Carl Creme - Over You (Carl Hanaghan Original Mix) [Discopolis] (4:52) 3. Cozzy D - Aphrodite (Original Mix) [Lower East] (8:04) 4. Dexter - The Flight (Original Mix) [Boogie Knight] (5:17) 5. Handbraekes Boys Noize & MrOizo - Callgurls (Original Mix) [Boysnoize Records] (3:15) 6. Handbraekes Boys Noize & MrOizo - Milc (Original Mix) [Boysnoize Records] (3:47) 7. Handbraekes Boys Noize & MrOizo - Riho (Original Mix) [Boysnoize Records] (4:38) 8. Handbraekes Boys Noize & MrOizo - The Qat (Original Mix) [Boysnoize Records] (3:30) 9. Honey Universe - Honey Universe (Mars Needs Lovers Remix) [UP UP UP music] (4:27) 10. Honey Universe - Honey Universe (Original Mix) [UP UP UP music] (5:22) 11. Moullinex & Peaches - Maniac (Instrumental Mix) [Gomma] (4:47) 12. Moullinex & Peaches - Maniac [Gomma] (4:47) 13. Munk & Peaches - You Cant Run From My Love (Beat Version) [Gomma] (5:45) 14. Munk & Peaches - You Cant Run From My Love [Gomma] (4:33) 15. Telonius & Peaches - Our Love (Dub Mix) [Gomma] (4:22) 16. Telonius & Peaches - Our Love [Gomma] (4:12) 17. The Phenomenal Handclap Band & Peaches - Walk The Night (Instrumental Mix) [Gomma] (5:43) 18. The Phenomenal Handclap Band & Peaches - Walk The Night [Gomma] (5:14) Minimal 1. Alex Di Stefano - Jaguar (Minimal Original) [9 Records] (6:08) 2. Alex Di Stefano - Laguna (Original Mix) [9 Records] (7:02) 3. Alex Di Stefano - Magnolia (Original Mix) [9 Records] (6:59) 4. Alex Di Stefano - Mind The Gap (Original Mix) [9 Records] (7:24) 5. Alex Di Stefano - One Week (Original Mix) [9 Records] (6:54) 6. Cino - Black Water (Original Mix) [Dootrecordscom] (6:28) 7. Cino - Purple Jellyfish (Original Mix) [Dootrecordscom] (6:27) 8. Damir Pushkar - Lost People (Original Mix) [Flat Belly Recordings] (6:41) 9. Dani Sbert, The Drunkers Italy - Fancy Phocus (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (7:42) 10. Dani Sbert - Stronger (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:43) 11. Federico Milani - Green (Alex Di Stefano Rmx) [9 Records] (7:45) 12. Giuseppe Visciano - Kronik (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (8:00) 13. Giuseppe Visciano - Show Me The Money (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (8:30) 14. Jozhy K & Angel - Night Is Calling (Alex Di Stefano Rmx) [9 Records] (7:34) 15. KJano - Ego Pitcher (Danaremix) [Mare Records] (5:08) 16. KJano - Ego Pitcher (Original) [Mare Records] (4:36) 17. London Funk Ensemble - Hands Up (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:17) 18. Maksim Dark - De Love Beat (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:12) 19. Min & Mal - So Feel (Original Mix) [Bosphorus Underground Recordings] (6:15) 20. Ramires - Sexy Witch (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:38) 21. Ricky Stone - In Miami 2012 (Davide Dalli Cardillo In Miami Remix) [Hamburg Aufnahmen] (6:13) 22. Ricky Stone - In Miami 2012 (The Drunkers Look In Miami Remix) [Hamburg Aufnahmen] (6:02) 23. Roberto Mariani - End Of Message (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:00) 24. Skreech, Mins - The Second Part (Dani Sbert Remix) [Audio Elite] (7:23) 25. Skreech, Mins - The Second Part (Greg Slaiher Remix) [Audio Elite] (6:45) 26. Skreech, Mins - The Second Part (Original Mix) [Audio Elite] (8:02) 27. Sol & Sample - Rubberband (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:27) 28. Tektight - Xmix (Original Mix) [FHD Records] (6:53) 29. Vito Von Gert - Stalker (Original Mix) [Divine Techno Records] (5:12) 30. Zeitspule - Das Grosse Zappeln (Original Mix) [Berlin Aufnahmen] (6:17) 31. Zeitspule - Spritzbeutel (Original Mix) [Berlin Aufnahmen] (5:57) 32. Zeitspule - Swing Is In The Air (Original Mix) [Berlin Aufnahmen] (6:31) 33. Zeitspule - Was Klingt Denn Hier So Komisch (Original Mix) [Berlin Aufnahmen] (5:34) Progressive House 1. Adrima - Out Of My Mind (Extended Mix) [Soundz Good] (4:55) 2. Adrima - Out Of My Mind (Nils van Zandt Dub Mix) [Soundz Good] (5:09) 3. Adrima - Out Of My Mind (Nils van Zandt Remix) [Soundz Good] (5:09) 4. Aeonism - Babylon (Original Mix) [Junior The Clubbers] (7:25) 5. Aeonism - City Of Fallen Tears (Original Mix) [Junior The Clubbers] (7:13) 6. Aerofeel5 - Vong (Original Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] (5:20) 7. Amy Pearson, Dave Silcox - This Is Love (Instrumental) [Magik Muzik] (5:30) 8. Amy Pearson, Dave Silcox - This Is Love (Original Mix) [Magik Muzik] (5:30) 9. Andrew Benson - Alien Message (Asten remix) [Balkan Connection South America] (6:25) 10. Andrew Benson - Alien Message (Luciano Lima Remix) [Balkan Connection South America] (6:15) 11. Andrew Benson - Alien Message (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection South America] (7:02) 12. Andrew DDM, Lucifer Lopez - The Journey (Original Mix) [DDM Records] (9:04) 13. Andy Woods - Pazzesco (Original Mix) [Dance Lab Recordings] (6:15) 14. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Candlelight Version Live) [Mad Monk] (5:31) 15. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Captain GQ Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (5:42) 16. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Captain GQ Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (4:26) 17. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Cato K Extended Mix) [Mad Monk] (6:56) 18. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Cato K Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (4:20) 19. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Electrosonix Electro Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (4:01) 20. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Electrosonix Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (8:19) 21. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Josh Harris Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (6:54) 22. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Josh Harris Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (4:01) 23. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Julian Marsh Mix) [Mad Monk] (8:10) 24. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Klubjumpers Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (5:14) 25. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Klubjumpers Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (5:07) 26. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Lenny B Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (8:09) 27. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Lenny B Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (3:49) 28. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Majik Boys Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (7:36) 29. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Majik Boys Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (4:03) 30. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Mike Cruz Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (8:46) 31. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Mike Cruz Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (5:11) 32. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Quincy B’s Alternative Mix) [Mad Monk] (5:58) 33. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Quincy B’s Original Disco Version) [Mad Monk] (4:46) 34. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Trypsin Extended Club Mix) [Mad Monk] (9:45) 35. Beatnik Castle - How Do You Mend a Broken Heart (Trypsin Radio Edit) [Mad Monk] (3:53) 36. Boom Jinx, Justine Suissa - Phoenix From The Flames(Michael Cassette Remix) [Anjunabeats] (6:43) 37. Chris Domingo, Perry - Latitude (Original Mix) [Black Hole Recordings] (7:27) 38. Cristian Poow - Rhythm is a Dancer feat Valessa (Fine Touch & Andrey Exx Remix) [Scott Muzik Records] (6:49) 39. Dario Huenten - External Motivation (Marcel Ei Gio Remix) [LAD Publishing & Records] (5:40) 40. Dario Huenten - External Motivation (Original Mix) [LAD Publishing & Records] (6:45) 41. Deas, Lubica - Singalala (Original Mix) [Fruit Machine] (6:46) 42. Denetti - Goodbye (Original Mix) [Scott Muzik Records] (5:46) 43. DJ Fist - Armadillo [Pool E Music] (6:55) 44. DJ Fist - Jabali [Pool E Music] (7:10) 45. DJ Fist - Manati [Pool E Music] (7:44) 46. DJ Fist - Shake That Shit (Original Mix) [Pool E Music] (7:24) 47. DJ LGT - Highway (Original Mix) [Happiness Records] (5:34) 48. DJ Roland Clark vs Altered Ego - Monkey Wit A Gun (RC Get Down Mix) [Delete Records] (5:10) 49. Dmitry Grand - Paradise (Original Mix) [Happiness Records] (6:01) 50. Ego Valente - BABY I DONT CARE (Original Mix) [Le Club Records] (7:13) 51. Ego Valente - GET DOWN (Original Mix) [Le Club Records] (7:16) 52. Ferry Corsten, Ben Hague - Aint No Stoppin (Original Extended) [Flashover Recordings] (6:17) 53. Ferry Corsten, Ben Hague - Aint No Stoppin (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix) [Flashover Recordings] (6:08) 54. Filthy Rich, Jonathan Ulysses, Prok & Fitch, Union Jackers - Scream (Original Mix) [303Lovers] (7:13) 55. Fran Guzman, Javier Barroso - Su Pare (Original Mix) [Solguz Recordings] (6:22) 56. French Kiss - Body Move (John De Mark Remix) [Scott Muzik Records] (6:00) 57. GAdam - Comeback in Africa (Groove Doo Remix) [GStar Records] (6:01) 58. GAdam - Comeback in Africa (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (4:55) 59. GAdam - Happy Star (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (4:32) 60. GAdam - Say The Words (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (5:32) 61. GAdam - Tribal Party (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (5:45) 62. GAdam - Variant (Ethereal Mix) [GStar Records] (4:04) 63. GAdam - Variant (Harisma Remix) [GStar Records] (4:45) 64. GAdam - Variant (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (5:03) 65. GAdam - Wonderland (Original Mix) [GStar Records] (5:20) 66. Goose Bumps feat Vivi - Never Mind (Benny Royal Mix) [Suka Records] (5:15) 67. Goose Bumps feat Vivi - Never Mind (Brockman & Basti M Edit) [Suka Records] (5:04) 68. Goose Bumps feat Vivi - Never Mind (Original Mix) [Suka Records] (6:30) 69. Goose Bumps feat Vivi - Never Mind (Tiff & Trashkid Arminius Mix) [Suka Records] (6:10) 70. Gustavo Mota - Beverly Hills (Felten Remix) [Muzenga Records] (5:52) 71. Jaques Le Noir - Power Of Deephouse (Extended Version) [Just Digital Records] (6:35) 72. Jaques Le Noir - Power Of Deephouse (Jaques Le Noir Remix) [Just Digital Records] (7:38) 73. Kirsty - Twilight (Armin van Buuren Remix) [Zouk Recordings Armada Music] (6:03) 74. Klinedea - Under My Skin (Eitan Carmi Club Mix) [Fatali Music] (7:50) 75. Klinedea - Under My Skin (Elvin Ong Dub Mix) [Fatali Music] (7:12) 76. Mac M - Ikaika (Original Mix) [Tall House Underground] (5:51) 77. Mac M - Tano (Original Mix) [Tall House Underground] (4:42) 78. Matt De La Peet, Paul Underwood - Identity (Midnight Beats Remix) [Scott Muzik Records] (6:17) 79. Michael Meds - Crazy Dance (Original Mix) [iCompilations] (5:59) 80. Misura - Studio5 House Club (Original Mix) [Tall House Underground] (7:54) 81. Misura - Studio5 House Club (Roach Remix) [Tall House Underground] (7:39) 82. Mo Funk - Amusement Toys (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (7:34) 83. Mo Funk - Future Worlds (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (7:13) 84. Mo Funk - Moving On Up (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (7:29) 85. Mo Funk - Sunday Moods (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (7:45) 86. Moonbeam feat Leusin - Daydream (Andrea Roma Remix) [Moonbeam Digital] (6:35) 87. Moonbeam feat Leusin - Daydream (Ben Lb Remix) [Moonbeam Digital] (7:00) 88. Moonbeam feat Leusin - Daydream (Eximinds Remix) [Moonbeam Digital] (7:15) 89. Morgan Page - Body Work (Richard Dinsdale Remix) [Nettwerk Records] (7:05) 90. Nick Sander - Word Of Love (Original Mix) [Sunset Music Records] (7:56) 91. Olean Neat - Violence Of Emotions (Mark Hartigan Remix) [Sunset Music Records] (6:49) 92. Olean Neat - Violence Of Emotions (Sergey Tek Remix) [Sunset Music Records] (6:35) 93. OMB, Makotrax - Cloud Base (Original) [Lowbit] (7:42) 94. OMB - Silent Prayer (Original) [Lowbit] (7:29) 95. Pedro Henriques, Giuseppe Viola - Spread The Love (Digital Lab Remix) [Smash The House] (6:30) 96. Pedro Henriques, Giuseppe Viola - Spread The Love (Original Mix) [Smash The House] (6:37) 97. Pedro Henriques, Giuseppe Viola - Spread The Love (Yves V Remix) [Smash The House] (6:37) 98. Phillipo Blake, Custom Phase, Olesya Astapova - Aspiring (Gux Jimenez Remix) [Round Triangle] (9:39) 99. Phillipo Blake, Custom Phase, Olesya Astapova - Aspiring (Lessov Dub Remix) [Round Triangle] (6:10) 100. Phillipo Blake, Custom Phase, Olesya Astapova - Aspiring (Original Mix) [Round Triangle] (6:19) 101. Polushkin - Railroad (Original Mix) [OTO Label] (5:28) 102. Pretty Pink - Bust the new Jam (Tom Tash Remix) [Scott Muzik Records] (6:20) 103. Roodmusic - Cool (Extended Edit) [Pilot 6 Recordings Armada] (5:39) 104. Roodmusic - Let It Go (Extended Edit) [Pilot 6 Recordings Armada] (5:46) 105. Roodmusic - Let It Go (Instrumental) [Pilot 6 Recordings Armada] (5:46) 106. Roodmusic - Name (Extended Edit) [Pilot 6 Recordings Armada] (5:30) 107. Roodmusic - Name (Instrumental) [Pilot 6 Recordings Armada] (5:30) 108. Sebastian Traaseth, Emilie Shanti - More Than Music (Original Mix) [Addicted Recordings] (5:30) 109. Sebastian Traaseth, Emilie Shanti - More Than Music (Vallaro Remix) [Addicted Recordings] (6:02) 110. Stefan Djordjevic - Insane (Jonatan Tesei Remix) [Baires Records] (8:17) 111. Stefan Djordjevic - Insane (Original Mix) [Baires Records] (8:46) 112. Stefan Djordjevic - Insane (Pete McCarthey Remix) [Baires Records] (8:00) 113. Steve Smart - Left Alone (Original Mix) [Ego] (6:05) 114. Sven Scott - Chelios (Original Mix) [Scott Muzik Records] (6:56) 115. Sven Scott - Dancing Room (Original Mix) [Scott Muzik Records] (5:15) 116. Sven Scott - Step up (Radio Edit) [Scott Muzik Records] (3:17) 117. Tito TorresElla - The One For Me (Instrumental Mix) [CHIC Music] (6:58) 118. Tito TorresElla - The One For Me (Vocal Mix) [CHIC Music] (6:57) 119. Tom Nucleus - Agenda (Original Mix) [Macarize] (5:19) 120. Tom Nucleus - Lucida (Original Mix) [Macarize] (6:00) 121. Tujamo - How We Roll (Original Mix) [Tiger Records] (6:38) 122. Yunta - Perpetuum (Dpen Remix) [Sound Avenue] (9:00) 123. Yunta - Perpetuum (Luis Bondio Remix) [Sound Avenue] (8:54) 124. Yunta - Perpetuum (Original Mix) [Sound Avenue] (8:46) 125. Zuri - The Moon Disappeared (Greg Gold & Hugh Way Remix) [Braslive Records] (7:26) Soulful House/Jackin 1. Afroseeds feat Soul Maestro - Your Love (Afromental Mix) [Housegrown] (7:31) 2. Afroseeds feat Soul Maestro - Your Love (Dub Mix) [Housegrown] (7:31) 3. Afroseeds feat Soul Maestro - Your Love (Vocal Mix) [Housegrown] (7:37) 4. Automated Soul - Magic Keyz (Original) [Mixed Signals Music] (6:24) 5. Automated Soul - Spread the News (Dub Mix) [Mixed Signals Music] (6:32) 6. Automated Soul - Spread The News (String Mix) [Mixed Signals Music] (6:48) 7. Automated Soul - Spread The News (Vocal Version) [Mixed Signals Music] (6:32) 8. Christian Alvarez & Franklin D Felice pres. Lemon - Soul Influence (Jasks Thaisoul Mix) [Delecto] (8:26) 9. Christian Alvarez - Be Cool (Scott Diaz Ice Cold Mix) [Delecto] (6:13) 10. Christian Alvarez - Be Cool (Soledrifter 1 Life Mix) [Delecto] (6:42) 11. Christian Alvarez - Dance With Me (Tribute to MJ) (Deemah Souldance Dub) [Delecto] (6:00) 12. Christian Alvarez - Ghetto Boy (Bryan Jones Remix) [Delecto] (7:37) 13. Christian Alvarez - On My Own (Rob Hayes Dub) [Delecto] (6:28) 14. Demarkus Lewis - No Time To Pimp (Furniture Crew Mix) [Clean & Dirty Recordings] (6:39) 15. Demarkus Lewis - No Time To Pimp (Jr from Dallas Mix) [Clean & Dirty Recordings] (5:37) 16. Demarkus Lewis - No Time To Pimp (Original Mix) [Clean & Dirty Recordings] (6:36) 17. Djeff & Silyvi feat Jack Nkanga - Sikama (Elinga Mix) [Nulu] (7:58) 18. Djeff & Silyvi feat Jack Nkanga - Sikama (Guitarra Mix) [Nulu] (7:16) 19. Jimmy Raz - Ciao Ciao (Original Mix) [Lepento Records] (7:21) 20. Joeflame - Freedom (DARKSIDE MIX) [D Sharp] (8:15) 21. Joeflame - Freedom (DJ PANTHER72 MIX) [D Sharp] (7:51) 22. Joeflame - Freedom (Louie Balo DEEP MIX Guzman For Battlewax Productions) [D Sharp] (8:21) 23. Joeflame - Freedom (Louie Balo Deeper Mix) [D Sharp] (8:07) 24. Joeflame - Freedom (LOUIE BALO MIX) [D Sharp] (7:52) 25. Joeflame - Freedom (ORGINAL MIX) [D Sharp] (7:17) 26. K. Diggy - Let Go (Cuebur Remix) [Maurice Joshua Digital] (6:49) 27. K. Diggy - Let Go (DJ Ouder Remix) [Maurice Joshua Digital] (5:48) 28. K. Diggy - Let Go (Vincemo Hang Session Instrumental Mix) [Maurice Joshua Digital] (6:00) 29. K. Diggy - Let Go (Vincemo Hang Session Mix) [Maurice Joshua Digital] (6:00) 30. Mikalogic - Whos Medina (DJ Vitto Remix) [Nervine Records] (6:56) Tech House 1. Andres Guerra, Alejandro Fernandes - White Border (Original Mix) [401 Records] (6:05) 2. Andres Losada - Haunted (Diry Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (7:18) 3. Andres Losada - Haunted (Festo Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (5:54) 4. Andres Losada - Haunted (Flaminik Remix) [Koleto Beatz] (7:47) 5. Andy Slaker - Bakongo (Deepchild Irradiated Dub) [Adjunct Audio] (6:43) 6. Arjun Vagale - Danger Mouse (Original Mix) [Trapez Ltd] (8:03) 7. Arjun Vagale - Indian Shot (Original Mix) [Trapez Ltd] (6:08) 8. Arjun Vagale - The Second Nutcase (Original Mix) [Trapez Ltd] (7:55) 9. Blacktron - 32 KM (Baramuda Housepital Mix) [Twisted Shuffle] (5:58) 10. Blacktron - 32 KM (DJ Wady & Outcode Remix) [Twisted Shuffle] (7:15) 11. Blacktron - 32 KM (Stefano Noferini Vibe Mix) [Twisted Shuffle] (7:34) 12. Dachshund - Asymmetric Love (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records Germany] (5:44) 13. Dachshund - Extensive Talk (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records Germany] (9:28) 14. Dachshund - Octogone (Original Mix) [Highgrade Records Germany] (6:30) 15. Danic - Chilen (Original Mix) [Deeperfect Records] (7:29) 16. Danic - Reality (Original Mix) [Deeperfect Records] (6:55) 17. Daniel Fernandes - Getting High (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes] (7:48) 18. Daniel Fernandes - No Lights (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes] (7:16) 19. Daniel Fernandes - Until The Music Starts (Original Mix) [Witty Tunes] (8:20) 20. Deas, Lubica - Singalala (Robot Needs Oil Remix) [Fruit Machine] (6:43) 21. Deepsoul - The Reason Of Your Call (Original Mix) [Loving Records] (6:16) 22. DJ Wld - For Your Play (Danny Serrano Remix) [Jonk Records] (7:48) 23. Dubfound - Descanso (Lumieux Remix) [Tobus Rec] (7:36) 24. Dubtox - Keep Movin (Original Mix) [Forward Tunes] (7:06) 25. Dubtox - Keep Movin (Randy Bocina Remix) [Forward Tunes] (7:10) 26. Fernando Tessis, Juan Ddd - Robotecno (DJ Smilk Remix) [Starten Music] (5:36) 27. Figueroa, Obando - Cepa (Original Mix) [Rawthentic Music] (6:40) 28. 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Marco Poggioli, Matteo Gariselli - Iris (DJ Chus Muchodrums Mix) [Natura Viva] (6:52) 55. Mario da Ragnio - Suicide snake (Original Mix) [Break New Soil Recordings] (8:07) 56. Max DLoved, Pascal Nuzzo - Mahon (Original Mix) [Intacto] (7:01) 57. Max DLoved, Pascal Nuzzo - Tenesi (Original Mix) [Intacto] (7:53) 58. Maxi Madrid - UB Yeah (Mario Brox Remix) [Future Lovers] (7:40) 59. Maxi Madrid - UB Yeah (Original Mix) [Future Lovers] (7:39) 60. Meeph - Pancytown (Original Mix) [Amazing Records] (7:59) 61. Meeph - The Hoax (Original Mix) [Amazing Records] (6:54) 62. Meeph - Toaster (Original Mix) [Amazing Records] (7:46) 63. Misura - Studio5 House Club (JCornet Remix) [Tall House Underground] (7:14) 64. Mollan - Cuidemos (Original Mix) [Defacto Music] (9:35) 65. Mollan - El Agua (Original Mix) [Defacto Music] (9:30) 66. Olliver Mach, Bernardo Campos - Stellar (Original Mix) [Molotov21] (6:51) 67. Real El Canario - Manos Arriba (Paul Strive Remix) [iCompilations] (6:09) 68. Richie Santana - Stoned Look (Original Mix) [Rawthentic Music] (8:16) 69. Ron Costa - Kissal (Original Mix) [Rawthentic Music] (7:20) 70. Ron Costa - La Cage Invisible (Original Mix) [Local Music] (6:14) 71. sanodg - The Wired Forest (Original Mix) [RouteR] (6:50) 72. Sasha Agressor - Desperado (Original Mix) [Ikanos] (6:12) 73. Sasha Agressor - Jazzy Thing (Original Mix) [Ikanos] (6:32) 74. Sasha Agressor - Now or Never (Original Mix) [Ikanos] (6:16) 75. Seph - Genbu (Original Mix) [Cityfox] (9:11) 76. Seph - Suzaku (Original Mix) [Cityfox] (7:40) 77. Seph - Unti Feat Pablo Denegri (Original Mix) [Cityfox] (7:17) 78. Sergey Ilayskin - Couchy & Shinak (Original Mix) [Spinne Records] (8:42) 79. Sergey Ilayskin - I Wanna Tell You (Original Mix) [Spinne Records] (8:35) 80. Serotonin Thieves - Tribe (Jini Cowan Remix) [Serotonin Digital] (5:41) 81. Serotonin Thieves - Tribe (Lempo & Japwow Remix) [Serotonin Digital] (6:16) 82. Serotonin Thieves - Tribe (My Digital Enemy Remix) [Serotonin Digital] (6:03) 83. Serotonin Thieves - Tribe (Original Mix) [Serotonin Digital] (6:02) 84. Sl Curtiz & Domovnik - Ethamin (DJ Fist Remix) [Suka Records] (6:37) 85. Sl Curtiz & Domovnik - Ethamin (Kid Shakers Remix) [Suka Records] (6:50) 86. Sl Curtiz & Domovnik - Ethamin (Original Mix) [Suka Records] (5:31) 87. Sl Curtiz & Domovnik - Ethamin (The Teachers & Mark Bale Remix) [Suka Records] (6:07) 88. Spacebyrdz - Ali Khat (Original Mix) [Riff Raff] (7:55) 89. Spacebyrdz - Kittie Dance (Original Mix) [Riff Raff] (6:57) 90. Spacebyrdz - Kittie Dance (Riff Raff Remix) [Riff Raff] (8:11) 91. Steff Da Campo, Ricardo Silvio - A Train At Night (Original Mix) [SDC Records] (6:39) 92. Stoned Chicken - Mattress (Alex Di Stefano Rmx) [9 Records] (7:38) 93. Thomas Langner - Break Me Down (Original Mix) [Dust Records] (6:41) 94. True Soul - Barbados (Original Mix) [Blackrose Records] (8:48) 95. Vick Echo - Dripstones (Original Mix) [Rawthentic Music] (6:57) 96. Vincent Costante, Roberto Ferro - Free Man (Marco Skare Remix) [SmallDog Records] (7:30) 97. Vincent Costante, Roberto Ferro - Free Man (Squicciarini Nick Vono & Alexbi Remix) [SmallDog Records] (6:16) 98. Volkoder, Darocha - Color (Original Mix) [Lorvs Records] (6:17) 99. Wollion - Like that (Original Mix) [Break New Soil Recordings] (6:57) 100. Zenbi - Double Trouble (Saeed Younan Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings] (6:03) 101. Zenbi - Double Trouble (Stefano Noferini Remix) [Great Stuff Recordings] (6:08) Techno 1. Alessandro Diga - Slotakkoord (Original Mix) [Manual Music] (6:43) 2. Alessandro Diga - Zwijnenstal (Original Mix) [Manual Music] (7:02) 3. Alex Di Stefano, Jurymaru Deejay - Kali Alex Mix (Alex Mix) [9 Records] (8:56) 4. Alex Di Stefano - Shit Word (Original Mix) [9 Records] (6:45) 5. Ambush, Chuckie, Hardwell - Move It 2 The Drum feat Ambush (Tech Mix) [iCompilations] (4:31) 6. 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Egor Boss - Raw (Unbalance Remix) [Sleaze Records UK] (5:38) 21. Fernando Tessis, Juan Ddd - Robotecno (AnBeat Remix) [Starten Music] (6:53) 22. Fernando Tessis, Juan Ddd - Robotecno (Konstantin Yoodza Remix) [Starten Music] (6:11) 23. Fernando Tessis, Juan Ddd - Robotecno (Original Mix) [Starten Music] (8:02) 24. Gregor Tresher, Karotte - Wave Goodbye (Original Mix) [Break New Soil Recordings] (7:11) 25. James Delato - Tiger Funk (Rodrigo Melo Remix) [Trioxyde Records] (7:17) 26. Kirk Degiorgio - Divine Logic (Dub Mix) [Rush Hour] (6:26) 27. Kirk Degiorgio - Divine Logic (Main Mix) [Rush Hour] (7:46) 28. Kleber - El Baile (Original Mix) [Killer Beats Records] (7:00) 29. Marco Bailey - The Lion (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics MBE] (6:09) 30. Mark Broom - Mist (Original Mix) [Beard Man] (7:57) 31. Mark Broom - Redial (Original Mix) [Beard Man] (6:39) 32. Matt Star - 1000 Miles (Original Mix) [Musique Unique] (8:14) 33. Matt Star - Elastic Rubber (Original Mix) [Musique Unique] (6:13) 34. Michael Deep - Tokio (Alexander Fog 5AM Mix) [Darkstar] (8:15) 35. Michael Deep - Tokio (Original Mix) [Darkstar] (7:04) 36. Mo Funk - Resonant (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (7:45) 37. Mo Funk - Secret Techniques (Original Mix) [Balkan Connection] (6:55) 38. Mozambeat - Autoignition (Roland M Dill Remix) [Simplex Records] (6:55) 39. Mri, GMan - Confusion (Original Mix) [Resopal Schallware] (7:10) 40. Nodin - Arena (Original Mix) [Ziris Records] (5:59) 41. Nodin - The Mute (Original Mix) [Ziris Records] (6:10) 42. Paul Ritch - Black Door (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec] (8:44) 43. Paul Ritch - Secret Garden (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec] (7:21) 44. Paul Ritch - Shape (Original Mix) [Quartz Rec] (7:02) 45. Pfirter, Monoloc - Session 1 (Original Mix) [CLR] (5:43) 46. Pfirter, Monoloc - Session 3 (Original Mix) [CLR] (8:03) 47. Ron Costa - La Cage Invisible (Carlo Lio & The Junkies Remix) [Local Music] (6:19) 48. 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Christian Reich - Western Wall (Original Mix) [Asymmetric Dip] (5:54) 7. Christian Reich - Western Wall (Tom Ellis Remix) [Asymmetric Dip] (7:08) 8. Dimi Wilson - Astadiala (Original Mix) [DeepClass Records] (8:03) 9. Dimi Wilson - Giorikas (Original Mix) [DeepClass Records] (7:26) 10. Dimi Wilson - Kostikas (Original Mix) [DeepClass Records] (6:34) 11. dOP & Masomenos - Hello (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] (4:17) 12. dOP - Rave Forever Together (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] (8:44) 13. Eric Redd - 54 (Mike Matthews Club Mix) [Carrillo Music LLC] (6:01) 14. Felipe L - Kind Soul (Original Mix) [AK Tek Records] (7:35) 15. Felipe L - Pim Pla (Original Mix) [AK Tek Records] (7:32) 16. Jon Delerious - Asend (Original Mix) [Lost My Dog] (5:52) 17. Jon Delerious - Believe In You (Giom Remix) [Lost My Dog] (5:49) 18. Jon Delerious - Believe In You (Huxley Remix) [Lost My Dog] (6:25) 19. Jon Delerious - Believe In You (Original Mix) [Lost My Dog] (6:49) 20. Jon Delerious - Remember (Original Mix) [Lost My Dog] (6:13) 21. Magit Cacoon, Nunu - Soul Motion (Original Mix) [Girl Scout] (6:51) 22. Marc Smith - Stepping Back (Its OK Dub) [Chillin Music] (7:50) 23. Marc Smith - Stepping Back (Sleazzy McQueen Remix) [Chillin Music] (7:36) 24. Marc Smith - Stepping Back (Space Throwback Remix) [Chillin Music] (7:48) 25. Marc Smith - You Want To (Lance De Sardi Remix) [Chillin Music] (7:04) 26. Mauro Basso - Drone (Ariane Blank Remix) [Auditive] (6:44) 27. Mauro Basso - Drone (Dreher & Smart Remix) [Auditive] (6:29) 28. Mauro Basso - Drone (Original Mix) [Auditive] (7:46) 29. Mauro Basso - Drone (Tim Engelhardt Remix) [Auditive] (7:52) 30. Michel Laurent - Orion (Original Mix) [Noze] (6:13) 31. Mockbeat - City Lights (Ian Metty Dub Mix) [MIDI Life Records] (6:05) 32. Moe Turk, Fat Boy Pym - Beachin (Original Mix) [Vibe Lebanon Records] (6:08) 33. Moe Turk - Time Machine (Original Mix) [Vibe Lebanon Records] (7:25) 34. Patrick Chardronnet - Source Of Life (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings] (8:31) 35. Pol On, Chmara Winter - Bonk (Pol On Rmx) [Your Mamas Friend] (5:46) 36. Randal Soeung - What Its For (Jesus Pablo Remix) [Headset Recordings] (6:17) 37. Randal Soeung - What Its For (Original Mix) [Headset Recordings] (7:34) 38. Sonny Joey Waschington - Deep Garden (Deep Mix) [Integrity Records] (4:46) 39. Sonny Joey Waschington - Moving Forward (Original Mix) [Integrity Records] (5:35) 40. Sonny Joey Waschington - Moving Forward (Voice Mix) [Integrity Records] (5:35) 41. Steve Mill & Luke Fair - Beaches (Original Mix) [Add2Basket Records] (6:44) 42. Steve Mill & Luke Fair - Beaches (Peter Horrevorts Remix) [Add2Basket Records] (8:48) 43. Storm Queen - Look Right Through (Jamie Jones Remix) [Defected] (6:14) 44. Tatoine - Sometimes (Kevin McKay Remix) [Repressure Recordings] (7:39) 45. V i v i d - Nobody But Her (Original Mix) [Greelpound] (5:31) 46. V i v i d - Nunna Yo Bidness (Original Mix) [Greelpound] (5:40) Electro House 1. Amy B, Warehouse - You And Me Tonight (Danny Merx Remix) [3am Jam] (6:52) 2. Amy B, Warehouse - You And Me Tonight (TJR Remix) [3am Jam] (5:41) 3. Asle & Anne - Lucky You (Harikus Arcade Riot Mix) [Blow Out Records] (7:31) 4. Brotha Berry - Dance All Night (Original Mix) [Soul Shift Music] (6:15) 5. BSharry - Are You Ready (Original Mix) [Gardenia Records] (5:07) 6. BSharry - Stoned Is Breaking (Original Mix) [Gardenia Records] (5:29) 7. Damian William - The Chameleon (Original Mix) [Couture] (6:30) 8. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel The Sun (Iron Remix) [Music Pirates Records] (6:25) 9. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel the Sun (Revolution Dj Remix) [Music Pirates Records] (5:56) 10. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel The Sun (Steve Weaver & Jocix Remix) [Music Pirates Records] (6:48) 11. David Far3ll - Freedom (Original Mix) [Balkan Delights] (6:48) 12. David Far3ll - Freedom (Stanisha Reversed Elephants Remix) [Balkan Delights] (8:22) 13. Diamond Lights, Anna Lunoe - Stronger (Jam Xpress Remix) [Yes Yes Records] (5:06) 14. Digital Project - Love Me (Original Mix) [General Records] (6:19) 15. Digital Project - Love Me (Vocal Dub Mix) [General Records] (5:49) 16. DJ Cross, Drop Dead Red, Adam Savage - UFO (Axis Mix) [Murky Beatz] (5:20) 17. Eric Redd - 54 (Carvelo Pill Poppin Mix) [Carrillo Music LLC] (6:00) 18. Footjam - N.S.B. (Original Mix) [THaF Records] (5:22) 19. Footjam - Sneakerz (G0ldt0p Remix) [THaF Records] (5:17) 20. Footjam - Sneakerz (Jackiroqs Remix) [THaF Records] (6:20) 21. Footjam - Sneakerz (Original Mix) [THaF Records] (6:38) 22. Footjam - Toechdown (Original Mix) [THaF Records] (5:57) 23. Hot Mess - No Requests (Original Mix) [Heavy Artillery Recordings] (5:17) 24. Hotel Stereo - Out Of My Mind (Extended) [Bikini Sounds] (6:41) 25. Hotel Stereo - Out Of My Mind (Instrumental) [Bikini Sounds] (6:41) 26. In Cahoots - Yeti (Original Mix) [Macro Records] (5:12) 27. Jakatorre - Focus (Original Mix) [Bonds Records] (4:31) 28. Jakatorre - Going (Original Mix) [Bonds Records] (6:14) 29. Jakatorre - Grrr (Original Mix) [Bonds Records] (3:43) 30. Jakatorre - Open (Original Mix) [Bonds Records] (6:05) 31. Jakatorre - Space To Earth (Original Mix) [Bonds Records] (5:34) 32. Jay Costa - Pianor (Myles James remix) [Juuhch] (5:03) 33. Kishin - Ticking Clocks (Alex Greed Remix) [Clone 21 Records] (5:31) 34. Kishin - Ticking Clocks (Danny T Remix) [Clone 21 Records] (6:45) 35. Kishin - Ticking Clocks (Original Mix) [Clone 21 Records] (4:18) 36. Kishin - Ticking Clocks (Rob Estell Remix) [Clone 21 Records] (5:37) 37. Kishin - Ticking Clocks (Subject Delta Remix) [Clone 21 Records] (4:20) 38. MC Complex, HER - Go (Perfect Cell vs The Amp Jackers Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (5:32) 39. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (Cheeky D Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (6:30) 40. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (Original Mix) [Digital Dope Records] (4:49) 41. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (Perfect Cell vs The Amp Jackers Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (6:01) 42. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (Scott Thomas Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (4:05) 43. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (The Funk Out Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (5:17) 44. MC Cyanide, HER - Go (Woncka Remix) [Digital Dope Records] (6:26) 45. Nofx, Reat Kay - Treelectrick (Club Mix) [Rich & Glorious] (5:30) 46. Probe - Baila (Original Mix) [Plasmapool] (7:43) 47. Sesa - KICK IT (Original Mix) [Do The Hip Recordings] (6:44) 48. The Catevari - Vesuvius (Original Mix) [Dirty Wave] (4:41) 49. The Catevari - Vesuvius (Ver 2) [Dirty Wave] (4:18) House 1. Aba, Simonsen - Soul Bossa Nova (Aba & Simonsen Remix) [discowax] (4:36) 2. Aba, Simonsen - Soul Bossa Nova (Chukie & Mastiksoul Remix) [discowax] (6:42) 3. Aba, Simonsen - Soul Bossa Nova (G&C Remix) [discowax] (6:18) 4. Aba, Simonsen - Soul Bossa Nova (Jorgensen Remix) [discowax] (6:12) 5. Aba, Simonsen - Soul Bossa Nova (Original Mix) [discowax] (3:36) 6. Amy B, Warehouse - You And Me Tonight (Original Mix) [3am Jam] (5:37) 7. Andrew Phillips - False Vibration (Ramon Castells Remix) [The Mansion Recordings] (6:08) 8. Aquarell - Roots & Culture (Jackie Misfit Remix) [Echolette Records] (7:52) 9. Aquarell - Roots & Culture (Santos Resiak Remix) [Echolette Records] (7:36) 10. Aquarell - Roots & Culture (Shaun Ingham Hedley & Frank House Remix) [Echolette Records] (8:22) 11. Born To Funk - Kenya [Copyright] (6:58) 12. Born To Funk - La Scoica [Copyright] (7:33) 13. CJ Reign - Brand New Life (CJs Urban Groove Dub) [Bass Machine] (5:48) 14. CJ Reign - Brand New Life (Original Mix) [Bass Machine] (6:10) 15. CJ Reign - Brand New Life (Reigns Energize Dub) [Bass Machine] (6:28) 16. Coqui Selection - Dissko (Jorge Montia Marfil Remix) [PornoStar Records] (5:47) 17. Coqui Selection - Dissko (Original Mix) [PornoStar Records] (7:04) 18. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel the Sun (Adam Jetrack remix) [Music Pirates Records] (7:20) 19. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel the Sun (Hathor Dj Remix) [Music Pirates Records] (4:35) 20. Dave Jr, Gyongyossy Fanni - Feel the Sun (NorbEEBoy & Fabio Costa Acoustic Remix) [Music Pirates Records] (3:48) 21. Diamond Lights, Anna Lunoe - Stronger (Club Mix) [Yes Yes Records] (4:52) 22. Diamond Lights, Anna Lunoe - Stronger (Original Mix) [Yes Yes Records] (4:17) 23. Diamond Lights, Anna Lunoe - Stronger (Willy Joy Remix) [Yes Yes Records] (4:36) 24. Diavlo - Swat (Original Mix) [MAR186] (6:21) 25. Dishop - Felicidad (Klash Rivera Latin Remix) [Technotitlan Records] (6:33) 26. Ebbo Riginal - Its Getting Funky (Original Mix) [Big Toy Music] (6:41) 27. Ebbo Riginal - Less Stress (Original Mix) [Big Toy Music] (6:41) 28. Garrett & Ojelay - Hey Mr. DJ (Original Mix) [Beatdown] (6:36) 29. Garrett & Ojelay - Hey Mr. DJ (Sonny Fodera Remix) [Beatdown] (5:37) 30. Giacomo Dati - Dance Into Traffic (Dagrab Mix) [Nplaymusic] (8:22) 31. Giacomo Dati - Dance Into Traffic (Original Mix) [Nplaymusic] (9:02) 32. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Aureol (Original Mix) [ProTez] (9:50) 33. Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Inspire (Original Mix) [ProTez] (8:50) 34. Japain - Cross Towns (Hideout Remix) [19Box Recordings] (6:05) 35. Kadasma, XyO - Cool Breeze (Original Mix) [Kadasma Records] (6:39) 36. Lucas, Daniel Malker, Hugo Sanches - Saturday Night (Original Mix) [ADS Records] (7:21) 37. Matt Everson - Chopper (Original Mix) [Bamboo Music] (7:12) 38. Michael Ruris - Glow (Original) [Handmade Recordings] (6:33) 39. Michael Ruris - Glow (Power Bass Line Mix) [Handmade Recordings] (6:33) 40. Mike Deluxe - Let It Out (Extended Mix) [Strawberry Flavor] (5:30) 41. Only Children - Be The One (Original Mix) [Nuclear Family] (6:01) 42. Plastik Funk, Dave Kurtis - Shake (Original Mix) [Tiger Records] (6:21) 43. Raul Duran - Line All (Original Mix) [Hipnotika Recordings] (8:18) 44. Sebastian Roter, Dan Lewis - I Believe (Roter & Lewis Mix) [Whitepromo] (6:52) 45. Sebastian Roter, Dan Lewis - People (Original Mix) [Whitepromo] (6:56) 46. SoundSAM - That Language (Original Mix) [Phat Fuel Records] (8:21) 47. SoundSAM - Them Rhodes (Original Mix) [Phat Fuel Records] (10:03) 48. Steve Aoki, Wynter Gordon - Ladi Dadi (Angger Dimas Remix) [Ultra] (4:08) 49. Steve Aoki, Wynter Gor

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7. Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 9 -Data Exhibitionist and Open Sourcing Contemplative Computing

Mindful Cyborgs - Episode 9 -Data Exhibitionist and Open Sourcing Contemplative Computing

SHOW 9 -Data exobitionist, open sourced contemplative computing & follower bankruptcy HOSTS: Klint Finley Chris Dancy GUEST: Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, Book: The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues, and Destroying Your Soul *****SHOW NOTES***** The duality of tech being fetishized and pathologized are we in a holy war for information? The argument that tech does good and bad is the agency it grants the technology. Why did you write this book? Nicholas Carr- The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains When you live in a world where you stare at screens for 12 hours a day, it's easy to think the screens are the problem. Raw brain power vs. Self Discipline We are all cyborgs and it is the great challenge of our lives is to become mindful cyborgs rather than mindless cyborgs. The individual is in charge of managing their own tech choices. The problem with tech is not that it's addicting, it's poorly designed. Business models are about sucking up attention, it's like asking wolves to be vegetarians. Aaron Levie on Twitter Big news is going unnoticed. What does August 2014 look like for social media? Declaring follower bankruptcy? Contemplative practices 800 and 200 BC as a response to globalization. Is the problem the networked tools vs. solitary tools? Contemplative Technologies go open source. END OF PART 1 of 2 ****OPRAH MOMENT**** Five free copies of "The Distraction Addiction" *****TOP STORIES***** Crowdage (Kiva meets the data economy)- Asking 2000 people to give up their personal health data. - BIOBEATS - "Adaptive Media" "Our technologies learn about you from your biometric data and adapt to help you live a more engaging, healthier life." *****WORD OF THE WEEK***** Contemplative - expressing or involving prolonged thought. *****VOTE***** Help Send Chris and Klint to SXSW 14 - *****EVENTS***** Buddhist geeks August 16-19 Boulder (Mindfulness) Singularity University - Executive Program October 5-12 Quantified Self Oct 10-11 San Francisco SXSW : March 7-16, 2014 *****THANK YOU / FIND US***** AARON JASINSKI: Artist work for the mindful cyborgs ROSS NELSON: Brown Hound Media for mixing FACEBOOK: GOOGLE PLUS:…97482352220770025 TWITTER: SOUNDCLOUD: ITUNES: STICHER RADIO: *****TRANSCRIPTION***** Mindful Cyborgs - Contemplative living in the age of quantification, augmentation and acceleration, with your hosts Chris Dancy and Klint Finley. CD: Welcome to Mindful Cyborgs Episode 9. Mr. Klint, do I feel your presence through the ether? KF: Hi there. How’s it going? CD: Good. Klint, we’ve had so many interesting people. We gave away a trip to Buddhist Conference last week where they’re going kind of teach me to be Buddhist and work with contemplative technology and speaking of contemplative technology, boy, did we land a doozy today. You found this guest. Why don’t tell me a little bit how you found our guest and introduce him, if you don’t mind? KF: We have Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. I’m sorry if I mispronounced your name, Alex. He’s the author of “The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues and Destroying Your Soul” book that’s just out from Little Brown Books. Welcome to the show, Alex. ASP: Thanks very much. It’s great to be here, Klint. CD: My favorite part of the whole title “destroying your soul”. Can we start there? Because there does seem obviously ... I’m just going to get right into the meat of this, Alex. Your book is inflammatory on a level. Yes, I don’t know. I haven’t read anything this good in such a long time. That being said, I can see your book being used as a weapon by people who think tech is destroying families and ripping apart communities and also being used by people who feel that tech is enriching and empowering people’s lives. I can see both people waging the holy war with this book. ASP: You can say that both sides are equally right and wrong, I mean in the sense that you can make the same kind of argument about fire or lighting or any other number of technologies that have come to be ubiquitous parts of our lives that we use almost unthinkingly. They become what sociologists refer to as [00:02:37] technology, ones that are omnipresent, whose use we cannot think about very much and therefore become incredibly powerful. Now, I think that sort of the argument that technology does these things: drives families apart, makes us more connected, impoverishes our soul, allows us to be more spiritual. I think that the objection I have to that is the agency that grants the technology and one of the things that I want to argue and that I want readers to have a stronger sense of is that while it’s certainly the case that technology can exacerbate problems or they can be designed to encourage or to nudge up those behavioral economists who have put it to have certain kinds of habits rather than others or have defaults that are set to encourage us to engage in some kind of behavior. The reality is that technologies creators efforts to make us unaware of the fact that these are systems and devices over which we still have a measure of control and over which we can exert agency and choice is ... I think that’s a critical realization to maintain in today’s world and so I would say that the technology may enable all kinds of good and bad things, but that it’s still critically important to remember that ultimately we are capable of making choices about how we use them. CD: Two things here. Let me slow you down a little bit here. Literally, we could replace some of the terminology in this book and release it in 1800. ASP: Yes or 1500. CD: Good. I want to make sure that I understood what I read. You’re driving me crazy because I just want to just go and just start debating you in this. I agree with you. I guess I’ve got a million questions I want to ask you. Just this thing what you just said I only have one question that’s like I have to know, why did you write this book? ASP: Why did I write this book? That’s an excellent question. First of all, I’ve spent at this point half of my life or so trying to understand people and technologies and the worlds they make. I started out as an historian of science and technology looking mainly at 19th and 20th century British and American history of technology. For the last dozen or so years I’ve been technology forecaster and futurist which means that I’m asking all the same kinds of questions that I was asking when I was looking at relationships between printers and astronomers in 19th century, photography and astronomy but I’m just asking them about the future rather than the past. The more immediate answer to the question why did I write this specific book was that like a lot of projects, intellectual projects that people get really passionate about, it kind of came out of a crisis. A few years ago after working at a think-tank dong a lot of scenario work for many different clients that involved reading huge amounts of stuff online, jumping from project to project, doing a lot of travel, I was really feeling cognitively very stretched in. I was still doing pretty decent work but I was really starting to worry about having serious like memory issues, the kinds of stuff that Nick Carr talks about at the very beginning of his book “The Shallows”. CD: You physically felt that the technology was literally changing your mind, I mean you were forgetting things. ASP: It certainly was part of it. CD: Again, you can’t make this stuff up in real life, can you, Alex? I was just at a professionals - oh shoot, I’ll just say it. I was at my esthetician. I’m older and I’m sensitive of my nose hair - I’ll just go there - and she said to me, “Chris, I’m retiring” and I said, “Why?” She goes, “I need to teach and I have an opportunity to teach” and I said, “Well, that’s good. That’s wonderful. You’ve been doing this for twenty-some years.” She goes, “But I have to. I know you really to. I just want to tell you, I feel like I’m becoming brain dead.” I said, “What do you mean?” She goes, “All I do is I work on people every day and I do my different services” because she does facial services also, that kind of stuff. She goes, “But I’m starting to forget stuff.” My question to you is, do you think she’s actually kind of mistaking her phone addiction for staring at someone’s eyebrows when she’s plucking them out? ASP: I think that there are all kinds of reasons people start having memory issues or a feeling like they’re slowing down. When you live in a world in which you’re staring at screens for 12 hours a day, it’s really easy to come to the conclusion that the screens are the problem. CD: That’s very profound. ASP: Realistically, I was at a point in my professional life where I had done the same thing two or three times and I was in my mid-40s which is the classic time to start thinking you got early onset Alzheimer’s or some other kind of issue. In my case, it really was a kind of perfect storm of things. The technology was certainly part of it that it wasn’t the only thing. So I started trying to figure out is there a way to deal with this. For someone who had spent his entire life of succeeding on the basis of essentially raw brainpower as opposed to things like self-discipline and good work habits the idea that your mind is flipping like Hal at the end of 2001 is pretty terrifying. So, I started meditating. CD: So far you sound like a mindful cyborg. ASP: Well, yes, absolutely. I think that we are indeed, Chris, I would say we are all cyborgs and the great challenge of our lives is to become mindful cyborgs rather than mindless cyborgs. CD: First time I’ve ever heard someone say we’re all cyborgs was Amber Case. KF: We’re entangled with our technologies. I really like that the term “entangled”. You emphasized that the individual is responsible for managing their attention and that you can’t just buy something off the shelf that’s going to “fix you” but at the same time you talk about how the design of technologies can pose problems. For example, you wrote that the problem with too many devices today is not that they’re too engaging or addictive, the problem is that they’re poorly designed. I wanted to ask you, to what extent do you think designers are responsible for implementing contemplative computing? CD: Nice. ASP: I think they should be more thoughtful about it. I’m afraid though that for too many companies their business models really depend upon being able to suck up as much of your attention as they possibly can. It’s a little bit like asking the wolves to be vegetarian. There are certainly things or even relatively simple things that, let’s say, social media app designers could do that would assist users of being less distracted. For example, setting initial the defaults on notifications, turning it down from 11 which is what most everyone seems to do which is notifying you when anything on this system happens that is vaguely related to me send me a text message about it. Every time I install an app I have to go in and turn all that stuff off. I think it’s one small example of how in their own way of media companies and technology companies are kind of addicted to distracting us. They see that as right now as a way to build up their user base to get more hits, to get more screen time, to justify the development of these expensive mobile social apps and generate more data that they can use to then resell to advertisers. KF: Generate more data to find out better ways to distract in other words. ASP: Exactly. I think that the phrase, it’s an instantiation of the concept of the attention economy that is, I think, really of ultimately unsustainable and for all of its claims to be customer focused, is customer focused in the way that the shark is focused on the fish. CD: I know the term attention economy. This is more like an attention depression. Again, if I just look at just online. I look online behavior. You go back just 9 months ago someone like Aaron Levie was getting re-tweeted 100 to 300 times for one of his little smart comments. Today, that number’s about half. His comments aren’t less interesting but I’m noticing that people are just skipping it which is making him and other people like him just like more rabid about getting back to that unattainable level when it was manageable. You know what I’m talking about, Klint? KF: Yes. Well, I’ve seen a couple of examples recently where somebody who works at a company tweeted out not huge major news but significant news about their company that didn’t end up getting picked up on when, I think, 6 months to a year ago and certainly a year and a half, 2 years ago, those tweets would have led to a dozen different publications running a news story about that piece of information. CD: That’s my point. I mean, Alex, in one year, let’s just go out 12 months, let’s pretend it’s August 9th, 2014. I don’t see any of this sustainable. ASP: So, you think of sort of stuff like Twitter based marketing or... CD: Twitter or anything social, I see a mass exodus back to paper magazines within 2 years. ASP: We’re going to see the bursting of the bubble of the attention economy. CD: Yes, because when I deal with people it just seems like to me they’re like where they made an attempt before, they’re more conscious about getting new content out than consuming the content in front of them. I call it the buffet attention span, right? Take all you want but eat all you take, right? It’s like filling a bookshop full of books you’ll never read so you look smart. More people share stuff to kind of dictate who they are and define themselves from a psychological standpoint than they actually read this stuff they’re showing you. If they were to click on it, they’d realize it was a dead link. I just literally don’t see how this is sustainable. Just yesterday Klint said he wanted to un-follow everybody. KF: I was going to ask. So, Chris, I know you don’t follow very many people. You follow like 60 or 70 people or something? CD: 30. KF: 30! CD: 30 people. KF: Thirty people. Okay. Yes, that day when I said that I did go through and I tried to un-follow as many people as I could and I felt like I un-followed so many people and it was really hard to go through my whole list. I was just like I got to cut this down because I had over 400 people that I was following and so then it was all over. I was thinking maybe I got this down to like less than 300. 250 is what I was thinking I might have gotten it down to and it was only like 340 still what I’m at now. I’m curious, Alex. How many people do you follow and do you have any thoughts on how to pair that sort of thing down? I guess I’m asking you for some more specific, less philosophical questions. ASP: The first answer is I’m not sure how many people I follow. I think it’s in the 300 something but it’s not a number that I have looked at in a long time. I will un-follow someone if they are clogging up my Twitter stream. People who it turns out that have post a lot of stuff that isn’t particularly interesting or relevant. These people are far less interesting than someone who will post a couple of times a week but will point out pretty interesting things. Yes. There is that Scottish saying, “Say but little and say it well.” when you got several hundred people in your Twitter stream, the more of them who follow that kind of rule the better. So, really that’s the only real life follow in terms of who to take off. CD: You follow 410. I just looked. ASP: Oh, thank you. KF: One other thing I wanted to ask you about, Alex, it was one of the more surprising things in the book to me was that you pointed out that contemplative practices seem to have started somewhere between 800 and 200 BC as a response to colonialism, global trade and urbanization. That actually does kind of bring us back to that idea of the technologies that causes this sort of problem aren’t hammers and bows and arrows but they’re network technologies like social media comes back to that comparison of urbanization and economics and so forth. I would have thought those practices would still have developed much, much earlier in history so I was wondering if you’d talk a little bit about the research you did in that area of the history of contemplation. ASP: There’s not a huge literature on this yet, I mean people definitely are working on it but I think that what’s distinctive about that period which historians of religion refer to as the Axial Age is that it’s the first time that contemplative practices stopped being a secret. They stopped doing things that are for initiates that are part of ... It’s the first time that we begin to see people like Buddha arguing that these are and should be accessible to everyone. That they’re open, they’re public sort of in a sense that they go from or they continue to the network metaphor they go from being proprietary to being open source. Anyone can do them. Anyone can improve upon and add to them. It’s actually not something that I draw out of a book but because ... well, funny story, I didn’t notice them. You’re exactly right that the world is becoming more networked at this point. That’s the thing that’s distinctive about it. CD: It’s going to be really problematic when all the network devices in your house ignore you. Yes. Linda Richman of the networked house “talk amongst yourselves”. Literally the first day I come home and my robot vacuum cleaner is having a cigarette with the washing machine. [inaudible 00:17:53]. Let’s get us some news. You guys want to jump on some crazy news because I think I’ve got news that would just twist this whole conversation in half? KF: All right. CD: The company that I found online through a Quantified Self Forum called Crowdage. Basically, I went into Quantified Self Forum and said hey, come to our website. The first 2,000 people to opt in your Fitbit data to us via API you just clicked a button and your Fitbit was connected to their system. We will give you the results too within 3 days. They had 2,000 people opt over all the health data so that they could see how other people were living. I called it Kiva Loans meets the data economy. Again, it’s Kinsey on a whole new level. Do you guys have any opinion about the 2,000 people who raced to hand over their sleep data so they could compare it to someone else? KF: The first thing that comes to mind is that sort of data does become more useful when you can compare it to somebody else when you can compare your data against yourself there’s a certain amount of utility in that like, okay, this is a normal knife for me but it does seem like anything would be more useful it’s networked. CD: How many people kind of get an infographic from this survey and by the way I was one of the 2,000? How many people are going to use the infographic they get from this to share with their friends? There’s this thing called Zuckerbergs wherever we are we try to share twice as much. To me it’s not a sharing. We have an under intimacy problem. We have no concept of intimacy with ourselves in respect to our data. KF: Yes. We are such exhibitionists now. CD: Completely. Alex, do you have any opinion on people exploiting their personal data? In this case, I opted in. No one took it from me. I opted in. How do you feel about that? ASP: I think if you go into it with your eyes open at least as reasonably open as they can be after you read the licensing agreement, then you’ve got to make your own choices. Personally, I tried a couple of like life logging systems like saga and a couple of others and things. They really haven’t grabbed me all that much maybe because I’m not a very good quantifier yet. CD: I happen to be a very good quantifier. Ask Klint. The key to it is low friction, right? I have to do no work - none - and I have to get value for that. At what point are the devices not the distraction but our actual output from the devices? At what point is it not the Ferrari but the exhaust? ASP: I think it is really interesting that these days there is the assumption that if you measure something the next logical natural thing to do is to share it and it’s really interesting how quickly that they can hold. I would also point out there isn’t ... I don’t know if there’s anything inherently let’s say creepier or stranger about sharing your sleep data with a company that analyzes sleep data than there is having your credit card company have intimate knowledge of your transaction history. CD: I don’t think it’s that much creepy. What shocked me was how fast they got 2,000 people to go to a site they’ve never heard of and handed over. You could not ... I mean if this were just sheer marketing data: someone in a mall asking people to take surveys, they’d be king of that company for that type of response. ASP: Right. Well, so presumably people think they got something out of it. CD: I think there’s going to be a distraction. There’s going to be a distraction addiction part 2 about people distracted not to the devices but to their own data. It’s kind of like my brother said when he was young and he used to go “There’s nothing like your own brand.” I’m like “That’s disgusting, Chucky,” but I’m starting to think people live for their own exhaust. Second wild crazy personal data story: company called BioBeats has out couple of apps now that basically they’re calling it adaptive media. It basically it listens to you, it listens to your body and watches your surroundings and creates music or in one case creates music from you in your activities, so if you’re dancing, the music is created from your movement. In the other case it actually analyzes where you’re at and makes suggestions for you to listen to things. So, personalized adaptive entertainment based external going out or internal coming in depending on what you need based on your actual bioness, so how warm is your skin, how fast is your heart beating or how focused is your brain. We talked about that last week. There’s a company called Melon who has this head wrap and they give you geolocation for how focused you were in Central Park versus Time Square, the distraction addiction. What about people using technology applications or devices to have them assist them to create new things around them? ASP: Well, as the world’s worst dancer, I’m still stuck on the idea of a system that’s trying to rely on movement to create music. Not having experimented with the system my initial impression based on looking at sort of the webpage sort of interesting science experiment, is it music, someone who would play the occasional musical instrument, I would set the bar a little bit higher for constitutes even ambient music. However, if you could do something more interesting and serious with it which is sort of like a next generation where you were able to have sensed kind of play your body rather than playing an instrument, there might be something cool there. CD: I think you hit on something brilliant. How many people would opt over that application data for that company to make them all do the Thriller dance? We won’t have flash mobs. We’ll have app mobs, right? You literally take over a mall, right? And everybody will do it. Sure. Will I get free ice cream? Sure, I’ll dance. Boom, all your phones are vibrating. Your haptic shoes are making you twist around like a robot in crack. So, we’ve got some events coming up, Klint. We got Buddhist Geeks in Boulder. Very contemplative technology group, Mr. Alex, if you’re interested and that’s August 16th through 19th. Singularity University, if you want to swallow a bunch of sensors and monitor your calories, October 5th through 12th for the executive program. The Quantified Self Conference with everything in those two people, October 10th and 11th in San Francisco, and then of course our page for South By Southwest, Klint, it should be out soon, shouldn’t it, before we put a vote? KF: Yes. CD: It should be up. I think South Bys are going to get it up soon, but South By is March 7th through 16th. Alex, thank you so much. We’re going to give away five copies of Alex’s book. This is part 1 of the show. Part 2 we’ll give away some more books too. I’d like to think Aaron Jasinski our artist for our Mindful Cyborgs. Ross Nelson, Brown Hound Media for our mixing and editing and there’s a lot on this show. You can find us on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter for all the stories we talk about in this episode and all the ones we just like and of course you can find Mindful Cyborgs on iTunes, SoundCloud, and starting this week Stitcher Radio. Thank you so much, guys, and I will see you in a few weeks. KF: See you, Chris, and thanks for being on the show, Alex. ASP: Oh, you bet. This is a lot of fun.

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8. Line 'Em Up

Line 'Em Up

Hey everybody, I hope that you all are well. Thanks for checking out my music by the way. I made the beat and mixed the track as well. I might re-visit the mix and add some elements or touch it up before I release the album this song will be on. Anyways, thanks for checking it out and, as always, feel free to connect. My boy Khalil on the ad-libs throughout the whole track. He helped serve the track very excellently. Much love, bro! -- LYRICS -- Verse One I don't have time to front So line em up, my rhymes strike enough Eyes diamond cuffed I'm a timeless one Risin up to meet all illusions There's no us vs them, inclusions the solution Time for a heart to heart, charred apart I charge my bars and scar real hard Guards still marred, plus I parted stars Humanity replenish this artist of ours I started to power relentless for hours I can freestyle through a nuclear shower Tubular dude, I'm the purest of the world I am the sea, a clam came and gave me pearls So I put a pebble back to thank it Embracin what's sacred, plus awakened places In me radiate with unseen vibrations And healing dark palpitations Around the hatred I find the ground to state this Fact I will stand above the matrix and break it And come back strong if my cores penetrated -- Hook (Aka Chorus This that hip hop, nuclear Clips pop, as my pens drift off Super fear hits strong but i lift off Bench press two linear Jupiters Then jump to Kriss Kross -- Second Verse Second verse is extra worse the pressure verse Youth are more a blessing and less a curse But we got people treating them like they're wrong See them on the hill singing their freedom song Unchained from oppressors, what we gain isn't lesser The craze was tethered so I cut it And it floats away like a feather Why gloat today even if my rhymes are better? These times are severed like the spine of forever If the past is what we fail to remember Plus, homie! I've been impaled and dismembered Hailed as a leper, jailed under pressure No bail brokenness festered, still I sail these seas tender Enter the battlefield where shadows wield Wisdom with Light to bring peace to these killing fields And this verse is merely a piece of what the Master built And She wants to sew with you so go grab your kilt Flash ya skill, or yo your lack of knowin To Her come as you are and be opened -- Hook/Chorus This that hip hop, nuclear Clips pop, as my pens drift off Super fear hits strong but i lift off Bench press two linear Jupiters Then jump to Kriss Kross -- Third Verse Third verse and I splurge worse An unheard curse tried to burn Earth So I stepped from an overturned hearse To be firm and my life will bring my urn worth Unlearn hurt that turned to unchurned dirt Till a man and life taught me how to exert My energy on this eclectic spiritual path Here I'll grow and, refine my lyrical wrath Life's a spherical class, experience veers us home at last Many moments matter in our hearts and feel grand Steal hands I peel back rappaz like an eel man Instill ill lands with my raps thatre still ham Real slams to the ground take care of backs Flare the raps until the stairs collapse Bring my air in back, to my lungs Impairin' cats till they're done, my careless acts No alternatives cause I'm aware of facts No alt right racism cmon Spence wassup with that? That's a front and man, hatred you cup it back White ain't under attack I can't expect u to understand U burned torches and said you didn't want equality Drop your Nazi facades and learn to walk honorably -- Hook/Chorus This that hip hop, nuclear Clips pop, as my pens drift off Super fear hits strong but i lift off Bench press two linear Jupiters Then jump to Kriss Kross -- I freestyle a verse to end it. Instagram tag: @mcbelliott YouTube:

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9. We're all Giants: SF Giants World Series documentary #SanFranciscoCrosscurrents #SoundsofSF

  • Published: 2012-03-20T01:46:48Z
  • By KALW
We're all Giants: SF Giants World Series documentary #SanFranciscoCrosscurrents #SoundsofSF

HANA BABA: Sports aren’t for everyone. And baseball, in particular, can be a hard sell. The baseball season has 162 games, and these games feel like they last forever – the players always seem to do a lot of standing around and spitting, never much actual playing. So why is it the national pastime? Any fan might tell you it’s about the skill of the game – strategy combined with athleticism. But it’s more than that. JON MILLER: My dad was a baseball fan, a sports fan, and in those days the games were on the radio. And he always had a ballgame on the radio. CELINA HARRINGTON: I’ve played sports since the third grade. Used to go to baseball games with my father. Baseball is something that families and friends can share with one another, regardless of whatever else may be going on in their lives. It’s something that parents enjoy with their kids, passing down their love and loyalty for a team to the next generation. KYLE TREFNY: From when I first went to one of their games, and it was really fun there. I got a ball, and Tim Lincecum signed it. And since then, I’ve really become a Giants fan. But the Giants’ magical World Series win in 2010 wasn’t just a victory for lifelong fans, or even sports fans – it was special for everyone. Their World Series run was a great story. It gave everyone in the Bay Area a reason to high-five strangers in the street, even if they’d never watched a baseball game before. CHILDREN (chanting): Let’s go Giants! (fans cheer) This is a story about what it means for everyone. For the homegrown fans who have worn orange and black since before they could walk… JON MILLER: 1962 is when I saw my first game. BRUCE JENKINS: I've been around here since ‘66, and I’ve followed them extremely closely, so I do go back quite a few years. ALAN FARLEY: I mean, I haven’t been a Giants fan for 54 years like some people. Only what – 23 years? That’s practically nothing. …for the transplants who swore off their old home teams when they moved to the Bay. For the bandwagoners, who couldn’t help but get swept up in Giants mania. ERIN TREFNY: Mmm, well, it was fun. They won. And everybody else was excited, so why shouldn’t I? DANI DUNLEVY: I saw the hair attached to the Lincecum wigs and the panda hats. It was all of those different items that made me fall in love with the Giants. ROBERT CARTER: I’m really not a Giants fan, but this year you couldn’t help but be a Giants fan. We’re going to have some help to tell this tale: BRUCE JENKINS: My name is Bruce Jenkins. I'm a sports columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle. JOE BURKE: My name is Joe Burke, morning announcer here on KALW. DAVINCI: My name is DaVinci, and I’m from here, my home, San Francisco Bay Area. And I’ve been rapping for about six years. Feel me? GRANT BRISBEE: My name is Grant Brisbee, and I write for McCovey Chronicles. ALAN FARLEY: My name is Alan Farley, and I’m a producer and announcer at KALW radio. ASHKON DAVARAN: My name is Ashkon Davaran. And I’m an entertainer. JON MILLER: My name is Jon Miller. I broadcast Giants baseball on radio and television. And we’ve got some help from you – the fans – the people who came together, whether they cared about baseball or not. This is the story of the underdog team that was always pushing the envelope when it came to fashion, to nicknames and to hairstyles … on their faces! It’s the story of a ragtag group of veterans, rookies, and relative nobodies who rose to the occasion to bring home their first World Series trophy. This is the story of the San Francisco Giants. So who are the San Francisco Giants? Let’s go ahead and meet them as they take the field for Game 5 of the World Series. Manager Bruce Bochy has made a makeshift lineup in practically every playoff game, and Game 5 is no exception. JON MILLER: “This is the lineup for the epic Game 5.” Along with the music they walk up to the plate with, here are your San Francisco Giants: JON MILLER: “Andres Torres, leading off, in right field.” A 31-year-old rookie, who languished 10 years in the minor leagues. But he is fast. BRUCE JENKINS: Andres Torres is basically a track runner. When you watch him run with the pumping of the arms he looks exactly like an Olympic sprinter. A great athlete, incredibly humble, very, very grateful to have had a rebirth in the game. He's extremely grateful to be where he is and he's made the most of it. A real, real burst of energy from that guy, on the field and off. Batting second… JON MILLER: “Freddy Sanchez, 2nd base.” An oft-injured former batting champ who never played for a winning team. BRUCE JENKINS: Freddy Sanchez grew up as a Dodger fan. A real intense Dodger fan. And when he came to the Giants it was against his will – he was traded. It wasn't a free agent choice that he made. It freaked him out, it really did. He had a really hard time believing that he was wearing the other team’s uniform, the Giants uniform. The dreaded Giants. The hated Giants. And he gradually got over that, and by the end of the season, he was as valuable hitter as they had on the team. JON MILLER: Buster Posey. We didn’t know it then, but he was Rookie of the Year. I think we felt like we knew it. He was the catcher, hitting third. BRUCE JENKINS: For this kid to arrive in such a fashion so early in his career and basically take over … he took over the team in the sense that if you'd ask guys "Who's the one guy you'd want up there in the top of the ninth, and you're down two with two guys on,” most of the guys, if not all, would've said, “Posey.” They would’ve thought about it and they would’ve gone… GRANT BRISBEE: Buster Posey. Just because you can really kind of separate the season into before Buster Posey was the starting catcher, and after. And after Buster Posey was the starting catcher, the Giants were amazing. BRUCE JENKINS:And then he goes behind the plate and catches this, this pitching staff. You know it's a complex assignment. So he's in charge of that and then he comes up with this cannon-throwing arm where he shuts down this other team’s running game. It was dreamlike. And you know he's a very humble guy. So he's basically not real, I would say. That's not a real person. Batting fourth… JON MILLER: Cody Ross, in left field, hitting cleanup. The man who began the postseason hitting seventh, eighth in the order, hitting cleanup for the first time as a Giant. Quite a turnaround. Ross was waived – basically fired – mid-season by the Florida Marlins. BRUCE JENKINS: Yeah, Cody Ross was crushed to be leaving Florida because it was a team that he, not necessarily embraced as the team he wanted to play for for the rest of his life, but just that the team had given up on him. And he went right into the, to the front offices and confronted a couple, I don't know if it was the general manager, but he said basically, "You have made a huge mistake here." And he actually started crying. Not like sobbing, but tears were coming out of his eyes. “You've made a huge mistake here.” And they did. They did make a huge mistake. He's a guy who, he's completely fearless. He wanted to be a rodeo clown, or be in the rodeo. And he really did, you know he just wanted to get out there and have a horse buck him four rows deep into the seats. JON MILLER: “Juan Uribe, 3rd base, hitting fifth.” BRUCE JENKINS: Juan Uribe is absolutely invaluable. He's a real cheerful guy. He's so in love with the game, he loves everything about it. He loves getting there early and hanging out with the guys, telling jokes. He was a big, uh, really one of the kingpins of the Hispanic group, which is huge – they have probably 10 or 12 Hispanic guys on the team. Played wherever, whenever, at whatever moment. JON MILLER: “Aubrey Huff, at 1st base, hitting sixth.” The team’s leading power hitter and wearer of the red rally thong – no kidding. BRUCE JENKINS: He's still a real salty guy. I mean he's the guy with the uh … with the thong. You know he'll light up a cigarette every now and then, you know. And uh, he grew up in a trailer in Texas for heaven's sake, you know, but man is he a good hitter. He has just got a sweet left-handed swing and uh, you always need the sort of the old hand there to kind of keep guys in line and uh, and Huff proved to be that guy. JON MILLER: “Pat Burrell, the designated hitter, hitting seventh.” Another mid-season pickup who was sitting on his couch when the Giants called. Pat Burrell. Pat “The Bat.” BRUCE JENKINS: Pat Burrell really had a rebirth here. He's a local guy, obviously a high school hero. And went to the Phillies, which can be a real nasty town if you're a streak hitter who strikes out a lot. And he struck out a ton when he first got there, and they just about booed him out of town. He went to Tampa Bay and didn't have a good experience there. He's a little quiet, but he proved to be a real leader on the team. You know, he was playing in his hometown, they were winning, he was doing great things, and that sense of belonging really got a hold on his soul and his personality. Brought out the best in him. Again, another unlikely story that proved to be invaluable. JON MILLER: “Edgar Renteria, at shortstop, batting eighth.” Ah, the oft-injured Renteria. BRUCE JENKINS: Edgar Renteria, yeah. He was … he was just, uh … he talked about retiring I think in, like, late August. The feeling was, “Well if you leave now that would be okay. You might as well – you're hurt, you're not playing much.” JON MILLER: It was like his 34-year-old body, or whatever he was – when I say 34 it always seems like he can’t be 34, he must be 39 or something. But it looked like his body was 39 or 40 years old. It really at one point seemed like if he played three or four days in a row, he was going to break down. And I think that was probably more often than not the case. And Edgar hit three home runs the whole season. BRUCE JENKINS: But he's got so much pride. He's done so many important things for winning teams. He's a guy who ended a World Series with a single up the middle, for heaven’s sake. That was when he played for the Florida Marlins, 13 years earlier, in 1997. JON MILLER: “Aaron Rowand, in centerfield, batting ninth.” In 2010, he had the worst batting average of his 10-year career, by far. BRUCE JENKINS: But he was a guy who, again, another guy who's been on a World Series team. He's done a lot of winning. He loses his job to Torres, and the fans are down on him. They're wondering, he shouldn't even be on the post-season roster. You know he kept his head up, he totally got was going on in that clubhouse. And he sure as heck wasn't gonna be the one to bring it down by grousing about his own situation. And it was real genuine, I don't think he was faking it. He really felt like this team was going somewhere. “Maybe I'll sneak in there...” And sure enough, who was the center fielder in Game 5? Aaron Rowand. JON MILLER: And the pitcher for the Giants, in this big game, the biggest game in San Francisco Giants history as it turned out – Tim Lincecum. Just the man you’d want out there for a big game. And very much the symbolic leader of the pack. BRUCE JENKINS: Tim Lincecum. I saw him leaving the clubhouse one day, and he's dressed in all black and he's got this little weird black hat on. And he's walking his, his boxer dog to the clubhouse. He looked like Patti Smith in 1982. (laughs) Who is this guy? Who is Tim Lincecum? I mean, he's a little tiny guy who can throw a ball through a wall. He's … I don't even know where to start with Lincecum. He's such a trip. I mean he's basically a chill kind of stoner guy from Seattle and uh, he can strike out anybody in the game at will. Lincecum’s baseball credentials are unmatched – after three full seasons, he’s a three-time strikeout king and two-time Cy Young Award winner as the best pitcher in the National League. But his personal history is a little more ... pedestrian. During the off-season, he picked up his first citation for possession of marijuana (which makes some of the hometown fans love him all the more). BRUCE JENKINS: In all the years I've been here this was the team more than any that every one could relate to, just from a spiritual standpoint. Altogether, your San Francisco Giants were called… DANA COHEN: A lot of weird guys and castoffs. DANI DUNLEVY: A bit of a motley crew and a bunch of misfits. Not just by recent Australian immigrant Dani Dunlevy and local fan Dana Cohen. But by their own manager, Bruce Bochy, who also called them “castoffs and misfits.” Somehow, these players – this team – made it to the game’s grandest stage. And they brought their city with them. BRUCE JENKINS: It was a different star every night and people related to that in a really deep and intense manner. So here we are, November 1, 2010. Game 5 of the World Series. The Giants lead the Texas Rangers, three games to one. They’re one win away from bringing their first championship back to San Francisco. Millions of fans are watching, from where the game is taking place in Arlington, Texas, to a house party near San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. And we are there. LEAH ANDERSON: My name is Leah Anderson. ISAAC ANDERSON: Isaac Anderson. I’m seven-and-a-half. JASON ANDERSON: Jason Anderson. OMAR ANDERSON: My name is Omar Anderson. I’m five-and-a-half. BEN TREFNY: My name is Ben Trefny. ERIN TREFNY: My name is Erin Trefny. I’m eight years old. FRANCES TREFNY: My name is Frances Trefny. KYLE TREFNY: My name is Kyle Trefny. I’m eight years old. ETTA BUDD: My name is Etta Budd. I’m eight years old. SUSAN ROBINSON: My name is Susan Robinson. OLIVER BUDD: My name is Oliver Budd. I’m six years old. MATT ALEXANDER: My name is Matt Alexander. NOLAN ALEXANDER: My name is Nolan Alexander. I’m eight years old. LAURA HODDER: My name is Laura Hodder. BEN ALEXANDER: Ben Alexander. I’m eight years old. Across the Bay, a crowd has come together at Ben ‘n Nick’s Bar in Oakland. We’re with: HANNIBAL DEIZ: Hannibal Deiz. I am a Bay Area native, I’ve grown up here, been here my whole life. And thousands gathered before a giant projection screen set up in San Francisco’s Civic Center plaza. JON MILLER: In that final game, the clinching game of the World Series, it was as if Tim Lincecum said, “This is who I am. I was born to do this. I’ve been looking forward to this night my entire life.” It would be a big challenge – he was facing Texas Rangers’ star pitcher Cliff Lee. JON MILLER: The world was focused on Cliff Lee as the guy for the postseason – the king of the postseason. HANNIBAL DEIZ: This guy, you know, he’s a big deal. JON MILLER: …the king of the postseason. Going into the World Series, Cliff Lee had won seven postseason starts. And he’d never lost. Lee was so good that before the series began, Sports Illustrated breathlessly reported that: ACTOR (reading from Sports Illustrated): “The lefthander is more than the central character of this series. Helooms above it like the sun above the earth. There are only the days that Lee is scheduled to pitch, and the day spent waiting for him to get the ball again.” Lee was that good. That is, until he got pounded by the Giants in Game 1. But game 5 would be different. JON MILLER: This game, the clinching game, was an old time, an old timey pitching duel, between two great pitchers. ALAN FARLEY: It was pitch for pitch, pitcher for pitcher. I mean, it was a very tight close game. It was exciting, but it was unpredictable. JON MILLER: The kind of a game that you expect you’ll see in the World Series, where you got the best of the best. We’ll pick up the action in the top of the seventh, but now, let’s return to Game 5 of the 2010 World Series. Here’s the Giants’ Hall of Fame broadcaster Jon Miller. JON MILLER: “Going into the seventh inning, Cliff Lee, back on the hill for the Rangers. Tim Lincecum has thrown six shutout innings. Nothing to nothing score as Lee goes to work against the Giants here in the seventh.” Cody Ross gets a base hit. JON MILLER: Now the Giants get the leadoff man on. Juan Uribe follows with a single. So, two on, no out. JON MILLER: This calls for a bunt. It’s a nothing to nothing game! But a bunt’s probably not coming, because the next guy up is Aubrey Huff. JON MILLER: And Aubrey Huff doesn’t bunt! He hasn’t bunted for a sacrifice in nine years. And, much less, he’s the Giants’ home run and RBI guy, he’s their leading hitter. But today is different. JON MILLER: He bunts. ASHKON DAVARAN: He bunted! I couldn’t believe it. JON MILLER: It was incredible! ALAN FARLEY: His first bunt! JON MILLER: The last thing you’d ever expect. ALAN FARLEY: Incredible! JON MILLER: Number one, Aubrey Huff had not bunted at any time the whole year. ALAN FARLEY: It’s one of the truisms I’ve heard and it happens. Virtually every game you can see something you’ve never seen before, it’s so unpredictable. JON MILLER: And I think that rattled Cliff Lee a little bit. Pat Burrell, one of the Giants’ best power threats, comes to the plate. And the mighty Burrell … well, he struck out. ASHKON DAVARAN: So frustrated when Burrell struck out. ALAN FARLEY: Well, he wasn’t the last out, though. Shortstop Edgar Renteria steps to the plate. JON MILLER: Renteria was swinging a very hot bat in that postseason and had already taken the Rangers deep. BRUCE JENKINS: Well, when you're watching Renteria from anywhere, in my case from the press box, the last thing you're thinking is he's going to hit a home run. It's just not, not part of the deal. JON MILLER: They obviously, with Cliff Lee, were not going to walk him intentionally, but to try to get him to go out of the strike zone and chase a bad ball. And if you end up walking him – hey, you’ve got a base empty. But he threw one to the outside and it cut in over the plate. He made a mistake. And BOOM! BRUCE JENKINS: I remember when he hit the ball I remember saying to myself very quietly because you can't be very loud in the press box. I just said, "No." JON MILLER: “Way back, Hamilton’s back.” FRANCES TREFNY: Oh, that’s a fly. That’s what we needed before! JON MILLER: “At the warning track. At the wall. And…” (fans cheer) MARTINA CASTRO: And I uh screamed, and they’re like, “What’s going on, what happened?” BRUCE JENKINS: It was just … it was too good to be true. JOE BURKE: And that home run went over the fence, and that's when 53 years of pent-up frustration and being a Giants fan and never winning - it all came through and I was laughing and crying at the very same time. BRUCE JENKINS: It was just one of those surreal moments that you, that you'll remember your whole life. BEN ALEXANDER: And I’ll always almost remember this, I feel like that. BEN TREFNY: MVP! MVP! MVP! JON MILLER: The most memorable home run, the most decisive home run, the biggest home run in the history of the San Francisco Giants, and it came from Edgar Renteria! And the Giants had the three run lead, suddenly. Not a ground ball for a single and a run, but three runs in one swing of the bat! ERIN TREFNY: Why did they show all the Giants fans? FRANCES TREFNY: They’re all at the Civic Center. Thousands of people are cheering the homer at San Francisco’s Civic Center Park. ALLISON CROW: Home run! That was really good! I’m Allison Crow. I live in Oakland, and I just started following the Giants a little last season, but this season I really got into it. And I think I was good luck, this is awesome. Jason Cardona is part of the celebration. He’s been a Giants fan… JASON CARDONA: Since I was a little boy. I grew up in San Jose. The night the San Francisco Giants could clinch their first World Series championship, neither Crow nor Cardona could imagine being anywhere but right here. ALLISON CROW: It’s exciting, it’s really fun that everyone came out. JASON CARDONA: It brings on camaraderie, it’s good, it’s fun. And look at the backdrop. The backdrop is beautiful, isn’t it? ALLISON CROW: It’s getting dark now and City Hall is lit up in orange… JASON CARDONA: …all lit up in orange to commemorate the moment when the Giants ... It’s good, it’s nice, it’s beautiful. It stands out. It’s like a beacon of light, right? Orange light in the night. San Francisco Rapper DaVinci is one of many Bay Area artists featured on the song “Black and Orange.” It’s one of many songs inspired by the Giants World Series run. DaVinci’s love for the team started more than a decade earlier, when he went to Candlestick Park as a kid, and the tickets were a little bit cheaper. DAVINCI: The tickets used be like a dollar, and they used to all take us at the Park and Rec across the street from my house, right on Fell Street. And in the summer time we’d go on field trips to the Giants game and we’d only have to pay one dollar. So ever since then I’ve been sportin the black and orange, the SF hat, you know what I’m sayin’? Alright – back to the game. It’s the bottom of the seventh inning. JON MILLER: “Tim Lincecum back to work now. For the first time, pitching with a lead here in Game 5. 3-0 Giants as the Rangers come up to bat.” The things I thought about there were simply: there’s nine outs to go, and Lincecum’s been great. But this is a very good park in which to hit, and the Rangers have some guys, and if they can get a couple men on, they’ve got several guys capable of popping one. Rangers right fielder Nelson Cruz promptly hits one out of the park. HANNIBAL DEIZ: Oh, they got one, they got one. JON MILLER: Nelson Cruz hit a solo homer. HANNIBAL DEIZ: Only a solo, though. JON MILLER: …and that just sort of underscored the fragile nature, and now they just needed one guy on base, and the tying run, the possible tying run comes to the plate. GRANT BRISBEE: You know, a walk, a broken bat single, a home run, the Rangers … you know, just baseball can happen so quickly. For many Giants fans, a late lead in a World Series game actually brought back bad memories. Just eight years earlier in 2002, they led the Anaheim Angels three games to two. One more win, and they’d be the champs. They took a 5-0 lead in the seventhinning. And then … well … this is Giants baseball. JOE ESKENAZI: I’m Joe Eskenazi. I’m the online news editor at SF Weekly. I’ve been a Giants fan since 1985. DANA COHEN: I remembered for a long time that I liked that they were a losing team. There’s something, you know, endearing about the underdog. JOE ESKENAZI: I’ve always said it bothers me how much it bothers me, regarding the way that I watch the Giants and the way that it matters so much. And I’m not a screamer … it just eats you up. NOLAN ALEXANDER: It’s kind of stressful, and really exciting too because I know they have such good players, and I’m like “They can do this thing! They can do it!” JOE BURKE: ‘Cause I knew then that barring some completely ridiculous thing like had happened against the Angels in 2002, we were actually going to win it. JOE ESKENAZI: You know, it was years, years, that I didn’t think about Game 6 every day, just in some fleeting moment when you’re not thinking about anything else. GRANT BRISBEE: I didn't want to believe it, but in the back of my head I was doing cartwheels. But I was doing that in 2002 as well, before the Angels came back, so… JOE BURKE: I still didn't think they were going to win it, just because the experience is for 53 years, they find a way to lose like 2002, when they had a five run lead with seven outs to go. (sighs) JON MILLER: …just a few outs to go, where you’re counting the outs. GRANT BRISBEE: And at this point I'm thinking, what do I do – do I get champagne now? Do I wait till it's over and then get champagne? Is that anticlimactic? Should the champagne be chilled already? Boy, I'm thinking, “How do I celebrate this?” BRUCE JENKINS: I needed to have a column done at the end of the game, more or less. And so I'm writing, writing away this flowery, "Giants, they've finally done it. They've got a big lead," and how Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent, and this erases all the heartbreaks of the past and, you know, I'm writing this column and as we all were. We were all writing the same kind of thing. ALAN FARLEY: The Giants have got this nailed. BRUCE JENKINS: And it slowly starts to unravel. ALAN FARLEY: And then it slipped away. And it was just gut-wrenching. BRUCE JENKINS: And you're watching this column just evaporate into space to the point that where it was worthless. You had to throw it out and start over. JOE BURKE: Ugh. That was so frustrating. ALAN FARLEY: Just gut-wrenching, the loss. GRANT BRISBEE: It's hard to imagine a team getting that close to a championship and not winning it. CELINA HARRINGTON: Everyone was so sad. Celina Harrington. GRANT BRISBEE: It just doesn’t happen that often. It was that close. CELINA HARRINGTON: It was the worst day ever. Because it felt like you lost. I mean you’re a fan, but you still feel like a part of the team, even though you’re not on the field with them. BRUCE JENKINS: You know that was a shattering … I mean we felt the shattering experience in the press box that the team was feeling, that the fans were feeling. It really did seem over. Even though there was another game to go. ALAN FARLEY: I couldn’t even watch the next game, because I just knew the Giants were not going to come back. They did not come back. JON MILLER: So that’s when I started thinking about this idea of the disappointment of a Giants fan. Cause I really was disappointed. JOE ESKENAZI: In 2002, after Game 6, I think every true fan new that that was it. And I called up my best friends, who I had led into Giants fandom in the ‘80s, with just my sheer enthusiasm. I told him, “I’m sorry I got you into this.” JON MILLER: “Top of the 8th inning, the Giants ahead 3-1, now. And I’m sure Tim Lincecum, as strong as he’s been, wouldn’t mind if the Giants got another run or two here.” But they didn’t. The score remained the same. And for old Giants fans, those memories of failures past just kept on coming. And it wasn’t just 2002 – there were many, many more. Like Game 7 of the 1962 World Series against the New York Yankees, when Hall of Famer Willie McCovey came up to bat with two outs, the Giants down 1-0 and Mattie Alou on 3rd base and Willie Mays on 2nd. A hard hit ball could have won the game, and McCovey hit a ball hard. Except he hit it right at 2nd baseman Bobby Richardson. The Giants lost the World Series. And the beat-downs went on and on. BRUCE JENKINS: I watched Sandy Koufax pitch a no-hitter against the Giants, which you know the rivalry has always been fierce. It was extremely intense in those times, and this was the Giants of Mays and McCovey, and just a tremendous hitting team. And Koufax was the guy they had to beat and to get no hit by him was really quite humbling. But as the years went on, it got far worse. JON MILLER: I remember back as a kid in 1965, when Juan Marichal – there was this bad blood between the Giants and Dodgers, and Marichal ended up in a fight with Johnny Roseboro, the catcher of the Dodgers, and hitting him over the head with his bat. And brutal, just horrifying to see. To this day I always felt that incident ended up costing the Giants a trip to the World Series. The Giants played against the Oakland A’s in the 1989 World Series. BRUCE JENKINS: I was thinking about 1987, the playoff series they had against the St Louis Cardinals. JON MILLER: Remember, they went to St. Louis ahead three games to two, needing one game more... BRUCE JENKINS: Then the earthquake happened. ALAN FARLEY: The earthquake sort of threw things off kilter, and there was sort of a disastrous World Series for the Giants. BRUCE JENKINS: And so there's just this whole sequence of negative events. So I mean every, basically every time the Giants ever got to the postseason, it always ended badly. So that's just a few of them, there's more. JOE BURKE: Just year after year it was just, you know, stuck in second place. Finding a way not to succeed in the end. Cause I mean golly, look at the Giants over the last 53 years here in San Francisco – Hall of Fame players all over the place. JON MILLER: Willie Mays all by himself would make you a fan. JOE BURKE: Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry – all these great players and good teams. The lists go on and on! Barry’s dad Bobby Bonds… JON MILLER: There’s Bobby Bonds, wow! He came along, hit a grand slam in his first game as a big leaguer when I was in high school! And he can hit home runs, he can steal bases, he’s a gold-glove outfielder … Wow! ASHKON DAVARAN: Jeffrey Leonard, Chili Davis… JOE BURKE: … Will Clark, Jeffrey Leonard, Jack Clark... JON MILLER: …the Ripper, Jack the Ripper. ALAN FARLEY: Matt Williams and Will Clark… ASHKON DAVARAN: Will Clark was definitely always my favorite player growing up. The game-face. The whole thing. JON MILLER: Barry Bonds at that time, there was nobody more exciting or more dramatic than Barry Bonds. He was doing things that nobody in the history of the game had ever done. JOE BURKE: And they didn't ever win! How do you not have at least one championship with as many good times as we had in San Francisco? JON MILLER: Always being good, but never quite good enough. JOE BURKE: It was almost as though we had a bad omen, bad mojo, wasn’t going to happen. JON MILLER: And now there’s almost a dark cloud that hangs over it all. JOE ESKENAZI: Now I have a foreign-born wife who has taken to following the Giants because of my enthusiasm. And it was a deep fear of mine that the team would falter on the moment of triumph, and I would introduce another person to the darkness of what it is to be a Giants fan. JON MILLER: “Last of the eighth inning. Six outs away from their first World Championship as the San Francisco Giants. Lincecum back to work leading 3-1.” PAUL SHROEDER: Well, Lincecum is up, he’s pitching. It’s the eighth inning, they need six more outs and then they win the world championship. My name is Paul I’m from San Francisco. I’m from here. Paul Shroeder. I remember I was out here in 2002, in a scene just like this, it was right by the Metreon here in the city, it was a crowd like this. We were watching the big screen, and they were six outs away, and they lost it all. It was a very hurtful moment for everyone here. But uh, everyone is looking for redemption, we all need that moment. We all need that moment. I should probably stop talking, I’m on the verge of tears … Yeah, it’s a big deal huge. JOE BURKE: It was only nerve wracking because it was baseball and you have to get those last three outs. LAURA HODDER: Nerve-wracking. JON MILLER: Duane Kuiper comes on our little roundtable discussion on the radio after the game. Former San Francisco pitcher Duane Kuiper who broadcasts Giant games with Jon Miller. JON MILLER: “I came up with a new slogan for the Giants: ‘Giants Baseball – It’s Torture.’” LAURA HODDER: It’s constant torture. ISAAC ANDERSON: I thought the Rangers were gonna score a couple runs, but I didn't think they were gonna blow it really. LEAH ANDERSON: My memory is that you had to walk out of the room. In fact, outside onto the fire escape, because you were so nervous that they were gonna blow it. You couldn't watch the game. ISAAC ANDERSON: I don’t really remember that. JON MILLER: And I think that kind of … the Giants, the powers that be, as time went on, because this kept being repeated because there were more and more games like that. The Giants were a little uptight about it from a marketing standpoint. The marketing people were like, “It’s not torture, it’s dramatic! What are you talking about, torture?” ASHKON DAVARAN: So many heart attacks throughout the year. JON MILLER: And the fans sort of had this wry comment that they were making about the Giants, “It’s torture, and we love it! Torture is fun!” And so on and so forth. The fans took that themselves and turned that into a positive. Which, when you go to game 5 in the World Series, and the whole World Series in general, I think ... how did that happen? Where did this Giants team come from? All of a sudden a Giants team had emerged which was methodical, it was smooth, it did everything right. Where was the torture? The torture didn’t exist! The Giants were just good! And they were clearly the best team on the field, in the league championship series and in the World Series. And it was like the Giants had graduated to something more and something better than we’d seen all year long by the end. “Top of the ninth inning, and the Giants still maintaining a 3-1 lead over the Rangers.” So what made this San Francisco Giants team different from those others that got so close, but couldn’t finish? A story that columnist Bruce Jenkins shares from the season provides some insight. BRUCE JENKINS: Well one, one night, I went back to Chicago for a big series in September and they lost the game. Every loss in September is a bad loss, and every loss that's ever gone down brings the same reaction in the clubhouse. It's very, very quiet. It's morgue-like. There's no music. There's no laughter. It's just … that's not only the way they feel – that's the way you sort of have to act. And we're going around getting horrible quotes from one player to another, and all of the sudden here comes Aubrey Huff, walking through the middle of the pack – and there's women in there and you know women reporters and everything – wearing only that red thong that he became famous for. And he's got a bandage on his right leg and he's got tattoos on his arms. And it was just hysterical! I was interviewing Brian Wilson at the time and he goes, "There goes our clubhouse atmosphere. It just walked by. There it goes. Did you see it?" A great line. And it was just, there always that sense of levity around the team. There's always somebody there to pick ‘em up when they're down. But it was an extremely genuine family feeling to that team, which is very rare in sports. JON MILLER: “Last of the ninth inning. Three outs away from a World Series championship, and Brian Wilson to come in and try and save this one for Tim Lincecum." BRUCE JENKINS: I don't know where he comes from. He comes from a different place. When I first started watching him, he's got this shirt unbuttoned and the Mohawk, I didn't even want to talk to this guy. You know, "Shape up." You know. Button the shirt, the haircut’s kinda lame. And then you start listening to him night after night and he's a like a beacon of intelligence and perspective in the clubhouse. He's absolutely a guy you go to, win or lose, to hear his view on the thing and put it in perspective. He's borderline genius really. He can do the New York Times crossword puzzle in like 10 minutes. You can't beat him in chess. He's a he's really a fascinating guy. Brian Wilson’s first batter is American League Most Valuable Player Josh Hamilton. Hannibal Diez is watching the game in Oakland. HANNIBAL DEIZ: I think he’s focused. He knows that he’s three outs away from a title. And this is his job. This is what they pay him for. To do this. DOUG OLSON: My name is Doug Olson, I’m from Oakland about a block and a half away from here. We’re at Ben ‘n Nick’s on College. My favorite Giant? Well considering how the last time I shaved was in 1975, I like Brian Wilson. Fear the beard! Wilson strikes Hamilton out, looking. JOE BURKE: And Wilson came in in the ninth it was, yeah. It was fun. It was good. Former MVP Vladimir Guerrero steps in. He grounds out to short. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Stand up everybody, we’re about to win the World Series! FANS: Let’s go Giants! (clapping) Two outs. Nelson Cruz comes up to bat. He hit a home run in the seventh inning. It’s a battle. KYLE TREFNY: Well, whenever I watched Brian Wilson, he does a full count just to make things a bit more exciting. And when he did a full count there, I was like, “Oh, he's gonna strike that guy out.” LAURA HODDER: I was feeling calm because I feel like when the game’s in Brian Wilson’s hands, he’s going to make it exciting, he’s going to push it to the edge… NOLAN ALEXANDER I was like, “He's not gonna blow it. There’s no way he can.” BEN ALEXANDER: I really hope he doesn’t blow it. Full count. BEN ALEXANDER: I was like, “Oh, he’s gonna strike that guy out.” Here’s the pitch. Strike three. Game over. DANA COHEN: It was a Brian Wilson strikeout. A perfect close. UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Oh my god, he just won! We just won! JON MILLER: “The Giants, for the first time in 56 years, and their first time ever as the San Francisco Giants, are the champions of the baseball world.” FANS: Let’s go Giants! (cheering) BRUCE JENKINS: That was like my 25th World Series for the Chronicle. The more of those things you watch, you try to watch as many of the things that are going on as you can. I just remember, the thing that really struck me was sort of that three-way hug between, among the infielders. Sanchez, Uribe and Renteria. That was beautiful. They just sort of naturally gravitated toward each other. And I remember Huff's glove 20 feet in the air. So many things. The look on Lincecum's face as they had him up on their shoulders. DANA COHEN: Buster Posey ran out from behind home plate and ran and jumped into Brian Wilson's arms and they embraced, and I think a lot of people in the bar around me followed suit. Lots of hugging and shrieking and screaming. Lots of "I can't believe it!" ERIN TREFNY: And when the Giants won I heard such a loud noise, like, “Whoooo!” JON MILLER: “The Giants at long last have brought a World Series Championship to San Francisco. Let the celebration begin.” BRUCE JENKINS: I just wanna stand down here and just soak this up for, you know, until dawn. CELINA HARRINGTON: It was crazy, it was madness. Everybody was popping bottles of champagne. ALAN FARLEY: And here it was – I was trying to drink in every moment of it. CELINA HARRINGTON: People were throwing beer around like if we just won, like if we were the actual players. JOE BURKE: We popped a bottle of Champagne and sat there and you know, if anybody who's ever watched any sort of sports thing that your team wins, if you're not outside honking your horn or driving around the streets… DANA COHEN: Oh, the honking started immediately. (cars honking) JOE BURKE: You're watching the highlights for like an hour after the game. And you replay the homerun. KYLE TREFNY: “2 and 0, the count. Lee pitches. Edgar Renteria hits a high drive into left center field!” ERIN TREFNY: “David Murphy going back! He’s at the wall.” NOLAN ALEXANDER: “Count, 2 and 0! Cliff Lee pitches! High fly ball! David in center field!” KYLE TREFNY: “Murphy’s going back, he’s at the warning track…” ERIN TREFNY: “…at the wall. It’s goneeeeeee!!!!” KYLE TREFNY: “It’s goneeeeeee!!!!” NOLAN ALEXANDER: “It’s goneeeeeee!!!! Edgar Renteria has hit a three-run homer, which might lead to a Giants World Series victory!” JOE BURKE: But it was like that. You need that reassurance that it actually did happen. So you have to watch it again several times. DANA COHEN: We all sort of went outside and all started jumping up and down on the street, on the sidewalk and high-fived cars passing by. I didn't know how many people in the city owned Giants flags but there they were driving around the city waving their flags out the car. I've never high-fived so many people in my life. The Giants’ World Series win brought people from all over the Bay Area together. And as the celebration continued, memories that would last a lifetime began to unfold in real-time. CHRIS ROTHACHER: My name is Chris Rothacher. I’m from Berkeley, California, born and raised. Chris Rothacher manages a pizza place in Emeryville. CHRIS ROTHACHER: I just, I always loved the Giants. They’ve always been underdogs and I’m so happy it actually happened this year! This is amazing. Absolutely amazing. It’s also amazing how much this Giants fan looks like a certain starting pitcher. CHRIS ROTHACHER: A little bit just because, people, just… UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: Timmy! CHRIS ROTHACHER: I walk down the streets and everyone is like, “Oh my God! Tim Lincecum!” This night would prove to be not only one of Tim Lincecum’s favorites … but also one of Chris Rothacher’s. CHRIS ROTHACHER: San Francisco!! World Series!! UNIDENTIFIED MAN 2: Great pitching man, great pitching!! UNIDENTIFIED MAN 1: Number one hung over city tomorrow!!!! CHRIS ROTHACHER: I’m not … I don't want to treat it like… UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: Timmy!! Oh Timmy!! MARTINA CASTRO: Oh my God, they totally treat you like you were him! UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: Number one, Timmy! CHRIS ROTHACHER: Giants! Whoo! I mean, I don't want to say that I am him… MARTINA CASTRO: No, you’re not! Obviously not! But it’s… CHRIS ROTHACHER It’s just … yeah, Giants! Whooooo! It’s entertainment, it’s hilarious… UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: Can I get a photo with you? CHRIS ROTHACHER: Yes, you absolutely may. San Francisco’s Dana Cohen had an equally memorable, if a bit more painful, experience, the night the Giants won the World Series. She was partying in the city’s Mission District… DANA COHEN: People are lighting off fireworks and all of a sudden someone has grabbed a mattress which had been laying against a wall, abandoned, and starts to light that on fire. Five minutes later a fire truck pulls up and puts it out… But that only added to the revelry. DANA COHEN: At least 50 people, jump on top of the fire truck and are dancing and cheering, and everyone below them is cheering. Somehow I found myself to be one of those people on top of the fire truck... With thousands and thousands of like-minded fans. DANA COHEN: So then, a phalanx of motorcycle cops pulls up on either side of the fire truck and everyone on top sort of panics and realizes – okay, it's time to get down. Somehow, I just landed wrong on my heel, and it turns out I broke my heel disembarking the fire truck. So the memory carried on. DANA COHEN: I knew I was going to want to decorate the cast; the doctor told me I was going to be in a cast for six weeks, and I knew I wanted to decorate it in some way. And it seemed only appropriate that it be Giants related. So I had a friend draw on it and she drew an enormous portrait of Tim Lincecum on the side of my cast. And hence it became Tim Lincecast. For others, San Francisco’s World Series season was literally life changing. Like for singer-songwriter Ashkon Davaron, who repurposed the well-loved Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’” as an anthem for the Giants’ playoff run. ASHKON DAVARAN (singing from “Don’t Stop Believin – Giants 2010 Anthem”): Just a loyal fan / trying to do the best I can...” I mean, the ride from the first day that we dropped the video … and I mean to have the Giants continuously winning at the same time – it was just such a complete dream world. It was so crazy. The day we dropped the video, we released the video – it was Game 3 of the NL Division series with the Braves – it was right after that game. And we wanted initially to have it done before Game 3, but it was having trouble uploading to YouTube. There was some glitch, it just kept failing and failing! And so the game starts. That game was like the whole frikkin’ thing right there. You had Sanchez on this 1-0 gem. I remember at one point the video finally had uploaded, and the other guys, they were ready to drop it, they were like, “We just gotta do it!” We were starting to get worried that we had put in all this work and who knows – we weren’t even going to have any time for anyone to see it, the season’s going to be close to over. Who knows! So anyway, we’re clinging onto this 1-0 lead, they’re like, “Should we drop it??” I’m like, “We can’t drop the video now! Sanchez is throwing a no-hitter! Come on! You’re tacky! We gotta wait! Can’t jinx it!” All of that. So we end up holding on, holding on. Eighth inning, 1-0. And Hinske hits that homer, the two-run shot off of Romo. And I’m just – I mean, everything sunk. Everything sunk. It was, “Here we go again. What did I do to deserve this? I guess this is just how it is. I guess this is going to be my life as a sports fan, as a life, as an individual. You know, I don’t know what I’ve done, but maybe there’s some lesson behind this.” You know, it was all that, all over again. So, so, so much pain. And then … and then the ninth. Down to two outs. And I … I run downstairs, and I grab my rally thong from the video. I’m like, “Come on Aubrey! Let’s go!” Man, sure enough, he fists that thing to right field, and then hits the ball through Conrad’s legs. And then – phew – the rest is history. So we win that game, and immediately after that game, I pressed “click.” “Giants 2010 Playoff Anthem – Don’t Stop Believin’.” BRUCE JENKINS: All these tremendously heartfelt, emotional stories about what the Giants meant to them … I can't think of too many sports stories – and again, I've experienced these in all these towns, and all these great things that happened to other people. When it happened here, I tell you, we didn't get cheated. We had it as good as it gets. When people are just so moved by that, and even if they didn't care about the team necessarily, in their lives day-to-day … all of a sudden they did. And it just meant something. Literally families were drawn together by the spectacle. They're watching it together – you know the little kids, mom and dad, grandparents, whatever. JOE ESKENAZI: What I decided this year is that, this is who I am, and I’m not gonna try and be different. ALAN FARLEY: I couldn’t believe it. ASHKON DAVARAN: They actually did the whole damn thing, and it’s unreal. ALAN FARLEY: It finally happened. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. DAVINCI: Just to bring that type of attention to the Bay Area makes, ya know, the energy go up a couple of notches, ya know what I mean? Like all across the board, just from going out-the nightlife, just to people on the streets in the daytime – everbody’s a lot more friendly, they’re a little more proud to say they live and they from San Francisco at this time. DANA COHEN: If you were in the city during the postseason, you know the spirit and energy and fervor with which people celebrated this team. So I think when a lot of people hear that I was on top of a fire truck, celebrating, they understand. BRUCE JENKINS: Everybody embraced this story. And I think that story brought in more sort of non-baseball fans or casual in-and-out fans because riveted to this story because it was just so cool. It was like watching your kid’s little league team. You know you're really … there was an emotional involvement in this team that was really unsurpassed. DAVINCI: And in San Francisco, I consider anybody and everybody who was there, damn-near like my family. If you was rooting for the Giants at that time, we all kinda felt like family. JOE BURKE: I had friends who are Dodgers fans who are just absolutely, they hate the Giants as much as I dislike their team, and they were just, they were congratulating, and that was good, that was good baseball. BRUCE JENKINS: The 1993 team that got eliminated on the last day. The 2002 team that lost in the World Series – they were so revolving around Bonds, particularly in 2002, that it was a more difficult team to embrace, a more difficult icon to embrace. JOE BURKE: But I'm much happier that this team won, cause this was like a real team and not just a superstar and a bunch of role players. This was a team effort all the way. You don't find this a lot in baseball. BRUCE JENKINS: And the great thing about that is that it was absolutely true. I mean I've been in clubhouses since 1972 and this was easily one of the four or five best clubhouses I've ever had the pleasure of, of working. ALAN FARLEY: The thing about this whole postseason also that impressed me was that everything went the Giants way. All the bad calls did not go against the Giants. The bad mistakes didn’t hurt the Giants. The weather was great, even down to the weather for the parade. Everything went right. It just had to happen, it was just destined to happen. JOE ESKENAZI: It was a relief that I no longer have to follow the games as if it was a matter of life and death, and I can just enjoy them for what they are, and I don’t have to worry about all the failure adding up and adding up and adding up, and I can just enjoy the games from now on. It’ll still mean a lot, but it’ll be healthier I think. That’s what the World Series meant to me. JOE BURKE: Oh gosh, yeah. Oh gosh, yeah. And to tell you the truth, I don't care if they never win another baseball game as long as I live. (laughs) ‘Cause we got this one, we got a championship, and that's all anybody ever asked for. ALAN FARLEY: The World Champion San Francisco Giants. JOE BURKE: All the people who who aren’t around anymore. You know, friends from school. I'm that old ... friends from school who aren't around anymore. My parents, my grandparents. I wish they were here to see this because they would've ... It would've been fun. JON MILLER: There were so many people, and so many people in a mood to celebrate. DANA COHEN: I went to the parade on crutches and in a splint and got in the front row and was very pleased. JON MILLER: The cheering was so loud, like it was a constant ovation from these hundreds of thousands of fans lining the streets, from Montgomery Street on to Market Street, and down Market Street for what I guess was a mile and a half before we got to City Hall. ALAN FARLEY: I mean I thought I’d heard cheering at the ballpark, but when you get that crowd at Civic Center, that was incredible. I’ve never heard anything like it. I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of people were there, but it was incredible. BRUCE JENKINS: A million people all with the same look on their face. [laughing] ASHKON DAVARAN: Nothing was as unfamiliar and out of this world and beyond me than that World Series parade. When I found out that they had a spot for me in the parade, I was so excited and, I mean … can you imagine that from a fan’s perspective? You know, Freddy Sanchez – “Hey man, I love the song!” And Ross was such a nice guy, and Tim was so cool. He was so cool! JON MILLER: For me, what was great was, is how the sort in the larger picture. The Giants were a means to bring everyone together, in short of shared purpose, which was to root the Giants along, but also to sort of savor the success that they were having. And this was not just fathers and their children, who, you know ... we parents and our children, how many things do we have in common? Sometimes it’s just a ballclub that we can talk about and share. So it was a great day in the community, and I think wasn’t just the city of San Francisco, I think was the whole Bay Area that shared in the joy and the experience so … in that regard, the Giants and baseball sort of transcended their standing as a game that has a season to become a great moment in the history of the community. Okay, take a deep breath. It’s over. The 2010 season that is. As for the celebrating...well it’smostly over, at least the dancing on fire engines is! However, the memory you have of the Giants winning it all – maybe it’s Brian Wilson getting that final out, Edgar Renteria’s homerun, or hugging that total stranger at 16th and Guerrero when you’d realized we’d finally won it – whatever moment it is for you that captures it all: well that’ll be around for awhile. Whether you’re a homegrown fan, a recent convert to the black and orange, or you just came along for the parade, it doesn’t matter: in 2010, we were all Giants. Where were YOU when the Giants won? 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