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1. Yakka - My Disco (DJ PP Remix)

Yakka - My Disco (DJ PP Remix)

Here we are. The Miami comp issued on the year it is said the Mayan calendar predicts the end of Earth days. Well then, why not go out dancing to productions made by some of the best up and coming producers from every corner of the globe?! Lots and lots of super charged tunes of variousstyles will come booming high out of the stacks and striking down hard on the dancefloor. From the looped out super disco-fied musical pieces of Chilean House Music producer Marcelo Vak's "Yes I Wanna", Croatian producer Yakka's "My Disco" (DJ PP Remix) and Italian House trio Squicciarini, Nick Vono, & Alexbi’s "Can You Feel It" to the darker more dramatic/cinematic tracks by Russian Tech producer PRT Stacho & Underset feat the ethereal vocals of Ange, the peak room jammer “Xcaret” by Spettro & Alex Clavijo as well as Japanese Tech prods neroDoll & Holly's “01", the big room builds, peaks and crashes of Samuele Buselli's "In Da Love 2012," there's a peak hour record here for just about every dancefloor on the great big blue planet.

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3. R. Caf - PLATA ft. LB Street

R. Caf - PLATA ft. LB Street


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7. PP2- The Street

PP2- The Street

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