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2. Episode 35 - Super Nerdy Podcasts we Love

Episode 35 - Super Nerdy Podcasts we Love

In episode 35 of Nerd Podcast Radio we talked about Podcasts! This time, it was just Super Vegan Brian and Hindu Anthony but we had a great time anyway. We talked about all the nerdy podcasts we love. Podcasts We Shared Supernatural the Road so Far – Dinosaur Machines - The Art of Manliness - DIY Musician - The Black Tapes - Tanis - Rabbits - No Such Thing as a Fish - Independent Characters - Preferred Enemies - GameOverGreggy - The Co Optional Podcast - The GTD Virtual Study Group – Dead Things – My Favorite Murder - Nerd Hurdles – The Jimquisition – RPG Academy - The Nerdist – Hello from the Magic Tavern - Fat Man on Batman - Smodcast – The Joe Rogan Experience - Special Shoutouts and Mentions A big shout out to Alice M, Sydney, Kelley, Courtney, Danise, Cara, and Alice H (Sorry Alice I forgot to mention you in the episode but I'm mentioning you here) for being an awesome community and participating in the Supernatural Live watch!

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3. 01. Super Junior - U

01. Super Junior - U

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4. My Mix

My Mix

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6. Super nerdy remix

Super nerdy remix

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8. Episode 186 :: Games That Actually Need Super Ultra HD Remakes

Episode 186 :: Games That Actually Need Super Ultra HD Remakes

The video game industry has hit an age that every mass medium hits – where restoring and revitalizing old titles is imperative. These days even more movies are getting regurgitated as needless remakes or unnecessary sequels – can the gaming industry do any better? Are there games out there that actually need to be remade or are begging to be updated with HD graphics? This Nerdy Show Microsode is a followup to our recent “Movies The Actually Need Sequels” episode. Nerdy Show listener Arkais asked that we talk about “games that actually need remakes” and Bryce Harris asked us to discuss HD remakes of games – so we mash up both topics for a Super Ultra Turbo EX plus Alpha Hyper Edition episode. Join a whole party of Nerdy Show personalities from across the Network (Cap, Hex, Doug, Tony, Brandon, Trench and Germaine of Nerdy Show, Jarrod of Flame On, and La Forge, Pool, and Briggs of Ghostbusters: Resurrection) as we share games both well-known and obscure that we think either need to be dusted off and given a High-Def polish, or overhauled completely.

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9. MK8 Tunez

MK8 Tunez

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10. An Interview with Charles Martinet the Voice of Super Mario

An Interview with Charles Martinet the Voice of Super Mario

We were in Washington D.C. for Awesome Con 2016 over the weekend. During the three day convention we got to talk to a variety of celebrities from the worlds of video games, cosplay, comics, and television! Listen to all the memories, moments and laughs from the nation's capital!

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11. Episode 24 :: Legit Super Meedlies

Episode 24 :: Legit Super Meedlies

Prepare your ear holes for some legit meedlies of super proportions! Jam along with the guys as they derp through the hits of the late 90s and early 2000′s. DJ Snorlax gets lost in the most hipster corner of the internet, the NeoGeo forums. Neofaust finds a jar of Vegemite in the cupboard and demands to try this foreign culinary staple. Other crap that might happen: Ponder the origins of hacking terms, Search engine shenanigans, Reminisce with boR and DJ Snorlax about the 2013 Great American Pie Festival, Neofaust suggests listening to music that will help drop your balls, fiction bangs, and more nonsense than you can shake a reggae-ton beat at.

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12. Ep 228 - DC Super Hero Girls: Cast, Producer & Director Interviews

Ep 228 - DC Super Hero Girls: Cast, Producer & Director Interviews

"Get your cape on" becomes get your reboot on this week. Cartoon Network is bringing a new version of DC Super Hero Girls to life, and we got to talk about some of the minds behind the show. Come inside the press room at SDCC 2018 with us as we talk to Lauren Faust (Executive Producer), Nicole Sullivan (Supergirl), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman) and Jenn Kluska (Director) to hear about the new focus of this show, what changes may be made to the characters and which villains we can expect. DC Super Hero Girls will be coming soon to Cartoon Network! You can also hear our spoiler free review of the first episode of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan before it airs on Amazon Prime Video, an early review of Olivia Twist from Dark Horse Comics and other reviews as well. Plus, yep we're talking about it, The Big Bang Theory is ending and we address the love/hate for the show. You can also hear us talk about the DC TV crossover now including Lois Lane, a big exit from the Marvel Netflix universe and much more nerd news! For more information on this week's show, and past weeks, go to

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13. Episode 165 :: Super Justice League Odyssey

  • Published: 2017-11-24T01:30:01Z
  • By Flame On!
Episode 165 :: Super Justice League Odyssey

It's time! It's time! It's Flame ON! time! The boys of Flame ON! are back to discuss the month in pop culture! First up, we dive deep into the newest entry to the DCEU, Justice League, and give our review on the movie, from there we dish on the current crop of television shows and give our picks for best and worst of the season (so far)! After that we discuss video games including the EA Battlefront II controversy, Cuphead, and of course, Super Mario Odyssey! We don't talk about comics much on this episode, but Pat does make sure to mention the newly announced X-Men Red starring OG Jean Grey! It all wraps up with our 1-UPs for the month of November! All of this and more is waiting for you, so get ready to FLAME ON!

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14. Talk Nerdy to Me - Avoiding Football on Super Sunday

Talk Nerdy to Me - Avoiding Football on Super Sunday

So, for the record we're not football people here at the Dumbocracy Podcast. But we do enjoy the Super Bowl for the commercials - and this year there was plenty of awesome trailers...and some not so awesome ones too. From the aneurism of Transformers: The Last Knight, to the super cool badassery of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, this week we talk nerdy about Super Sunday's biggest trailers....minus the killer new ones for Logan and Stranger Things, since we kinda recorded before knowing those existed. But truth be told, most of this episode ends up being about Baba Yaga himself: John god damn f'n Wick. Which, as I'm sure you'll realize, we're pretty excited about. Thanks for listening! Nerd on, kids. Nerd on.

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