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1. Tanner Nelson Welcome Edit

  • Published: 2012-06-22T04:20:20+00:00
  • Duration: 132
  • By The Take
Tanner Nelson Welcome Edit

Welcome Back Tanner Edit

2. Tanner Nelson "The Take" edit

  • Published: 2009-09-01T17:20:36+00:00
  • Duration: 229
  • By Tanner Nelson
Tanner Nelson

My "Welcome to the team" edit

3. Colton Dale And Tanner Nelson Slop Dawg Edit

  • Published: 2010-01-07T06:21:21+00:00
  • Duration: 134
  • By butmunch2004
Colton Dale And Tanner Nelson Slop Dawg Edit

Colton Dale And Tanner Nelson Filmed with a Canon GL2 with opteka fisheye Edited on Final Cut Pro Song: Face- Rick Ross

4. Tanner Nelson One Day Slop Fest

  • Published: 2010-02-08T22:16:55+00:00
  • Duration: 114
  • By The Take
Tanner Nelson One Day Slop Fest

Filmed in one day and edited in 10 minutes.

5. Dr. Phil

  • Published: 2011-02-06T01:11:12+00:00
  • Duration: 176
  • By butmunch2004
Dr. Phil

Cameron Giles Tanner Nelson Colton Dale Bryan Capilli

6. Tanner Nelson - Let's Try Server Side Swift

Tanner Nelson - Let's Try Server Side Swift

Learn how server side Swift is making web development faster, safer, and more fun. The talk will compare Swift to today's popular web development languages and highlight the differences between Swift on Apple platforms vs. Linux. It will also include live coding, so be sure to bring a laptop if you want to follow along. Recording from the October 2016 Brooklyn Swift Developers Meetup: Code:


  • Published: 2013-01-25T01:09:11+00:00
  • Duration: 112
  • By CollateralBMX

TANNER NELSON THETAKEONLIFE X COLLATERAL BMX Filmed By: Jordan Utley & Cameron Giles VX1000 Final Cut Pro

8. Sarahs 13th Birthday

  • Published: 2011-11-17T06:14:54+00:00
  • Duration: 281
  • By Tanner Nelson
Sarahs 13th Birthday

A mix of all the footage we got over the summer. Riders: Tanner Nelson, Trent Steel, Colton Dale, & Cameron Giles

9. TJD Overflow Sat.

  • Published: 2010-04-10T17:21:43+00:00
  • Duration: 107
  • By Jeff DuPaul
TJD Overflow Sat.

Extra footage I had on my computer that wasn't going towards anything. TJD website coming soon Featured Riders: Denny Pascasio Andre Postell Bobby Whitley Tanner Nelson Nick Steben Chris Childs Garrett Reeves Corey Godfrey Jeff DuPaul

10. An Orange County November

  • Published: 2009-11-26T00:17:15+00:00
  • Duration: 190
  • By Dylan S
An Orange County November

This month I decided to bring out the camera, But thanks to Day Light savings we could not film much Because it gets dark too early. So here are some clips of Myself, Tanner Nelson, Caleb Quanbeck, Cody Ewen and some locals. Happy Holidays The Song is "I Like That (Extended Mix)" By Richard Vission

11. Trappin Ain't Dead | Two Days at Park City

  • Published: 2013-01-07T03:05:32+00:00
  • Duration: 165
  • By Michael Blatt
Trappin Ain't Dead | Two Days at Park City

We still wanna sell kilos. Song: I Still Wanna - Pusha T Riders: Cody Perin Alec Nelson Tanner Boudreau Kevin Lund Check out the facebook page: Shot on a Panasonic GH2, Courtesy of Trevor Woods.

12. Thundercat - "Them Changes"

Thundercat -

Featuring Flying Lotus & Kamasi Washington Brainfeeder 2015 Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada Produced by Zach Wechter EP: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment Director of Photography: Nicholas Wiesnet Additional Photography: Eric Ulbrich Production Designer/Fighter costumes: Tyler Jensen Edited by: Ernie Gilbert and Carlos Lopez Estrada 2nd Unit: Nelson de Castro (director) - Matt Tompkins (DP) VFX: Tanner Merrill, Cameron Clark, Tim Hendrix, The Jordan Freda Company, Carlos Lopez Estrada Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg Art directors: Cristina Bercovitz and Dani Cong. Infomercial GFX: Hannah Grotbo Production Manager: Alissa Torvinen Production Supervisor: Kelli Kay Hair/MU: Eden Mills Cast (in order of appearance): Delane Vaugh (Samurai), Iñigo Abaroa (Red Samurai), Thundercat (Salesman), Victoria Johnson (Wife), Krista Gay (Daughter), Christine (Guinea Pig), Londyn Maze (Young Samurai), Cristian Vera (Young Friend). Samurai Stunts: Damien Bray and Caitlyn Dechelle Special thanks to Hiro Murai.



Like A Lion documents the amazing true story of Legendary Skier Tanner Hall. Directed By: Eric Iberg ( Edited By: Shane Nelson ( Supported by Oakley Skull Candy and Red Bull Inspired Media Concepts 2010 releasing September 2010

14. The West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited 2.1

The West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited 2.1

We show up to play. Rory McCabe Cody Perin Isaac Bubb Hudson Knoll Michael Briggs Alec Nelson Brian Tonetti Ian King Tanner Boudreau Kevin Lund Shot by the crew, cut by Maurizio von Flotow.

15. West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited II

West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited II

Round two of the UnInvited at Timberline on Mt. Hood, OR. Skiing: Kevin Lund, Tanner Boudreau, Isaac Bubb, Alec Nelson, Maurizio von Flotow, Michael Briggs, Lucas Wachs Music: Jeezy - Supafreak

16. The West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited 2.2

The West Coast Sessions: The UnInvited 2.2

Isaac Bubb Maurizio von Flotow Kevin Lund Hudson Knoll Tanner Boudreau Alec Nelson Brian Tonetti Corey Seeman Forster Meeks Kevin Curran Alex Ing Fritz Hanseler Brad Bulzan Nash Lisac Cody Perin Additional Footage: Mike Blatt Danny Schwartz

17. Black Taxi - "Take Off the Edge"

Black Taxi -

A love story. Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada Performed and choreographed by Zora Ellis and Carlos Lopez Estrada Animation and Design: Cameron Clark aka The Shrimp Produced by Ian Blair EP: Danielle Hinde for Doomsday Entertainment Cinematography: Todd Banhazl Production Design: Tye Whipple Production Manager: Alissa Torvinen Editor/Post Supervisor: Taylor Brusky Sound design: Michael O'Connor VFX: Jason Kummerfeldt and Tanner Merrill Rotoscope: Iordanis Kioumourtzoglou Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg Creative Director: James Lees Movement Coach: Brooke Webber 1st AD: Paul Holman 1st AC: David Edsall Gaffer: Arjun Prakash 2nd AC: Matt Tompkins Art Director: Nelson De Castro Additional illustrations by Tyler Jensen. Masks designed and fabricated by Cristina Bercovitz Production Intern: Naheem Kujenya

18. The Take West Coast Trip Extras

  • Published: 2010-07-18T09:57:10+00:00
  • Duration: 139
  • By Jeff DuPaul
The Take West Coast Trip Extras

The Take went on a trip up the West coast from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR. On the way we had a lot of fun and rode alot of places. Here is some of the extra footage that won't be used in the main edits. Features: Caleb Ruecker Chris Zeppieri Denny Pascasio Dylan Stark Jourdan Barba Nick Ponterio Noah Cox Tanner Nelson Filming and Editing: Jeff DuPaul Music: "Truck" - The Octopus Project

19. Fuck Mitt Romney

  • Published: 2012-12-23T00:47:09+00:00
  • Duration: 87
  • By The Take
Fuck Mitt Romney

Over the summer Chris Zep stayed with Tanner Nelson out in Salt Lake for a few days during his cross country expedition. They managed to get a few clips at Tanners local park before Chris ventured onward on his journey.

20. AIL at Woodward September 29th, 2013

  • Published: 2013-10-03T07:30:09+00:00
  • Duration: 234
  • By Daniel Scarano
AIL at Woodward September 29th, 2013

AIL at Woodward September 29th, 2013 Featuring: Jeremy Soderburg, Ben Schwab, Chris Calkins, Mami Fujita, Damon Franklin, Victor Galicia, Diego Guilloud, Zach Nelson, Steven Cortes, Richie Velasquez, Becci Sotelo, Mike Obedoza, Dre Powell, Cody Norman, and Miguel Ramos. Shot by Daniel Scarano & Tanner Madix Edited by Daniel Scarano