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1. west coast

west coast

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2. Trey Trilla - Manson ft @3DNATEE (prod By Menace)

  • Published: 2016-05-27T20:29:29Z
  • By 3DNaTee
Trey Trilla - Manson ft  @3DNATEE (prod By Menace)

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3. 01081 - Timo Manson Live at Tee Club

01081 - Timo Manson Live at Tee Club

Timo Manson Live at Tee Club

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5. "T MANSON "

  • Published: 2016-03-22T20:37:00Z
  • By Tee Man

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6. Manson

  • Published: 2016-03-14T23:45:35Z
  • By J_Tee

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What a slapper! Lyrics (Ha ha) Pack wack zig zag n***a's packed, pop a cet Got n***a's on the back, Imma fuck that ass Imma getcha ho, Imma take your bitch (ay) Imma fuck your ho, (oh) Imma snitch your bitch Porcupine Imma spike you Imma hog, name is sonic Dropping bombs feeling tonic Robbing Tom's starving self Ramadan kamikaze Going to the ground beef In my burger for my dinner Sloppy eating 'lami for my beef you try and copy Imma dog you for salami Salami, salami, salami bitch salami Salami, salami, salami bitch salami Samali I'm on the top I been hopping tamale oh golly Popping like I am a molly so jolly I'm farming this ranch Virgo no cancer Slice you like Manson Caught you like Hanson Hostage my ransom I'm an I'm an Omen I'm a target sitting in oblivion Obligated to be oblivious Oh how so fucking obvious I'm a lemon adolescent Title tower sour breathin' Battle telling I'm a peasant Oh shit I thought I had my pattern right I wave my saber like I'm vader cause that shits a planet right? I'm still Perplexing and bending dimensions That guarded offenses Allow all the exes Turn bigger than Memphis Just give me the Oscar and call me "The Revenant" Just please Hand the prescription to fix my perspective On the melevolant handling checks Fighting against All of my friends who are piled up I got my miles yup I begin a riot linger like a parasite When I'm jumping out a paragraph Damn I'm like i am a gift My dick is the shop I drop you like cop Moppy you sloppy Tub getting toppy Kamikaze going to the ground beef In my burger for my dinner Sloppy eating lami try and copy I'm a dog you for salami Salami, salami, salami bitch salami Salami, salami, salami bitch salami Wiling like coyotes Poppin' like a soda pop From Papa Johns Chicken Nuggets from the Don's Now I'm gone My nicotine addiction takes the best of me I know your rap is fiction Imma make you pay an entrance fee I know your talents shitty Imma make you pack another tee The smoke resides inside of me I'm out of time entrust in me I'm coming clean They call me Dr. Fiend Promethazine mixed with codeine Now I'm sipping lean snacking on salami Salami, salami, salami n***a salami Salami, salami, salami n***a salami

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8. P.M.A.S. Radio Episode 4: "Get Dominated"

P.M.A.S. Radio Episode 4:

The boys return to tee off on zoophilia, Fallout 4, and Charles Manson.

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9. lothar; - penthouse

lothar; - penthouse

prod. tec Shawty looking like a star, gold robe like krillin catch us overseas, we be palm tree chilling lil shawty, whisper in my ear i like the feeling romance in the gold sand, i like the feeling wear my heart upon my wrist no they aint know the feeling i was out of 33rd, broke and held that on my back tryna up my bills, but now I up my rate and make it back i hang your old shit on the shelf, i’m gonna get a fucking rack Perfect 10, singing, playing with my hair she want me bad one day, i’ll drape her in moncler, swear she get thrills, she tryna jack i’m a dog, sick the pussy like Vick, zip it up like mike, I said relax she got eyes on a black heart, word to the fabric you’ll relapse thinking i’m another one, black clouds surround and you’re alone 18 tips thru the void, a new year, still cold wearing my black heart, white tee, winter snow she look like a piece of art, smile like the winter snow when she look at me, her skin glows, call me handsome other girls, they nose poke, I know they want ransom promised two, my ma and you, i’m gonna get a mansion my marilyn, somebody in the way i’m going manson romance in the gold sand, i like the feeling lil shawty put me in a trance, i like the feeling catch us overseas, we’ll be palm tree living shawty looking like a star, gold robe like krillin penthouse living, kame house dreaming imma stay gleaming, and they can stay feening

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10. Sunday Mass 9 - 30 - 18

Sunday Mass 9 - 30 - 18

1A - Logistics City Life 1A/12A - Silent Witness & Break ialling Out 2A - K-Tee Hypnotize 3A - Netsky Secret Agent 3A - Björk All Is Full Of Love (Chris.SU Remix) 4A - Virtue & Soulculture Whatcha Gonna Do 5B - Sigma Nobody to Love (Extended Mix) 6A - The Upbeats Alone Feat. Tasha Baxter (Original Mix) 7A - Defiant & Kasger Escape From The City 6A - Camo & krooked can't get enough 5A - Ewun & Demo Tek Jam 6A - Excision & Space Laces Destroid 11 Get Stupid 6A - Noisia Tryhard 7A - Marilyn Manson This Is A New Shit (Ashley Remix) 8A - TC Do You Rock? 7A - basher xerox (ft. xtah) 6A - Modemellow Codian Moon 5A - Nero Bad for the Brain 4A -June Miller & Mefjus Saus (Original Mix) 5A - Audio Collision 6A - Nusense & NC-17 Dirty 7A - Ed Rush and Optical Pacman (The Upbeats Remix) 8B - Frederic Robinson Laughing At Clouds 9A - Bachelors Of Science The XX - Infinity (Bachelors Of Science remix)

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11. Blow Uh/Counter Culture (prod. balesie)

Blow Uh/Counter Culture (prod. balesie)

(INTRO: The OG Charles Manson dropping knowledge you ain't even heard of) (VERSE 1) Counter culture already told ya Addys in me like I'm in her vulva So repulsive like a vulture We gone blow we gone blow up You ain't know us or know the motive I got it but I won't need my diploma No I don't spit I throw up Two long two lo-lo Two long fingers to all you fuckers You don't need no rubbers you can't touch us Comin for ya gotta fuckin compass For the motherfuckers that i just find disgusting We counter culture We counter culture you copycats cookie cuts You can kiss my scrotum All black witta rolly in my jaw And she swear to god that she really need my rod And she be on her knees while I feast on this power God damn a boy sour Filthy filthy flip, I'm so guilty I'm a trip Tried to fuck my ex with an octopus and then she dipped Like a hick, with some Copenhagen hangin out his lip And some coal rolled like Saint Nick said man fuck this shit The fuck is this, what the fuck is authenticity You don't know what it means but I do down to a tee (MY MAIN MAN CHARLES MANSON SPITTIN MORE REAL TALK) (Refrain..?) We gone blow uh We gone blow uh We gone blow uh we We gone blow uh We gone blow uh We we we we (VERSE 2) Gotta light in the attic, nicotine addict My lungs hate me now Runnin through traffic, while my naked ass is hangin out Who the fuck is that, they always ask about me You seen me you seen me you know me like I'm the casting couch I Don't go out my to talk to you don't get It twisted But if I do I might fuck around and finger bang ya sister In the top row of the theatres she screamin but they ain't hearin us, The peanuts movie too loud, surround sound I swear I'm keepin it Way too way too way too one hundred, They ain't used to gettin weird like me im disgusting Topic of discussion, im toxic and I love it, I can't stop you from fronting but my mom says you lookin funny, bitch Are you mad Are you mad mad Are you mad Are you mad mad

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12. Zillakami - Hellsing Station (feat. 6ix9ine) [Prod. GHXST] (Lyrics)

Zillakami - Hellsing Station (feat. 6ix9ine) [Prod. GHXST] (Lyrics)

Lyrics: [Verse 1: Zillakami] Drugs in my veins taking passage Laid out tripping, flipping, addict with the habits Paid a couple thousand for the casket Niggas want sleep well after being savage Vertical face split, skip the fucking case shit Bags in my eyes and my dreams in the Hell pits Burning all the pictures of the dreams in the mansion Using dirty dishes, mentally I'm Charles Manson [Verse 2: 6ix9ine] Smooth nigga, false step, you rise Don't move nigga, cross-hairs in sight The zoo nigga, concrete both sides Who you nigga? One step, you die Tekashi69 from that Scum fucking Squad No doors, break the walls, Scum Gang 'til I fall, Squad [Verse 3: ZillaKami] Zilla resurrect outta the crypts The Loch Ness off-rip, green, yellow, the piss The Palm grip, four-fifth, running 'round in the trench You want shit, talk shit, might rip off your lips If you God, I'm Kratos, the blackest of rose The flower that bloomed at Selena, it's thrown The Yokai killer, creeping in the grove Y'all niggas pose, I'm gone bake in the stove [Verse 4: 6ix9ine] Came to the God and your jaw got bent Big shit loud like the block got hit Came outta jail still hitting them licks Off on bail still flicking that wrist Want collabs? Ain't doing it for nothing Wanna meet up? Scum Gang ain't trusting Getting beat up? Nah, slick, we busting Switchblade-hip, square up, I'm cutting [Verse 5: ZillaKami] Acting like you Scum, but it ain't in your veins Acting like you Scum, but it ain't in your brain Lord of the gauze and the God of the pain Man, I draw with force of the Four Horsemen Hundred to a thousand to a gold fucking brick You fucking with the rawest of the raws with the grip With the white tee cotton and the shit say RIP Ten-toes never ever trip, bitch

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13. Havanna Electro Sessions Vol.3 - by Zero

  • Published: 2014-12-02T00:13:16Z
  • By I Am Zero
Havanna Electro Sessions Vol.3 - by Zero

Recording of my Set on 19th November 2014 hope you like it. 1. Dusky - Careless (Original Mix) 2. Rektchordz - Meant To Be (Taiki & Nulight Remix) 3. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic - One Last High (Original Mix) 4. The Voyagers feat. Harris - A Lot Like Love (Oliver Heldens Edit) 5. Etienne Ozborne, Zoltan Kontes & Ron Caroll - Get On Up (Original Mix) 6. The Magician, Olly Alexander from Years and Years - Sunlight (Extended Club Mix) 7. Mr. Oizo & Marylin Manson - You Look Like Shit When You Dance (Hot Mouth Edit) 8. Manna-Croup - DEMONS (Original Mix) 9. Sirens Of Lesbos - Long Days, Long Nights (Claptone Remix) 10. Marc Vedo feat. Roland Clark - Dark (Original Mix) 11. Sidney Charles - Warehouse Anthem (Original Mix) 12. Pete Kastanis - Boombox (Original Mix) 13. Dave Rose & Dimitri Tee - Paris Dream (Original Mix) 14. David Guetta feat. Sam Martin - Dangerous (Robin Schulz Remix) 15. Robbie Rivera feat. Vinny Z - The Thing (Hoxton Whores Remix)

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14. Dukor - mixtape promo 2013

  • Published: 2013-04-04T17:43:41Z
  • By Dj Dukor
Dukor - mixtape promo 2013

Te quiero Puta (La Musique d'Ordinateur Rebeat) By Rammstein 1 Kill Them All By Hallucinator 2 Slo-Mo-Tion (Dirtyphonics Remix) By Marilyn Manson 3 Mosh (Original Mix) By Hallucinator 4 I've Got That Tune By Chinese Man 5 Disturbed (Original Mix) By Hallucinator 6 Dawn of a Dark Day feat. Foreign Beggars (Receptor Remix) By Black Sun Empire 7 Contact By Foreign Beggars and Noisia 8 David Likes Chopped VIP (Original Mix) By Erre, Loop Stepwalker 9 Voodoo Sabotage (The Prodigy VS Beastie Boys) By The Kleptones 10 We Are Killers feat. eRRe (Original Mix) By Erre & Sinister Souls 11 Back To Your Roots (Friction and K-Tee Remix) By Jonny L 12 Tuh Tuh Duh feat. eRRe (Original Mix) By Erre & Sinister Souls 13 Chicago feat. Gancher feat. Ruin (Original Mix) By Gancher & Dub Elements & Ruin 14 Incubus (Original Mix) By Dr. Mathlovsky 15 Only You Can See (DJ Hidden's Dark Version) By Lights Off - DJ Hidden & Anneke Van Giersbergen 16 Perfect Organism feat. The Outside Agency (Original Mix) By The Outside Agency & Sinister Souls 17 Fatality (Exclusive Bonus Track) (feat. Try and Error) (Original Mix) By Kaiza, The Sickbrotherz, Try and Error 18 Suicide ( Cooh remix ) By Hallucinator 19 All That Jazz (original mix) By Fresh 20 Truth Rising (Original Mix) By Dub Elements 21 Crash ! [Zardonic Remix] By DaVIP 22 Testify By Igor 23 Stories Of The Dead (Original Mix) By FreqAx 24 L.O.I.C. (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) (Original Mix) By Neomind 25 Baikonur By Gancher 26 Cat Scratch By Cooh & Dean Rodell 27 Natural Selection (Original Mix) By Sinister Souls 28 Creep - Original Mix By C-NETIK 29 Scintillate By DJ Hidden 30 King of the Swingers (Gettin Mad Mix) By Krushed & Sorted 31

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