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1. Stay With Me | Sam Smith | Covers: Series 1

Stay With Me | Sam Smith | Covers: Series 1

Here's my cover of "Stay With Me", by Sam Smith. I really hope you guys enjoy it! This cover was recorded by Colin Heaney Music Productions. Check out his website:

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2. Daddy Sing A Song With Me - Sam And Amy

Daddy Sing A Song With Me - Sam And Amy

Amy joins Sam for this song written especially for her years ago.

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4. Sam Phillips - She Can't Tell Time (Edited Promo Sample Version)

Sam Phillips - She Can't Tell Time (Edited Promo Sample Version)

A promo edit I made in case people want to sample the song without having to buy the actual track online, weird I know xD.

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5. Stay With Me - Sam Smith (Acoustic Cover) feat. Chloe Phillips

Stay With Me - Sam Smith (Acoustic Cover) feat. Chloe Phillips

Stay With Me - Sam Smith (Acoustic Cover) From the 2014 release "In the Lonely Hour".

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6. David Ochoa Talks Food - Ep 207

David Ochoa Talks Food - Ep 207

In this episode, I’m talking to veteran pro player David Ochoa. Last spring, David appeared in his 100th Grand Prix. David is one of the best players in the game, and play tests with Luis Scot Vargas, Paul Cheon, Josh Utter-Leyton, and Matt Nass. David writes for Channel Fireball and tweets about food, especially breads and toasts. He also shares some tips on how to get better at Magic. Remember what David said, to get better, find a group of players, they’ll help you get better. And for newer players, find a great place to play Magic. Having fun in a nurturing environment will make all the difference. I want to thank Amie Bailey and Gerry Thompson for encouraging David to be a guest on the show. I met a lot of great people at GP Portland last summer in 2016. If you want to hear about how a GP is put on, listen to my interview with Tim Shields, Season 2 Episode 201. At that GP, I was also able to meet Cedric Phillips, Brian Braun-Duin, Christine Sprankle, and JC Tao in person, all of which have shared their stories on Kitchen Table Magic. I want to take a quick moment to tell you about my friend Brian and the Magic players at Paragon City Games in Draper Utah. Paragon City Games is an up and coming game store and they’re hosting giveaways every week on Twitch. They’re giving away lots of cool things, including Die Hard Metal Dice, which are die cast in Zinc and then electroplated with other metals. Todd makes them with care and craftsmanship. And because Paragon City Games really cares about building a community of Magic players locally in the Salt Lake City Area, they’re doing many things to give back to the player community. First, they’re streaming Tuesday night Legacy at 7 pm Mountain, which is 9pm Easter and 6pm Pacific at Second, with the recent changes to Grand Prix Trails no longer being held at local game stores, Paragon City Games have decided to award travel vouchers to players at win GPTs at their events. That is a really awesome way for them to go the extra mile for the last few GPT events available to players in their local community. Please check out Paragon City Games’ Twitch stream every Tuesday night for giveaways. It’s an easy way to win some great stuff and watch Legacy. Links will be in the show notes at Kitchen Table I want to thank my new Patreon Supporter James! I surprised him the other night by showing up in person to deliver a bag of those Magic Fish Crackers Brad Rutherford and I were munching on in our deck tech of Abzan Company episode 205. A lot goes into making Kitchen Table Magic, I want to bring you stores from iconic figures in the MTG community that have never been told. I want you to know that every dollar you give through goes into making the show by paying for server costs, audio editing software, and equipment. And, if we meet our goals, I’m committed to rewarding my Patreon supporters with memorable gifts. I want to thank all of our Patreon supporters: Brian, Markus and James! Thanks to everyone for tuning in to this week’s show! I’m always here to chat and answer your questions. Email me: [email protected] I’m on and on Twitter @KTMpodcast That’s where you’ll find me photoshopping random things. The show is on iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and MTG And one more very important announcement! I want to congratulate on their 11th birthday! If you don’t know is an amazing service that brings together a ton of Magic podcasts for listeners. I’m so grateful to be a part of MTG Cast and I want to thank MTGCast for allowing me to share Kitchen Table Magic with everyone. Also, big thanks to the admins for their hard work maintaining the site and answering my stupid questions about how to post things.

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7. Ricky Tinez -Tell Me (Sam Haas Remix)

Ricky Tinez -Tell Me  (Sam Haas Remix)

[DA035] Ricky Tinez - Tell Me EP (inc. Sam Haas Remix) [Different Attitudes] Ricky Tinez - Tell Me (Original Mix) Ricky Tinez - Tell Me (Sam Haas Remix) Ricky Tinez - The Earliest (Original Mix) Support from: David Duriez, Moodymanc, Soul Minority, Sasch BBC, Deneha, Roland Nights, Deep Active Sound, Yoshi Horino, BiG AL, Peers & Upright, Zuckre, Angelo Draetta, Paul Najera, Miami Ice, dreamAwaken, Carlo Gambino & many more!!

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10. She Can't Tell Time

She Can't Tell Time

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