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1. RageVision - Aquamarine (BluSkay Remix)

RageVision - Aquamarine (BluSkay Remix)

TFB Records presents its 104th release, an amazing release including two originals tracks by RageVision and three different great remixes.First original is Another you, another me, a track that will stun us since its very beginning with its baseline and its brilliant progression. A perfectly produced trance track is what this song shows within every beat. The beauty of the melody is first noticed before the breakdown. On this break, a vaporous atmosphere will surround us and a huge piano will simply hypnotize our minds. The riff that comes after is quite short but the tension it makes is huge, is the perfect combination of sounds before everything explodes. So impressive track by RageVision with such a beautiful soul and an excellent progression. A track of pure trance for real trance lovers.The remix of Another you, another me has been produced by Diego Morrill, and he has transformed the song into a darker and a more powerful track, achieving a very deep sound which is the responsible of this dark character. The intro and the first progression are just amazing, but the pearl is hidden on the breakdown where a perfect atmosphere is created. The uplift created by Diego Morrill couldn't be better, 100% tension and a stunning melody will make everybody on the dance floor jump wildly. No doubt this song has been created with a purpose, to break through the dance floor with an unstoppable energy. Massive remix for a huge original, great job by Diego Morrill.What we find next is the other original track of the release, called Aquamarine. And again, what first surprise us is the perfection of the production since its first beat, RageVision puts magic on every second he produces. A great baseline with a great trancy taste gathered with a beautiful vocal sample are the leaders of the first half of the song. The breakdown is another demonstration of pure beauty and subtle progression, no doubt this break won't let anyone indifferent. And the song keeps surprising us with its climax and the perfect combination of melodies. Every beat we listen forward is a new marvel we find, that is why this track has the honour to be called master piece of trance.The first remix of Aquamarine is signed by BluSkay, a producer that has looked for a more powerful baseline, transforming the song into pure uplifting, and focusing a lot on the the subtle progression above baseline. The early breakdown, instead, is totally focused on the vocal sample and the pretty atmosphere that surrounds it. And just after it, an unbeatable tension will reach the deepest part of our minds. We find on this remix an excellent expression of uplifting music. Great job by the remixer achieving this level of energy and mixing it with such an impressive melody and progression. Congratulations to BluSkay.Finally we came across the remix by Astuni for Aquamarine. There couldn't be a better way of closing a release than with such a breathtaking song. The level of power on this remix has gone to its top and the acidic progression that leads the intro has become unbeatable. No doubt this remix has been produced for the lovers of dark sounds and for those who find the best of the beauties in to the highest of the energies. The breakdown will let us take a little breath but not for a long time because the uplift will soon begin and the tension will make our bodies and minds to get prepare for the explosion of sound. The most powerful track of the whole release, it deserves to be carefully listened. Great job by Astuni. Release Date : 16/12/2014 exclusive at Trackitdown30/12/2014 other storesDelivered using

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2. FloE - Timezone (Original Mix)

FloE - Timezone (Original Mix)

TFB Records presents its 94th release, a track by FloE called Timezone; including original mix and three amazing remixes.Great original by our well known artist FloE. An amazing progression takes the lead since the very beginning of the song, gathered with a great baseline with a very trancy taste. The progression of the melody is just sublime until the breakdown comes. A huge explosion of melodic sound fills this break, with such a well chosen sound, achieving a vast trance feeling. Again, the sublime touch of the producer is noticed on the uplift, which will give all the tension to let the music explote just before it. A really great melody and baseline will be kept until the end of the song. No doubt this is one of the most pure trancy songs this talented producer has ever produced, congratulations to FloE. Trance music which matches every kind of set.First remix comes by the hand of Tolga Uzulmez, and this producer has took the bpms to a lower rate, transforming the song into a more progressive style. However, the baseline keeps its power and also the progression is remarkable, but is the main melody which has taken the higher change. The breakdown starts with a very calm atmosphere, vaporous sounds and a magical voice, but as soon as the melody appears, the song gets an unbeatable beat that will make every single dancefloor to dance and jump wildly. The remixer has focused its magical touch on achieving a track very suitable for all kinds of dancefloors with a sound very close to big room but with the serious baseline and progression of a great trance track. A vast experience of trance music which will lift up everyone on the dancefloor. Great remix by Tolgan Uzulmez.We walk through a magical atmosphere since the very beginning of the second remix, produced by Denis Sender. A magnific lead with a powerful baseline will make the first steps of this remix. The magical experience gets higher as we get closer to the breakdown. When it comes, an astonishing atmosphere with a extraordinary sound will welcome us, and will set our mind into a real state of trance. The uplift is probably one of the best parts of this remix, it has been carefully produced, gathering a huge amount of tension, to finally release a vast power with all the sounds rocking right through our minds. A track that will fit into every powerful set, adding its magical touch and its remarkable explosion of power after the breakdown. Highly advisable remix; amazing work by Denis Sender.Finally we will find the remix by Tuomas.L, where the uplifting soul has overtake the whole original track. A massive baseline will stun us all since the first moment; an incredible progression with the touch of acid sounds will make the path to the breakdown to appear. The break starts with a huge atmosphere where a magical melody meets a dark voice; right after it, the uplift starts showing its power, keeping the darkness of the voice and achieving an untold level of tension, an uplift that will remind in our minds forever and which will release such an incredible power of sound. We will have to prepare our whole body to manage with this vast amount of power because to stop jumping will be hard when the huge explosion of sound takes place. Pure uplifting trance is what Tuomas.L shows on his remix, focused on the real power and the acid lead. A great example of how a great original can handle the transformation into a vast uplifting keeping all the essence and taking the baseline to its highest version. Release Date : 20/10/2014 in all storesDelivered using

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3. TFB records

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TFB records

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4. Abide - Distant (Original Mix)

Abide - Distant (Original Mix)

TFB Records proudly presents its 135th release, a gorgeous EP signed by Abide; including two stunning original tracks, Distant and Run Over.The original mix of Distant is presented surrounded by a dark baseline. Slowly but surely the melody is noticed within the progression. By the time we reach the breakdown we will be totally flooded into a heavenly ambience, where the beauty of the melody will be fully released. Amazing orignal produced by Abide, showing his stunning skills with this serious and beautiful track. Do not miss it!Run Over shows an even darker soul, where acid sounds are mixed with little bright winks. The uplifting atmosphere achieved by the producer is almost perfect with the addition of some extra tension to the intro. The fall into the breakdown is so subtle that we will be totally prepared, by the time we reach it, to receive such an incredible dose of magical notes, performing a stunning melody. Soft but powerful uplifting is what you could find on this masterpiece, give it a chance! Release Date : 04/07/2015 exclusive at Beatport18/07/2015 other storesDelivered using

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5. Xenoflash - Universe (Original Mix)

Xenoflash - Universe (Original Mix)

TFB Records proudly presents its 105th release, a track produced by Xenoflash called Universe; including original mix and a great remix by Stephane BadeyThe original mix is a well produced uplifting song, with an excellent atmosphere and a stunning baseline. As we usually find on Xenoflash's productions, the track is focused on the the story telling of the melody, with an incredible progression and a marvelous dark atmosphere. The most remarkable point is when the breakdown appears, showing the purity of the sounds that merge on it. The emotional level and the epic taste of the melody is overwhelming. The uplift is where the impressive tension is presented and after it the real power is released. Wonderful uplifting track by Xenoflash who is always surprising us with his awesome productions of an untold quality.On the remix by Stephane Badey the baseline turns into a more tech style, highly focusing on the bass and all the elements which help on making an extraordinary progression. The character of the song is even darker than it is on the original, and this is mostly noticed on the breakdown, where a subtle melody will be surrounded by an astonishing atmosphere with a huge amount of quality details. What Stephane Badey has left apart is the epic taste of the original to focus on the energy of the baseline in order to achieve an amazing clubby song with the power of turning upside down the whole dancefloor. No doubt this will be a song that will be heard in most of the main festivals and clubs. Great job by Stephane. Release Date : 19/12/2014 exclusive at Trackitdown02/01/2014 other storesDelivered using

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6. TFB100 TrancEye - On The Edge "Remix Contest"

TFB100 TrancEye - On The Edge

Spanish label TFB Records is offering you the chance to release your remix on our forthcoming EP. We are looking for all styles of trance . All entries will be listened and judged by label and artists and the best 3 mixes will be included on the EP. Facts: Track: TrancEye - On the Edge Original Mix : Remix pack : or Schedule: 25/08/2014 to 07/10/2014 Prize:Those THREE winners get a release on TFB Records. The EP is going to be release on nameful portals like Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno, Amazon, Itunes etc. The winners will also be asked for further jobs in the near future. You become a part of TFB Records. The Winners will be announced at 12/10/2014 _______ Notes: Do not send your track directly to the artist or the label. Remixer is not allowed to present and show the material to any 3rd parties Only full songs are accepted and quality of remix should be 320 kbps mp3, unfinished remixes are not accepted. The remixes can be made by an artist or collaborations. Maximum 2 remixes per artist. Before you can take part of the remix competition, like this page: and tell us that you are in, you find a post related to the remix contest. We need to know how many participators we have. We will verify this. Early entries will not be given priority. The judges' decisions are final. All finished remixes have to be sent in a private file and private message only to : IMPORTANT Please name your remix exactly like in the example below: TrancEye - On the Edge ("Your Name" Remix) Please make sure the track has 320 kbps bitrate. Two remixes per artist are allowed. Please make sure download is enabled. "Due to the problems experienced with the remix pack for the 100th release remix contest, we have decided to extend the deadline one more week. You can submit your remix until 07th October"

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7. Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean - Back In Time, Far Away (Abide Remix)

Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean - Back In Time, Far Away (Abide Remix)

TFB Records has the honour to present its 134th release, a track produced by Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean called Back in time, far away; including original mix and two stunning remixes by Abide and Skylex.The original mix will surprise us with its gorgeous atmosphere, created since its very beginning, gathering a great and subtle baseline with the vaporous progression of the melody. This awesome intro will end up giving way for the breakdown to flood our minds. An incredibly stunning piano melody leads this break, one of the most beautiful ones we have recently listened. A original song with absolutely all the ingredients of a pure masterpiece of uplifting sound. Do not miss this ode to beauty. Huge congratulations to Damian Dziechciarek & Luca Dean!On the remix signed by Abide, the energy of the baseline increases, getting a major presence within the whole introduction. The melody keeps releasing a decent amount of beauty, but it remains in a secondary place until the breakdown comes. Is on this break where the producer shows all his skills; it is all about storytelling. A huge world of wonders is what we find in this break, so many feelings that is impossible to describe. With this emotional essence, Abide shows the incredible level of quality he can give to his productions. Congratulations dude!Last remix included on this release has the distinct mark of Skylex, a producer specialized on releasing a gorgeous dark sound, with an unstoppable energy, this is highly noticed on the stunning intro of the track. Anyhow, this brilliant producer, manages to mix one of the best dark sounds with a breakdown where everything seems to step into the world of pure uplifting; and this is simply awesome. A vast energy awaits for us within the beats of this remix, together with a magnific atmosphere and many beautiful winks enhancing every single part of the song. Remix of the highest quality by Skylex! Release Date : 27/06/2015 exclusive at Beatport11/07/2015 other storesDelivered using

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8. Memory Splice - Esse Quam Videri (Eshericks Remix)

Memory Splice - Esse Quam Videri (Eshericks Remix)

TFB Records presents its 138th release, Esse Quam Videri, by Memory Splice. It includes remixes by Eshericks, Renato Dinis and the original producer Memory Splice with a Club mix.First remix is by "breaks guru" Eshericks, and what we find is a very complex song with huge influences from the wildest electro and the purest breakbeats. It is so hard to place this song into a specific genre because it pulls from so many different styles within its beats and sounds. We will define it simply as a gorgeous HUGE track, perfect for breaking the dancefloor; with a strong bass line and a wild melody. The rest is brought by a massive progression and some big room elements which get the party started for sure. The bigger the stage, the better for this song! Congratulations to Eshericks for this huge remix.The club mix is a different perspective from the riginal producer; Memory Splice focused this remix into a darker psytrance influenced sound, and enters the realm of hard trance. But the character of the melody will shock us with its intricacy, releasing a a lilting magic. This melody, indeed, will overtake the bass line to become the center point of the song; and when the big drop comes, it will shine like the stars and moon. We find again a very complex sophisticated track, where different styles gather to create a stunning original sound, achieved by the producer, which for sure will rock the biggest dancefloors. Amazing mix by Memory Splice!Finally we will find the remix done by Renato Dinis, who has lockdown on fully uplifting techtrance sound on his remix, adding some tension and a magnificent acid line emphasis to the powerful bass line. Great changes enhance the track as it leads us into the breakdown. In this break, magic and technology combine musically and seamlessly to create an uplift of an untold quality. Prepare yourself for this huge release of power; pure techlifting right to your mind. Gorgeous remix by Renato Dinis! Release Date : 18/07/2015 exclusive at Beatport01/08/2015 other storesDelivered using

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9. Eastern Sound & M'NDavi - Tell Me How You Love (Neo Kekkonen 140 Remix)

Eastern Sound & M'NDavi - Tell Me How You Love (Neo Kekkonen 140 Remix)

TFB Records proudly presents its 97th release, a track produced by Eastern Sound & M'NDavi called Tell me how you love; including original mix, dub mix and four more remixes by Neo Kekkonen and San Lopez; both have produced two remixes for this track.The original mix is an impressive uplifting song, with such an incredible power since the first beat; amazing progression and a vast baseline give this track all its trance essence. When the breakdown comes, a stunning voice will welcome us, creating a perfect atmosphere, gathered with a perfectly built melody. This is the kind of breakdown you expect to hear on an uplifting track, melody progressing and a magical voice enhancing the sound. The uplift is another remarkable part of this track, it creates the perfect tension, the sort calm before the storm. This storm is the climax, where all the power of the baseline meets the unbeatable melody. Magical and unique masterpiece of the purest uplifting that deserves to be listened and enjoyed. Probably the kind of track every uplifting Dj will play on his upcoming shows. Amazing job by Eastern Sound & M'NDavi.The remix by Neo Kekkonen has kept the uplifting essence, with a slightly darker atmosphere and with an unbeatable power from the baseline. This great uplifting taste will lead us into the breakdown. On this break we will feel all the magic of the atmosphere, beautiful sounds surrounding our ears will set us ready for the breathtaking uplift. The uplift of this track could be without a doubt its most astonishing part, not too long but incredibly intense. Showing an untold level of tension and power. What comes after it is the demonstration of the high quality production, and the hard work; a magnific climax which will make us all dance and jump wildly. Huge remix for a huge original, first class trance by Neo Kekkonen.Finally, we come across the remix by San Lopez, who has bet for lowering the bpms a little bit and for creating a more progressive style of baseline, achieving a fantastic sound close to progressive house. The vocal has been perfectly been integrated into this excellent rhythm. But when the breakdown comes, the soul of the song is completely changed into a crazier sound which will keep closer to the uplifting shown on the original. This changes, with the also impressive uplift make of this song one of the best produced songs of the last times, gathering the best sounds and bases of different styles. No doubt a remix people will talk about. Very good job by San Lopez. Release Date : 10/11/2014 in all storesDelivered using

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10. Mhammed El Alami & Zinou Zaidi - Peace Island (Original Mix)

Mhammed El Alami & Zinou Zaidi  - Peace Island (Original Mix)

TFB Records presents its 119th release. A magical track called Peace Island produced by Mhammed El Alami & Zinou Zaidi; including original mix and two awesome remixes by John Sunlight & Driftstorm.The original mix is a wonder of uplifting music. As these producers always do, the emotional ambience of the song reaches incredible levels. The powerful baseline will make the intro with a nice progression and beautiful changes. The melody is slightly shown little before the break in order to help with the build of the atmosphere. On this break we will find an amazing subtle melody with a lot of ingredients creating an astonishing path where our magical thoughts can be release. A soft uplift will enhance this core part of the song and will give way for the climax to end up stunning our minds. The mix of the uplifting base with such a perfectly built melody and ambience give to this original this special taste of the super top productions. Incredible track full of emotions and with magic inside every beat. Fine Trance lovers will get really surprise with it. Congratulations to the producers.First remix has been produced by John Sunlight, and the character of the song has turned darker and more powerful. An unstoppable baseline with an untold level of power will lead the first minutes of the song, where we could only feel a little magic from the melody. But this changes when the breakdown comes and the baseline stops. Suddenly, a break in the clouds is opened and a heavenly atmosphere surrounds everything. This is when the melody is fully shown and when all the emotions are released with such a magnificent progression. An epic fight is presented when everything explodes: the beauty of the melody versus the beast of the baseline. A mix of sounds that reaches one of the highest levels of climax we have ever listened. Simply an awesome masterpiece of pure uplifting music that could be enjoyed by every kind of music lover, because this is not just uplifting, this is a magical stream of sounds right through our minds. Congratulations to John Sunlight.Finally we came across the remix by Driftstorm, a remix where the baseline goes even wilder and where the progression of this baseline with all its acid taste takes all the leadership. The melody has been perfectly mixed with this kind of base, achieving a vast contrast between the dark and acid beats and the subtle beauty of the chords. Is amazing how such different sounds can give this impressive mix. In the breakdown there is only one leader, and it is the melody releasing all its magic, but this doesn't last for a long because a huge uplift ,taking back all the wildness, will guide us unstoppably to the big explosion of sound. Incredible remix where there is no time to rest, pure energy combined with perfect pieces of magic, the best mix to achieve this level of quality on uplifting music. Best remix for the lovers of powerful music with this kind of beautiful melodies. Many thanks to Driftstorm for his incredible remix. Release date : 23/03/2015 exclusive at Beatport06/04/2015 other storesDelivered using

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11. Nicola Maddaloni Feat Claire Willis - Leave The Past Behind (Alex Wright Remix)

Nicola Maddaloni Feat Claire Willis - Leave The Past Behind (Alex Wright Remix)

TFB Records is more than proud of presenting its 200th release, a super compilation of 8 tracks leaded by the original song 'Leave the past behind', produced by Nicola Maddaloni feat. Claire Willis. You can find the original mix, dub mix and also the remix and dub mix by three masters of production: Alex Wright, R3dub and Omniks.Starting with the original, the sound presented is very characteristic, with a great baseline filled with a decent energy and many original sounds performing the surrounding atmosphere. On the way to the breakdown, the impressive voice of Claire Willis starts to appear subtly, leading the intro to this break. All the emotional notes, the magical atmosphere and the true power of the voice are released into the break, creating a very special shining ambience. The tension starts being gathered soon, performing a long and intense uplift which, at its end, releases a gorgeous amount of uplifted energy, which will lead us to the world of wonders. No doubt this is the best track we could have chosen to celebrate our 200th release. Huge thanks to Nicola Maddaloni and Claire Willis for this masterpiece!Alex Wright presents a more standard baseline in his remix, with a higher power than the original, and he supports everything on this baseline in the perfect way. It is clear that this song has a huge and a hard work behind, because every sound has been chosen so carefully to match with the rest of the mix in such an amazing way. This denotes the impressive skills of Alex Wright to produce the finest uplifting sound. If you love this kind of sound, and you like flying with the special essence of the vocal Uplifting, this is the perfect song for you. It has everything you can expect from a flawless gem, so there is few more to say about it. Give it a chance and you will fall in love with it instantly. Massive remix by Alex Wright, it is an honor to have you on our 200th release!We have been saying in many previous releases that R3dub is one of the producers of this year 2016, and here we have another example of why we think this. With an unstoppable dark baseline, R3dub builds up his remix by making all the sounds to turn around the mystic voice of Claire Willis. The addition of many acid sounds into the mix makes the soul of the song to become closer to the Tech-Trance spirit. The breakdown transport us straight to a different dimension, releasing an overwhelming ambience that will take control of our thoughts. But you better take care, because the return to the real world is so powerful that you will be stunned by the power of the welcoming bass. This is an amazing different point of view of the original that you will want to dance for a long time. Vast power showed by R3dub, congratulations mate!Omniks has already surprised us with his very unique sound many times before, and now he makes it again with this astonishing remix and its magical soul. A pure uplifted sound drives the song since its very beginning, adding many brilliant sounds into the mix as it progresses and using the voice as a pad to create a subtle atmosphere. Everything stops once we reach the breakdown and then the voice takes control of the song for a while, surrounding us with its beautiful notes. A short but impressive rise of tension brings back the powerful baseline to join the mix in a gorgeous explosion of sound; the energy released will last till the end of this marvelous song. This song is a must for all the lovers of the powerful uplifting, they will not be desappointed by this gem. Another huge remix for your collection and for your most energetic sets. Thanks Omniks!All remixes and original include their own 'Dub mix' in order to make of this release a wonder you can not miss!!TFB Records wants to thank all of you for all the continous support we are receiving. We put a lot of effort into this experiment to bring you the best Trance & Uplifting sound from our special point view, and hope to keep on releasing stunning releases for all of you! Massive thanks!Delivered using

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12. SparroX - Old Is Gold (Original Mix)

SparroX - Old Is Gold (Original Mix)

TFB Records is glad to present its release number 221, with two amazing original productions by SparroX, named 'Old is Gold' and 'Sex machin' With 'Old is Gold' we will receive a tremendous rush of old fashioned sound, with its unique taste and its special mechanics to progress and add the different ingredients to the mix. With such an unbelievable sound, few more words are neccesary to describe this track, cause it is simply so unique that you would have to test it by yourself. The finest selection of soft sounds, chaining baselines and many more different samples are awaiting for you within the beats of this melodic gem. Get relaxed and let your mind free to enjoy with the remarkable eastern soul of the song. SparroX showing unbeatable production skills with this masterpiece of the softest sound. Sex Machin releases quite a decent soft sound too, showing some elements with a great influence by the eastern sounds. But the song is built in a stunning old fashioned mood, bringing the marvelous mix of pop-electronic sound to its top. Therefore, you can find a sheer electronic voice leading the minimalistic continuous progression. The best selected ingredients are mixed with an untold level of quality to take you on a long trip through misterious and remote places. We have to fully congratulate SparroX for these impressive songs, changing for a while the Trance-based sound of our label in order to marvel us with some of the purest pleasant sounds out there.Delivered using

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13. French Skies - Colossus (TrancEye Remix) [TFB Records]

  • Published: 2014-04-07T16:02:40Z
  • By TrancEye
French Skies - Colossus (TrancEye Remix) [TFB Records]

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14. Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara)[TFB Records]

Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara)[TFB Records]

Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara) IS OUT NOW! Watch Official Music Video: Buy on Itunes: Release Date : 2017-07-21 Record Label : TFB Records Arranged By: Can Sezgin Composer: Can Sezgin & M.Volkan Lyrics: Dilara Ferit

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15. Dan Norvan - Solar Dreamer (R3dub Remix)

Dan Norvan - Solar Dreamer (R3dub Remix)

TFB Records presents its 114th release, a track by Dan Norvan called Solar Dreamer; including original mix and two amazing remixes by R3dub and Stuarty Geddis.Original mix is such a beautiful song, mixing the power of the uplifting bassline with the subtle melody of pure trance. This is indeed a song based on its stunning melody, it has been built from the purest sounds, where the essence of Trance remains untouched. A fantastic progression will lead us into the breakdown; an oasis of peace an soft sounds where the melody will reach its highest point. A soft but well produced uplift will finish with the break and will let the climax to begin. Massive tune brought to us by Dan Norvan, congratulations.On the remix by R3dub we find a much darker song, with a higher presence of the bassline. The power of the whole song has been increased and its soul has been turned into a dark atmosphere. The mystic sensation the producer has achieved is just incredible, keeping a high level of tension within the intro and only letting the melody to appear on the breakdown. Serious work has been made on this song; this remix sounds with the best quality in dark Trance we have recently heard. Huge surprise by R3dub.Finally we will find the remix by Stuarty Geddis. A strong remix, with a remarkable focus on the progression and how melody goes with bassline through the intro of the song. The character of the song on this remix is lighter than in the original, the melody takes the lead and it releases all the magic hidden on its sounds. This remix has been produced looking for this special feeling that soft melodies give us, and it has really achieved it. No doubt this remix will suit perfectly on every dancefloor with its energy and light sounds. Good job by Stuarty Geddis. Release Date : 23/02/2015 Exclusive at Beatport09/03/2015 other storesDelivered using

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16. Phil Dinner - Borobudur (Six Senses Remix)

Phil Dinner - Borobudur (Six Senses Remix)

TFB Records presents its 115th release, a track by Phil Dinner called Borobudur; including orignal mix and an amazing remix by Six SensesThe original mix is simply a masterpiece of trance music. The way the producer has introduced a mystic soul and awesome feelings into the mix is just incredible. The way the song progresses is also impressive, the intro will stun us all since its first beat. By the time the breakdown comes, the experience of full peace and beauty will surround us, taking out our breath and leaving our mind clear to deeply feel how magic exists in music. Few more words can be said about this song, it deserves to be listened, enjoyed and felt to understood this description. Massive work by Phil Dinner, huge congratulations.To remix this track it was necessary to have both skill and inspiration, and it was Six Senses who had to deal with it. And the result could not have been better, the emotional soul of the song has been enhanced and also the power has been boosted. The remixer has produced an emotional uplifting track of an extraordinary quality, with stunning sounds and a melody that will be in our mind for a very long time. Remix that surely will reach the heart of most of the uplifting lovers. Music with an untold level of quality and the purest level of magic. Incredible remix by Six Senses. Release Date : 27/02/2015 Exclusive at Beatport13/03/2015 other storesDelivered using

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17. Rolfiek feat Nicola - I Am Here For You (Original Vocal Mix)

Rolfiek feat Nicola - I Am Here For You (Original Vocal Mix)

TFB Records presents its 199th release, bringing the massive vocal tune I am here for you produce by Rolfiek feat Nicola.This song is presented in the characteristic uplifting way, with the exact amount of energy within its baseline and a special vaporous atmosphere which progresses slowly in order to support the intense vocal that starts right after the first minute. This vocal has also a heavy angelical presence, making it to match perfectly with the atmosphere. With an awesome amount of magic filling our ears we reach the breakdown, where the vocal gets its whole version and all its magic is released, taking our breath away with its mystical soul. A perfect short uplift brings back some tension right before the baseline joins the mix again to give an extra power to the vocal, achieving a tremendous uplifted sound. A very complete song, with a special character far from the typical vocal tunes, showing us a different way of producing top quality Uplifting with a voice that will bring deep feelings into our mind. Amazing job by Rolfiek and Nicola! Thanks to both of you!Delivered using

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18. Ruslan Device - Indifference (Original Mix)

Ruslan Device - Indifference (Original Mix)

TFB Records presents its 161st release, a track named Indifference, produced by Ruslan Device; including original mix and two great remixes by Aldo Henrycho pres. Optimystique' and Mhammed El Alami.The original song is presented with quite a progressive rhythm, mixing subtle sounds into the baseline. As the intro goes forward, the addition of more sounds create a decent ambience, an amazing pad of peace and beauty. The ambience goes into the breakdown and lets the overwhelming melody to begin, releasing an incredible amount of peace within its notes. A mystic and magical sound is what you can expect from this marvel of the soft Trance; a song full of emotions, coming from the very center of the soul, taking us into an untold journey of peace. Gorgeous work by Ruslan Device.First remix we find is the one signed by Aldo Henrycho, presenting his new alias: Optimystique. This remix gathers all the beauty of the original and gives it an extra push, reaching an untold level of this special Trance sensation. It is indeed a very mystic song, totally focused on the atmosphere and the melody embeded in it. The intro is a magnific progression of fantastic discoverings, creating a path to the huge surprise that awaits us in the breakdown. Really stunning work by the remixer creating such a great amount of these brilliant, shinning and beautiful sounds that will convey the true Trance feeling: pure magic. Massive remix by Optimystique.The last version included in this release has been produced by Mhammed El Alami, the one who has bet for the uplifting sound. No need to describe how well the uplifting baseline supports the stunning progression of the melody. The time for relaxation comes with the breakdown, where only the melody appears, performing an astonishing piece, only combined with a very subtle ambience. By giving the melody all the leadership the remixer achieves one of the most intimate uplifting sounds we have recently listened. This song is a nonstop rush of emotions right into our mind, do not miss the opportunity of discover this gem. Thank you Mhammed for this remix. Release Date : 23/11/2015 exclusive at Beatport07/12/2015 other storesDelivered using

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