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1. Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara)[TFB Records]

Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara)[TFB Records]

Can Sezgin - Arabesque (feat. Dilara) IS OUT NOW! Watch Official Music Video: Buy on Itunes: Release Date : 2017-07-21 Record Label : TFB Records Arranged By: Can Sezgin Composer: Can Sezgin & M.Volkan Lyrics: Dilara Ferit

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2. TFB records

  • Published: 2014-04-09T21:39:30Z
  • By AndyM14
TFB records

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3. French Skies - Colossus (TrancEye Remix) [TFB Records]

  • Published: 2014-04-07T16:02:40Z
  • By TrancEye
French Skies - Colossus (TrancEye Remix) [TFB Records]

If you want to stay up to date with my music, feel free to follow me:

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4. Burak Harsitlioglu - Genesis (AUTUMNAL Remix) [TFB Records]

  • Published: 2013-01-30T16:03:04Z
Burak Harsitlioglu - Genesis (AUTUMNAL Remix) [TFB Records]

Burak Harsitlioglu - Genesis (AUTUMNAL Remix) Supported by: Pusher, Joe Cormack, NorthPole, tranzLift, Angel Ace [Double Support], Anas Essahal & Omar Serghin, Above the Clouds, EL-Jay, Katy Rutkovski, Lan Standerwick, ... Halo Sessions Tune of the Week Innertrance LXXX Tune of the Month

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▬▬● TFBB034 Keyzo Jasper - Emporium ●▬▬ Official Release Date: 30/09/2013 Exclusive at Beatport 14/10/2013 other stores Keyzo Jasper - Emporium (Original Mix) Electric bass shakes our bodies from the first second of this track by Keyzo Jasper called Emporium, release nº34 of TFB Black Records. A powerful bass and a deep groove sound will travel with us throughout the whole song. The main lead gives the happy effect and helps to arise a huge atmosphere which will stand with the bassline, creating a essential song for every electro party. This song has one of the most powerful bass an electro track has ever had, get ready to feel your body shaking on the dancefloor. Supported by : World Electronic Union, Med vs Neil Bamford, Dr. Yxam, NorthPole, Cesar De los Reyes, D-Mark, John Gibbons, Undercontrol, Ozzy XPM, Lee Campbell, Markus Schulz, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Michael C, Dj Geri, Inge Lemon Nilsen, Steve Levi, Dj WAD, Rafael Osmo, Vincent Licata, RichD..

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6. French Skies - Invictus (Farzam Remix Edit)[TFB Records]

French Skies - Invictus (Farzam Remix Edit)[TFB Records]

Label : @TFBRecords Artist : @FrenchSkies Artist : @Farzam-Official

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7. Wonder Element - Slow Fall (VoIces Remix)

Wonder Element - Slow Fall (VoIces Remix)

As we have previously announced, this is the last release under the TFB label, the number 280. It has been a long way, full of great and gorgeous surprising tunes, and now it is time to present you the last one, produced by Wonder Element and named 'Slow fall'; including an additional remix by Volces. The original mix shows an ultra-refined and soft Trance sound, progressing since its first beats with ease and under the constant support of a great bassline, on which a subtle atmosphere is erected. After this initial progression, we reach the breakdown where a peaceful ambience rises and embraces us, letting the notes of the main melody to appear as shinning crystals in the middle of the calm lake. These notes are responsible for the following uplift, where a decent amount of tension is gathered to help the song rise to its highest point. This is indeed a song with a 100% Trance soul, delivered with a soft bassline and being focused on the little details that make this sound so impressive. What else could we ask for our last release? This is simply amazing! Volces is the producer behind the unique remix we have included into the release, and he presents what could be named as a soft uplifter, because the overall energy of the song has been increased but the main ethereal soul with its pleasant soft notes remains almost untouched. With a stunning initial progression, the producer gets our fully inmersion into his world of wonders, but the best is yet to come. When we fall into the breakdown, an unexpected thick chill-out ambience welcomes us with open arms and an incredible delightful performance. The perfect sound to fully free our mind and fly high above the clouds. The following soft uplift just ends up taking our soul to a higher state. Such a wonderful mix of awesome sounds can only represent one of the most beautiful tunes we remember! Do not miss this masterpiece by Volces!   This is our last release as TFB Records, please, follow us on the new label   Thanks for your support!!!Delivered using

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9. ID-ID (AUTUMNAL Lifted Mix) - Soon on TFB Records

  • Published: 2012-11-16T06:16:04Z
ID-ID (AUTUMNAL Lifted Mix) - Soon on TFB Records

First remix for TFB Records!

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10. ID-ID (AUTUMNAL Remix) - Soon on TFB Records!

  • Published: 2012-11-27T17:09:34Z
ID-ID (AUTUMNAL Remix) - Soon on TFB Records!

Another remix for TFB Records! Follow me on facebook:

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11. Nessai - Airwave (Original Mix) [TFB Records]

  • Published: 2012-12-02T18:02:26Z
  • By Nessai
Nessai - Airwave (Original Mix) [TFB Records]

Cutted from latest track. Releasing on TFB Records.

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12. Arman Dinarvand & Bager - Hope (Astuni Re-Lift)[TFB Records]

Arman Dinarvand & Bager - Hope (Astuni Re-Lift)[TFB Records]

Arman Dinarvand & Bager - Hope (Incl. Astuni Re-Lift & James Bowie Mixes) Record Label : TFB Records Release Date : TBA

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13. NorthPole Pres Icebreaker 100th - TFB Records Special

NorthPole Pres Icebreaker 100th - TFB  Records Special

Every Tuesday at 22CET on Every Thursday at 17CET on Tracklist : 01.- Fisical Project - One Day (Original Mix) 02.- Mino Safy - Everlasting (Mino Safy Sunset Mix) 03.- Tom Dillenthal & Dim Line - Unexplored Thoughts (Imperfect Hope Remix) 04.- FloE - Into the Sunrise (Denis Sender Remix) 05.- San Lopez - Logic (Original Mix) 06.- Dim Line - Interstellar (Original Mix) 07.- PhyGer - Siren's Tears (French Skies Remix) 08.- RageVision - Aquamarine (Original Mix) 09.- Abandoned Rainbow - Angel (Original Mix) 10.- Aeden - Get On Down (Original Mix) 11.- Rascal van Russ - Ring (Acues Remix) 12.- Cosmic Heaven & Marcprest - Love Will Find A Way (Marcprest Emotional Mix) 13.- Volmax - The Man, The Legend (Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer Remix) 14.- Hypaethrame - Fake World (Original Mix) 15.- Arthur Volt - Nostalgia (Simple Art & Pluton Remix) 16.- Flatlex - Spacewalk (Original Mix) 17.- French Skies - Colossus (Etasonic Remix) 18.- Alexey Ryasnyansky & Flatlex - Sunrise (Stephane Badey Sunset remix) 19.- G8 - Escape (Original Mix) 20.- Zutt Muziker - I Used to Love You (DJorge Caballero Pres. Andherson Remix) 21.- Driftstorm - Hypnotic Skydive (UP3 Remix)

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14. Mart Sine - The Moments [PREVIEW] [TFB RECORDS]

  • Published: 2015-09-19T20:41:01Z
  • By Mart Sine
Mart Sine - The Moments [PREVIEW] [TFB RECORDS]

TFB174 Mart Sine - The Moments (Incl. Danny Zero / Lakes Mixes) Release Date : 23/02/2016 exclusive at Beatport 08/03/2016 other stores "What an amazing Uplifting sound we find in the original mix. Subtle voices are always welcome, we love them, and mixing them with such an incredible baseline is a great choice. We will be totally immersed into the song when the breakdown comes, and what this breakdown does is to release a vast amount of beauty to the mix, reaching incredible levels, and creating a luxurious atmosphere. It has been a long time since we last see this amount of beautiful sounds all together in the same song, it is undescriptible, is pure beauty. Take a serious look into this song if you want to feel how the Uplifting emotions rush beneath your skin. Totally deserved to say this is a masterpiece." TFB RECORDS

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15. The Avains - Abyssal (Original Mix)

The Avains - Abyssal (Original Mix)

TFB Records brings with its release number 275TH the brand new song by The Avains, 'Abyssal'. The song starts imprinting a gorgeous energy into its uplifting bassline, taking a great lead since this initial moments. With ease, the song progresses quickly and soon the sub-bass is on board paving a thick path for the rest of the sounds to surf into. Great acid tones and winks start being released from the deep abyss as we approach the breakdown, starting to show the first glimpses of the melody. When we fall into the break, a bunch of sweet strings will embrace us into their characteristic sound, letting the deep and thick atmosphere to rise together with the emerging melody to perform a masterpiece of an uplifter's melody. Gathering an incredible amount of tension in almost an instant, the song rises unstoppably and releases its climax with a massive sound. The astonishing beautiful and energetic sound will stay on top of the mix for quite a while till the outro starts, so you will have plenty of time to fully enjoy with it! Get crazy with this epic and incredibly well built choon by The Avains!Delivered using

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16. Volmax & Rolfiek - Fake Angel (Original Mix)

Volmax & Rolfiek - Fake Angel (Original Mix)

TFB Records proudly presents its 278th release which brings the brand new song produced by the masters Volmax & Rolfiek, 'Fake Angel'. Once these two producers decide to join their forces, the result simply becomes an undisputed top track, and here we have the example, a stunning uplifter full of little details of pure quality. Embraced by a quite noticed ambience, the song gets through its first progression, adding more and more sounds as it gets closer to its main part. This is the breakdown, in which the song falls after showing few clues about its main melody. The full version of this melody is released and then, we will be shocked by its uncontested beauty, purity and regal elegance. The following uplift will add the exact amount of tension to the mix in order to create the perfect previous atmosphere before the climax. What comes after it, the final combination of the full melody with the baseline should be better tasted by you because it is so hard to describe for us, but we can guarantee that it will not disappoint you. Massive thanks to Volmax & Rolfiek for this awesome tune!Delivered using

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17. Kiyoi & Eky - Blindspot (Original Mix)

Kiyoi & Eky - Blindspot (Original Mix)

TFB Records presents its 277th release with an stunning song 'Blindspot', produced by our guys Kiyoi & Eky, also includes a big remix by the master Stephane Badey. The original mix is a combination of a very wild progression with the mind blowing energy of the baseline. The intro of the song is unbelievably huge, releasing such a well produced sound with a solid soul. The breakdown adds some acid to the mix, releasing a nice melody gathered with a subtle atmosphere. But the insanity comes back soon to lead again this rush of pure energetic sounds. Amazing original song by Kiyoi & Eky, with his well known sound and a great taste of Trance music with Psy elements within these beats. A very unique song that will break every dancefloor. Congrats guys!!! Stephane Badey, who doesn't need to be presented anymore, is the producer behind the remix we find into this release. He has kept the energy imprinted in the bassline from the original song, but adding some groovy ingredients to enhance and to smooth a bit the whole mix. After a short progression, we fall down into the void of the breakdown, where a subliminal ambience surrounds us. An driving us to never-seen before places of an untold purity. Relax yourself and let your body to fall deep with this special feeling conveyed by this break. With an incredible ease, and tons of quality, a soft melody rises slowly but surely performing the uplift that will end up with the explosion of sound at the climax. Such a blinding quality has no other name behind than Stephane Badey! This guy never disappoints!!Delivered using

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18. Emre Colak - Strange (Mart Sine Remix) PREVIEW [TFB RECORDS]

  • Published: 2016-01-22T11:15:03Z
  • By Mart Sine
Emre Colak - Strange (Mart Sine Remix) PREVIEW [TFB RECORDS]

TFB Records presents its 170th release, an original track named Strange, produced by Emre Colak; including original mix and a marvelous remix by Mart Sine. The remix of this song has been produced by Mart Sine, who has kept the deep soul of the original, enhancing the progression with subtle voices and a clear melody. The breakdown comes soon and the pure uplifting soul rises to take the lead of the song, performing a great uplift and empowering the bass line to put a higher energy into the main explosion. This is how the song presents its two different halfs, becoming a stronger uplifting one after the breakdown. Amazing choice by Mart Sine keeping a constant progression through the whole song. A very intense uplifting song which matches perfectly into every high quality set, do not miss it. ------------------- Release: 10/02/2016 (Beatport) and 24/02/2016 (All Stores)

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19. Priscila Vega & Solarius & Zonik the flame - Just breathe (Original Mix) , TFB Black Records

Priscila Vega & Solarius & Zonik the flame - Just breathe (Original Mix) , TFB Black Records

Priscila Vega - Just breathe (Prod by Solarius . Zoniktheflame)

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