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1. Havana Club Gap Year

  • Published: 2013-01-15T16:21:33+00:00
  • Duration: 88
  • By Golden Wolf
Havana Club Gap Year

Our friends at M&C Saatchi approached us to help them launch their 2013 Havana Club Gap Year competition worldwide. Our role was to create this short animation explaining the competition and how to enter. Directed and produced by Golden Wolf Credits Production company: Golden Wolf Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson Producer: Ant Baena Designers: Shaun Swainland, Justin Poulter, Ant Baena, Stefan Falconer Animation: Stefan Falconer, Tim Whiting Audio by Box of Toys Audio

2. La Sexta I Bumpers

La Sexta I Bumpers

La Sexta. Atresmedia. Spain 2015-2016 The Ant Company Producer: Juanma Arance / Rosa Moro Production: Gilles Leclair Director: David Salaices DoP: Carlos Ferro Art Director: Hector Marín Edit: Jose Carlos Guerra-Librero

3. Antena 3 I Christmas TV Ident

Antena 3 I Christmas TV Ident

Production Company: The Ant Company Executive Production: Juanma Arance Director: David Salaices DoP: Valentin Alvarez Production: Gilles Leclaire, Ángela Arévalo Art Director: Hector Marin Special Effects:4D Escenografía Editor: Jose Carlos Guerra-Librero 3D: Art vector Color grading: Miopia

4. The Ant Company - DemoREEL 2014

5. Antena 3 "Volvemos en..." I Bumpers

Antena 3

Production: The Ant Company Producer: Juanma Arance. Director: David Salaices DoP: Antonio Merchan Editor: Jose Carlos Guerra Librero Art Director: Gustavo Merino / 4D Production: Gilles LeClair Assistant Production: Ángela Arevalo

6. La Sexta 3 I Universo Almodovar

La  Sexta 3 I Universo Almodovar

Production Company: The Ant Company Executive Production: Juanma Arance Director: David Salaices + Perricac (Ángel Sesma & Raúl Espinel) Photography: Cecilia Sancho Production: Pedro Alfonso Atrezzo: Gustavo Merino Edit: Jose Carlos Guerra-Librero

7. OFFSET 2015 Titles

  • Published: 2015-03-06T14:36:10+00:00
  • Duration: 129
  • By Golden Wolf
OFFSET 2015 Titles

After speaking at their 2014 festival we were delighted to be asked to create the opening titles for the 2015 OFFSET Festival. Inspired by our furry feline friends, our concept was to create a world that saw design from the perspective of a cat….our harshest, yet softest critic. Produced and directed by Golden Wolf Creative director: ingi Erlingsson Art director / Writer: Ewen Stenhouse Producer: Ant Baena Production Assistant: Corina Priestley Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Piccinini Roto / Prep: Adam Orton Animation: Ewen Stenhouse, Max Englehart, Alex Fernandez, Tim Whiting, Pedro Piccinini, Thea Glad, Frankie Swan, Jonathan Harris Compositing: Max Englehart, Alex Fernandez Shoot assistant: Iris Erlingsdottir Live Action Production by Two Wheel Trike / Cast: Cat #1: Girly Cat #2: Sky Cat #3: Jaffa Cat Wrangler: Jill Clarke VO: Donal Cox Music Company : ECHOLAB / Composer : Steve Lynch Music Producer : Gavin Little Sound Design : Gavin little, Joe McHugh Live Action Colour Grade by Envy Post.

8. Fuera de Lugar I Cinemagraph

Fuera de Lugar I Cinemagraph

A viral campaign by The Ant Company for Fundación Manantial Producer: Gumer Guerra Director: David Salaices DoP: Ivan Sanchez Editor: Jose Carlos Guerra Librero Art Director: Ana Cecilia Producción: Ángela Arévalo Vestuario: Nuria

9. La Sexta 3 I Universo Almodovar I Bumpers

La Sexta 3 I Universo Almodovar I Bumpers

Production Company: The Ant Company Executive Production: Juanma Arance Director: David Salaices + Perricac (Ángel Sesma & Raúl Espinel) Photography: Cecilia Sancho Production: Pedro Alfonso Atrezzo: Gustavo Merino Edit: Jose Carlos Guerra-Librero

10. Torae "For The Record" prod. DJ Premier

  • Published: 2012-03-09T06:32:26+00:00
  • Duration: 224

Artist: Torae Song: For The Record Producer: DJ Premier Soul Spazm Records Director: Anthony Sylvester Cinematography: Ant DeRose Production Company: LPZ Media Locations: Midtown Manhattan, DUMBO

11. Shamir "On the Regular" (Official Music Video)

  • Published: 2014-10-23T12:40:31+00:00
  • Duration: 177

Shamir "On the Regular" Director - Anthony Sylvester Executive Producer - Nick Sylvester Producer - Mike Wallach Cinematographer - Ant Derose Assistant Camera - Dave Burdette Gaffer - Matt Pecca Grip - Corey Bracone Makeup Artist - Damaris Santana Stylist - Ashley Isaacs Production Design - Tafadzwa Chiriga VFX/Animator - Mark Rubbo Editor - Anthony Sylvester Production Assistants - Edan Ashkenazi, Travis Harris Shot at Bravo Studios, Manhattan XL Recordings, 2014 Production Company: CUTSDATFLO CUTSDATFLO.COM ** Pitchfork's Best Music Videos of 2014 List (

12. Dog Blood - Chella Ride

  • Published: 2014-03-06T14:55:37+00:00
  • Duration: 218
  • By Golden Wolf
Dog Blood - Chella Ride

Late last year we were approached by Skrillex’s record label, OWSLA, to direct and produce a video for his Dog Blood project. Dog Blood is Skrillex and Boys Noize and their single ‘Chella Ride’ is a high octane EDM track that needed something dirty and trippy. We jumped at the chance of working with them and set out on a journey to create our most elaborate and detailed animation to date, mixing multiple techniques such as 3d, 2d, cel animation and live action footage to create a hybrid style that feels unique to the project. It was a rare chance to get the entire studio involved as well as a chance to collaborate with our sister company ilovedust on the design. CREDITS: Directed and produced by Golden Wolf. Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson Art directors: Ewen Stenhouse, Oliver Munden Producer: Ant Baena Layouts / Storyboards: Jonathan Djob Nkondo Design: Oliver Munden, Ben Beach, Ewen Stenhouse, Max Englehart, Stefan Falconer, Marie Ecarlat, Emmanuel Lantam 2D Animation: Tim Whiting, Stefan Falconer, Max Englehart, Eliza Cioca, Phillip Engström 3D Animation: Henry Purrington, Tom Purrington, Alex Fernandez, Benjamin Tron, David Calvet Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Stefan Falconer, Max Englehart Art directed for OWSLA by P R I M A R Y

13. Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Music Video

  • Published: 2012-10-02T09:31:31+00:00
  • Duration: 120
  • By Golden Wolf
Cartoon Network 20th Birthday Music Video

Our friends at Cartoon Network got in touch earlier in the year to ask us to work with them on a music video for their 20th Birthday celebrations. Needless to say we jumped at the chance and we started work on an epic 2 minute long video featuring original music from Mad Decent and nearly every character Cartoon Network has aired over the past 20 years. The video finally premiered on the 1st of October and will appear on Cartoon Network throughout the month of October and is also available for download through iTunes and Amazon (for free!) as well as being on CN's youtube channel. Directed, animated & produced by Golden Wolf CREDITS: Directed by: Golden Wolf Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson Art Director / Design lead: Ewen Stenhouse Producer: Ant Baena Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Sofie Hallor, Shan Jiang, Stefan Falconer Animators: Ewen Stenhouse, Tim Whiting, Carlos de Faria, Jonathan Harris, Joe Sparrow, Blanca Martinez de Rituerto, Sean Weston, Tom Bunker Compositing: Stefano Ottaviano, Ewen Stenhouse Cartoon Network: SVP, The Creative Group – Michael Ouweleen VP Design, The Creative Group – Jacob Escobedo Creative Director, The Creative Group – Craig “Sven” Gordon Director of Broadcast Production, The Creative Group – Heather Reilly Audio: Music & sound design by Kevin Seaton at Heavy Duty Music Additional voices provided by: Jeremy Shada, John DiMaggio CARTOON NETWORK and the logo and all related elements are trademarks of Cartoon Network © 2012. A Time Warner company. All rights reserved.

14. The Good Company | Dearland On Location [cap4] - Ants & Anthems

The Good Company | Dearland On Location [cap4] - Ants & Anthems

Cuarto capítulo de la serie de videos en directo 'Dearland On Location' realizado por Rafael Marrero para The Good Company, y que muestra al grupo interpretando los temas más emblemáticos de su 2º album 'Dearland'. El 4º capítulo lleva a The Good Company a las entrañas de un barco abandonado en el Muelle de La Luz de Las Palmas. A pesar del estado ruinoso de la embarcación de origen guineano, sus antiguos tripulantes siguen viviendo allí. La serie completa ya se puede seguir en ****************** Fourth chapter of the 6-video-series 'Dearland On Location' by The Good Company, performing live the most iconic tracks of their 2nd album 'Dearland'. Oftenly, the locations themselves take the leading role of this particular tour de force of the spanish band. Follow us on



abstr^ct:groove announces this black cinematic pearl for Yamaha. "The Dark Side of Japan" is a film conceived with the DLVBBDO team, featuring the new revolutionary concept sport bike Yamaha MT-09. We imagined the city of Tokyo as a dark lady, who transforms her face at dusk, showing her most cryptic and ambiguous side. Enjoy the Dark Side of riding! credits: Client: YAMAHA Europe Agency: DLV BBDO Milano Executive Creative Directors: Federico Pepe/Stefania Siani Art Director: Nicola Cellemme Producer: Marijana Vukomanovic Account Director: Chiara Niccolai Account Supervisor: Domenico Grandi Account Executive: Fabio Bottiroli Production Company: abstr^ct:groove Director: Luigi Pane Photographer: Diego Indraccolo Director of Photography: Luca Fantini Executive Producer: Giada Risso Producer: Alessandro Salerno 1st Assistant Director: Alice Gatti Editing: Luigi Pane Color Grading: Diego La Rosa Motion Design: Valentina Vicini, Luca Siano Music: Rise of the Kaiju (Franky B aka Crypric Monkey) Costume Design: Up To You, Franck Josseaume Production Services Tokyo: Green Tea Production Services Barcelona: Ant-Productions Filmed on location in Tokyo and Barcelona

16. "La Nouvelle Edition" Open titles.

Open Titles for Canal+ France magazine, "La Nouvelle Edition" Client: Flab Prod Producer/Creative Development: Laurent Armillei Production Company: The Ant Company Director: David Salaices Executive Producer: Juanma Arance Production Manager: Angela Arevalo Production Assistant: Pilar Gil Director of Photography: Valentin Alvarez Camera 2unity: Alex Santiago Music Adaptation& Hands: Latrama Art Director: Hector Marín Atrezzo: Pachi González Scenography: Noé Vazquez (4D escenografía) Studio & Lights: Iluminacion Medina Camara rent: Ill Camaras Post-production: El Colmo de las Imagenes Edit: David Salaices / Jose Carlos Guerra Compositing: Abraham Torna Watch the making off here:

17. Zedd ft. Troye Sivan - Papercut (Grey remix)

  • Published: 2016-02-03T12:27:22+00:00
  • Duration: 227
  • By Golden Wolf
Zedd ft. Troye Sivan - Papercut (Grey remix)

When the guys at Interscope and Blood Company approached us about doing a music video for Zedd’s Paper Cut, we knew it would be the perfect opportunity to try out an idea we had been toying with for a while: gathering a dream team of some of our favourite artists from around the world to create one cohesive film using a variety of styles. After coming up with the storyline we put together a script, storyboard and animatic and then divided the shots between ourselves and 10 of our favourite collaborators, with the only guideline being to work in black and white with a hand drawn feel. Produced and directed by Golden Wolf Creative director: Ingi Erlingsson Art director: Ewen Stenhouse Producer: Ant Baena Storyboard / Layouts: Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert Design: Ewen Stenhouse, Pedro Vergani, Victorin Ripert, Johan Rivet, Marilou Mao, Arthus Pilorget Animation: Maxime Delalande, Pedro Vergani, Tim Whiting, Mattias breitholtz, Marilou Mao, Sabine Pedersen, David Bell, Pierre Rutz, Xavier Sailliol Collaborators: - Manson / - Tom Bunker / - Henrique Barone / - Simon Leclerc / - Robert Valley / - Alex Grigg / - Vida Vega / - Shishi Yamazaki / - Camilo Huinca / - Benjy Brooke /

18. Paypal "Voices"

  • Published: 2014-09-23T03:23:22+00:00
  • Duration: 30
  • By Eskimo

We are the people... Production: Eskimo Producer: David Martinez, Colin McCarthy Director: Kevin Castanheira Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi AD: Brooks Malberg Editorial: Eskimo Animator: Scott Hanson Assistant Animator: Scott Crozier, Benji Newell VFX Supervisor: Musa Brooker Typography Animation: Giant Ant Color Producer: Matt Moran, Company 3 Colorist: Siggy Ferstl, Company 3 Music: M83 - Raconte-Moi Une Histoire Audio Post: Fall on Your Sword, NY Agency: Mistress Creative Agency Producer: David Horowitz Agency Creative: Damien Eley, Rory Forrest, Ben Beale

19. The Casters - GEORGE

  • Published: 2011-01-08T23:34:40+00:00
  • Duration: 195
  • By David Salaices
The Casters - GEORGE

Subterfuge Records ::::::::::::::::::: Producido por “The Ant Company Productores ejecutivos: Pedro Alfonso /// Christian Guerrero (Hei Ho Group) Director: David Salaices Director de Fotografía: Ivan Sanchez Ayte Dirección: Beatriz Abad Cámara 2 unidad: Alex Santiago Postproducción: Franja

20. Emily Carr University - A Community of Design

Emily Carr University - A Community of Design

A short documentary exploring the design program at Emily Carr and the different types of design taught. Four stories demonstrate how Emily Carr’s students and researchers respond through design to the changing needs of our community and the world around us. Produced by Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Created by Giant Ant, an alumni based company.