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4. 15 15. Older Fruity Loops rave

15 15. Older Fruity Loops rave

These songs were created sometime between the year 2002 and 2005 (age 15 - 18). Still near the beginning of my musical journey I did not know much about theory, production, songwriting, mixing, or mastering. At that time, I was starting to get a grasp on what sounded bad, and what sounded alright. This music was created using Fruity Loops (Version 3.0 and potentially some tracks are from version 4.0, if I recall correctly). All notes were put in via mouse clicks - I did not have a piano keyboard at that time, nor did I know how to play one. I am posting this music only as a record of what has transpired. Some of the songs may still be enjoyable, but I believe they are most enjoyable when put in the context of, "I've gotten better, really I have!"

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6. The Rave Archive

The Rave Archive

Classic & Retro, Acid, Rave and Techno

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