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1. Hundred Days Lyrics

Hundred Days Lyrics

It’s the end we’ve lost it all* There’s no chance for us to break these walls On this battleground we fall Plancenoit lost our foes are standing tall We will never get out of this w

2. Weddings & Funerals Lyrics

Weddings & Funerals Lyrics

Gonna buy me a new… gonna buy me a new black suit It’s one of a kind It’s a find for $9.99 Gonna cut it up and sew it up until it fits just fine Now you know I got a skinny tie and

3. Maybe I Will (Maybe I Won't) Lyrics

Maybe I Will (Maybe I Won't) Lyrics

[Chorus:] Maybe I will, maybe I won’t* Maybe I do, maybe I don’t One of these days I’m gonna make up my mind And give it everything I’ve got …Or maybe not I’ve

4. Bring On The Rain Lyrics

Bring On The Rain Lyrics

Blank stares lead to blank pages But nobody reads that much these days I’m fed up with lying And I can’t go a day without living for a name We all need a little help to get on our feet ag

5. You Are Loved Lyrics

You Are Loved Lyrics

And as the story unfolds over time, things we once knew they do dissolve into the sky. She swears she sees a brand new constellation every time somebody we know dies, it is no consolation prize but we

6. Tell Me A Story Lyrics

Tell Me A Story Lyrics

Everything screams your five-letter name. Every sound and every single place. All this reminds to you and all I dois writing another song. Because I know so wellyou don’t want to listen my words

7. Hush Lyrics

Hush Lyrics

I'm a writer Of a language that's both beautiful and tragic Translating on the page Every letter's an admission Sentence bringing to fruition Things I just can't speak Would this

8. Schitzo Lyrics

Schitzo Lyrics

ONE! TWO! We’re coming for you* THREE! FOUR! Lock your door. FIVE! SIX! Suck on my dick. BROKENCYDE WILL NEVER DIE! (2x) Now I can feel the needle break, deep inside of my veins. They try to te

9. Hang On Lyrics

Hang On Lyrics

[** feat. The Astronomical Kid, Peter Hartmann:] When I was 5 years old, I realized there was a road* At the end I would win lots of pots of gold I turned 6, learned quick, but I lost control Around

10. Nothin' But Us Lyrics

Nothin' But Us Lyrics

I love these days when we stay all locked up in love Finally find a little time to waste We talk and laugh while hours pass we can’t get close enough Making memories nothing can erase Nothing b

11. 7 And 7 Lyrics

7 And 7 Lyrics

Back when you, when you were my darling* I didn’t mind to lose a little sleep I didn’t mind to do a little walkin Reputation never meant that much to me How do I find that old famili

12. Go Lyrics

Go Lyrics

Days go by There still no time When, These dream don't die… But you can’t live without this now…GO Chorus When everything is hell Oh, you fall into a better place, better pla

13. Time Is The Fire Lyrics

Time Is The Fire Lyrics

Skies above the endless seas Engulf horizons till they disappear At a sign a ship shaking its masts Passes by like a fortress floating on wastelands Flocks of cranes sail to the skies Where never end

14. Watership Down Lyrics

Watership Down Lyrics

“…To fallen comrades, all i have to offer is this word of insignificance, y’all really been missed some soldiers never enlist, but find themselves engaged in conflict where it&rsquo

15. Memory Lyrics

Memory Lyrics

I don’t think I’m ready And I don’t think this is right, My heart has grown heavy And I can’t sleep at night... Since you left me all alone And on my own… And Memory Oh,

16. This Pain Lyrics

This Pain Lyrics

Pushing for the limit of sanity Pushing for the surface … so I can breathe Dark is the night for us all, but some days I feel the light crawling down these jagged walls Blessed sunlight Some o

17. Leavin' Lyrics

Leavin' Lyrics

Songwriters: Barcliff, Melvin Lee; Clayton, Timothy; Denver, John; Mosley, Timothy Z. (feat. Magoo, Attitude) Oh, Uh, Uh, Let's go, Uh, Uh [Verse: Timbaland] Hey yall, it's Timbaland with

18. Tredecim Lyrics

Tredecim Lyrics

I am the harvest moon My autumn spry As summers rapture comes to close A glow of orange at night These leaves they lay upon me still A seasons resting place Careless and free I am the winter’s s

19. Sing Lyrics

Sing Lyrics

Song in my mind keeps me right it seems I, I’ve worn through the soles of my, The soles of my boots take a beating, a beating I’ve known. I’ve know days into weeks into years I&rsqu

20. Uummm!!! Lyrics

Uummm!!! Lyrics

[Talking - Joe Grind] Yo, Hollowman... These brehs are talking like... this album here is a myth or something. {Laughs} They heard Hollow Meets Blade... they got excited on that, you get me? They hear