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1. TMHS 195: 7 Small Changes To Help You Burn More Fat This Year

TMHS 195: 7 Small Changes To Help You Burn More Fat This Year


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2. "We Got Fangs This Year" (feat. Alex Ludovico & Curly Castro) [Small Professor Remix]

Three years under the curtain. Dust on the trench coat. Stomach empty. Diner windows daring you to come in and eat. After hours spots whispered in a bottle, hummed under dimly lit corners where the tables are empty. In Philadelphia, where there are no limits, no rules. Anything can go on. This is the world of Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers. This is Noir Hop. This is 'Weak Stomach' EP. The first release since 2010's 'Broken Clocks' EP, 'Weak Stomach' EP is a collection of shabby pulp scribbles from Zilla Rocca and his taillight chasers The Shadowboxers. For this assignment, his Wrecking Crew gin buddy Curly Castro (Man Bites Dog Records) and Chi-Town drum roller Alex Ludovico joined in-house card shark Blurry Drones for the knockout drops. Small Professor (Coalmine Records) and Has-Lo (Mello Music Group) took time away from fitting cement shoes to lend beats that hit your head like cheap wine. Compiling legitimate liquor from previous Shadowboxers juke joints and Alex Ludovico's 'Winning/Losing' plus new cuts like a Beatles cover ("Maxwell's Silver Hammer), a posse cut in honor of Walter White ("We Got Fangs This Year"), an ode to NYC blade runners ("Blood on Blood Converse), and crippled romance molded around a stark Elliot Smith lineage ("Stay Clean Remix"), 'Weak Stomach' EP is a real sharp shooter, a precursor for the forthcoming LP 'No Vacation For Murder' (which features Roc Marciano, The Kid Daytona, Geechie Suede, Open Mike Eagle, and more). Welcome back to Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers' brand of gunshot jazz. And don't speak to the weak of heart. Don't eat on a weak stomach -- play your part Free Download:

nothing at of , which is