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1. The Sun Over The Storm

The Sun Over The Storm

Special edition for Neverland festival. Live at Goatika studio with: Kliment Dichev, Elvis Lobo, Jovis, Pavel Goatika. composed and arranged by Kliment Dichev&Pavel Goatika Now available in Wav format!

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2. Goatika chill [email protected] 2017

Goatika chill set@Samsara 2017

Dear friends, this mix contains downtempo tracks, created over the past 10 years by Goatika Creative Lab team, including brand new and unreleased compositions, remixes and newest collaborations. Hope you like it! One Love

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3. Black Dog (Tribute to Led Zeppelin)

Black Dog (Tribute to Led Zeppelin)

Black Dog (Tribute to Led Zeppelin) It is a tribute to the beloved band which we grew up with! You are welcome to listen and download for free! Credits Arranged by Kliment Dichev and Pavel Goatika Pre-mixed by Pavel Goatika Final mix and mastering by Barthelemy Bayona Cover design by Sam Beppu Recorded with Kliment Dichev – synth, keyboards Elvis Lobo – guitar Jovis – didgeridoo Pavel Goatika – rhythm section Many thanks to the whole Goan trance community for the participation and help! One Love

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4. Time


GOATIKA. TIME Composed, played and arranged by Kliment Dichev, Pavel Goatika; Mixed by Pavel Goatika; Final Mix and Mastering: Cassian Irvine, Wired Masters, London; Cover design by Sam Beppu. MAKE MUSIC, NOT WAR!

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5. White Elephant

White Elephant

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7. Moby Dick Remix

Moby Dick Remix

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9. Elefunk - Remember Goa

Elefunk - Remember Goa

Elefunk - "Remember Goa". Participants: Max Sozonov - keyboards, sound design, rhythm section, arrangement, mix, mastering; Gennady Ulianov - guitars & bass, vocal & zuleika, whale sounds; Pavel 'Goatika' Mikhaylyuk - idea of the CD, voices, arrangement; Jovis - didgeridoo on: Moby Dick, Flea Market, Cloud 9; Irina Lukmanova - vargan on Mody Dick. All tracks composed by: Max Sozonov, Gennady Ulianov, Pavel 'Goatika' Mikhaylyuk.

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AIR GOATIKA - Tick Tack. OUT NOW! Composed by Pascale Caristo, Pavel Goatika Victor Netesov – trumpet Pascale Caristo – keyboards, vocals Pavel Goatika – rhythm section, synth, bass guitar, hang drum, guitar, fx, voice Arranged & mixed by Pavel Goatika. Additional production, sound design and mastering by Boris Nazarov. Сover design by Pascale Caristo. Released by Citadel Records and Goatika Creative Lab.

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Get ready for our new release - GOATIKA EP WHITE ELEPHANT! GOATIKA EP WHITE ELEPHANT 1. WHITE ELEPHANT (142 bpm) 2. SHIVARATHRA. BROKEN FINGER (145 bpm) BONUS TRACK: 3. MOBY DICK REMIX (100 bpm) THE CREDITS: Elvis Lobo - guitar Jovis - didjeridoo, jews harp Kliment Dichev - keyboards, synth Pavel ‘Goatika’ Mikhaylyuk - rhythm section, jews harp, FX's Composed by Kliment Dichev, Pavel ‘Goatika’ Mikhaylyuk Initial arrangement: Kliment Dichev, Pavel ‘Goatika’ Mikhaylyuk Final arrangement: Pavel ‘Goatika’ Mikhaylyuk BONUS: Initial track by Elefunk. Remixed by Pavel ‘Goatika’ Mikhaylyuk All the tracks mixed & mastered by Alex Parasense Cover designed by Sam Beppu BUY THE EP 0N: - ITunes Store - - - THE LINKS FOR FREE STREAMING: - - - Follow Goatika: Facebook: YouTube: Soundcloud: Myspace: Reverbnation: Tweeter: Website:

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18. Chill Out

Chill Out

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19. Musical Fish

Musical Fish

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