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21. TMNT 2016

  • Duration: 2370
  • Channel: tv
TMNT 2016

Mikey helps himself to a display of junk food - but after stuffing his mouth full, the ninja discovers that the candy is ually plastic recreations. Cody Jones discovers a Justice Force comic book with the Turtle Titan on the cover, and Mikey points out that he was telling the truth (well, at least some of it was the truth). Leonardo begins to skateboard on a giant ramp just as Triple Threat (freshly escaped from jail) smashes his way into the museum. The three-headed villain destroys a display case and steals the Justice Force comic book. The TMNT prepare to fight when Triple Threat decides to steal the entire museum. The villain makes his way to the cockpit, tosses the pilot aside and takes off. Unfortunately the three heads have different ideas on where to go and the traveling museum crashes into a building!\rTriple Threat separates the cockpit-section of the gallery and flies off, leaving the rest of the ship teetering on the edge of a skyscraper. The Turtles spot a woman whos about to fall off of the museum and Mikey rushes to save her - but she loses her grip and drops! Thankfully, a high tech super-hero calling himself the Turtle Titan flies in and saves her. Mike is upset that the hero has stolen his alter ego. Suddenly, the museum falls from its precarious perch and plummets towards the ground!\r\rAs the museum is about to hit the pavement, the modern Turtle Titan zooms into ion and ivates the ships anti-gravity field, allowing it to touch down safely on the street. The hero accepts accolades from the crowd and then flies away while Mikey grows more angry.\r\rCut to the penthouse where Mike is infuriated by the news video of the event. The usually unflappable Turtle begins to punch and kick the holo display in frustration. The new Turtle Titan is extremely popular and Mike feels that he has stolen the thunder from the true Turtle Titan (himself). With that, Mikey decides that hell show the world who the real hero is.\r\rOpen as Triple Threat contemplates his next move. Reading the stolen Justice Force comic he realizes that he can become a super-villain and rob banks, thereby causing lots of destruction and getting rich at the same time.\r\rCut to the peacekeeper headquarters roof. Mikey uses a police-owned summoning beacon to call his imitator into the open. The future Titan soon arrives and Mike confronts him, demanding that he admits to being an imposter and to give up the costume. The modern-era Turtle Titan is flummoxed by Mikey and tries to calm him down, but the Turtles emotions get the better of him and he attacks his heroic doppleganger.\r\rAs the two wrestle, Constable Biggles arrives and breaks up the fight. Mikey accidentally knocks the robotic police captain off the roof. Both heroes leap into ion to save Biggles. The future Turtle Titan manages to catch Biggles first. Undaunted, Michelangelo jumps onto the super-heros back! The Turtle then grabs Biggles and uses his grappling hook to carry both of them to safety.\r\r\rThe Turtle Titans square off against Triple Threat but their efforts arent going well. Mike realizes that the bank is in the middle of Rockefeller Center, right near a zero-gravity skating rink. With that, Mikey grabs his ally and runs to the rink with Triple Threat in hot pursuit. Once inside the zero-grav skating rink, Mike uses his grappling device to hit a switch that ivates the anti-gravity generator, causing both Titans and Triple Threat to become weightless. The current Titan is bewildered by this tic, but Mikey explains that it will even the playing field. Mike then gives Triple Threat a mighty kick that sends him flying. A crowd forms around the rink and begins to cheer. As Mikey apes to the fans, Triple Threat sneaks up behind him and clobbers the costumed hero.\r\rThe villain is now in the center of the rink, beneath a large floating sculpture. The human Turtle Titan gets his own idea and uses his grappling device to break the anti-grav generator. The three combatants fall to the ground and the huge sculpture smashes into Triple Threat, knocking the brute cold. The dynamic duo are victorious and the crowd erupts with cheers of adulation. Mikey grabs his reluctant partners arm and holds it up in victory.\r\rLater, both Titans land on a building ledge. The current Turtle Titan explains that he is ually Silver Sentrys grandson. As he wasnt born with any of the Sentrys powers, he decided to use Mikey as an inspiration and became the new Turtle Titan - a super-hero without any super powers. The man then hands the ninja his mask, stating that theres only room for one Turtle Titan. Mikey has a sudden change of heart and gives his new friend the mask back, stating that hes had enough super-heroing to last him another century. With t

23. TMNT 2016

  • Duration: 2370
  • Channel: tv
TMNT 2016

Open in a dark room where a shadowy figure stands watching dozens of video monitors. As the man scans various ivities, he comes across an unusual energy fluctuation. Tracking the signal, the monitors zoom into the ONeil Tech building, revealing the Turtles. We see the mans face as he res in surprise - its none other than Agent Bishop!\r\rOpen in the penthouse as the Turtles decide to go downtown to get Mikey some good old-fashioned junk food. Cody cant join his friends because he has go to the quarterly board review meeting with his Uncle Darius.\r\rThe Turtles head out and arrive in ‘Old Manhattan where they begin their search for food. Nearby is a hot dog stand, but its offerings are nothing like the wieners of the past. Nonplussed by the alien ingredients, Mikey orders a dozen and the Turtles wander off to investigate the city. In short order the ninja teens are surrounded by a group of gun-toting robo-soldiers who trap them in an alley. The Turtles draw their weapons and prepare for a brawl just as a mysterious figure emerges from behind the robots. its Agent Bishop!\r\rImagesCAU3IUWY\rThe Pan Galic Alliance\rRaphael charges Bishop and leaps right through him, revealing that hes ually a hologram. The man then explains that much has changed in the past 100 years and he has traded in his old ways of espionage and covert battle tics for old-fashioned politics. Surprisingly, Bishop is now the president of the Pan-Galic Alliance, and his job is to oversee the fair representation and peace-keeping of all races, human and alien, on planet Earth. As such, Bishop cannot be seen taking sides because he must be perceived to be a totally neutral officer - thus he asks the TMNT if they want to work for him - the president wants the Turtles to be his secret operatives and he has an immediate mission! An intergalic mercenary named Torbin Zixx is arriving on Earth shortly. Bishop asks the Turtles to apprehend Torbin and put a stop to whatever nefarious mission hes working on. The Turtles reluctantly decide to help Bishop and capture Zixx. Our heroes go back to Codys penthouse to gather info on their quarry and are surprised to learn that Bishop was telling the truth. Jones explains how popular Bishop is and hes equally shocked that the Turtles know the man personally. Donatello digs up some video on Torbin Zixx, but he wears a cape and cowl and thus will be difficult to locate. Nevertheless, the TMNT head out to find their man.\rCut to Mikey and Cody as they notice that the shadows in the back of the theater are now rippling towards them. Mikey tells Jones to escape out that back while he draws the shadows off. With Cody gone, Mikey escapes up the balcony with ShOkanabo right behind him. Michelangelo finds his brothers encrusted to the wall of the stairwell and quickly frees them. But the looming shadows have now caught up and morph into ShOkanabos true form. The TMNT prepare for a battle!\r\rOpen as Raphael comes crashing through a wall of the theater and lands in the aisles. ShOkanabo smashes through the doors with a struggling Leonardo in hand as Mike and Don give chase. The battle rages on and its not going well for our heroes. Cody peeks in to witness the destruction and decides to ivate Turtle X to help his friends.\r\rAt the penthouse, Turtle X springs to life, much to Serlings surprise. Turtle X breaks the chains that were holding it and flies off - unfortunately the links accidentally wrap around Serlings leg and the unhappy servant bot is pulled into the air, being towed by Turtle X. Turtle X blows by Biggles and his team of peacekeepers who follow in hot pursuit.\r\rCut to the theater where the Turtles are just about down and out. At the last moment, Turtle X smashes through the roof and Cody quickly jumps into the armor and mans the controls. With that, the four Turtles and Turtle X begin battling the powerful ShOkanabo - but even with the extra help from Cody, the ninja teens cant stop their powerful enemy.\r\rLuckily, sirens sound in the background and Biggles and his crew begin to arrive. ShOkanabo decides its too early to get involved with the law and flees. The TMNT decide to evade the law as well and disappear into the shadows. Biggles and his men enter the destroyed theater. The Constable finds Cody Jones and states that the boy has a lot of explaining to do.\r\rLater that day at the penthouse, Cody explains that once he offered to pay for all the damage, Biggles dropped the charges. The TMNT wonder why ShOkanabo was asking about the “Day of Awakening” during the battle - and what it might mean. Mikey states that anything that begins with the day of cant be good news.\r\rAt ShOkanabos lair we discover that the villain has add

24. TMNT 2016 ✅

  • Duration: 2392
  • Channel: tv
TMNT 2016 ✅

Open in the Turtles lair where we see Don and Leatherhead hooking up some electronic equipment. Michelangelo enters the room and slaps an antenna set on Leatherheads scalp, asking the mutant gator to move around until a clear TV picture is tuned in. Donatello tells his brother to be patient, as the communications and entertainment system will be ready in a few minutes, but the impatient Mikey wants to watch TV right now. Mike manages to anger Leatherhead, who nearly flips out, but Don calms down his scientific friend in the nick of time. Master Splinter enters the room and tells Michelangelo that its time for them to check the damage in the sewers caused by the Triceraton invasion - a mission that will give the Sensei a chance to try to teach the irascible Turtle how to connect his mind to his body and focus his energy more effectively.\r\rOn the surface, Leo and Raph are helping Casey Jones and April ONeil board up her shop. As they finish and April turns her attentions to Casey, Raph and Leo decide to race home.\r\rMike and Splinter are investigating the sewers. The two are forced to surface when they come upon a passageway blocked by a cave-in. As the mutants emerge from a manhole and run along the streets, they are watched by two well-dressed men on a rooftop. We learn that the men are named Mr. Go and Mr. Touch. The pair knock their fists together which causes brilliant energy to crackle around them both - giving Mr. Go super speed and Mr. Touch super strength.\r\rSplinter sniffs and notes that they are being followed, so he and his son retreat into a nearby manhole. Soon after, the men who were spying on them follow. Mr. Touch is quite large and wont fit down the hole, so he rips open the pavement to enlarge the passageway.\r\rAs they transverse the sewer, Splinter and Mike are suddenly attacked by Mr. Go, who has a lead on his partner thanks to his super speed. Mr. Go is incredibly fast, and he manages to strike Master Splinter in the leg, dealing the old rat a painful injury that hinders his combat abilities. Mikey leaps in to protect his Master and Go focuses his efforts on the Turtle. Fortunately for Mikey, his plastron (the shell that covers his torso) protects him from the onslaught of punches that he receives. Mr. Gos battery of super powered energy is exhausted in his efforts to defeat Michelangelo. No longer facing a super-powered foe, Mike is able to clobber the villain. As Mikey prepares to finish of his adversary, Mr. Touch arrives and punches the Turtle, sending him flying into a wall. Splinter assists his student to his feet as Touch and Go re-energize one another. As the villains close in on our groggy heroes, Splinter leaps up and kicks a weakened pillar, causing it to collapse. The Sensei pulls his son to safety as the ceiling collapses on Touch and Go. As soon as the dust settles, Splinter notes that their enemies are already breaking free of the debris, so he and Michelangelo retreat.\rMikey, Don and Raph dive into the water to save the unconscious mutant while Leonardo grapples with the man. Marlin is no match for the ninja, and the hunter is tossed down onto the bridge where hes knocked unconscious (and his gun is broken). Leo dives into the water to assist his brothers, who cannot get free of the pull of a giant fan at the bottom of the pool. With Leonardos assistance, Don is now free to attack the fan blades - the crafty Turtle plunges \r\rAs our heroes prepare to depart, they discover that Marlin is gone. As the group begins to cross the bridge, Marlin arrives, holding his gun, which is now sparking and about to explode. The hunter explains that the explosion will kill everyone. With that, Leatherhead attacks Marlin. Both fall over the side of the bridge (along with the gun) and crash into the pool below. A massive geyser of water indicates that the weapon has, indeed, exploded with tremendous force.\r\rThe Turtles see no sign of their friend. Don observes that Leatherhead gave his life to save theirs - but then the croc pulls himself up from under the bridge to reveal that he did not fall into the pool with Marlin and the gun. Everyone is very happy and they head for the lair. As the group progresses, Leatherhead states that he cannot live with them, as his temper is too much of a threat. The Turtles protest and state that they can help Leatherhead learn to live with his condition, but the croc is insistent. Donatello gets an idea.\r\rThe Turtles take Leatherhead to an abandoned subway station. The place is elaborately decorated and Leatherhead finds it to be beautiful. Don reveals that its only three minutes from the Turtles lair, so theyll be nearby if he ever needs their assistance. Leatherhead is overcome with joy and thanks his friends. Mikey states that no thank

25. LEGO Batman v Superman Avengers Iron Man Star Wars Mega Bloks TMNT 2016 Winter Sets Toy Haul

  • Duration: 833
  • Channel: tv
LEGO Batman v Superman Avengers Iron Man Star Wars Mega Bloks TMNT 2016 Winter Sets Toy Haul

MINIFIGURE MANIA DAILY at 5:00 PM Pacific Time except Saturdays. Make sure to click SUBSCRIBE to never miss an !\rFacebook Fan Page, Please LIKE.\r\rFlickr Photo Gallery\r\r\rCHECK OUT MY PLAYLIST:\rLEGO IRON MAN SUIT OF ARMOR Sets and Minifigures\r\r\rMINIFIGURE MANIA DAILY LEGO MEGA BLOKS & MORE\r\r\rLEGO MARVEL VS DC SUPERHEROES MINIFIGURE\r\r\rIMAGINEXT Fisher-Price DC Super Friends\r\r\rTHANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!

26. teenage mutant ninja turtles legends : Open Cards 5 Stars Awesome Pack Cards TMNT 2016 Terbaru

  • Duration: 319
  • Channel: tv
teenage mutant ninja turtles legends : Open Cards 5 Stars Awesome Pack Cards TMNT 2016 Terbaru

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27. TMNT 2016

  • Duration: 2550
  • Channel: tv
TMNT 2016

The Turtles must retrieve a large cluster of Splinters data bits from SuperQuest, an MMORPG. However, theyll be at a disadvantage without cyber weapons or Cybernaut armor, which means they will have to follow the rules of the game. When they arrive, Mikey is in his charer, Mikey the Bold, a knight; Don is a wizard; Leo is a changeling; and Raph is court jester. They later discover that Splinters bits are in a treasure chest and the only keys are spread in separate locations. The first location, a castle, they are attacked by an ice monster and they and the Elfinator (a player Mikey has a rivalry with), are on the other side of a lake. While the Elfinator goes across on wings, the Turtles take a boat with a NPC (non-playable charer) rower. According to the guiding Admin Wizard, they have to grant a token of affection, which Raph presumes to be a kiss and is turned into a frog; Mikey uses an item called Affection Token and they are granted entrance. In the battle inside, the Elfinator grabs the first key. Mikey brings his brothers to a weapons shop, where they can get upgrades; Leo and Raph settle for digital versions of their weapons. In the next stage, they have to face the three-headed dragon Mikey didnt beat before. But Don determines it is a boss and has an obvious weak point -- its chest whenever its stomach is emptied of fire. They then get the second key. Just as Leo and the Elfinator open the chest, the NPC turns up, revealing himself to be the Ultimate Gamer (whom Mikey says is the most feared person in the game), able to disguise himself as an NPC because of the level hes at. Unfortunately, the Advent Wizard has nothing to say as his player is sleeping in the real world. The Elfinator says that only a level 50 White Lion can defeat the Ultimate Gamer and Leo can change into that. While Raph distrs the Ultimate Gamer with terrible singing, the others combine their powers to turn Leo into a White Lion, who destroys the Ultimate Gamer (whose player is a geeky Asian girl). The Elfinator then decides to let Leo take what he wants, which is the data bits. Mikey admits that the Elfinator is not a bad guy, but unbeknownst to them, the Elfinator is ually Hun. When one of his lackey walks in on him, he logs out and admits to his lackey that hes been a hardcore gamer for years and threatens to rip his tongue out if he told anyone. Back in the game, the Turtles return home.\r\rQuotes\rHun: Thats right, Im a hardcore gamer, have been for years. Tell anyone and Ill rip your tongue out!\r\r(After the turtles enter SuperQuest)\r\rRaphael: Luck? What do you call this?!\r\rMichelangelo: A COURT JESTER! (Falls to the ground laghing)\r\rHun: HEY! You ever-\r\rElfinator: Heard of knocking?!\r\rThe Turtles managed to locate some more of Master Splinters data bits. April suddenly appears on Donatellos viewscreen, warning them that the equipment allowing them to be in cyber-space is overheating. Behind her we see plumes of smoke billowing in the room. She urges them to return, and opens a cyber-portal. They managed to get out just as the portal explodes. Don stays behind to repair the portal, while the others and Casey go out. During this, when Michelangelo tries to jump to another building, it suddenly moves to then make Raphael rescue him from falling by a fire hose. Suddenly, while scaring off a group of Purple Dragons, their foes disappear and Casey is killed. April picks them up but drives right into a wall, which she cant see. Suddenly, her voice slightly changes to Caseys. After the truck crashes, they try to rescue April, she is caught in an explosion. Suddenly, Leo starts to not the inconsistencies in the recent events and realize that they are in cyber-space. They then managed to manifest their Cybernaut armor. They come to the unfortunate reality -- the Shredder is tricking them into creating a cyber-portal. Just then, the Shredder, disguised as a cat, appears and they fight. But as they continued fighting, they realize that they need to warn Don and race off. However, the Shredder alters the layout of the false New York. Ignoring the effects and remembering that logic is not linear here, they break the illusion, just before Don is finished. They then go back to real reality. But unknown to them, a cyber cockroach snagged a piece of cyber energy, enabling the Shredder to complete his portal and emerge in the real world.

28. TMNT 2016

  • Duration: 2369
  • Channel: tv
TMNT 2016

Open as Cody Jones wakes up in the morning, thinking he had dreamed yesterdays events. The boy rushes off to find his robotic servant Serling, but instead discovers that it wasnt a dream after all - the Turtles and Master Splinter are already up and training, or, in ninja terms, wrecking, in the middle of Codys luxurious sitting room (much to Serlings dismay). The addled robot is trying to stop them in order to keep the apartment from being destroyed by the ion. Serling is chasing the Turtles all over the room, but hes having little success in stopping the destructive training session. When Cody arrives the big bot asks his master to give him the word to throw the ruffians out, but instead, young Jones exclaims Do it again! Needless to say, Serlings circuits are exasperated.\r\rLater, the Turtles and Splinter are standing beside Codys time machine. Young Jones flips on the complex apparatus and punches in commands, but the time machine sparks, explodes and emits billows of dark smoke. The TMNT are still stuck in the future for now.\r\rJust then, Codys uncle, Darius Dun, walks in. Dun runs ONeil Tech until Cody is old enough to legally take over. Jones tries to introduce the Turtles, but theyve gone into stealth-mode and have disappeared. Darius then gives Cody a lecture on how he must be careful and stay in his apartment because nefarious forces would love to get their hands on the heir to the ONeil Tech fortune. After Dun leaves, the Turtles and Cody decide to sneak to ONeil Tech to get parts for the time machine (because Darius said that he will be out of his office for the day).\r\rThe guys board the Hovershell and fly off to collect parts for the machine. Little do they know Darius is ually spying on them via Serling. Dun is outraged that the Turtles are intruding on Codys life and he ivates four large green capsules in a secret room. Bird-like armored warriors smash through the containers and greet Darius, asking him what their mission is. Dun orders his minions, the Inuwashi Gunjin, to get rid of the interfering Turtles.\r\rAs the Hovershell continues its journey to the ONeil Tech headquarters, one of the flying warriors attaches a device to the vehicle. A few seconds later, it powers on and causes the Hovershell to begin a free fall!\r\rAs the Hovershell falls, it suddenly takes control of itself, being steered by an outside source. Cody quickly ivates a feature he installed in the vehicle, which separates the front section of the Hover Shell from the rear. Unfortunately the front section isnt meant to fly - so it plummets to the earth. Fortunately no harm is done and the sturdy craft lands safely as a tank.\rSerling tells the Turtles how to track Cody.\rLater, the shadowy winged creatures report to Darius that the TMNT got away. An enraged Dun threatens to put the Grunions back into the stasis capsules if they dont complete their mission soon. The flying fighters decide to betray Darius.\rElsewhere, Donatello puts his plan into ion, and for five blocks around the building, power systematically shuts down. With Viral isolated in Codys penthouse, Don quickly shuts down power in the building. Inside the Turtle Dojo, the holographic enemy crackles with energy, floats into the air, and then disappears!\r\rThe dojo doors finally open. Cody and Don come inside to explain what they did, but just as it seems to be over, Viral tears through a wall and enters the room! The villain has taken over the Dojo Battle Bots body and is angrier than ever!\r\rAs Viral attacks, the Turtles gang up on her - pleased that she is now in a physical body that can take real damage. With nowhere else to upload to, Viral cannot escape the ninja onslaught. A very damaged Viral makes a run for the elevator, but the Turtles catch her and kick her down the deep elevator shaft.\r\rLater, the Turtles and Jones arrive in the trashed penthouse apartment. Serling is back to his old self and worried about cleaning up the mess. Raph reports that Viral survived the fall and has escaped. We also discover that Splinter has regained his strength. The Sensei points out to Cody how Donatello displayed the importance of mind while his brothers proved the value of body in their battle. Jones states the he understands the importance of his first lesson and he and the others begin to meditate. Raph wanders off to read in peace but is dismayed when he sits in a robotic chair that begins speaking to him.\r\rCut to a utilities access tunnel where the damaged Viral is kneeling. A shadowy figure enters and Viral begs for repair. Virals master is ShOkanabo, the mastermind behind the plot to take over ONeil Tech and retrieve its secrets. The evil overlord tells his underling that she will stay in this body as p

29. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Full Episodes - TMNT Cartoon 2016 - noSleep Pro,Cartoons tv movies hd 2017

  • Duration: 3043
  • Channel: fun
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Full Episodes - TMNT Cartoon 2016  - noSleep Pro,Cartoons tv movies hd 2017

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Full Episodes - TMNT Cartoon 2016 - noSleep Pro,Cartoons tv movies hd 2017

30. 2016 Easter Surprise Eggs for Boys Minions - TMNT - Marvel Comics Super Heroes - Cars

  • Duration: 342
  • Channel: tv
2016 Easter Surprise Eggs for Boys Minions - TMNT - Marvel Comics Super Heroes - Cars

Happy Easter bbb Plastic Egg with Toy + Sticker & Candy European Collection 2016 Disney / Pixar Cars Movie, Marvel Animated Spider-Sense Spider-Man, Universal / Illumination Minions Movie and Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Series - Huevos Sorpresa \r\rnew Jurassic World Movie Panini Starter Set Booster Pack TCG Limited Edition Cards: \rMarvel Avengers Assemble & Ultimate Spider-Man Super Heroes Action Figure Full Set: \rMLP Little Pony Fashems & Marvel Universe Superheroes Mashems Egg Review: \rTransformers Robots in Disguise McDonalds Happy Meal Complete Set Toy: \rStar Wars Movie Chupa Chups Surprise Balls + Toys to Play and Collect: \rDespicable Me Surprise Easter Cube in Europe: \r\rFilm: \rEducational Video for Kids 2016 by P.S.W.C. \rMusic: \rSong Music Sound Two Ware Created by Me and Are My Property (p)(c) new by Polsih Star Wars Collector ( P.S.W.C. ) \r

31. TMNT VISION QUEST in BEBOP (Movie) PVP. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

  • Duration: 465
  • Channel: tv
TMNT VISION QUEST in BEBOP (Movie) PVP. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

Gameplay TMNt Legends with ALL NEW Ninja Turtles (Vision Quest) in PVP Bebop (Movie) Tournament Master Rank TOP 1%. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends Update.\rSubscribe Please LIKE and SHARE to help my channel #angryfungames, THANK YOU!\r\rTMNT Vision Quest team fight in BEBOP (Movie) Tournament. Review abilities from:\rGold Michelangelo (Vision Quest)\rGold Leonardo (Vision Quest)\rGold Donatello (Vision Quest)\rGold Raphael (Vision Quest)\r\rAbout game Update:\rNew Charers TMNT Out Of The Shadows (Movie) : Bebop, Rocksteady, Casey Jones Charers DNA in PVP tournament and Movie Battle Event wheel\r\rVision Quest (see Dynamic Challenges for details): Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael - Turtles DNA in PVP tournament and Chimera Challenge. Splinter - DNA in Splinters Dojo\r\rMovie Event Update:\rCompleting stage 5 of the Movie Battle Event will now allow you to spin a wheel for charer DNAs - Bebop, Rocksteady and Casey Jones (allcharers) will be available on wheel!\rIn addition, now you will be able to force refresh with greenbacks.\r\rWeekend Challenges\rCompete in these 72 hour events for special prizes:\rSplinters Dojo\rUse only the Turtles and Metalhead, try to defeat Master Splinter to collect his DNA!\rFear the Foot Clan\rUsing only charers belonging to the Foot Clan, take on the Turtles, Master Splinter, and Metalhead in epic showdown of good vs. evil.\r\rDaily Challenges\rCompete in 24 hour events for special prizes:\rVision Quest Challenges\rBattle in this event to gain VQ Turtles DNA!\rBoosted Challenges\rUse specific 5-star charers with MAXED out abilities to earn rewards!\r\rQuick Challenges\rCompete in these short events for special prizes:\rVision Quest: Chimera\rTake on the dreaded Chimera for a chance to win a Vision Quest DNA pack!\rFeel The Krang!\rTake on Krang () for a chance to win a Shadows DNA pack!\rResource Challenges\rBattle super-powered Mutagen Man and Pizza Face in these quick events and collect as much of the ooze and pizza as you can carry!\rPizza Party\rMutagen Madness\r\rItem Shop:\rPurchase specific Charer DNA, Mutagen and gear with greenbacks. Keep and eye out for Premium Days when youll find premium valued goods!\r\rTags for searching other video from that theme:\r#TMNTLegends\r\rThank you for watching.\rBest regards! \rYour #angryfungames youtube channel

32. Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП TMNT Legends PVP #88 (IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)

  • Duration: 629
  • Channel: tv
Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП TMNT Legends PVP #88 (IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)

Понравилось видео? Нажми - \rПодписывайтесь на группу ВК - \r\rОгромное спасибо подписчику за помощь с паками. Пишите, что от DiToL обещал бонус - \r\rСамая лучшая игра Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП (PVP)\r(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends UPDATE IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)\rAll NEW Charers Open\rВсе ЧЕРЕПАШКИ ВИДЕНИЕ\rSplinter\r#TMNT

33. MEGA OPEN TMNT Legends Packs (Part 3). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

  • Duration: 908
  • Channel: tv
MEGA OPEN TMNT Legends Packs (Part 3). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

TMNT (LARP) & Open TECH Pack, TECH DNA Pack, MIGHT Pack, MIGHT DNA Pack, SHADOWS Pack, RESOURCE Pack and play Tech Class Challenge in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends Update gameplay 2016.\rNEXT➤ PLAYLIST➤

34. TMNT LARP, Shedder, Splinter VS SWIFT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

  • Duration: 1073
  • Channel: tv
TMNT LARP, Shedder, Splinter VS SWIFT. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Legends gameplay 2016

TMNT L.A.R.P. Leo, Don, Raph & Mike with Shredder and Splinter fight in SWIFT CLASS TMNT Legends Event gameplay 2016.\rNEXT➤ PLAYLIST➤

35. Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП TMNT Legends PVP #87 (IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)

  • Duration: 646
  • Channel: tv
Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП TMNT Legends PVP #87 (IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)

Понравилось видео? Нажми - \rПодписывайтесь на группу ВК - \r\rОгромное спасибо подписчику за помощь с паками. Пишите, что от DiToL обещал бонус - \r\rСамая лучшая игра Черепашки-Ниндзя: Легенды ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ Турнир ПВП (PVP)\r(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends UPDATE IOS/Android Gameplay 2016)\rAll NEW Charers Open\rВсе ЧЕРЕПАШКИ ВИДЕНИЕ\rSplinter\r#TMNT


  • Duration: 414
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Here at Happy Toy Reviews we find out what the next new Happy Meal toys will be in 2016 for McDonalds after the DreamWorks Trolls movie Happy Meal toys.\r\rHere at Happy Toy Reviews, we find out what the next new 2016 McDonalds Happy Meal toys will be after the Hello Sanrio Hello Kitty and Teenage Mutant .\r\rTHE ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL FASTFOODTOYREVIEWS! Get Your BBTS Exclusives and collectibles Here; .\r\rTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV Series / Games Leonardo - Raphael - Michelangelo - Donatello Turtle & HK Full Set of 8 Action Toy to Play and Collect at .\r\r

38. TMNT 2016 Karai FULL TIME-LAPSE (Behind the Scenes)

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TMNT 2016 Karai FULL TIME-LAPSE (Behind the Scenes)

Heres the full 40 1/2 hour time-lapse from the TMNT 2016 Stop Motion Karai Behind the Scenes! Sorry about the lower quality on this one, the time-lapse was filmed using an old IPhone 4!\rHope you enjoy! :D\r\rMusic:\r\r\r

39. TMNT 2016

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TMNT 2016

Open in Codys penthouse where Mikey is using his collection of ion figures toout stories for Cody. The fun is cut short as the Inuwashi Gunjin leader crashes through the penthouse roof in an escape pod. Stumbling out, the battered warrior asks the Turtles for help!\rOpen as the Turtles and the Gunjin leader are flying into space to find and rescue the other Gunjin. Arriving at the now abandoned Gunjin ship, the Turtles craft is caught in the same gravity field. The guys don space helmets and jump over to the immobile Gunjin craft to investigate. There our heroes are met by a hologram of an angry alien head as a giant spaceship uncloaks above them. The voice says its the great Aramzedo, and he has come for the last of the Gunjin!\r\rAs the Turtles and Gunjin leader prepare for battle they are met by a tiny but ferocious Pack-bot. Our heroes are all incased in a plastic covering by the feisty Pack-bot and taken prisoner. The immobilized Turtles and Gunjin leader are then transported onto Aramzedos huge ship.\r\rThe Turtles and Gunjin learn that the great Aramzedo is a collector of rare life forms - and his next collectible sets are going to be the Inuwashi and the TMNT! The Turtles and their Gunjin ally escape their plastic covering and defeat a Pack-bot, but they are quickly sucked up by a giant vacuum. Our heroes find themselves in a stadium where theyre attacked by a group of cuddly but mean aliens named Dokepals. After defeating the weird creatures, the Turtles and Gunjin must now face an army of Pack-bots! Knowing that they have no hope in defeating an army of robots, Raph comes up with a plan and goads Aramzedo into fighting the battle himself. Aramzedo agrees to a deal - if he wins, the Turtles and Gunjin will stop resisting - and if the Turtles win, hell set all of his collection free. The two fions agree to these terms and Aramzedo arrives - inside a gigantic Pack-bot!\r\rThe Turtles and Gunjin are no match for the giant bot, so they devise a plan. Using Aramzedos own weakness against him (his compulsiveness to collect), the TMNT trick him into ordering his army of Pack-bots to collect an ultra-rare life form - Aramzedo himself! The legions of Pack-bots swarm onto the giant robot and it collapses. An escape hatch blows open and a tiny alien attempts to flee, but hes quickly caught and sealed onto a blister card by the Pack-bots.\r\rLater, we see the Pack-bots freeing all of the prisoners. Donatello has reprogrammed them to do so, but its still going to take a long time to complete the job. The Gunjin take charge of the program and ensure the Turtles that they will make sure everyone is taken back to their homeworld. The TMNT are worried that the task is too daunting, but the Inuwashi explain that Aramzedo will help them in return for his own freedom.

40. TMNT 2016

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TMNT 2016

Leonardo: Ive traveled thousands of miles looking for an answer, only to wind up here, halfway across the world in the middle of nowhere, battling it out with four nasty creatures, more ghosts than man, but whos steel is all too real. Meanwhile, my traveling companion, some gross slob who attached himself to me like a bloated tick, doesnt do a thing to help out. He just sits there, grinning like a fool, leaving me to fight for both our lives. Ive journeyed all across the world in search for answers, and instead, all Im gonna get is my head chopped off.\rPlot Synopsis\rOpen in the Turtle Lair as Leo argues with Master Splinter while they spar. Leo grows increasingly angry and more petulant, criticizing the Sensei for failing to teach him anything new. Finally, in a fit of rage, Leo knocks his own katana out of Splinters hand and then cuts his forehead. Everyone is shocked - including Leo, who pushes past his brothers to apologize to his Master.\rLater that evening, a bandaged Splinter calls Leo into his room and tells him that he is right - the student does require a new Sensei. Leo protests and states that he doesnt want to leave, but Splinter assures him that its necessary. Leo must prepare himself for a trip to train under The Ancient One, who trained Splinters master, Hamato Yoshi.\r\rStill later that night, we see Leo sneak aboard a ship that heads out of the New York Harbor and eventually arrives in Japan.\r\rCut to the mountains of Japan where Leo continues his journey on foot through the snowy precipices. The ninja approaches a notch, where he comes across two gigantic yeti warriors that bar his way with their huge swords.\r\rThe yetis demand to know what the Turtle seeks. Leo informs that that hes come to see the Ancient One. The two guards laugh and begin to mock the young ninja. Leo grows angry and draws his katanas, growling that he hasnt come all this way to turn back now. The ninja attacks, but his efforts are futile against the giants armor. The giants start to tease Leo even more until he finally snaps and lets out a mighty howl of rage. The yeti guards easily defeat Leo and throw him into a snow-filled ditch, where the Turtle lies prone in defeat.\r\rSurprisingly, the yeti guard lifts the Turtle to his feet. The yetis tell Leo that this lesson was to teach him to never go into combat with an angry heart. With that, the pair explain how Leo will find the path to the Ancient One and send him on his way.\r\rLeo continues on, following the giants instructions, and soon discovers that the snowy peaks give way to a blistering desert landscape. Undaunted, the ninja presses on. Soon enough, he runs across a small fat man with a serious flatulence problem and asks for directions. The man agrees to show the Turtle the way to the Ancient One if Leo can pay for the service with money or some food. Fortunately Leo has some chocolate, which satiates the fellows appetite.\r\rAfter a day of walking, the unlikely pair make camp and light a fire. As they sit, four demon-ghosts come down the trail. Leo prepares for a fight, but the guide tells him that if they are quiet and leave the spirits alone, they will have no quarrel. Leo reluctantly sits down and the ghosts begin to pass by - until the squat man passes gas yet again. The demon-ghosts notice the fat man and his companion and begin to approach menacingly. Leo draws his swords and prepares for battle.\r\rLeo attacks the ghosts while the fat man rifles through his pack and eats his candy. The ninja soon realizes that although the ghosts have real swords, they themselves cannot be hurt - thus its a losing battle. As the Turtle struggles in vain, the gluttonous old man matter-of-fly tells Leo to surrender. At first the ninja refuses, stating that it is not the way of the warrior - but the ghosts disarm him and then close in to finish him off. Seeing no alternative, Leo surrenders. The spirits immediately cease their attacks and once again move down the path. Leo is disappointed that hes failed yet again. The fat man laughs, telling the Turtle that he is both stupid and still alive.\r\rIn the morning the duo hit the road and eventually find themselves in front of a temple on top of a tall mountain. The guide tells Leo that he must climb the cliff to meet the Ancient One - but only those worthy can survive the challenge. Leonardo states that he is worthy and begins his ascent - with the fat man behind him in (to protect against any further flatulency).\r\rLeo and his guide reach the top of the mountain - Leo is now carrying the stout little fellow until he once again lets wind fly. Leo drops the man to the ground, who takes off running. The ninja follows into the courtyard, where he is told that hell have to fight another guardian before