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1. Top Billin' 2011

  • Published: 2010-10-06T12:37:43Z
Top Billin' 2011

I basically only make beats so that I can drop this James Brown (RIP) tag all over them. I hope you enjoy. I couldn't tell you where this loop came from and even if i REMEMBERED, I wouldn't.

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2. Grandtheft - We Run This [Free Download]

Grandtheft - We Run This [Free Download]

Our Canadian brother and Diplo collaborator Grandtheft (and a wicked DJ) is ready to drop his debut on Top Billin. His forthcoming track 'My House' is already on heavy rotation with all top cats and one of the most requested tracks right now. Download a free goodie from Canadian boss of club burners

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3. Top Billin(Freestyle)

  • Published: 2016-10-10T22:51:46Z
  • By Eloh Kush
Top Billin(Freestyle)

Peace world, fresh back from AC3 Festival 2016 and i was inspired to represent & pay homage to the culture ,golden era emcees ,& the Exit 9 NJ representatives that help form my path in the art form over one of the classic beats in hip hop

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4. Carpainter - Browser Crasher (Sinden Edit) [NEST HQ Premiere] FREE DOWNLOAD

Carpainter - Browser Crasher (Sinden Edit) [NEST HQ Premiere] FREE DOWNLOAD Dance music legend and a long time friend Sinden blesses us with his version of Carpainter's hit track 'Browser Crasher'. It's a night bass line thing, free download also. Big thank you for Nest HQ for the premiere!

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Trayvon Washington known as Dj Tray from Cartel Crew New Jersey (with DJ Sliink, Hot Rod, ClubHeadSliim etc), is a DJ and producer and has been producing dancefloor crackin club music for a few years now. Before making club he worked on rap beats but eventually he wanted to try something different, so he got started making club ranging from R&B -sampling sweet stuff to that fight music popular at clubs. He's creative with his music because he don't want his production to follow the usual norms of ghetto club vibes. People always ask Tray who taught him how to make club music or anything. He taught himself to do everything. Music has has always been his talent. He has a lot of beats in his mind that will make the club rumble. Tracklisting: Turn The Bass Up She Love This Dick Why You Think You're Fierce Alarm Nobody's Perfect Don't Leave Sending My Love

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6. Audio Two - Top Billin (Rhythm Scholar Drop The Funk Remix)

Audio Two - Top Billin (Rhythm Scholar Drop The Funk Remix)

"What More Can I Say?" Let's go back in time for some classic hip-hop, remixed! This time Audio Two's 1988 hit is combined with multiple 70s songs to create a musical tapestry where there was once just a drum machine! See if you can spot the samples along the way from Herbie Hancock, Edgar Winter Group, Billy Preston, Dr. John and two of the most classic breakbeats ever played! Rounding out the music this time is some amazing Rhodes playing by David Alastre. He's an absolute BEAST on the keys! Thank You! :D | instagram: davidalastre | youtube: davidalastre Dub version also available! Mastered by Deflektor FOLLOW the Original Rhythm Scholar Soundcloud page: @rsremix

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GET THIS NOW: DJ SLIINK PRESENTS - CARTEL MUSIC COMPILATION Dj Sliink can be easily be considered at forefront of the Jersey Club sound nowadays, From touring with Flosstradamus to bringing the distinct club music worldwide through his sets. But you should also introduce yourself to other members of the New Jersey production team Cartel Music who specialize in Jersey Club, with this new free compilation released the other day presented by none other than Cartel’s own Dj Sliink. Clever remixes of popular songs are made by Big O, K Millz, Dj Tray, ClubHeadSliim, Mike Gip, and Hot Rod and they all scream Jersey. DOWNLOAD FULL RELEASE: DJ TRAY'S EP IS NOW OUT ON TOP BILLIN

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  • Published: 2016-07-28T16:09:52Z

This is an EDM DANCE track inspired by the classic Hip Hop anthem TOP BILLIN’

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9. Astronomar - Y'all Know EP preview (Top Billin)

Astronomar - Y'all Know EP preview (Top Billin) RELEASE DATE 2012-03-21 LABEL Top Billin CATALOG # TBMP3086

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11. Top Billin (Frankie Paige Sucker Mix) - AUDIO TWO

Top Billin (Frankie Paige Sucker Mix) - AUDIO TWO

if you like this mix please download this mix and re-upload it to help keep this mix alive WWW.DJFRANKIEPAIGE.COM

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12. PREMIERE : Jacques Renault - Top Billin' (BK Club Version)

PREMIERE : Jacques Renault - Top Billin' (BK Club Version)

The follow-up to last year's LPHWHTD ! As with the last one, this is a collection of tunes from some of Let's Play House friends and folks already on the label, though these, unlike those, are 100 percent new ; not one of the four has been released online or elsewhere yet. Keita Sano, Klubbhuset, Lovers (Harry Benson, formerly of Sisterhood), and Jacques Renault here premiered. Easy!

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13. Top Billin' EDM

  • Published: 2017-06-26T16:12:28Z
  • By Milk Dee
Top Billin' EDM

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15. Carpainter - Browser Crasher

Carpainter - Browser Crasher

Support: Top Billin Digital - Spotify - iTunes/Apple Music - Beatport - Google Play - Juno - Traxsource - The future of Japanese club music rests assuredly in good hands. Since 2012 we have worked on 3 different projects (and some) with the finest Japanese club crew, Trekkie Trax. There has been 2 fine compilations and a solo ep release from the most productive member of the crew, Carpainter. Now we’re happy to drop his second solo with some extra special remixes to go with it, Japan, Scandinavia and US together. Moving in the territory of garage, juke, trap and bass music, Carpainter has developed a very distinguished sound for himself. Keeping dance floors lit with his non-compromising and challenging tracks has earned him the mantle of one of the new school bass music chieftains in Japan. Since his first Top Billin release, Carpainter has been in high demand, releasing singles & remixes on labels like Lucky Me, Activia Benz, Maltine Records, L2S Recordings, and even an album on Trekkie Trax. His tracks have also been featured regularly on BBC Radio 1, Rinse FM, NTS Radio, Block FM and on many more forward-thinking medias alike, and DJ support has been overwhelming whatever he decides to put out. The remixes in this pack come from talented newcomer and Nest HQ affiliate GRRL, our own Baltic beat maker NiklavZ, and label manager Heikki’s jungle alter-ego DJ Pinball. Carpainter and Trekkie Trax’s journey is just starting and we’re happy again to be part of their constant ascension in the world on club and bass music.

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16. Kush Jones - Drum Track

Kush Jones - Drum Track

Support: Top Billin Digital - Beatport - Spotify - iTunes - Google Play - Juno - Traxsource - 12 tracks of club & bass music from Internets hottest crew. A year ago we got invited to a Facebook group by a friend, who told us that this is the group where ‘new club music lives’. We’re not easily pulled into the latest gimmicks in the net, but you know, magic word ‘club’ got our interest. This group was called Classical Trax. Founded by Matt aka DJ DJ Rueckert, this clique (and today a collective of DJs and producers and a dope website) has now become the go-to place for many in discovering new talent and making connections around the world. Classical Trax is not your average forum for all kinds of productions, but concentrated mainly on club music, grime, riddims and bass music, keeping an sharp eye on what’s happening in the club-oriented scene rather than in the EDM circus around the world. Classical Trax compilations have been featured at Resident Advisor, Fact, Thump Complex, Hypetrack and a list of other publications have been giving support for Classical Trax crew already. As we are on an ongoing quest to find the latest and most forward-thinking music on this planet, and this new collaboration with one of the finest crews is again a great milestone and will bear many fruitful collaborations with the future stars of contemporary club music. http://topbillinmusic.tumb

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17. Too Late Productions - Mando (Round Table Knights Remix)

Too Late Productions - Mando (Round Table Knights Remix)

Support: Top Billin Digital - Spotify - Apple Music - Beatport - Google Play - Juno - Traxsource - Ghetto influenced club music from the older generation duo. As we love music from all decades, and the 90’s vibes always have a place in our heart, it’s no wonder TLP aka Too Late Productions make a return to Top Billin with new ep full of proper ghetto cuts. TLP aka Manuel and Tom are 2 veteran producers who have had their hands in dance and bass since mid-nineties, when Manuel released true 90's ghetto club music, hardcore and acid as Energy Flash in 1992. The catch again in this release is simple: honest and real club music from 2 techno veterans. The beats are tough, bass is booming, vocals are cut-up and it sounds fresh now as it would have back in the days of cheap studio hardware. These are tracks from producers who have matured alongside dance music and still keep pumping out the real DJ tunes. We’re also happy to include a remix from the great Austrian producers Round Table Knights, who have been somewhat quiet for a while, and this is one dope comeback on the remix tip. We’re keeping it club as always, for your pleasure.

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