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GET THIS NOW: DJ SLIINK PRESENTS - CARTEL MUSIC COMPILATION Dj Sliink can be easily be considered at forefront of the Jersey Club sound nowadays, From touring with Flosstradamus to bringing the distinct club music worldwide through his sets. But you should also introduce yourself to other members of the New Jersey production team Cartel Music who specialize in Jersey Club, with this new free compilation released the other day presented by none other than Cartel’s own Dj Sliink. Clever remixes of popular songs are made by Big O, K Millz, Dj Tray, ClubHeadSliim, Mike Gip, and Hot Rod and they all scream Jersey. DOWNLOAD FULL RELEASE: DJ TRAY'S EP IS NOW OUT ON TOP BILLIN

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2. Bruckner - Take You To The Bronx (Tray Cartel Jersey Mix)

Bruckner - Take You To The Bronx (Tray Cartel Jersey Mix)

Tray from Dj Sliink's Cartel Nation is taking it from the Bronx back across the hudson to his hometown of New Jersey! Bruckner's original "Take Me To The Bronx" featuring vocals from Maurica flirted with that popular jersey club bounce, only right to bring it back home.

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3. 3AM (Tray Cartel Remix)

  • Published: 2016-12-21T15:01:06Z
  • By OnCue
3AM (Tray Cartel Remix)

Remixed by Tray Cartel Written & Performed by OnCue Additional Vocals by Ro Ransom OnCue Tray Cartel

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4. My Homies Still (Tray Remix)

My Homies Still (Tray Remix)

Dj Tray Of Cartel Music Remix To Lil Wayne & Big Sean "My Homies Still"

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5. Tray cartel

Tray cartel

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6. Ice tray (cartel beat tape)

Ice tray (cartel beat tape)

Ice tray is the most popular track from the beat tape "Cartel." You can download this track for free at

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12. Boombox Cartel & Quix ft. Anjulie - Supernatural (Terra Remix)

Boombox Cartel & Quix ft. Anjulie - Supernatural (Terra Remix)

All rights --> MAD DECENT. Enjoy!

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13. Cartel Nation X Babylon Cartel Collaboration (Mixed By Big O & Gianni Lee - Hosted By DJ Sliink)

Cartel Nation X Babylon Cartel Collaboration (Mixed By Big O & Gianni Lee - Hosted By DJ Sliink)

Dj Sliink's Cartel Nation is partnering with Philadelphia / LA based contemporary sportswear brand Babylon Cartel for a limited edition headwear collaboration. The 50 hat limited run will be supported by a high-octane mix hosted by Sliink, and curated by the Jersey Club Prince DJ Big O and Babylon Cartel's Designer and Co-Founder Gianni Lee. Link to purchase: Track List: [ DJ BIG O ] 1. Dj Big O - Is That Pussy Mine 2. Dj Tray - 7/11 Rmx 3. Dj Sliink X TWRK X Dj Green Lantern X - Trifecta ( We Came To Party ) 4. Brenmar - Medusa Ft Rush Davis 5. Brenmar x DJ BIG O - Medusa ( Dj Big O Jersey Club Remix ) 6. Dj Big O - Pony 7. NO ID 8. Ariana Grande Ft Cashmere Cat ( Dj Sliink Jersey Club Remix ) - BMB 9. 4B - Hands Up 10. Manolo Rose Ft Fame School ( Dj Sliink X Nadus Remix ) - Run Ricky Run 11. Rae Sremmurd X Gregor Salto - No Flex Zone ( Benzi Edit) 12. 4B - Drop It Again 13. Dj Big O Ft Dougie F - Go So Hard 14. Dougie F Ft Dj Fire ( Dj Big O Jersey Club Remix ) - Back Up On It 15. Dj Big O - Let Me See Ya Booty Drop 16. Future ( Dj Big O Jersey Club Remix ) - Honest 17. Disclosure Ft Sam Smith ( Dj Big O Jersey Club Remix ) - Latch 18. Brenmar Ft Dougie F - Award 19. O.T. Genasis ( Dj Big O & Dj Sliink OFFICIAL Jersey Club Remix ) - Co Co 20. NO ID [ GIANNI LEE ] 21. Kelela - Bankhead ( Hi$to Remix ) 22. Dj Bake - Cake ( Bake The Freak Remix ) 23. Chris Brown - Sweet Caroline ( Gianni Lee x Hi$to Remix ) 24. Brenmar - Hula Hoop (feat. UNiiQU3) 25. DJ Swisha Sweet - Trap House Stalkin' (feat. Ase Manual) 26. Mumdance x Novelist - Take Time ( Gianni Lee Edit ) 27. Rihanna - BBHM ( Jah Guardian Remix ) Gianni Lee x Hi$to 28. Mike Q - Yasss Bish (MikeQ Fix It Pussy Remix) 29.DJ Swaggy Dolphin -Tek Boi (DJ Swisha Sweet X DJ W3C Remix) 30. Gianni Lee - Don't Wait Remix 31. Bobby Schmurda - Hot Nigga ( DJ Tray Remix ) 32. Gianni Lee x Fiinesse - Club Badu 33. Carnage - WDYW (Feat. Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Ferg & Rich The Kid) 34. Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Gianni Lee x HI$TO Remix) 35. Kkingdomm - No Type Edit 2015 (Feat. Justina Valentine & Gemaine Edwards) 36. Spooky Black - Dj Khaled is my Father - (Gianni Lee Remix) ft. Marian Mereba Follow on Soundcloud: @wearecartelnation @babyloncartel @djsliinkbbc @djbigobbc @giannilee1

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Trayvon Washington known as Dj Tray from Cartel Crew New Jersey (with DJ Sliink, Hot Rod, ClubHeadSliim etc), is a DJ and producer and has been producing dancefloor crackin club music for a few years now. Before making club he worked on rap beats but eventually he wanted to try something different, so he got started making club ranging from R&B -sampling sweet stuff to that fight music popular at clubs. He's creative with his music because he don't want his production to follow the usual norms of ghetto club vibes. People always ask Tray who taught him how to make club music or anything. He taught himself to do everything. Music has has always been his talent. He has a lot of beats in his mind that will make the club rumble. Tracklisting: Turn The Bass Up She Love This Dick Why You Think You're Fierce Alarm Nobody's Perfect Don't Leave Sending My Love

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BUY: Top Billin Digital Store - Beatport - Juno - iTunes - Amazon - Traxsource - Trackitdown - Cartel Crew New Jersey represent! Welcome to our second edition on Jersey Club series, this part two comes from a true club soldier, ClubHeadSliim. As the older brother of DJ Tray (who debuted on Top Billin on with his New Jersey Club vol. 1 EP), ClubHead has enough experience in modern club music to make you lose it with his ep. Cartel Crew, run by DJ Sliink, has become a real force in club music over the past year with support from Diplo, Flosstradamus, Sam Tiba and countless other 808 lovers. So let's get it crackin with some real club music, the time is now, we don't think further explanation is needed. Tracklist: I'm A Freak Ass In The Air Like This Back It Up Fight

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16. 3AM Remix Pack

  • Published: 2016-12-21T15:01:09Z
  • By OnCue
3AM Remix Pack

Remixes By: Candle Weather Tray Cartel STFU Ronaissance

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17. Jersey Club July 17'

Jersey Club July 17'

Jersey Club Tunes for This Month! Pushing The Culture & Sound! For Jersey Club Submissions Email me at [email protected] (these songs were not necessarily posted within the same month)

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18. {"I CHOOSE IM COO"} Produced by: @RobbieAnthem {FREE DOWNLOAD}


(LYRICS)All my life ive been dreaming about this one day and every day i awake i ask. Is this that one day? Take a look around say my grace then i start to rappin spark my blunt find my ash tray then i start to tappin, hey thats pure THC in them ashes oye, but my goals aren't met, that would mean so much more. So i pace up and down the floor, take a puff some more, make my plan find my mark then i hit the door. Man, the things i see when i crack that door. What was once a dream now seems so much more. I seen this car before, somehow i spoke it into my existence. Whatever my heart desire, all i ever have had to do was mention it. And just to think, at one time i was washing dishes, a violent convicted felon locked behind fences. I thought that the dope money was gonna provide me with a decent living but still im "self made", so i don't see a major difference. Im cool......(HOOK) -Im cool because i choose, please don't change my mind2x......../I swear before God that ide go back to washing dishes, if thats what it takes to provide child support for all my childen. It sounds commendable but still i know that there's something missing. Its my presence in there life because im in this music business. And i travel constantly, i bearly get to visit. But being broke was never apart of my true religion. My baby mama wants me sleeping under the Project benches. So when my sons are old enough to pay attention, im'a teach them to never fall victim under this human condition, you can have whatever your heart desires all you need is vision. Believe it in your heart and speak that thing into existence. And this is apart of the truth that the schools forgot to mention. And did i mention that i never asked my God for much, just a little love and a spot to kick my feet up. Will i be kickin my feet up soon?.. Man its hard to tell. I had this dream many year's ago and now i walk in it well. Im cool because i choose....(HOOK) Im cool because i choose, pleas don't change my mind..2x/.. I seen them hate, i took that pain and took it all in stride. To tell the truth i doubted me too but i held it all inside, until i realized that what you think is what youl be, and what you feel effects the way you walk and what you speak. And im a block boy, never the one to be looking weak. So whatever i do to eat i do it like a beast. Whether its a snack or feast i embrace it as a treat. If i was armed with this knowledge then, who would i be? I Sold my dope on any corner any hood or block. Crip or blood, it didn't matter, my money never stopped. My neck was glowing plus my wrist and my whip was stunning and when they seen that money growing thats when them hoes were coming, but i could never let them distract me oy, i did my thing. The streets looked up, i stood my ground, so im Proud of wayne. I found my inner peace, i pray you search and do the same. Thats on my fathers mother, "Grandma Lovie", im never gone change. Im Cool because i choose.....(Hook) Im cool because I choose please don't change my mind. ..2x.....(outro) You know what im saying? , i heard it in a rap song before, he said, "i gotta get mine and you gotta get yours". Aye man, for real though, you can be whatever you want to be. Im only cool because i choose please don't make me change my mind. If i change my mind there's gonna be problems. You can choose whatever you want to be. You can choose your attitude and you can choose your thoughts. Remember that. If you don't remember nothing else, remember that you can choose your thoughts. Choose what you wanna be. Don't let other people choose for you. Choose who you wanna be.---Mickeycartel.....(ruff copy) follow this link for the mixed and masterd version->

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