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1. Death Wobble Radio Guest Mix ft. Lord Swan3x

Death Wobble Radio Guest Mix ft. Lord Swan3x

Mix I made for Deathwobble Radio! Free download :) Tracklist: IBenji & Mothra - Drop The Bomb (Melamin remix) Jphelpz - Hench Tempest & Dec3mber - Smash up (Lord Swan3x remix) Tygr - Unholy Code: Pandorum & Lord Swan3x - Underground Young D - Creepy Crawlies (Sadhu remix) D-Jahsta & Rekoil - The Devil (Code Pandorum remix) Acting Damage - Monster (Code Pandorum Remix) Trampa - Get Wicked Ehide - Destroy All Humans Ehide - Like a Fucking Newbie Bear Grillz - Fan Mail Getter - Fallout (Funtcase remix) Soberts - Splinter Getter & Trampa - Bonesaw VIP Midnight T - Basement Bitches (Exile Remix) Soberts - Rango (Code Pandorum remix) Soberts - Malfunction Creation & Code Pandorum - Antisepsis Moody Good - Hotplate (Code Pandorum Remix) Eptic - Genesis (Geven Remix) Eptic - Space Cats Destroid - Wasteland (Barely Alive Remix) Different Heaven - Incredicool Datsik - Automatik (Bear Grillz Remix) The Chaotic - Project Ghost Space Laces - Digital Gangsta Jphelpz - Summon The Dead Soberts - Splinter VIP Spag Heddy - Onvang Rebel (Trollphace Remix) The Frim - Perfect Score (Getter Remix) Zomboy - Outbreak ft. Armanni Reign Zomboy - Immunity Datsik Hydraulic (Getter Remix) Getter - Knives VIP Getter & Protohype - The Peak (Getter VIP) Bear Grillz - High Grade VMP & Jiqui - Interruption (Lord Swan3x Remix) Teminite - Firepower Downlink - Get Down (Rekoil Remix) Lord Swan3x - The Horde Jphelpz - Biggup King (Lord Swan3x & Xenixa Remix) Dec3mber & Lord Swan3x - Two Step Virtual Riot - Evil Gameboy Document One - Body Pump Laxx - Brainbug (Must Die Remix) Squnto & Lord Swan3x - IMPRESSIVE

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2. Happy Massiv Dubstep Party MiX

Happy Massiv Dubstep Party MiX

Track List!: Getter - Fallout (FuntCase Remix) Algoreythm - Get Wavy Persist-The cut MUST DIE! & Mantis - Culture Eptic - Brainstorm Zomboy - WTF! (Cookie Monsta Remix) Hyper Crush - Illegalities (MUST DIE! Remix) Eptic - Space Katz [CLIP] 02. Pokemon Tower (Original Mix) D-jahsta - System (VIP) TrollPhace - Heretic TyGr - Unholy [CLIP] (Hustle EP) (FORTHCOMING ULTRAGORE)

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