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2. Marvel Studios - The Journey To Infinity War

Marvel Studios - The Journey To Infinity War

Ten years of Marvel Studios, ten years of music. This is a compilation of every theme in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. Tracklist: 1. Driving With The Top Down (Iron Man) - by Ramin Djawadi 2. The Incredible Hulk - by Craig Armstrong 3. I Am Iron Man (Iron Man 2) - by John Debney 4. Thor Kills the Destroyer (Thor) - by Patrick Doyle 5. Captain America: The First Avenger - by Alan Silvestri 6. The Avengers - by Alan Silvestri 7. Iron Man 3 - by Brian Tyler 8. Thor: The Dark World - by Brian Tyler 9. Taking A Stand (Captain America: The Winter Solider) - by Henry Jackman 10. The Kyln Escape (Guardians of The Galaxy) - by Tyler Bates 11. New Avengers (Avengers: Age of Ultron) - by Danny Elfman 12. Ant-Man - by Christophe Beck 13. Cap's Promise (Captain America: Civil War) - by Henry Jackman 14. Strange Days Ahead (Doctor Strange) - by Michael Giacchino 15. Guardians of the Frickin' Galaxy - (Vol. 2) - by Tyler Bates 16. Spider-Man: Homecoming - by Michael Giacchino 17. Thor: Ragnarok - by Mark Mothersbaugh 18. United Nations/End Titles (Black Panther) - by Ludwig Göransson Bonus: Marvel Studios Fanfare - by Michael Giacchino

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3. Episode 12: Wakanda Forever (w/ Meta G. Carstarphen and Ryan Martin)

Episode 12: Wakanda Forever (w/ Meta G. Carstarphen and Ryan Martin)

In this Serious Fun, we dig into the cultural phenomenon that is Marvel Studios’ Black Panther. The movie has already made All Of The Money worldwide, but why is it resonating so strongly? What does it have to say about complex topics like the African diaspora, Black liberation, and the responsibility of a king and a country to its people and the world? And is Shuri a great character, or the greatest character? Bryan sits down with University of Oklahoma Journalism and Mass Communication professor Dr. Meta G. Carstarphen and UWGB Psychology Chair Ryan Martin for a wide-ranging discussion of all things Wakanda! (Note: this episode contains spoilers for the movie so get out and see it beforehand.) Music and other clips: Ludwig Göransson – “Wakanda”, Black Panther: Original Score Ludwig Göransson – “United Nations/End Titles”, Black Panther: Original Score Kendrick Lamar and SZA – “All the Stars”, Black Panther: The Album (Music From and Inspired By) Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Corporation - “Black Panther Teaser Trailer” SHOW NOTES: for readings, lesson plans, and more. - Imani Gandy’s tweet chain on Black Panther Some of the editorials and think pieces mentioned: TaLynn Kel – “An American Monster in Wakanda” Christopher Lebron – “Black Panther is Not the Movie We Deserve” Benjamin Dixon – “The Most Important Moment in Black Panther No One Is Talking About” Charles Pulliam-Moore – “Black Panther is Marvel’s First Shakespearean Epic”

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