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1. Apart Lyrics

Apart Lyrics

I don't know what this world is coming to.... L'il dice yo back again I'm the man with the masta plan Backin' me ups wit my supa friends All in the sky like paper planes Smokin' weed to ease

2. Versus Lyrics

Versus Lyrics

I'm so tired of being left behind Eating dust, pushed and shoved Beaten up and blinded I'm praying for the day when it ends. So goodbye to the sun for now 'Till I come back again When I

13. Fraily Lyrics

Fraily Lyrics

This bottle is bringing me down No comfort for me in this town All the faith in these eyes Lost the glow and just dies I pray, redeem this heart And be here now. In this war The tears in my eyes says

14. When Heroes Die Lyrics

When Heroes Die Lyrics

Ambition that drives you Straight through a wall Bright lights in your eyes Seem to blind us all We're screaming come down off your pedestal Not going down, you're not coming down. All eyes on you The

15. A Method To Chaos Lyrics

A Method To Chaos Lyrics

A blinding torture The victim here lies awake Faint breathing, stay lucid Walls close me in This pen and paper is my only savior now From everything weighing me down The loneliest time in the world Wh

16. Stars & the Sun Lyrics

Stars & the Sun Lyrics

I hear all the cries that surround me So many things are much bigger than my needs As the poor feed on empty promises The wealthy kings are stomach full on greed We hope, we cry, we pray for change W

17. A City Of Sleeping Hearts Lyrics

A City Of Sleeping Hearts Lyrics

The air is still at 3 The streets are asleep for now The world, it folds it's arms It embraces me. And hides me from all harm It hides me from all harm. I ponder the loss of stars In the night sky,

18. Soul Searching (Live) Lyrics

Soul Searching (Live) Lyrics

say a prayer for me i need a new life i'm not blind cuz i see the truth and the lies. heed my words, listen to advice you don't need to run away and take your life no you can't live this way. saw you

19. A Call to Arms Lyrics

A Call to Arms Lyrics

I see your face all tired & weary From battles fought, lost & won. You take your chances Fuck the consequence Dive right in with no regrets No regrets. *THERE'S NO POINT TO KEEP YOUR HEAD FACE DOWN W

20. Bright City Kids Lyrics

Bright City Kids Lyrics

I confess, I Confess That sometimes I lie Put a ribbon on your box Of empty promises, promises I prefer to rebel and to burn in hell Cuz if killing you is wrong I don't wanna be right Refrain: If the