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3. First Love - Kim So Hyun

First Love - Kim So Hyun

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4. Les Petits Miroirs - Peppermoon

Les Petits Miroirs - Peppermoon

Je te tend des petits miroirs Faits de mots, faits de mon histoire Et le temps paraît court Quelquefois, on dirait de l'amour C'est pratique, les petits miroirs Sous les verres, dans les piano-bars Un peu tout ce qui brille Et tes rêves s'y remaquillent Est-ce que tu peux les traverser Et venir voir de mon côté Venir voir si tu m'aimes Ou toi-même? On les veut, les petits miroirs, Ressemblants, mais faut-il y croire? Quand ma tête, alouette Aime trop ce que tu reflètes Est-ce que tu peux les traverser? Et venir voir de mon côté Venir voir si tu m'aimes Ou toi-même.. On se tend des petits miroirs Où s'inverse le dérisoire Posons-les face à face Essayons de briser la glace.. ^^

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5. Peu à Peu - Peppermoon

Peu à Peu - Peppermoon

J'ai une fleur chez moi, qui pousse, qui pousse. Ở nhà tôi có một cây hoa, ðang lớn dần, lớn dần. Sans l'arroser vraiment en douce, en douce. Dù không ðược chăm sóc một cách kỹ lưỡng, nhẹ nhàng. Inexorablement .. Elle pousse, elle pousse. Kiên cường.. Cây hoa ấy lớn lên, lớn lên. Et son parfum me prend. Và mùi hương cây hoa cứ thế thu hút tôi. Je ne la voyais pas d'abord, d'abord. Lúc ðầu tôi ðã không cảm nhận ðiều ðó. Car elle a pris son temps. Bởi vì hoa cũng cần có thời gian cho riêng mình. Elle sort, elle sort. Để hoa nở. Hoa nở. Un peu en hésitant.. au bord, au bord de mes sentiments. Có một chút do dự.. cứ ở lại trong cảm giác của tôi. Et un jour.. On ne peut plus faire semblant. Thế rồi một ngày.. Tôi không còn thấy mùi hương ấy nữa. Quand les petits riens deviennent grands Khi ðó những ðiều bé nhỏ cũng trở nên lớn hơn, Les racines se font sans un bruit. Những chiếc rễ lặng lẽ lớn, nay ðã bám sâu hơn. Tous ces petits riens qui m'attachent à lui Tất cả những ðiều nhỏ bé ấy cứ như thế gắn kết tôi và cây hoa. Oh, tous ces petits petits petits riens Những ðiều nhỏ bé, bé xíu, bé xíu thế thôi. Et peu à peu, comme en camaïeu Từng chút, từng chút một.. thành một bức màu ðồng sắc. Peu à peu.. un lent matin blanc, a viré au bleu Désarmant. Từng chút.. khiến cho buổi sáng tinh khiết dần chuyển màu xanh biếc thật ðẹp. Peu à peu, je me prends au jeu Tôi cũng dần trở nên liều lĩnh hơn. Peu à peu... et très innocemment.. Je veux Cet amant Cũng thật dại khờ.. Tôi khao khát tình yêu này. Peu à peu, comme en camaïeu Từng chút, từng chút, rõ ràng như một bức họa một màu. Peu à peu... insensiblement, comme deux aimants.. Amoureux Từ không quen biết nhau, ðến khi như hai thỏi nam châm.. Như những ðôi yêu nhau. Peu à peu, je me prends au jeu Cứ như vậy, từng chút một, tôi trở nên ðam mê. Peu à peu... comme un envoûtement à deux. Như có một lực hút nào ðó ðối với cả hai. Oui, un jour.. On se dit le prince charmant, fait partie de ma vie depuis longtemps. Phải, vào một ngày.. Nói về chàng hoàng tử tuấn tú, rất lâu trước ðây ðã rời khỏi cuộc ðời tôi. On y pense, on rêve, on sourit Chúng ta ðã nghĩ, chúng ta mơ và mỉm cười.. On est partis pour croire en la magie Đã rời ði vì chúng ta tin vào phép màu. Oh, on est partis, partis, partis loin... Chúng ta ðã rời ði, thật xa.. Et peu a peu, comme en camaïeu Rồi dần dần bức tranh cũng trở nên ðơn sắc. Peu a peu... dans un frémissement, j'ai ouvert les yeux.. Từng chút một.. trong sâu thẳm rung ðộng, tôi mở mắt ra. // C'est ressemble à l'histoire "Le Petit Prince"

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6. And I Need You Most - Kim Hye Won

And I Need You Most - Kim Hye Won

And I need you most. I’m drifting like the clouds, no solid ground. You wipe away my tears, And listen to my fears. And I need you most. Morning sunrise, the brink of a day. I breathe your kiss from miles away. And I need you most. I’m fragile as our bones, and all alone. Imperfect as I am, In your sweet embrace, How I need you most. Afternoon rays, ignites in the haze. You light me up from miles away. Whisper words of love You love me true, for the girl I am. A miracle, a bit unusual. All I want is you. I need you.

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8. Castle on a Cloud - Lan Ngọc

Castle on a Cloud - Lan Ngọc

There is a castle on a cloud I like to go there in my sleep Aren't any floors for me to sweep Not in my castle on a cloud. There is a lady all in white Holds me and sings a lullaby She's nice to see, and she's soft to touch She says: 'Cosette I love you very much.' I know a place where no one's lost I know a place where no one cries Crying at all is not allowed Not in my castle on a cloud.

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9. The Christmas Song - Breanne Düren

The Christmas Song - Breanne Düren

I celebrate Christmas because it's his birthday .

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10. Foundation - Rec06

Foundation - Rec06

I have been working at the zoo for over 20 years now. Every day I have to feed the elephants and make sure that they have enough water. On my break, I like to walk around the zoo and look at the other animals. The hippo is my second favorite animal after the elephant.

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11. Foundation - Rec07

Foundation - Rec07

Intel, the world biggest computer chip maker inaugurated its $1 billion chip assembly and testing plant in HCM city, in 2010. Nokia said its factory near Hanoi was operational at full capacity in the third quarter, 2013

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12. Foundation-Rec 12

Foundation-Rec 12

In the central province of Phu Yen, the steering committee of the campaign “All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas” reported that the percentage of streets, residential groups, villages and families recognized as “cultured” increased highly in 2013.

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13. Foundation - Rec08

Foundation - Rec08

The victims were hospitalized with injuries to their heads, necks, arms and legs, according to the province’s General Hospital. The accident also blocked traffic for 4 hours. The drivers have yet to be identified.

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14. That Girl - Benny

That Girl - Benny

Friday I'm in Love . [ Fer 6th 10 ]

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15. Foundation-Rec15


I was thinking about getting a bookshelf but I don’t have many books yet so I guess I can wait. I was lucky I got a really cheap used TV the other day. It only costs $50 and it works very well. It’s nice to have something to watch. Right now, I don’t have enough money to buy a stereo. The dinner table is very nice and big enough for 6 people. I bought a cheap sofa, too. It’s really comfortable.

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16. First Love - Male Ver.

First Love - Male Ver.

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17. Foundation - Rec11

Foundation - Rec11

I went to a new steak restaurant last night that opened near my house. I love trying new places. To start the meal, I had an interesting appetizer, it was some kind of seafood with a spicy sauce on it. The main dish of course was steak, it was very small and a little tough though. However, the vegetable was great. Nice and fresh but not too oily. The final thing was the best, the dessert.

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18. Foundation - Rec16

Foundation - Rec16

The teacher of a primary school in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City said a schoolgirl liked a handsome boy who looked like a Korean movie star. The little girl wrote a letter confessing her love and stated publicly that the boy belonged to her. If the boy did not love her, she would commit suicide. // School love "degenerates"?

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19. Foundation - Rec18

Foundation - Rec18

And here is today’s weather forecast for the international traveler. Let’s start with Beijing. It’ll be a cold day in Beijing today and windy. The low will be 0 and the high will be 6 degrees. - Mexico City will be warm and wet with the low of 23 degrees centigrade and the high of 28. - Tokyo is expecting cloudy weather with heavy rain, the low will be 4 degrees and the high 12. - New York is going to have a windy day. It will be very cold with the low of -10 and the high of 0. - In Taipei, it will be cloudy, wet and hot today. The low will be 20 degrees and the high will be 30.

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