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1. Varied Beats

  • Published: 2015-09-10T05:51:39Z
  • By Max Webb
Varied Beats

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2. Moe Varied Beats

Moe Varied Beats

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3. Varied Hard Beats

Varied Hard Beats

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4. Varied


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7. Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)

Teebs - Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)

Come peruse Collections 01, a menagerie of songs from Teebs on the Brainfeeder label. Like a cluster of exotic birds, anthology of short stories or secret case of sparkling gemstones, Collections 01 further explores the world expressed in Teebs' previous album Ardour from several new perspectives. While drawing from the universe of Ardour, Collections 01 is more varied with more samples, each song containing specific elements that give it a unique character. Featuring tracks with harpist Rebekah Raff and Brainfeeder cohort Austin Peralta, Collections 01 offers a range of sentiment, always elegantly displayed. From hypnotic, dust-covered beats and languid daydreams to cascading shuffles and bright bursts of color, this beautiful collection is a further glimpse into the world behind the mind's eye of Teebs, painter of sound. From Teebs: "With this record I'm trying to imagine a side project or group of mine that just so happened to make the same exact music as I'm making now. These records are neither EPs or full albums. Just mini collections of ideas...I hope to release them randomly through my life as if they were paintings in a drawn out series. The vibe I want people to be sent off with is a feeling of going out and buying some kind of rare library record they always wanted and not a "new album/EP." This will be the first Collections."

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Gangstercast 67 comes courtesy of the NYC legend Todd Terry. Grammy Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn. More than any other producer, Todd Terry defined New York house during the '80s, his sound is a varied sampladelic collection, blending the sounds of classic disco, the more introspective Chicago sound plus plenty of hip-hop attitude. Much of Terry's early work, in the late 1980s, is considered a milestone in the development of both progressive and modern deep house, and with two of the most respected crossover remixes of the house era ("I'll House You" by the Jungle Brothers and "Missing" by Everything but the Girl), Terry more than earned his title "Todd the God" . Terry’s success has followed him through the years and today Todd is one of the world’s most celebrated figures in dance music. With almost Three decades of dance floor domination under Todd’s belt the quality of his productions goes from strength to strength Terry produced the mix for Gangstercast 67 earlier this summer , he believes it to be one of his best old school/new school productions. He’s picked the tracks that he always play out in my live sets as they represent the best type of dance floor records, whether they’re are old or new. Terry likes to play as he puts it; ‘the best of both worlds’ meaning to play songs as well as hard tracks. With Terry the House Gangster movement is all about the music , the raw swingy beats and good funky music. “Right now house music is good to me, we had a big surge out of the past 3-4 years right before that I think we had some issues on what was house and not house so I am really happy where it has ended up” – Todd Terry

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9. Andrew Bayer - Bullet Catch (Original Mix)

Andrew Bayer - Bullet Catch (Original Mix)

Beatport: Counting varied tastemakers such as Sebastian Ingrosso, Above & Beyond, Dada Life and Armin Van Buuren among those hammering his recent releases, the mercurial Andrew Bayer returns with another edge-cutting big room monster in the slammin' "Bullet Catch". Splicing up electro, progressive and trance in his seamless style, "Bullet Catch" shoots out the blocks with a tough and twisted bass-driven groove. Dropping into a trademark musical breakdown that is epic, dramatic and atmospheric in equal measures, "Bullet Catch" then slams hard into a infectious, big room groove that twists and turns in style. Yet another reminder of Bayer's incomparable, big room sound. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: Youtube :

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10. 'Sensations' - Chill Trap Mix

'Sensations' - Chill Trap Mix

Click "More" for free download | All mixes: So this time I decided to try mixing a new genre and as I've been thinking of making a chill trap mix for a while now, I went for it :) Haven't uploaded that many chill trap tracks lately but every now and then I stumble upon some great ones so I compiled some of them in this mix. Chill trap as a whole is quite a varied genre but for this mix I mainly focused on the melodic/atmospheric side. If you enjoyed the mix, be sure to download the tracks you like and support the artists for their hard work! Tracklist: 0:00 ELOHEL - Photograph DL: not currently available - - 2:37 thefaded. - Times I've Had DL: - - 4:20 YUME - Eden DL: - - 6:17 Subranger - Love Buy: - - 8:49 Aonia - Float Away DL: - - 13:26 Ollie Macfarlane - Affection (Cresce Remix) DL: not currently available - - - - 16:17 JPB - Summer Rain DL: - - 19:32 J-Louis - 320am with Nikko Gray DL: - - - - 23:16 Edamame - Aviary DL: - - - - 26:35 Myst - Jazzy DL: not currently available - - 29:05 Matt Lange feat. Jeza - I Can't Forgive (CHIMS Remix) DL: Buy the original: - - - - - - 32:06 Submerse - Struck Out Buy: - - 35:02 TAZ - The Messenger DL: not currently available - 38:14 BKBROWN - ♥ DL: - - 39:54 Mr. Nouilles - AEROWALK DL: - 42:13 Merce & Young Husky - Rock U DL: - - - - 46:04 Beyond Theory ft. Tulpa - Evolution DL: - - - - 49:20 Wizard - Why DL: - - - - 52:38 Henry Krinkle - Stay (Trapback Remix) Buy: - - - - 55:42 Adventure Club - Gold ft. Yuna (Moseqar Remix) DL: not currently available Buy the original: - - - - - -

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11. CRM129 Luca Cazal & Mark Jenkyns - The Bullfrog

CRM129 Luca Cazal & Mark Jenkyns - The Bullfrog

Available now on Juno - To listen to Luca Cazal describe his forthcoming EP; his first solo offering after being involved in some of the biggest and most profile releases of recent times, including Infinity Ink, Luca C & Brigante, Invisible Cities and of course global mega outfit Hot Natured, is to eavesdrop on a producer breaking through with a singular vision, taking aim directly at the dance floor. "With my first EP I wanted to show different sides of my musical output, whilst keeping to the spectrum of club music" says Luca. With a vault of various studio projects to his name, Luca embarks on a quest of self-discovery with his first solo release on Crosstown Rebels. "I seem to have found myself involved with so many different projects in recent times so with my EP it was liberating to be left to roam free." he continues. Title track Mariri is a voyage of tightly programmed classic tech-house that reaches its apex amongst its echoing eerie vocals. Indeed the vocal started life as a field recording made by Luca in Peru, a constant inspiration in his work. The bare murky beats of the EP’s lead track are remixed by Detroit mainstay Stacey Pullen with further rasps of raw production. Continuing to hover on the edge of techno, the analogue offering “The Bullfrog”, co-produced with Hot Creations new talent Mark Jenkyns, projects the EP further onto the dark dance floor. Ending with his collaboration with BL_NK SP_C_S, Luca adds the perfect tone to the passion filled vocals, that expertly wraps this exciting and varied EP. Where there is little doubt that Luca Cazal’s past productions helped forge his musical foundation, this EP of elegant simplicity, strengthens not only the freewheeling spirit of the scene’s leading independent label, but is the perfect showcase for the rapidly emerging Luca Cazal. @lucacmusic

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12. The Bombay Royale - The River

The Bombay Royale - The River

Buy on vinyl/CD from or on iTunes from Introducing “The Island of Dr Electrico”, the second soundtrack album from The Bombay Royale, originators of vintage Bollywood-inspired surf, spy, disco and funk. Building on the worldwide success of their debut album ''You Me Bullets Love", the band has unleashed its trademark sound and set off on an extraordinary musical safari. “The Island of Dr Electrico” is a varied musical landscape, at times lush and tropical, at other times an impenetrable swamp teeming with all manner of surprises. Migrating seabirds have long flown thousands of extra miles avoid Dr Electrico's blighted isle, leaving him alone to experiment with dark beats, primitive synthesizers and the raw emotion of kidnapped souls. The resulting sounds are a rich palette of classic cinema, from lonesome spaghetti to surf-rock, from psychedelia to spine-bending space disco, overlaid with the voices of our protagonists The Tiger and The Mysterious Lady. From their unlikely beginnings in the suburban wilds of Melbourne Australia, The Bombay Royale have taken their unique sound to audiences throughout Europe, UK and the USA, where their performances have been met with astonishment and critical acclaim.

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