Captain Sea Fonk Lyrics

By Denzel Curry
Take from 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms Album

Denny Cascade

Got hella hoes like a home depot so you already know
I gotta keep that hammer
Juicy J say that a nigga I knew
Sea Fonk bitch, rockin' with a Fiji bandanna
Let me take you underwater
You not a dime you a quarter
Flex nigga like yoga
Complex nigga I'm Yoda
Mothafucka I'm a soldier
Fuck her suckin' on my cobra
You don't wanna say it's over
But she wanna bend over
Denny, I'm a supernova
Flat nights make you stronger
Feel like I don’t belong here
But it’s really hard to tell

[Verse 1]
Denny Cascade, rollin' wit a green AK
Ain't Eazy, like I'm bumpin' Dre Day
But a nigga ain’t cray
Denny got the answers, no Ye
But when the white comes I Sway
Niggas be prey
Slaves to the ways everyday
Save a ho, S curled in the cape
Doggin' these hoes
Nigga raw doggin these hoes, until the bitch say she's late
Bitches on my dick, purple weed like Prince
Better tell these hoes, bitch I ain't Clark Kent
Denny Cascade charge hoes like rent
Bumpin' triple-6 chiefin' while I'm shining moonlit
In a Cadliac, splat
Puff on the doja, the thraxx
Pushin', she burn, the cat
Beat the pussy up all the way to the max
I beat the pussy up all the way to the mat


[Verse 2]
Okay the moon is out, blunt is lit
Ride around space fuckin' the baddest bitch
Divin' in the portal cuz we splashin' in
You know the captain is...Denny Cascade
Mr. Universe, gangster
(?) like an anchor
All my bitch wanna kiss like cankers
Get your hoes like lookin' up a chaser
But if you need that it, I got it
Presidential new Reaganomics
Break it down smoking on the chronic
It's the shaman, Denny Cascade
And you know it's me, come with me
Fried as the lock on the Aqua Teen
Purple the galaxy I can see
But this is how truly you know it's me