Heimerdinger Glitch or Bug (March 18th 2014) - New Heimerdinger Visual Update - League of Legends

How to duplicate: Get Level 9, Level q up to 5, Die once, enjoy generating 3 turrets at a time
So I was just trying out the recent small heimer buffs:
Heimerdinger has received a visual update, including one hell of a haircut! Check out the full details here.

Q - H-28G Evolution Turret
NEWUTILITY Heimerdinger now spawns with maximum ammo count
NEWUTILITY Turret Health now scales with Ability Power at a ratio based on level (flat 0.05 Ability Power ratio from levels 1-8, increases by 0.035 per level from levels 9-18 ending at 0.40 at level 18)
NEWUTILITY Turret basic attacks now restore 1/2/3/4/5% Beam charge
NEWUTILITY Cooldown reduction modifies beam cooldown ⇒ Cooldown reduction no longer modifies Beam cooldown
SMARTS Turret AI is less reliable at last-hitting minions unless Heimer himself has ordered the Turret by attacking that minion
While I was playing I noticed that my q was recharging 3 per 19 seconds and not 1 like it was supposed to be. It normally is supposed to recharge 1 kit per 19 seconds not all 3 kits.
Well anyways enjoy the glitch and try it out for your self.

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