clojureD 2018: "Teaching Clojure" by Michael Sperber

Clojure is a great language for just about everything. So, naturally, we want to teach it to others. How should we do this? Unfortunately, as natural as Clojure and its focus on functional programming feel to us, it is not easy to teach well. Moreover, Clojure itself is not the best tool for teaching – the language was designed for professional developers, as are its IDEs. So what to do when we want to enable a fellow developer to hack in your project, as a professional trainer, or to teach students?
This talk will report on the insights gained by the Program by Design and DeinProgramm projects, the tools and materials they have produced, and how to apply them in your teaching.
Three points will be important – effective teaching requires a didactic strategy built on systematic programming construction, languages that support that strategy, and tools and languages that have been adapted to the needs of beginners. With that in place, your students will be up to speed in Clojure in no time!

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