The Guardian Angel - Part 2 - (Disney Crossover)

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for, the 2nd part to this dramatic story. Please enjoy x

Colour coordinated:
Melody - White
Ariel - Red-pink
Belle - blue
Aurora - Light blue
Cinderella - yellow
Jim - Orange
Jane - Purple
Meg - light pink
Hercules - Green

Songs used:

Song: Whenever You Remember
By: Carrie Underwood

I personally think that the use of this first song was supposedly "perfect" because if you listen to some of the lyrics, you can tell that it relates to the kids claiming their brightest star to represent their mother, (MEG). And That time has gone by, and the memories good and bad will never be forgotten, and the kids will stick together forever. In the part where "Carrie Underwood" sings "Whenever you remember I'll be there..." This line can represent Meg's feelings towards her kids.

Song: What Hurts the most
By: Cascada


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