The South Africans Seeking Rights For Whites (1998)

Right-Wing Resilience (1998): Resilient right-wing extremists are reportedly gaining ground in South Africa and readying themselves for a fight for a white state.

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Johan Niemoller is the founder of a new force in right-wing politcs. His party, Die Volk, mixes religion, fundamentalism, nostalgia and naked fear to whip-up support. Their favourite recruitment tactic is to screen a graphic video of farm murders. Die Volk’s quasi-religious party brochure decrees, “Either God will give us a leader or he will not come…Our task is to provide a leader with a United Afrikaner nation.” And while Die Volk waits for a messiah they are gaining wide popular support. Other right-wingers, the AWB and Boerstaat party, have already accepted them. Niemoller inspires more fear than these stalwarts though. He has recently been linked to a number of robberies in which arms were seized. His spokesperson, Roy Smith, sends out his warning to the world: “I could have enough explosives to plunge this country into unimaginable chaos.”

SABC Special Assignment – Ref. 546

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