Alberto Giacometti : "Rue"

Walking Alberto Giacometti street: One side of the street is, so called "Reality," that becomes, so called, "Art." The other side, so called "Art," that becomes so called, "Reality." Which side of the street you are on, and which direction one takes, may or or may not, lead to the desired destination. Being misdirected, may lead one to eventually assume that one's destination is either elsewhere, or is actually where one already "is!"

It is recorded that A. Gicacometti in 1926 decided to temporarily rent a modest studio at 46 Rue Hippolyte-Maindron in Paris, France. He stayed for forty years even though able to afford better studio/housing. The street is named after another famous French sculptor of the 1800's. Although the studio has been demolished, the furnishings and painted walls have been placed with the Alberto Giacometti Foundation.

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