Joe Calzaghe vs Roy Jones Jr 08.11.2008

Joe Calzaghe's last ever fight against Roy Jones Jr from 2008. Although Joe Calzaghe was undefeated he was also criticized throughout the entirety of his career for not facing a big name fighter in their prime. Regardless, Roy Jones Jr was the most accomplished boxer he would ever face. More info below...

Joe Calzaghe's previous fight was against Bernard Hopkins earlier in the year. He won the fight by split decision, it was so close many fans and reporters thought Hopkins should have possibly won... Roy Jones on the other hand was coming off 3 unanimous decision wins including one against the undefeated Anthony Hanshaw and former World Welterweight and Middleweight Champion Felix Trinidad. Although the win against Trinidad may appear a bit hollow considering Felix had not fought in 3 years, Roy showed the boxing public flashes of his old brilliance. But Roy Jones Jr needed a win over a decent opponent to prove he still had what it takes to be world class... And if Calzaghe won he could retire knowing there was nobody of his caliber left to fight.

Former World Super Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe had an unblemished record of 45 wins with no defeats and was fighting in the USA for only the second time in his career. Roy Jones Jr, a former 5 division champion which included holding the prestigious WBA World Heavyweight Championship, entered with a record of 52-4. With the exception of the first round when Jones was able to catch Calzaghe coming in recklessly with a quick 1-2 combo which dropped him to his knees, Jones looked like a shadow of his former self. Calzaghe dominated the fight stats landing and throwing at least twice as many punches as Jones who had no answer to the onslaught. Calzaghe did everything bar knock the ring legend out. With this win, Calzaghe cemented himself at the top of the Super Middleweight / Light Heavyweight division and shortly after announced his retirement having nobody else left to fight or prove himself against.

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