{This is my reaction to Camila by Camila Cabello!!! Finally Camila's new album CAMILA is out for the world to hear! My reactions in this video were all over the place and i am still in shock. I mean come on, THOSE LYRICS. The 2019 Grammy's have been snatched and so has my wig apparently. This is one of my favorite albums i've ever experienced. Here's to 2C18, the world isn't ready for Ms. Cabello.. THANKS FOR WATCHING I"M GONNA GO SOB WHILE LISTENING TO CAMILA NOW BYE}

Track-by-track CAMILA review by yours truly:

1. Never Be The Same- she’s rising on the charts and it’s what she deserves. This next single could be described in one word it would be 'magic' it lowkey makes me feel like i'm flying.. and the title itself is so ugh beautiful.

2. All These Years- listen, this song makes me miss someone I’ve never met. I love the synth guitar thingy in the background, it's such a minor addition but it made the song for me. THE ENDING IS SO

3. She Loves Control- Latin pop reggae masterpiece. summer single prediction perhaps?? What a beautiful girl-empowering song that this generation NEEDS. CONTROL HEY!

4. Havana- we know her, we love her. The most deserving chart topper to date. Knew it would be a hit the moment I heard her perform it for the first time. By far the most original song you’ll hear on the radio today, & the fact that she donated all profits to the Dreamers 🙌🏻 #1 on Billboard here we come!

5. Inside Out - I don’t care what you say I can BOP to this in the winter when it’s below zero and I still feel like I’m on an island on the coast of God knows where. Even if it does remind me of the little mermaid idc She Kills The Performance.

6. Consequences - I was not prepared. the first notes on the piano had me drowning in tears before she even took a breath. The oh oh oh oh oh oh's (you know the ones) literally play them at my funeral on repeat. I'm serious.

7. Real Friends- AN ANTHEM. “Can I run away to somewhere beautiful where nobody knows my name?” I felt that. This is honestly so relateable because i think we all have felt this way at some point in our lives and ugh this song is like a warm hug on a rainy day to me. Every lyric seems like it was written for me.

8. Somethings Gotta Give - first of all, I just wanna talk. Every lyric and every note hit me in my feels. I feel like if you’ve ever been through a similar situation this had to choke you up a bit. This song means so much to me. "No reason to stay, is a good reason to go." Yes, it was a good reason to go and I am so happy that she’s happy. THIS IS A FOREVER FAVORITE.

9. In The Dark - my personal favorite. And as you can see in the video.. my smile gives away my love for this masterpiece. It has this early 2000s vibe to it that make me feel like a kid again. It reminds me that I should be my truest self whether it’s 3am and I’m all alone or it’s 3pm and I’m surrounded by people. The prechorus makes me smile so much it's so magical yet deep. "I can see you're hoping you're not hopeless." oh and the bridge.. she did THAT.

10. Into It - the classiest sexy song I’ve heard. The production on this track ruins my soul and her oooos in this kill me. Single-worthy for sure. "I'm sick on you but you're the medicine too." WHAT A LYRIC.

One word to describe this album: Cathartic.

When's tour???

Have an awesome day, you rock, ok byeeee

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