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Hope you guys enjoyed this parody. I need more song ideas because i'd like to do these videos more often than once a week. I put a lot of time into making these videos and I actually sit down and write intense Minecraft lyrics for these things. So if you enjoyed the video, be sure to check out some of my other parodies and consider subscribing to the channel! (help me get to 300) Thanks for watching!


Okay I was gone for a minute but I'm back now,
turn your sounds up now.
Seems like everybody wanna play some Minecraft.
Oh its like that now?
Imma show these other miners I can rap now
Imma show em I can rap
Imma show em (show em, show em)
Imma show em I can rap

Okay now picture little Steve
just a youngin runnin round
diamond pants, pick in his hand, feelin like the man.
Run little miner run
fore the skeleton
pull the bow
shoot you in the head like
Everybody know I got the diamonds
Everybody know I got em
They know I can't live without em.
Redstone stop
Creeper Blow
Everything I got is diamond
best miner you know!
Hold up what you mean? Where you been?
Countin Diamond.
I been ready to jump in the end
What you've been living in?
A box in a ravine
Like all the zombies
Looking for villagers to eat em
or maybe be em
Dont mess with creepers.
Hell of a long way from houses is where we keep em.
Body of a miner but the mind of a creeper
Turn on the television and see the vids that they feed us
I wish I could erase that face facts.

Everybody buildin
Everybody craft
Everybody mine something
Everybody chop
Everybody know
how it go

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