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1. 156: Use the Right Incentives for Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers

156: Use the Right Incentives for Gen Y, Gen X, and Boomers

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy and coauthor of the HBR article "How Gen Y and Boomers Will Reshape Your Agenda." Hear this podcast on at

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2. Y?GEN


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3. y gen

y gen

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4. The Cape And Good Dope (YoungstaCPT x Ganja Beatz)

The Cape And Good Dope (YoungstaCPT x Ganja Beatz)

‘THE CAPE AND GOOD DOPE’ MIXTAPE HAS FINALLY DROPPED! Following through with his mission to unite both Johannnesburg and Cape Town through Hip Hop, The Cape Crusader has released a solid body of work with powerhouse producers, Ganja Beatz in the form of “The Cape and Good Dope” mixtape which is sure to unite both cities and hopefully the world. YoungstaCPT is known as one of Cape Town’s leading emcee’s and teaming up with the Johannesburg based Ganja Beatz who are known for sterling productions was a perfect marriage for his 26th mixtape. The formidable trio, Ganja Beatz have a very decorated resume and have worked with the biggest names in the South African Hip Hop industry. Known for their diverse sound they won producers of the year at the 2014 SA Hip Hop Awards and once again have many nominated songs in various categories for their 2016 productions. Aashish "the Monster" Gangaram is the core foundation of the crew, he is the main producer and beat maker within the group and has used his unique outlook on music production and beat making to produce cutting-edge tracks for various artists within the industry. His brother Heemal G aka Ganjaz along with Matthew Bowen met whilst studying and both graduated at AFDA with a Degree in Motion Pictures and Majored in Sound Design. Over the years they have learnt how to listen to each instrument in an intricate and critical manner, which has contributed to a deeper understanding and outlook on music production. Over the past three years they have created melodies, beats and rhymes for numerous local and international artists and projects making them a force to be reckoned with. “The Cape and Good Dope” project began in mid 2015 after creating one track, which then organically lead to three tracks and then the decision to create a mixtape consisting of twelve tracks in his new home of Johannesburg. YoungstaCPT has definitely brought the Cape flavour and Ganja Beatz have provided the “Good Dope” whilst playing on the alias of Cape Town, known as the Cape of Good Hope. “We didn't wanna rush the process but we also had to draw the line on when to stop recording…” - YoungstaCPT With this particular project YoungstaCPT only wrote and recorded one song in studio where as the rest of the tracks he took the beats home and returned with complete songs, which has culminated in the form of “The Cape and Good Dope” mixtape. “I prefer sitting with the beats in my own space and going over them in my head for a few days before I put anything down on paper. Once I have an idea that sticks I transfer my thoughts to ink.” It been a long time coming but “The Cape and Good Dope” is was worth the wait or in the words of YoungstaCPT “we just had to make sure the product was ready to be cultivated for human consumption…”

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5. Nyon Kat x OHTEWA - Registra

Nyon Kat x OHTEWA - Registra

6 Ottobre 1994. Dannazione, non so nemmeno da dove cominciare. Quel giorno ero in Brasile con la troupe per girare un documentario per la TV italiana, stavamo guidando verso Rio e ci eravamo fermati per fare una pausa, quando improvvisamente è successo. Sapevamo che il Paese stava vivendo un periodo di instabilità politica, così quando abbiamo sentito l’esplosione abbiamo subito pensato che fosse una rivolta o qualcosa di simile. Ricordo solo che ero steso a terra per strada, con le orecchie che mi fischiavano terribilmente. Polvere densa, non si vedeva nient’altro. Quando mi sono ripreso, mi sono reso conto che non era qualcosa successa vicina a noi. Era qualcosa di molto più serio di una rivolta locale. Io sono Nyon Kat, e questa è la mia storia. 6th October 1994. Fuck man, I don’t even know how to start. That day I was in Brazil with my TV Crew to shoot a documentary for the italian TV, we were in on the way to Rio and we were having a break, when suddenly it happened. We knew that the Country was living a period of political instability, so when we heard and felt the explosion we immediately thought it was something like a riot. I just remember I was lying on the ground, with the biggest tinnitus of my life in the ears. Thick dust, I couldn’t see anything else. When I recovered, I realized it wasn’t something happened close to us. It was something way bigger that a local riot. I’m Nyon Kat, and this is my story. Listen: Download: Nyon Kat on Facebook: Nyon Kat on Instagram: Nyon Kat on Soundcloud: OHTEWA on Facebook: OHTEWA on Instagram: OHTEWA on Soundcloud: YtaloW on Facebook: YtaloW on Instagram: YtaloW on Youtube:

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6. I am Sid - How This All Began

I am Sid - How This All Began

This is the beginning of a Story, even if not here. Not now. The Story of us all, as told by the words of the brave people who were lucky enough to survive. How we got along after the Bomb. We, from the Upper Levs, who forgot what fear was. We are the minstrels of a Future that we didn’t expect. How This All Began is Sid’s story. A story told through the eyes of a 7 year old kid, the sounds of a world that doesn’t exist anymore. That day in October, he didn’t know what happened to his radio. A foreign voice, a strange speech, then a typical child's carelessness. 1994. A bomb. The first of many, detonated in Rio. What was the meaning? Nobody ever knew. This is the first glimpse of the YtaloW story. I am Sid on Soundcloud: I am Sid on Facebook: I am Sid on Spotify: YtaloW on Facebook: YtaloW on Instagram: YtaloW on Youtube:

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7. Pokemon R/B/Y (Gen 1)

  • Published: 2018-05-11T18:01:31Z
  • By Pändä
Pokemon R/B/Y (Gen 1)

Pokemon R/B/Y (Gen 1) along with music and remixes

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8. MaTTsh - BaDog

MaTTsh - BaDog

LISTEN // BUY: FREE DOWNLOAD: Cannonball through the palm trees, Gaze at the dream sunset of Venice Beach, and be everything you've always dreamed of. Cuff 'em, shoot 'em, beat 'em. Woof like a BaDog. "Man, I love being a BaDog" - Patrick Swayze "Oh damn, you can't put this BaDog on a leash. He's Rad" - Michael Jordan "What if there's no tomorrow? Well, at least I've been pretty BaD" - Ronald Reagan

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9. Quiero conocerte - Lento y Gen "el uniko" (la fonetika 2012)

Quiero conocerte - Lento y Gen

Lento y Gen "el uniko" Los dueños de la fonetika!!!!

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10. Intro Lento y Gen "el uniko" (La Fonetika)

Intro   Lento y Gen

El intro del disco La fanetika ... descargen y compartan banda!!!

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11. LiveMan - The Y Gen

  • Published: 2018-03-01T14:20:36Z
  • By LiveMan
LiveMan - The Y Gen

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12. drain 😔

drain 😔

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13. [c:/ careless/ whisper]

[c:/ careless/ whisper]

y'all ever been in love? ♡

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14. Pokemon X/Y (Gen 6)

  • Published: 2018-05-12T13:06:43Z
  • By Pändä
Pokemon X/Y (Gen 6)

Pokemon X/Y (Gen 6) music and remixes

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15. y☆gen

  • Published: 2018-04-10T07:29:39Z
  • By lena

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16. Y Gen

Y Gen

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