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4. Subsizion - Do Whatever The FUCK You Wanna Do

Subsizion - Do Whatever The FUCK You Wanna Do

This is the second track of my new EP "Backstab" Enjoy ! oh, and yeah.. do whatever the FUCK you wanna do !

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7. Eurodancer (YCDWETFYWD) Remix - T.F.O [Free Download]

Eurodancer (YCDWETFYWD) Remix - T.F.O [Free Download]

At the end of the day, you can do whatever the FUCK you wanna do. A remix of one of my most favorite tracks. Eurodancer by Dj Mangoo

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8. Meri Bandook- PardhaanBohemiaHaji Springer.mp3

Meri Bandook- PardhaanBohemiaHaji Springer.mp3

Singer: Pardhaan , Bohemia , Haji Springer Album: Meri Bandook Genre: Punjabi , Rap , Music: Haji Springer Label: DJJOhAL Productions Released: 25-02-2017 Duration: 04:24 Haji... Bohemia... Mainu Meri Bolliyan Te Maan ADVERTISING Yaran Da Sahara. Naale Rabb te Imaan Insaan Ki Mainu Sun Kam Da Shaitan Jahan Saara Sun Meri Bolliyan Hairaan Khali Maidan... Pareshan Ghar Wale Kehnde Raje Roti Khale Jande Jande Muh De Vich Paja 1-2 Niwale... Raje Di Akhan Laal Bhang Pitti Bura Haal Ratti Der Naal Aaya Savere Cheti Gharo Bahar Gunegaar Main Aape Gharo Baar Zimedaar Ajjje Vi Labban Mainu Thanedaar What???? Naale Badle Salook Mere Loki Mainu Vekhan Jive Hath Ch Bandook Mere Ve Lokki Sare Vekhan Mud Mud Vekhan Mere Wal Samje Na Koi Jado Kehva Koi Gall Karda Te Mere Sadda Leke Fira Parda Main Akhan Utte Hath Rakhan Hath Mere Laal Jive Hathaan Ch Saboot Mere Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Likha Geeta Ya Main Golliyan Chalawa Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Lutta Dil Jado Dil Di Sunawa Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Likha Geet Ya Main Golliyan Chalawa. Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Haji Springer Rap All my Dudes Real Your dudes too Scary Run Upon a like a Blueberry I Pop-up Under your Bed Just like A true Fairy And give you Nightmare like Cool Friday Its getting Fonky and you know just like Paandey I Do it Chonky People are Couple and Banana Clips For Your Damn Monkeys If You Wanna You Can Get It Now you Dont wanna Tell Me Whatever the fuck you gonna say Now Really Doesn't Offend Me Lokki Sare Vekhan Mud Mud Vekhan Mere Wall Samjhe Na Koi Jado Kehva Koi Gall Karda Te Mere Sadda Leke Fira Parda Main Akhan Utte Hath Rakhan Hath Mere Laal Jive Hathan Ch Saboot Mere Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Likha Geeta Ya Main Golliyan Chalawa Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Lutta Dil Jado Dil Di Sunawa Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere Likha Geet Ya Main Golliyan Chalawa. Jive Hattan Ch Bandook Mere... Singer: Bohemia Album: Meri Jeet Genre: Punjabi , Rap , Music: Bohemia Lyrics: Bohemia Label: T-Series Released: 07-02-2017 Duration: 04:09

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9. Drug Ballad(Eminem)

Drug Ballad(Eminem)

[Eminem] Back when Mark Walhberg was Marky Mark This is how we used to make the party start We used to mix Hen' with Bacardi Dark And when it, kicks in you can hardly talk And by the, sixth gin you're gonna probably crawl And you'll be, sick then and you'll probably barf And my pre-diction is you're gonna probably fall Either somewhere in the lobby or the hallway wall And everything's spinning You're beginin' to think women are swimming in pink linen again in the sink Then in a couple of minutes that bottle of Guinness is finished You are now allowed to officially slap bitches You have the right to remain violent and start wilin' Start a fight with the same guy that was smart eyin' you Get in your car, start it, and start drivin' Over the island and cause a 42 car pile-up [Em's spaceman voice]Earth calling, pilot to co-pilot Looking at the life on this planet, sir, no sign of it All I can see is a bunch of smoke flyin' And I'm so high that I might die if I go by it Let me out of this place I'm outta place I'm in outer space I've just vanished without a trace I'm going to a pretty place now where the flowers grow I'll be back in an hour or so [Chorus] [Eminem] 'Cause every time I go to try to leave Someone keeps pullin' on my sleeve I don't wanna, but I gotta stay These drugs really got a hold of me 'Cause every time I try to tell them "no" They won't let me ever let them go I'm a sucker all I gotta say These drugs really got a hold of me [Eminem] In third grade, all I used to do Was sniff glue through a tube and play Rubic's cube 17 years later I'm as Rude as Jude Scheming on the first chick with the hugest boobs I've got no game And every face looks the same They've got no name So I don't need game to play I just say whatever I want to whoever I want Whenever I want, wherever I want, however I want However, I do show some respect to few As ecstasy got me standing next to you Getting sentimental as fuck spillin' guts to you We just met But I think I'm in love with you But you're on it too So you tell me you love me too Wake up in the morning like "yo, what the fuck we do?" I gotta go bitch You know I have stuff to do 'Cause if I get caught cheatin' then I'm stuck with you But in the long run These drugs are probably going to catch up sooner or later But fuck it, I'm on one So let's enjoy Let the X destroy your spinal cord So it's not a straight line no more 'Til we walk around looking like some wind-up dolls Shit's sticking out of our backs like a dinosaur Shit, six hits won't even get me high no more So bye for now I'm going to try to find some more [Chorus] [Eminem] That's the sound of a bottle when it's hollow When you swallow it all wallow and drown in your sorrow And tomorrow you're probably going to want to do it again What's a little spinal fluid between you and a friend? Screw it And what's a little bit of alcohol poisoning? And what's a little fight? Tomorrow you'll be boys again It's your life Live it however you wanna Marijuana is everywhere Where was you brought up? It don't matter as long as you get where you're going 'Cause none of the shit is going to mean shit where we're going They tell you to stop, but you just sit there ignoring Even though you wake up feeling like shit every morning But you're young You've got a lot of drugs to do Girls to screw Parties to crash Sucks to be you If I could take it all back now, I wouldn't I would have did more shit that people said that I shouldn't But I'm all grown up now and upgraded and graduated Did better drugs and updated But I've still got a

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10. Fake Friends (feat. JesTheWho)

Fake Friends (feat. JesTheWho)

Lyrics Below Aztec Flow -- JesTheWho -- RMR Entertainment. Beat Prod. Aztec Flow. Mixed & Mastered By Aztec Flow. ©RMR ENT. Lyrics [Intro] [Verse 1 Aztec Flow] Yo I Aint Jump In This Game To Make No Friends, AndYou It Aint My Damn Problem If Our Friendship Ends, But Vato maybe We Never Had One, Who Really Knows? And Seems Everybodys Ready To Sell Me Out For Some Hoes, Hold Up, I Dont See No Suprises There, And Everybodys So Focused On What The Fuck I Wear, Then They're Like, So Shocked When I Start To Swear, And They're Like "This Child Need Way More Care!" But I Say What I Say, Do What I Do, Be Who I Be And What I Want To, Like The Homie Jes Said Im Just Doing My Own Thang, With The Tdot Click And The Bullyforce Gang, Im On A Military Mission, Killin Competition, Shittin On The System, Call This An Aztec Edition, Yeah, You Fuckers Were Never Able To Faze Me, Try Delay Me, Whatever.. But Your Never Gonna Change Me, Peace.. [Hook] JesTheWho My Ignorance Is Bliss, All Im Hearing Is The Hiss, By The Serpents In The Mist, But Im Just Doing My Own Shit, Yo But Im Just Doing My Own Shit, Aztec Flow Yo Fuck fake Friends Till The Day I D.I.E, Killin These Bitches And Hopeing You Dont See, x2 [Verse 2 JesTheWho] Because You Cant See Me, You Just Wanna Be Me, But Believe Me, Walking In My Boots Aint A Eazy Thing, But My Mind Living Freely, I Guess Thats Just My Style, But I Can Not Denie, The Harsh Trust Is, Never Actually Used To Be The Bully, Morly Me Getting Bullied, Never Look'd Like A Sooky, I Take A Stomping Like A Man, You Can Never Brake Me, Ask Your bitch, Cause Im No Snitch Its Not Your Fault That I Didn't Reply, Bro Im To High, An I Probably forgot All Of The Other Times, But Hey Lets Not Point Out All My Flaws, I Would Rather Just Be Sitting By Myself, Leave Me Alone, You Wanna Come Chill, Or Just Come Smoke All My Cones? Nah Fuck That Shit Bruh, Don't Be Calling Me Your Bro, Cause Most Of My Homies Know What I Be Doing, Making That Music An Then Rhyming It Fluent, [Hook] Aztec Flow Yo But Fo Real, Where Were You? When I was Getting Hit Hard With Harpoons, We Used To Chill As Kids And Watch Cartoons, But Bullshitin Dudes You Could Say Im Immune, JesTheWho I Used To Be Pushed Around An Spat At, Now I Just Spit Back, Rhyming Nothing But Pure Facts, Contemplating My Next Steps, Surrounded But Weird Chaps, Serpents An Meerkats, Flowing With Aztec, Were The Fuckin Fakes At? Aztec Flow Not Here Dogg I See Straight Through Fools Like That, In Music To Rap, I Call It The Rules Of Combat, I Aint Fuckin With None Of Those, But Who Knows? Some Are Pros, But If You Test me Homie Youll Walk Away With A Blood Nose JesTheWho Don't Trust No Hoe, Feening For A Photo, Cause Ive Got No Gold, Blazing On The Down Low, The Ones That I Once Called Family Are Stabbing Me, Up In The Fuckin Back An Acting Like I Can Not See, [Hook] [Outro]

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11. For Your Lungs ~ Nicholas Michael (Produced By IGNORVNCE)

For Your Lungs ~ Nicholas Michael (Produced By IGNORVNCE)

(Lyrics) Interlude Damn...look how motherfuckers use a nigga Just use me for whatever the fuck they want... I don't get to say shit, just grab me Just do what the fuck they want Sell me, throw me away Niggas just don't give a fuck about a nigga like me right Like I'ma blunt... Shit It's like I'm a mother fuckin blunt I can't believe this shit Word up (Chorus) Go where you wanna be (Verse) I came to sew I came to sew a seed You can watch the green grow I fathom what I need I grow just like a weed I soak up all I need I gain a lot of knowledge And you see me at the scene Hustlers keep me close The fiends see me sizzle See me in the paper I go smaller as I sizzle I can take you higher I can make you flyer maybe you can pack me in a dime with a tier I'm worth more than gold I can take a nigga your soul I can take a nigga family by the dozens take a dose nothing like the white guy I can do you better Have em smile up in your face never see the set up I can get you wet up Have you in black get up Make it so you never see another day I made a way For the people in the hood Smoke me up you know you should Keep it up you know you would Keep a nigga Rollin up

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12. Calling You (2013) FREE DOWNLOAD

Calling You (2013) FREE DOWNLOAD

Produced by Beatg33kz Verse 1 Meeting you was an accident, I never planned for it Came into my life like an avalanhce, Put my heart on anvil bitch and you hammered it Put my heart on a string and you fucking strangled it Walking on it trample it, What I'm saying Is I put it out for to keep and You couldn't handle it Yah Robbed it and vandal it, Late night Candle lit Dinner Such an idiot for planning it I wanna escape earth, The pain hurts Tryna heal the same scars with the same words But it ain't work, We a train wreck Falling off track at a speed that can break necks She would give great sex, Flavored latex Pressin on her feeling up insane breasts Love ain't game chess, Drinks up say yes Think to myself gonna end up in the same mess Hook Calling you a bitch, Calling you ho Calling you whatever you know you just got to go Calling you a whore, calling you a slut Calling you whatever you know IDGAF No you ain't my girl, No you ain't my chick Used to feel the love but now I'm only feeling sick No you ain't my wife, no you ain't my type Wish I never met you, Get the fuck up out my life Verse 2 we would never change for the sex, i'm deranged and i'm strange were the same were the best I got my brains on my desk, shes slicing through her vein hear the pain see the stains on her dress who could you blame can you guess?, suicide love game, can you name who is next? your frame ain't able to make with the pain from the arrow that's aimed at ya chest with the butterfly rush and it's rushing The feeling that never tops anything with nothing above it How the fuck could we love it The only feeling that you give me now is me being sick when I'm clutching my stomach This ain't a love song, love track Fuck that Suck a dick and hug that I know you wondering right now where your cup at You're the last thing in the world I would want back Hook Calling you a bitch, Calling you ho Calling you whatever you know you just got to go Calling you a whore, calling you a slut Calling you whatever you know IDGAF No you ain't my girl, No you ain't my chick Used to feel the love but now I'm only feeling sick No you ain't my wife, no you ain't my type Wish I never met you, Get the fuck up out my life Verse 3 You was a clever girl, kinda like shape lighter drank liqour every night breaking up ain't with her Making up, High in love like huffin Paint thinner Same litter, same mess, same day, can't quit her I feel the dang jitters Hanging onto broken love Hoping for the day I can get you just to open up Telling me a secret, Telling me a lie Felt like I could die waking up in hell and I'm alive because now you wanna hit me up, what was your motive did you think of bringing me down just so you can pick me up? i could never put my trust in you for real like what the fuck you thinking love is something just us two could feel? You a slut, Go slam a bottle puke it up So you can stay away from me you've done enough fucking up another life, cause all you do is wanna fight The only thing that you attracted to is drama right? Fucking rights. Hook Calling you a bitch, Calling you ho Calling you whatever you know you just got to go Calling you a whore, calling you a slut Calling you whatever you know IDGAF No you ain't my girl, No you ain't my chick Used to feel the love but now I'm only feeling sick No you ain't my wife, no you ain't my type Wish I never met you, Get the fuck up out my life

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13. Eruption (Prod. Gin$eng)

Eruption (Prod. Gin$eng)

It's The Hooded Heathen Hoss n' I'm bouta cause some havoc you can have it if you bout it but bitch I rlly doubt it now don't doubt me or anyone I'm with cause we rlly w/ the shits holdup that's all so cliche n' I ain't about to say nothin you would be expecting like that so I work you like a skinner strip the fukkn fake away step away and look upon your sorry self w/ heavy eyes cause there was nothn left except a couple hollow bones you little wastea time you fukkn wack ass wannabe in my proximity approximately close enough to see my face n' that aint where you wanna be no that aint what you wanna see I look like fukkn death n' destruction a dementor I'm demented fina take your fuckin soul like it was worth shit in the last place first taste full blood then you can talk it like you think you know som som bout whatever or whoever man as long as its not me keep my name up out your mouth keep my face down w/ the hoodie overhead then I slide n' overide see you I don't wanna see or be seen by hiya see I seen all you lazy little bitches want's attention might I mention thatchyou ain't even wortha fukkn second a my time now its time to go off like an alarm wake the fuck up n' recognize who the fuck you fuckin withs The Shaylan to The Hoss n' no I do not play no I'm never poppin cause I keep it lowkey no I'm never stoppin yea I keep it moving you can never catch me sippin see I'm never sloppy n' you could never catch me trippin coordinate like walkietalkie walk my talkin oh so clean you a feind you a fake an you let your guard down let me take advantage I'mma tear you into peices peice by peice n' you think I need a peice for that think again rip you limb from limb w/ my fucking bare hands gotta hand it to em' almost made me sweat som nah I'm coolin off the grip, shit whatchyou on I putchyou off what it do I get er done so what's good I've had my fun thats a wrap well think again bitch.

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14. Jimmy Snow Diss

Jimmy Snow Diss

how the fuck you gonna come at me dog jimmy snow you're weird, you're head is fogged if you think you can rap what's up with all these white boys thinking they'e the next snoop dog i guess if i was you and i had no other option i'd try and rap too but please use caution there's 100 million rappers only 50 of em famous 10 of em are good nd you prly don't know what there names is i'm not talking about lil wayne, or MGK, that shit is too lame or Gucci or diddy or birdman or plies Did you know Stuart Scott has a glass eye? My point is get real, you're never gonna make it and i'm not just secretly trying to motivate ya i really think you should pursue a new career im sure you'd make a great janiteer or janitor whatever i don't know how to speak i'm a fag i like dick, ain't that what you said to me? well if being gay is wrong i don't wanna be right and i wanna hold you close and cuddle all night jimmy snow im gonna come over to your house pull down my pants and take a shit on your couch and after im done i won't even say im sorry cuz that's just how i do BITCH! if you wanna threaten me plese use something a little more menacing than your Facebook page from my understanding, you like swag yolo'ing am i supposed to be afraid? i thought you were a nice guy, thought you were cool when you invited me to come swimming in your pool but i was wrong about you jim, i wrong all along i knew it as soon as you ripped off my thong i'm all for a good time, all for a laugh but you took it too far but you tried to fuck my ass i'm just not that type of girl you see i thought you would have more respect for me i'm blown up your spot im rocking and i'm jokcing and im hibbity hip hoppin while im wiping off my snot jimmy if you hadn't figured out by now my rhymes are very hot and yours are very not ok that was lazy of me i admit but it's just too easy with you, and i'm the shit and i get bored roasting these little marshmallow white kids that call themselves rappers n shit when the fuck did paying for some shitty ass software make you a musician it makes me sick just because you bought a fucking mic saw 8 mile 3 times at the movies means shit so i wish you the best but if i was you i'd put on a shirt and cover up those tattoos and put a thumb in your ass and the other in your mouth then plop yourself right on the couch yea, i'm out here hustling, trine get mines climbing up trees and swining from vines puffin the best and i don't cess my inhaler keeps me from losing my breath i might need a puff soon im runnin outta steam i a mean mean motherfucking rap machine and i don't mean kelly and you already know goodnight and goodluck to my friend jimmy snow

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15. Ye (*Clip*)

Ye (*Clip*)

Talking shit without having a fucking clue about what goes into it #haters #lovedemhaters I respect all musicians and artists of any medium for their hard work and dedication. just because i don't particularly like Mechanical beat you say i hate Deadmau5 i KNOW what goes into making tracks and I respect him as fellow artist, that being said so what if i get a headache from listening to any 4 on the floor for more than 10 minutes or if i hear Brazil for like the 100000000000000x. trance house electro whatever the fuck you wanna call it its all the same idea make a track that you can dance to in a club setting and that DJs can mix together easally 4 on the floor at 130bpm is great, just don't act like Deadmau5 is the only fucking person to make house music or some mythical God. i took so many other underground aritsts before this guy ever showed up to make techno what it is. Just keep talking your shit, i'll keep making MY shit because i don't give a fuck what you think you may have heard. You don't fucking know me. you might think you do but then again you probably just believe anything somebody tells you. At least i HAVE haters, that tells me i'm doing something right.

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16. These Hoes

  • Published: 2017-10-15T13:25:22Z
These Hoes

Available on iTunes: Google Play: Spotify: to be added Lyrics: Break it down motherfucker Hey girl how you doing? Wanna fuck? I’m new in the town, no? Chewing? No? The fuck you doin hoe? If I had a Benz I would get you naked, It all makes sense, you want those Bens, and you can’t escape it, Cause you ain’t nothing but a motherfucking gold digger, How many punks you do a day, I don’t wanna figure, Uneducated girl mating for money, I’m not captivated, I’m just little agitated, ‘cause I hate it, Lusty little slut, with a busty tits and butt, Kinda fussy but has guts, to get paid by busting nuts, I know you all bitches need an income to live, But bitch you really think I’ve got a fuck to give? Bitch you can’t fuck with AP, Man sick of them hoes, I guarantee that, If I ever could get a motherfucking Royce, I would hit the roads with it, Get it motherfucker? Just forget about these hoes with it. I’m getting so sick, Of these hoes and pricks, Who pay grand for a bitch, That’s why they get so rich. Now to you boys. I’m tripping on some acids, I jack jackasses, So I’ll jack your assets, bruh, so fast it’s, Gonna be unbelievable, I’m so lovable, That’s something you consider unachievable, Hey girl, let me check on yo ass, tits, I’m uncontrollable, just face this, You wanna fuck to the beat? Let me pull out my cassettes, You want the recent hits? Or you prefer the classics? You crazy? This shit’s eighty-eight BPM, You want a motherfuckin romance? Or a mouth full of my semen? And everybody knows I’m so fucking adorable, So fucking portable, but not so affordable, Bitch you be on diet, you’re getting no food, Cause I got yo fucking ass print on my hood, On my Esprit, now I’m desperate, Cuz shit this costs more than you, you guessed it. I’m getting so sick, Of these hoes and pricks, Who pay grand for a bitch, That’s why they get so rich. You want my money? Aight here you go baby boo, Don’t spend it all honey, or I’m gonna cut you through, And what about a weekend in malibu? I got it booked, Oh Carlsbad too? I got it my boo. Oh hi Zoey, where’d you get that Gucci bag? Oh wow Zoey, I see you got that hoochie swag, As you can see I’m a normal human being, But sometimes I wanna die, cause of the sluts I’m seeing, I’d never slap a woman even if she deserve it, I can wait, the life will serve it for me, And that’s karma bitch, Whatever she fucks with, she’s gonna get it, bitch, she will never give a fuck about a no no, Girl this ain’t no go go, find a real job you mofo, It ain’t my fault, it’s my daddy’s, All he gave me was a nanny. I’m getting so sick, Of these hoes and pricks, Who pay grand for a bitch, That’s why they get so rich. (find a rich boy, you should find a rich boy) Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more, gimme more, you bitch. Unemployed - deployed in the middle of the street Your soul is void gotta do those evil deeds, These Hoes Are Dangerous Species.

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17. Go Back [Explicit] (Prod. by Shann The Man)

Go Back [Explicit] (Prod. by Shann The Man)

Produced by Shann The Man. LYRICS BELOW. (Build up) We done laughed, we done cried, now let's have a good time/ Tell 'em haters move aside, keep the party movin' right/ (Hook) Why don't you go back/ To what you like/ Why don't you go back/ GO BACK/ Why don't you go back/ To what you like/ Why don't go back/ GO BACK!!!!/ (Verse 1) Now get yo ass on the floor/ And do whatever the fuck you Wanna do/ Some of you need to lighten up with One or two drinks and a summer view/ Get past that/ Away from the Snapchat/ Don't make me clap back/ Y'all basically favor me/ All of the haters need to Move along/ Hold up. Who cut the music off?/ Yes he be/ From DC, but lives Near Oakton town. I know just how to make you put your Phone down/ Or pick it up so you can text all of your Hoes now/ But they won't dig you unless you got a Snow plow/ Or just buckets of money/ She said, "Run with it, honey". I'm like, "Fuck it, it's funny"./ So now Back to the lecture at hand/ [AHH!] Pleasure is the profession I treasure to keep 'em guessin' and Messin' with one of the best is a lesson that you will NEVER Forget/ Yeah that's right, on my DEFINITE shit...BITCH! (Build up) (Hook) (Verse 2) HOLD UP! BACK UP! Look at how she look, y'all!/ You see the ass on that girl right there, GOOD LLAAAWWWWDDDDDD!!!!/ Call that booty THUNDERCLAP! So soon as I Spit these other facts, I'm a get me some o' that! [GET 'EM!]/ See I'm a go ahead and make it do what it do, baby/ While you dream about havin' a new Mercedes doin' 280/ At the Audubon/ Split half with a Mu- Latto Don/ Get back to the vibratos on This track/ Sound familiar? That's 'cause it is/ That's that Go-Go shit/ You didn't know some of these Hoes don't trip off a pogo stick? (OH NO HE DIDN'T! BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT THIS DOUGH HE'S SPENDIN'.) Oh It's sickenin'/ To think that's all they wanted in this Greasy life, tried to treat like I was easy right And she be like, “Well SHANN is the MAN but the PAST is the PAST and my ASS is gonna LAST."/ [DAMN!] (Build up) (Hook) (Reprise) YEEEAAAAAHHHHHH...... Ladies and gentlemen...hope you enjoyed that 'Cause that was a lot of fun to make For entertainment's sake WHOOH! [GO BACK, GO BACK, GO BACK] [GO BACK, GO BACK, GO BACK] Just went back to what I like doin' [GO BACK, GO BACK, GO BACK] It's really easy when you don't try as hard [GO BACK, GO BACK, GO BACK] And just let down your guard You gotta wake up ya body, wake up ya body, wake up ya body and move it around You gotta wake up ya body, wake up ya body, wake up ya body and move it around (Fade out)

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18. On Ten [prod. High Duck]

On Ten [prod. High Duck]

I'm back prod. lyrics: I don’ think you really know what the fuck I’m on~ Check this new track everyday I know I’m on~ On ten, on ten, on ten On ten, on ten, on ten Fuck the ratings Fuck what the critics think You know how it be, you-just-gotta-be-the-way-you-gotta-be-for-yourself-no-one-else, here we go Take it slow, take it fast Whichever way you wanna go But the life’s seems like it don’t move sometimes you gotta move it right But I’m sittin’ here in my room all the time what the hell can I do wit(h) the time Writin’ ryhmes On the mic Doin’ things, doin’ paintings, n’ I’m writin’ rhymes Everyday, just graduated that's alright Don’t wanna go to college fuck that shit right~ Just wanna move to Cali n’ I wanna get it goin’ Wanna smoke hella weed Wanna do it like I’m supposed to Like I’m supposed to I’m on a ten, I’m a ten, I’m a ten I’m on a ten, I’m a ten, I’m a ten Don’t think I ever had it really yet On ten, on ten, on ten Fuck that shit What they tell you, you can do whatever you want Follow the dream you wish~, and take it where you want *pause* But I’m tired of dreams being dreams I’m startin’ to live them every day don’t you see On a ten, on a ten Don’t let them bring you down Fuck what they said Just graduated and I’m ready to go in On ten, on ten, on ten Ay-y-y never slow down Progress is always the way I keep it ‘round Gotta read books Gotta write ‘em now Gotta let my poetry flow like I did now On a ten, on a ten Like I been glidin’ Like I been ridin’ But I’m gonna get it like I wish to ha-aa (chuckles) What

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